Monday, May 28, 2007

Yankees should be careful about Wang's workload

In my opinion,Yankees should be careful about workload Wang has so far this season.Wang pitch average almost 7 innings/per game.Wang started 5 games in May.He pitched more than 100 pitches 3 times.One more is 98 pitches.Wang told to Taiwanese media after Boston game "He was happy to throw more offspend stuff anyway because he will feel more tired for throwing his sinkers"Yankees can't afford to wear Wang out.

I know Wang ask to stay in the game on his last two starts.Wang told Taiwanese media"He wanted to pitch longer for helping team and bullpen"This is just his natural.He did that all time in Taiwan as well.You have to pull him out of game because he didn't care about his personal stat.The only thing he care is the team winning or not.In Taiwan,players are taught about how to respect the ball game and do whatever to help team win.In my opinion,sometimes it's too crazy and too much.

Last season,Wang pitched the whole season.Do you know when Wang pitch his 4th game with more than 100 pitches count?It was July 3th.Wang told Taiwanese media "He was tired at some games during summer"during offseason.That's why he worked harder for strengthening his body before 2007 season.Wang has history of shoulder injury.Yankees should be careful.

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