Monday, December 28, 2009

Notable Rehabilitation Pitchers

There are few notable rehabilitation projects this off-season. It’s is interesting to see what kind of deals they can get and where they land. The most interesting part for me is how they perform in 2010 and which team ends up with getting the highest reward for their relatively cheap signings.

The list includes Rich Harden, Justin Duchscherer, Kelvim Escobar, Ben Sheets and Chien-Ming Wang. Anyone else?

Three pitchers on the list already got their deals that are all major league deals. According to reports, Ben Sheets is seeking for 12MM deal while there are 15 teams are interested in signing Wang.

As the list below shows, I guess Ben sheets will get a deal close to what Rich Harden gets while Wang will get a similar deal as Kelvim Escobar or Justin Duchscherer. Agree? Disagree?

Who will perform the best in 2010 is everyone’s guess. As a Taiwanese, I hope is Wang. However, I think Ben Sheets will pitch the best among them because it seems Rich Harden and Justin Duchscherer get injured a lot while Wang and Escobar come off shoulder injuries. Agree? Disagree?

Rangers Rich Harden (born 1981, 11, 30)

Injury & Achievement
1) Has a checkered health history (he's never pitched 190 innings in a season)
2) He's got No. 1 stuff and averaging 9.4 per nine innings throughout his career.

Base Deal

1) 3.5MM based on innings pitched
2) 11MM mutual option for 2011
3) 1MM buyout for 2011 mutual option

A's Justin Duchscherer (born 1977, 11, 19)

Injury & Achievement
1) Proved dominant as both a starter and reliever, posting a 2.82 ERA in 214 appearances for the A's.
2) Spent most of the season on the disabled list with an injured right hip in 2007
3) Missed the 2009 season due to shoulder and back injuries and a bout with clinical depression

Base Deal

1) 3.5MM based on games started and innings pitched

Mets Kelvim Escobar (born 1976, 4, 11)

Injury & Achievement
1) Between 2004 and 2007, Escobar posted a 3.60 ERA and a 2.63 K-BB ratio with Angels
2) He missed the entire 2008 season with shoulder problems
3) Labrum surgery in July 2008 limited him to just five innings of major league work in 2009

Base Deal

1) 125K for making the Mets' Opening Day roster
2) 2MM based on games pitched
3) 1MM based on games finished

Ben Sheets (born 1978, 7, 18)

Injury & Achievement
1) Missing all of 2009 with a torn flexor tendon in his right elbow
2) Posted a 3.09 ERA in 2008 ?

Chien-Ming Wang (born 1980, 3, 31)

Injury & Achievement
1) 2 times 19 games winner with 55-26 record in five years with the Yankees
2) Start 2008 season with 8-2 record before injuring his right foot when running the base
3) Coming off right shoulder surgery and might not be able to pitch until midseason

Wang: I will be ready for rehabilitation games at April

I know Wang’s days in Pinstripes are over. Just for someone may still have interests in knowing what is going on with Wang.

During the latest public appearance last Friday for his charity fund which will be the last one in Taiwan as Wang is going to go back to the United States at the end of December, Wang said he has no hard feeling toward to Yankees for the decision of letting him go because he understands the team has their own considerations.

He will go to Alabama to see Doctor James Andrews on January 4th in order to get the updated information on his injured right shoulder. After that, he will go to Fisher center for the rehabilitation continuously.

As for his future, he is interested in playing for any team no matter where the team is located. It all depends on how the negotiation goes. He focuses on his rehabilitation and the rest of stuffs he will leave to his agent.

As for his progress, he begins his long-toss program on the flat ground on Dec 1st. Right now, He has thrown 3 days a week with 55 throws per days, including 15 throws at 45 feet, 25 throws at 60 feet and 15 throws at 90 feet. So far, there is no issue and he feels great. He expects to be ready for rehabilitation games on April and then major league games on May.

Friday, December 25, 2009

Happy Holidays!

First of all, Happy Holidays! I know I haven’t updated my blog regularly lately. Thanks the patience from all of my readers if there is anyone left right now.

As you guys know, I have been back to Taiwan from Australia for few months. I just got my new job almost 2 months ago. Before settling down, I really can’t spend too much time on my blog. There is nothing to do with Wang’s leave.

I know I promise to set up my new website. That plan is still out there. Hopefully, it can become reality pretty soon.

Of course, Yankees always have ways to keep fans busy during off-season. There is no exception this time around. There are many moves happening and I haven’t missed any one of them. I will post my comments shortly. However, this post belongs to holidays.

After more than 10 years moving around Tainan, Taipei, Kaohsiung, Los Angeles and Sydney by myself, I decide to go back to Taiwan and stays with my family.

It turns out to be a great decision. I have been pretty enjoyed the time with my family. We have watched movies and worked out together. We all know it is good to do whatever you want when you live outside by yourself. However, you will feel pretty lonely during holidays and the days you are sick. Trust me on that if you haven’t lived by yourself.

My family is planning to celebrate New Year somewhere in Taiwan. How about you guys? Any plan?

Thursday, December 10, 2009

Welcome Back, Andy

Andy Pettitte re-signs with Yankees for one year deal which is worthy 11.75M. Our rotation certainly looks much better with Andy in fold.

Wednesday, December 9, 2009

Curtis Granderson and Brian Bruney trades

It seems Yankees never stay still during any point of season, including off-season and playoffs. This certainly gives Yankees fans many things to talk about and have chances to love Yankees more which is a good thing.

There is no exception this off-season as well.

As for Brian Bruney trade, I really can't say I will miss him because it seems to me he always walks tons of guys that is a big no-no for me to a pitcher. I rather pitchers to give up hits than walking guys.

As for Curtis Granderson trade, my first reaction is Yankees giving up a little bit too much for him. Personally, I won't give up Austin Jackson for him. That being saying, I will rather Yankees have him than giving another big long term contract to relative older players, such as Jason Bay and Matt Holliday. Of course, I know they are much better overall players than Curtis Granderson. But, at some point, you have to ask how many long term contracts Yankees want to tie to for at least next 5 years.

I don't know prospects good enough to say which team gets the best deal out of this three-way trade. However, no one knows for sure how all the prospects will turn out to be.

If what Brian Cashman says is true which Yankees’ priority this off-season is pitching and a left fielder with no-so-firm fewer pay roll on hand, I think this deal means few things. First of all, I think this deal pretty much closes door on Jason Bay and Matt Holliday. Brian Cashman always likes to have flexibility. I don’t think he will go out to give another long term deal.

As for Johnny Damon, Yankees probably gain some leverages during negotiation. If Damon asks more than 2 year deal which I won’t give to him, I can see Yankees go to lesser players in order to add some depth. As we see this season, Melky and Gardner can handle the platoon situation. That being saying, Damon is a good fit to no.2 spot as DH and plays some games at the left field in order to give DH spot for Posada, Jeter, A-Rod and Teixeira once a while.

Brian Cashman probably focuses on starting pitchers and bench players from this point on. However, I think this deal may have an impact on Roy Halladay deal for couple of reasons. Of course, I assume Yankees will get Pettitte’s deal done at some point of this off-season.

Firstly, I don’t think Cashman is willing to give up prospects and giving another big long term contract to a pitcher after signing AJ and CC the past off-season. As history shows, there is a big risk to give any pitcher a long term contract. One will think two long term contracts to pitchers will be enough. I know Roy Halladay is an ACE, but he will be 33 year old in 2010. Do you really want to sign him through 37,38?

Secondly, I don’t think Cashman want to give up all good prospects he has at the same off-season after dealing Austin Jackson, Ian Kennedy and Phil Coke. You don’t give up prospects and let him walk at the end of 2010 season. Draft picks mean much less for Yankees than other small market teams. As Girardi shows he can handle the bullpen well, Yankees will need all the pitching depth they have on the higher minor league system to fill up their bullpen and(or) rotation. You can’t deal all of them away.

If I have to guess now, I think Yankees will bet and sign one or two veteran starting pitchers for a short term deal this off-season in order to fill up the end of rotation. Let us wait and see.

Let’s Go Yankees!

Wednesday, December 2, 2009

Two tidbits from Taiwan related to Yankees

# According to Taiwanese news, NY Yankees Scout Donny Rowland is going to come to Taiwan to hold the press conference in order announce the signing of a 18-year-old Taiwanese player, 郭阜林(his Chinese name, I can't find his English name), for about three hundred thousand dollars.

If you guys are able to read Mandarin, please use this link to read the full profile of this player.

He is an infield who plays great defense at third base. Basically, he is right-handed power hitter who hits the middle of lineup to drive in runs. His batting average is 0.485 and he drives in 16 runs during the most recent tournament he plays.

# Wang starts light tosses in Taiwan based on Taiwanese news.

Tuesday, November 17, 2009

No-tender Wang?

I have read comments from quite a few experts believe Wang will be willing to accept any kind of deal to stay with Yankees in order to get his big endorsement deals. As a Taiwanese who loves Yankees for a long time, I can tell you this belief is totally wrong. This belief definitely comes from an American’ point of view. I can’t blame many experts from U.S have that thought when you consider how big franchise Yankees is in the United States. I realize this when I was in the United States few years ago.

In Taiwan, we have quite a few successful people in all kinds of fields who are very famous around the world, such as Ang Lee, etc. Among them, we also have few other very successful athletes as well. But, I believe Wang means so much to Taiwanese than anyone else because his personality, his work ethics, his charity works, etc.

As long as he keeps fighting and pitching at least at average level in the major league. No matter which team he goes, most Taiwanese will follow him around and support him as usual. In fact, Wang just get a new big sponsorship deal from one of his biggest sponsors, Acer, few days ago. Acer not only pays Wang the same amount of dollars as previous years but also promise to let him leave earlier for rehab without making ads for them. In the past two seasons, Wang still gets quite few endorsement deals even though he was injured most of time.

Furthermore, more and more Taiwanese hopes Wang chooses to leave Yankees. Most of Taiwanese understand baseball and the business side of baseball. Believe me, most Taiwanese expect much more out of Wang than any Yankee fan. Many Taiwanese just feel Yankees front office don’t show enough respect to Wang. many of them hopes Wang not to keep saying how much he wants to stay with Yankees because that may decrease his leverage.

For me, I have mixed feeling regard of Wang’s situation. I know many pitchers can not come back from shoulder surgery. However, I hope he stays because you never have enough pitching. Any pitching staff can be looked terrible when they suffer one or two injuries. Even if Wang comes back at 50% of his 2006-2007 form, he can be a good enough no.4 or no.5 starter.

But, I don’t think Wang will be back. First of all, at this moment, Wang needs playing time to reestablish his value. Small market teams can fill that bill. Secondly, I think one of 30 clubs will give Wang a major league deal and is willing to gamble on him. Thirdly, Wang may have some hard feeling toward to Yankees front office because the way they treat him even though most Asian don’t express their feeling much. Fourthly, Wang once says he like the life style of Seattle, LA, etc. Fifthly, Brian Cashman and his front office staff express more than once how much they like to have power and strikeout pitchers on Yankees staff. Lastly, I believe Wang can accumulate service time if he gets a major league deal somewhere. At the end of 2009 season, it sounds Wang knows Yankees don’t want to have him back when he was interviewed by Taiwanese reporters.

It’s interesting to see how the things turn out. Hopefully, Yankees can work out a deal with Wang because Wang wants to stays. Wang once says Yankees is a great team and the only team he has played for.

Saturday, November 7, 2009

From parade

Great pictures from The Journal News on parade.

Friday, November 6, 2009

Let the Hot Stove begins!

This is just the life of our Yankee fans. This is just the reaction and love we have toward to our beloved New York Yankees.

Let us talk about this after parade.

Yes, Every Yankee fan, Here is 27th Title

Let me describe the scene I saw yesterday at my office. As I told you on previous post, I can't take a day off because I just report to the new job.

Once the o'clock turned to lunch time yesterday, a lot of my colleagues ran toward to cafeteria for television. At that time, the game was on top of 8th inning. Marte just got the lefty out he need to . Here we go. Girardi called on Mo to close the game.

Since that moment, everyone in the cafeteria wants to have a strike call for every pitch. With every minute and every pitch passing by, our lunch break closes to the end. Everyone in the cafeteria start screaming on "come on".

When Mo gets the ground ball to Cano, everyone stands up and ready go back to work with a smile on the face.

Thursday, November 5, 2009

Let go Andy!

Before game 6 of ALCS, I said I have a hunch that Bombers would win game 6. However, I don't know what will happen for game 6 of World Series. I really don't want to see game 7.

I won't be able to watch live game tomorrow because of job.

Let go Andy. Let us celebrate.

Monday, October 26, 2009

Yankees will win Game 6 of ALCS

I know you guys hate to see game 6 of ALCS getting rained out and move to today. I really think MLB should get rid of all off days except travel days. Those off days really cool off fans.

By the way, I just get my new job in Taiwan and start working tomorrow when Yankees play against Angels for game 6 at Yankees stadium. So, I can't be there for Yankees tomorrow. But, I have a hunch that our bombers will come through. Why? I have two reasons.

First of all, I truly believe I bring bad luck to my team. There is always some bad things happening when I watch. Every time I go to ball parks to watch games, it seems my team loses most of time. Do you guys remember game 5 when Hughes give up those 2 runs to Angels that eventually let Yankees lose that game? I just wake up and turn on TV. So, If I can't be there for Yankees tomorrow for Yankees, they will win that game.

Second reason comes from a playoff game I watched yesterday. I went to watch game 6 of Taiwan Series which is world Series of Taiwanese professional baseball league with my sister yesterday. My sister's favorite team is in that series. That game ends up playing 17 innings for 6 hours 14 minutes which is the longest playoff game in the world.(P.S. The longest playoff game in MLB is 5 hours 50 minutes. I think.) The point is my sister's favorite team wins that game. So, Yankees will be tomorrow as well.

Let's Go Yankees!

Monday, October 12, 2009

Sweep! Yankees advances to ALCS

I have to admit I feel so frustrated to watching Pavano to throw a great game against us.

The biggest play of the game is Jeter throwing out that base runner at the bottom of 8th inning when Hughes is in trouble again.

I know most Yankees fans may still be in the heaven for advancing to second round of playoffs. But, be honest, I feel nervous about our bullpen. Joba, Hughes and even Mo look shaky. Another thing worries me is the lineup. It seems to me Jeter, A-Rod and Teixeria are the only persons hitting now. Hopefully, I just think too much.

The players of the game: Pettitte, Jeter and A-Rod.

Thursday, October 8, 2009

Yankees have a 1-0 series lead

Jeter is the man. This man is unbelievable. I know CC and the rest of bullpen pitch well. Of course, A-Rod finally comes through with man on base with two RBI. Plus, don't forget Swisher and Matsui for their big hits.

But, in my opinion, the hero is the Captain, Derek Jeter. When CC gives up two runs, Posada looks nervous for whatever reasons and the whole lineup can't hit against a guy they don't see often, Jeter wakes up the whole team.

Game 1 of ALDS_Twins at Yankees

8pm It's 8am in the morning in Taiwan. I wake up on time to see A-Rod come through with a big RBI single. And then Matsui hit another home run against lefty. Of course, I miss the big two-run home run by Captain.

8:20pm At the same time, a well rest CC with run support keep putting on zero on the scoreboard.

8:35pm Well, It starts making everyone nervous, doesn't it? Come on, CC.

8:40pm A job well done by CC. Let's go Hughes. We need this big out.

8:48pm Guess what? Hughes get that big out by throwing fastball right by Cabrera

9:03pm A-Rod likes to face Twins in the post season, right?

9:21pm It's good to get everyone in the game to feel the pressure of playoff.

9:47pm It's hard for me to get nervous when Mo is on the mound. Congrats to Yanks for game 1 win(7-2).

Sunday, September 6, 2009

Pettitte vs TOR

1:36pm Today, I need to work on some of my family stuffs, so I will stay up late. Of course, That means I can watch some Yankees games. It's 1:36am in Taiwan.

1:39pm I just watch opening ceremony of 2009 Summer Deaflympics in Taipei. It is great, especially the part presents Taiwan delicious food. It is so cue. If you have the chance to watch it. Do it and tell me how you feel.

1:46pm OK, go back to the Yankees game. Amazing. Our bombers don't waste any more time to get a lead on the top of second inning.

1:52pm I only can say Jeter is a great actor for that ball 4.

1:54pm I thought I could see Swisher work the count to get a ball 4 for a run.

1:57pm Man, that is quick. Pettitte just gives up a run right back.

1:59pm Wait. I don't think it is a homerun. I guess replay agree with me as well.

2:26pm It seems to me Melky pays for his buddy, Cano for that homerun.

2:43pm That is a great play by Cano to get the 3rd in order to avoid Blue Jays scoring that lead run.

2:46pm That is a great job by Teixeira to give Yankees and Pettitte a lead back this soon.

3:34pm This is the breathing room Pettitte and Yankees bullpen needs.

Tuesday, September 1, 2009

Wang met Taiwan little league team

Wang just got off the sling and was re-checked by doctor according to Taiwanese news channel. Wang said he is going to everything he can to be ready for next season.

As Peter writes on his blog, Wang has done his part to help out Taiwan. In fact, this is not the only thing Wang has done for his hometown.

Taiwan little league team presents Asia Pacific and goes to Williamsport for 2009 Little league World Series. Even though the team from California wins 2009 Little League World Series, Taiwan little league also has played well to win second place.

Wang shows up by himself to give all kids a surprise. He not only met kids but also brought gifts.

It is fresh for me to watch kids playing baseball.

Blog updated!

As you guys know, I just come back to Taiwan for a month. I have been busy at settling down.

At the same time, I have just learned how to design my own website. At the near future, I am going to have my own website to write about Yankees. So, please stay with me and keep eyes on my blog. As soon as my website is ready, I will let you guys know.

By the way, our bombers are so great this season, aren't they? I was watching Pettitte game this morning. Of course, Pettitte is going to say all the right things at the post-game interview. But, he will always have "what if" deep inside his heart. This tells how hard to pitch a no-hitter or perfect game.

Saturday, July 25, 2009

Joba vs A's

9:12pm I wake up at the top of 7th inning when Matsui hit that ground ball to drive in A-Rod. Good ABC baseball

It seems Joba has another good outing.

9:44pm Great job from Coke to save two base runners Joba left on base.

9:45pm It's funny to see Mo's face after Posada hit that home run.

9:52pm It is hard to tell Swisher is safe or out. It looks like A's doesn't tag Swisher. But, I can see why A's manager is angry because throw beats Swisher so much.

9:55pm It looks like a right decision to sit down Mo immediately.

10:12pm Another win in the book for Yankees.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yankees is back to first place

Yes. When Yankees win tonight to combine the lost from Red Sox, our bombers are back to first place. Not to mention Rays also lose. Now, Yankees is 5 games ahead of Rays in the wild card standing.

Let's Go Yankees!

A setback for Wang

Wang plays catch before the game for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, Wang suffers a setback and will stop 4 more days.

When Wang suffers the injury on July 4th, Yankees coach staff and front office are more optimistic than Wang himself regard of the his return date. The same thing happened last season when Wang injured his right foot.

Hopefully, Wang can get healthy and come back to help us in time. However, Yankees can't count on him and need to get a back end starter to add the depth of rotation because Yankees will be in deep trouble if they lose another starter. I don't think we are able to get Roy Halladay. I also agree with Cashman not to pay twice. Don't get me wrong. Halladay is one of my favorite pitchers to watch. I like to have Halladay on Yankees team. The best thing can happen to us is Blue Jays to trade Halladay to a NL team.

Pettitte vs Orioles

8pm Hello, it's 8am in Taiwan. I just wake up and turn on the television. Pettitte is in the mini jam at the top of 3rd inning.

8:32pm Is it just me to feel this way? After coming back from All-star break, Yankees offense haven't wake up. I do think Tiger pitchers may have something to do with. And here comes another young pitcher they haven't seen before.

9:13pm Good job by Andy. But, Yankees need a strikeout to get out of jam.

9:14pm Wow! That is the real first baseman can do for you. I don't think Giambi will be able to do what Teixeira just did. Not to mention the way Molina hold on the ball.

9:16pm Wow! Wow! What a play by Molina and Coke for that wild pitch.

9:38pm Great job by Aceves. What about another walk-off win? Sound great for me.

9:47pm Just like a scriptplay. Hero is Matsui. However, don't forget two great plays by Teixeira, Molina and Coke.


Dear all loyal readers,

I just move back to Taiwan and live with my family now. Because of different time zone and the rules of my family, I probably won't be able to watch any Yankees day game. If I do so, I probably will get killed.

Don't worry. I am probably able to watch night games for now. Since I have few free time, I will start making changes for my blog.

Thank you so much to keep eyes on my blog, everyone.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A.J. vs Tiger

8:54pm I just wake up and need to leave home soon for my sister's work pretty soon. I will try to watch this game as much as I can. When I turn on my television, I just saw A.J. struggling with his command at the top of 5th and 6th inning. However, the good thing is A.J. still somehow to keep Yankees in this game.

9:03pm Melky makes another great play in the center field second inning in a row. In the 5th inning, he gunned down Tiger Cabrera at the 2nd inning. In the 6th inning, he makes a great catch to complete double play.

9:06pm Great to see another Taiwanese player in the major league. I have mixed feeling because I want Yankees to win, but I don't want Yankees to hit Ni well.

9:15pm Man, If Posada is not the base runner at the 2nd base, we score that tie run.

9:43pm What a big hit from Teixeira. One more big hit from Swisher will win this game for Yankees.

9:48pm Now, it's up to Melky to give our bullpen more breathing room to work with.

9:49pm I will let Hughes pitch 8th inning. Let see what Girardi will do.

9:53pm I guess Girardi agree with me.

10:00pm Hughes, one more out, please. We will see Mo.

10:05pm What a performance by Hughes. YAH!

10:09pm Man, I hate this rain delay. Hopefully, Mo haven't warm iup. I probably won't be able to watch the ending.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009 All Star Game

8:56pm I finally finish all the works and go back to Taiwan. I will be back to post regard of my situation.

8:58pm The last thing Yankees want is to get Jeter hurt. Dear Lincecum, don't hit Jeter.

8:59pm How about that, the home town player, Pujols, makes a error to cost NL at least one run.

9:05pm By the way, it never is a good sign when the team give Halladay two run lead in the first inning.

9:08pm As I always say, defense and pitching is so important for baseball game.

9:10pm Will they let Halladay hit? Let us see.

9:25pm I guess Halladay is a human being as well. But, I think Michael Young's defense on 3rd base has something to do with the second run. I don't think Halladay needs to backup on the 3rd base. Pitchers always try to save the run.

10:06pm Joe Mauer hits a clutch double to tie the game for AL. He is really something to watch. I can't image Twins let him go under any circumstances. I guess Pujols redeems himself a little bit.

10:20pm Hopefully, this game doesn't become another extra inning all star games.

10:35pm Papelbon is so lucky this inning.

10:51pm Guess what! If AL holds up this score, lucky Papelbon will get a win.

11:22pm That is the Mo we know and love. Another win and home field advantage for AL.

Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big game for Wang tomorrow

So much for taking pressure off Wang, right? After the way first game of this series goes, it only adds more pressure on Wang. Instead of commenting on this terrible first game, how about giving you guys the latest Q&A a Taiwanese reporter have with Wang.

Tomorrow game is the tough task for Wang. No doubt about that, especially when you consider how Wang pitches against Red Sox in his career and Wang is still on his way back to his old self. However, you will think Yankees is due to win a game against Red Sox, right? It will be so ironic that Wang win his first game of 2009 season and Yankees finally beat Red Sox.

Q: You must feel quite happy to go back to rotation,right?
A: Fine. It's ok because I haven't pitched well to secure a spot in the rotation.

Q: How to prove you are deserved to have a spot in the rotation?
A: Simple. Pitching at least 6 good innings for Yankees.

Q: What the biggest problem you have so far?
A: I can't get the key out when I need to

There are many more questions in this Q&A section in Taiwanese news. But, I only post key parts.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Joba vs TB(20th come from behind victory of 2009 season)

I can't keep watching this game. I need to go to bed. If Yankees can somehow end up with winning this game, Yankees have to thank two great defense plays. One is by Teixeira. The other is by Melky. Those two great defense plays at least save two runs for Yankees.

Let's Go Yankees!

OK! I am lying. I say I need to go to bed, but I can't. I don't want to turn the game off when Yankees is down. This team is different. You never can count them out. Guess what? I get another Yankees' rally. Mo is one out away from saving the game for Yankees. Guess what? The last batter he faces is Longoria.

Do you concern about Mo after yesterday game? If you do, shame on you. I don't. I guess Mo tells Girardi doesn't tell the greatest closer of the all time to walk anyone intentionally. The more I watch Girardi managing the game, the more I question whether Girardi can be a good manager for Yankees or not. and you?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good way to evaluate Wang

As you guys know, Taiwanese media follow Wang's every step. One of things they like to do recently is to interview opponent's hitters regard of Wang. I guess it is the good way to evaluate Wang.

Rangers' manager Ron Washington says, "Wang's sinker is back. However, this is still not the Wang we are so used to see in the past"

Nelson Cruz says, "Wang is fine, but this is the real Wang yet. In the past, Wang can throw sinker down the strike zone consistently."

Michael Young says, "I told Mark Teixeira Wang pitched much better than he pitched earlier in the season when I get on first base. People don't realize how hard it is to go back to old form. Let alone to do that from just returning from injury. It takes some time."

These comments tell us a lot regard of Wang, right?

Wang still builds up his arm strength and consistency. In the big league, big league hitters will hammer any mistake from pitcher. In Wang's first start since coming back from DL, Wang loses a little speed of his pitches and command of his pitches after 50 pitches(around fourth-fifth ining). I believe Wang will be back to old Wang we love around middle June(after 2-3 starts).

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wang vs Rangers

12:22pm As I am waiting for Wang's game, it's amazing for me to hear so many people claim Wang is done, Hughes is on his way to win a Cy Young Award and what a bad move by Yankees. People tend to keep doubting Wang no matter what he does and not only don't give the benefit of doubt to him but also don't give the credit he deserves. Let us wait and see.

12:41pm Girardi hope Wang can give us 5-6 inning for his 75-80 pitching count.

1:12pm Good news for Wang to get first break. It's important not to let first guy get on base.

1:18pm Nice first inning for Wang with two strike outs. 13 pitches 9 Strike.

1:21pm It seems to me Wang has offense back him up. Yankees lead 1-0

1:28pm Teixeira has some weird game on the base path recently.

1:32pm Two more ground balls for Wang. Another good sign.

1:34pm One more strikeout to end 2nd inning for Wang. 23 pitches 15 Strikes. At this rate, Wang certainly can finish 6 innings. I guess Wang is back. What a big boost for bombers.

1:43pm It seems Rangers' pitcher has settle down as well. Meanwhile, Wang is in the mini jam.

1:50pm If Wang can get out of this inning when he only gives up one run, we will be fine.

1:53pm Well, Wang is in trouble. All things considered, giving two runs is not bad at all. Hopefully, our offense doesn't go on sleep two games in a row.

2:03pm It seems to me Wang has troubles with left hand hitters that is a problem he always has.

2:07pm Wang has more troubles here. Wang looks rusty and can't maintain his stuff when pitching count raises, but he certainly has his stuff back. When he makes his regular turn in the rotation, he will be fine. One more thing, Wang and Cervelli make adjustment too slow when Rangers hitters sit on Wang's sinker. When they realize and make adjustment, Wang gives up two more runs. I know Wang gives up 5 runs for 4.2 inning. But, the way he pitches is different from the way he pitches in April.

2:41pm Let see if bombers can pick him up.

2:42pm Bases are loaded with no one out. Swisher just walks in second run for Yankees.

2:45pm I think Michael Young at 3B just costs Rangers three run here. The ball Teixeira hits Michael Young should catch. Good hitting by A-Rod to give us the lead.

3:20pm Tie game again. I don't have a good feeling about this game because the game will be decided by who has better bullpen which is the weakest link of this Yankees team.

3:54pm Guess what? I forget Melky with his late inning magic. Let go Mo and close another series.

4:03pm Well, Mo is in trouble. I guess it is not that easy. This is the major league.

4:06pm Of course, Mo is Mo.

There are three important things I take out from today's game. First of all, the confidence this team has no matter what kind of situation they are in. If they get Wang into his old form and build up a healthy bullpen, we may be on our way to 27th title. Secondly, the nice bullpen work from everyone to allow offense to come from behind. Finally, the progress Wang shows to us today is good in my opinion. I believe he will get better each start.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Andy vs Rangers

Wang is back to rotation and Hughes is in the bullpen. Yankees need to find out whether old Wang is back or not. Eventually, Yankees need Wang to back in form. To keep messing around Wang physically and mentally is not a right thing to do. As for Hughes, Yankees should send Hughes back to minor as a start to make sure we have an insurance for injury to one of our starters. That being said, it won't be a bad idea to put Hughes in the bullpen before Bruney and Marte come back.

Andy hasn't been able to command his pitches at low strike zone. Is his back ok? Hopefully, he is fine.

7:21pm Andy is in trouble immediately. first and third at 1 out.

7:28pm Andy is in bigger trouble. All things consider, it will be fine for Yankees if Andy only gives up 2 runs in this inning.

7:30pm Well, Three run is a little bit too much. But, as a starter, if this is only three runs Andy giving up, we will be fine. I just worry about Andy's back.

8:19pm What a turn around inning for Pettitte! After letting the first two guys to get on the base with no one out, he strike out the side to end the inning.

8:21pm Let us see if Swisher can get that run in with less than 2 outs.

9:25pm What a terrible game for A-Rod so far! Let see whether Yankees can come back to win this or not.

9:42pm Posada cut the deficit to 2 runs. There is the hope.

10:36pm Well. Big day for Wang tomorrow. If we can win tomorrow game, we will take another series which is fine. We can't win it all. But, I did concern about Pettitte's back. I believe Wang will perform well. However, Because the limit of pitching count(75-80), this game may be decided by the work from bullpen.

Monday, June 1, 2009

You win some and lose some

This is just the nature of baseball game. When we enjoy those walkoff wins so much, we will be the victim of walkoffs eventually one day. For me, it's about process. It's about how Yankees play this game. This is a great game to watch.

In the end, we know our bombers do their best to come back from 4 runs down to tie the game. I like their toughness. Our bombers are different than those other Yankees team we have watched the past few seasons. They may go down eventually, but they fight hard to make opponents earn their victory. I rather them lose this way than losing to Pavano.

The story of the game is Chien-Ming Wang. He takes another big step to prove the world he is ready. I know Yankees lose the game, but getting a proven winner with back to back 19 wins is so important to Yankees' championship run. As I keep saying, we need Wang back to his oldself. Right now, it is just matter of time for Wang to get back to rotation. When he builds up his arm strengths and pitching counts, he will be back.

Now, Phil Hughes doesn't pitch badly. I actually think he pitches better than his line. But, it is about result in the end. You can't say he pitches decently when he gives up 4 runs in 5IP, when you consider Indians lose their three best hitters in their lineup.

I understand Hughes and Joba are going through their expected growing pain. As I keep saying, Hughes and Joba will be sucessful starters in the big league one day. However, those back to back short outing will kill Yankees eventually when we get deeper in the summer for playoff run. that is the reason we need Wang back to this rotation. The deeper starters go, the better bullpen we will have.

Not to mention Yankees has a not so good bullpen now. Cashman really needs to bring more capable arms from our farm system while he tries to make a trade at the same time.

I know many people blaming Gardner, Coke and Robertson for this lost. Rookies make mistakes. If one of A-Rod, Cano and Posada can do their job they are supposed to do, we may win this one.

Sunday, May 31, 2009

The reality between Yankees and Wang

Since MJB(one of my loyal readers) was wondering about how Taiwanese react to Cashman's comments regard of Wang in the comment section, I am going to talk about that issue now.

According to Taiwanese news, Cashman called Wang's agent immediately right after Andrew Marchand's report comes out. Cashman apologies for his improper comments regard of Wang. He says he loses control and then leads to those improper comments because Andrew Marchand keep questioning the moves Yankees make regard of Wang. Andrew Marchand pushes so hard that leads Cashman to says something he shouldn't say. Cashman says Yankees still view Wang as a starting pitcher and hope Wang can regain the form as soon as possible in order to go back to rotation.

Here is my take regard of Yankees with Wang. Yankees never thought Wang would succeed. Let alone think he will have long term success. In Yankees' prospect, Wang is a fragile pitcher(a bad shoulder+ a bad foot) with one good pitch(sinker) and so few strikeouts. Yankees think Wang will lose the ability to get big league hitters out at any moment. Every time Wang shows any red flag, Yankees will immediately think "Is he done?"

Therefore, Yankees will try to get out of Wang as much as they can at the cost as low as possible. They never think to re-sign Wang once he hits free agent market. Let alone sign him a long term contract before he becomes free agent. They may be ready to trade him away once Wang rebuild his trade value.

I guess this is also what most Yankees fans think. That's why Yankees are not afraid of making Wang angry and don't take care of his feeling because they don't think Wang can come back to bite them. On top of that, how Hughes and Joba perform impacts how people view Cashman's legacy directly. Cashman certainly will give them every chance to succeed.

Don't get me wrong. I agree with Yankees not giving rotation spot back to Wang solely based on his track record. Yankees may bring Wang back too early, but there is only so much Wang can do against minor league hitters. Wang needs to face major league hitters little by little in order to rebuild his confidence. Wang has to show he can throw the ball any place he wants consistently before going back to rotation. To blame whose fault won't do anyone good.

However, Yankees should set up the whole plan before they activate Wang and then Yankees has to do a better job to communicate with Wang in order to make him comfortable and ease his concern. That is what get most Taiwanese upset during the whole process, not losing rotation spot.

Eventually, Yankees will need Wang in the rotation because innings limit of Hughes and Joba and the potential injury to one of starters.

I know Yankees don't think Wang will come back to haunt them, but no one can predict the future and no one know what kind of career any player will have. I know Wang is under Yankees control, but it won't hurt Yankees to make him happy and comfortable as much as possible when it won't hurt Yankees' chance of winning. By the way, Yankees may need Wang more than expected if new Yankees stadium turnout to be a homerun happy place for hitters.

I am always a Yankees fan no matter Wang is on the Yankees team or not. However, as a Taiwanese, I always have a soft spot for Wang. Don't blame me to have a different view regard of any issue related to Wang. Taiwanese expect so much out of Wang. You guys can't image how much pressure Wang has from his native country.

Why Veras and Berroa are still with Yankees?

As you guys know, I expect to have a busy May and June. That's why I can't blog and watch Yankees games as many as I would like to. Please stay with me, I will be back at full speed when July comes around.

When our bombers are doing great, I have the same question as many Yankees fans have. Why Veras and Berroa are still with Yankees?

I know Veras has a great live arm, but he can't control where the ball goes that is the big problem for any relief pitcher in the bullpen.

When we have Pena as our utility infielder, why we need Berroa on our team?

I don't get it.

I know we are only few days away from getting Molina and Nady back. On top of that, our bombers are doing great right now, so it seems it doesn't matter at all.

Saturday, May 23, 2009

AJ vs Phillies

7:17pm A.J has done a good job to limit the damage in the first inning and only gives up one run. Yankees need him to go a long way tonight when you consider the situation of Yankees bullpen now. Teixeira saves at least one run by making that great play to end the first inning.

7:20pm Why try to hit Jeter? Obviously, A.J doesn't want to hit their guy when he clearly doesn't have command earlier in the first inning. A nice job by Captain to hit a single to get a revenge. By the way, the last thing Yankees need right now is Burnett to hit another guy later and then get ejected. Yankees has a short bullpen tonight.

7:28pm If my memory serves me right, this will be the first Yankees base runner to get threw out at home plate.

7:30pm Do you guys get nervous when the ball is hit to right field now? Man, is it too early to get Wang ready now?

7:44pm It seems to me Yankees will have a long night. However, you never know what will happen in any baseball game. One thing I know for sure. A.J has to stop the bleeding in order to give Yankees a chance to come back.

7:50pm Teixeira makes another great play. This time probably save some pitches for Burnett.

7:54pm Burnett is at 48 pitches through 3 innings. At this rate, we will see our bullpen pretty soon. Hopefully, he will have couple of easy innings soon. By the way, at this rate, Myers will finish the game by himself.

8:00pm Here comes the easy inning A.J needs if he can get his third man of the inning.

8:01pm Guess what? He needs to get his third man of the inning against Rollins. Hopefully, it will be him for A.J.

8:12pm A huge at bat for Swisher. Guess not.

8:26pm Well, A.J gives up 5 runs in 5 innings at 86 pitches. What would you do if you were Girardi?

8:39pm A.J somehow get a double play to end the 6th inning.

8:46pm A-Rod hits one out. If Yankees lose this game, we at least score one run.

8:52pm It seems to me Wang's velocity is fine. The location of pitches actually are worse.

9:16pm Wang throws more good sinkers second inning of work.

9:44pm Based on three innings of work Wang puts on, the result is a mixed one. The good thing is Wang's velocity back. The bad thing is he can't throw all his pitches at the lower strike zone consistently. Once Wang get his consistent release point and delivery back, he will be fine. I agree with the decision of putting Wang in the bullpen as a long relief pitcher at this moment. First of all, he needs to pitch against major league hitters to re-gain his confident. Secondly, Yankees can put him back to rotation once Wang gains more arm strengths and throws most his pitches down in the strike zone.

What to do with Wang?

Lohud's blog confirms the news that Wang gets called back. However, it will be interesting to see how Yankees deal with Wang's situation.

I think Jonathan Albaladejo will be the one to get sent down. After Aceves pitches multi innings two games in a row and many relief pitchers pitch many games in a row, Tomko and Bruney are only two fresh relief pitchers left in the bullpen.(Updated: Bruney is injured) On top of that, Coke may be available for Phillies those left handed batters. If A.J has another short outing, Yankees will simply burn their bullpen and leads to a disaster weekend series against Phillies.

As far as I know, many Taiwanese fans are so mad at how Yankees handle Wang's situation. I agree with them to some certain degree, not all of them. Before going into the details how I feel, I have to say this first. I understand the concerns Yankees have over Wang in term of his velocity. I understand every player needs to prove he can stay in the major league no matter how great his track record is and how much money he makes. I also understand the superstition baseball players have, especially Yankees are on a winning streak. I tell you guys most Taiwanese fans are mad and I don't like the way Yankees handle Wang's situation because there is high possibility that Wang feels the same way. We all come from the same culture. There is huge difference between American culture and Taiwanese culture. Wang is not going to express how he really feels.

Yankees front office and coach staff have done few things wrong in terms of handling with Wang's situation.

First of all, Yankees medical staff and front office misjudge the aftereffect of Wang's foot injury and then don't allow Wang to run until Wang blows out three games in a row. They didn't admit this fault at all.

Secondly, Yankees should discuss with Wang before making any kind of decision given his track record. It seems to me Yankees jerk Wang around and only "inform" Wang decision, not "discuss" with him. Yankees should treat Wang more like a veteran, not a rookie.

Thirdly, coach staff don't tell Wang their decisions in person before telling media. That happened many time that Wang was caught by surprise for news when Taiwanese reporters told him and asked his opinion on that. Girardi needs to at least tell Wang first before telling media.

Finally, Yankees should just say what they really think regard of Wang's situation. They should just say they have concerns regard of Wang's velocity. Until he gets his strengths back, they are going to put him in the minor league. Obviously, how Hughes pitches has impact on how Yankees deals with Wang. That gives Yankees more time to get Wang right. But, they claim how Hughes pitch has nothing to do with Wang's spot in the rotation. Yankees also say they will simply put Wang back to rotation once he is ready. That is also the reason they send him to another minor league start as original plan because he is not ready yet. If they tell the truth, why bring him back because of Joba's short outing? If they tell the truth, why say they need to know the condition of Joba before making decision on Wang's next step? Yankees just jerk him around and don't treat him as a veteran.

Ok, let us go back to the decision Yankees makes which brings Wang back. I know Yankees are doing great right now. It seems to me many Yankees fans feel we don't need Wang and we can live without him. I can't disagree with this notion more. Yankees need Wang and need to get him right because Yankees need his long outing he regularly delivery when he is right. Even though Joba and Hughes pitch well, they are 6 inning pitchers at best at this point of their career. They more likely put up those 5 inning outings which eventually will catch up Yankees later in the season. Not to mention both have innings limit.

On top of that, A.J hasn't pitched that great so far and he is an injury prone as well. Pettitte is an old pitcher with a bad shoulder he suffered last season. Finally, are you really to put heavy workload on CC three years in a row when you consider 7 years contract Yankees hand out to him?

That is what I think how Yankees should handle Wang. Before I say it, I want to say one thing. Yankees need to have that no.6 starting pitcher ready in the minor league when there is an injured or ineffective starting pitcher from rotation going down. Not to mention, Joba will hit his inning limit eventually. Yankees should not put Hughes in the bullpen once Wang proves he is ready.

I agree with Yankees bring Wang back to major league. They can't hide him on the DL forever. They need to find out Wang is right or not one way or the other. Pitchers can only pitch at minor league for rehabilitation assignment for 30 days. There are only so much Wang gain from minor league starts. Wang doesn't put on 13 scoreless innings at AAA by accident.

You never know when Wang's velocity will be back. I think the more Wang pitches, the quicker his velocity will be back as long as he is healthy. I believe his velocity will be back to normal when summer comes. Yankees need to find out how Wang pitch against major league hitters anyway. Stop being that superstition.

I will skip Joba next start to make sure he is right. Yankees can limit his innings by doing this. Putting Wang in Joba's spot and let him pitch few innings out of pen to keep him sharp. Yankees also can get an idea when Wang pitches against major league hitters.

After burnig through bullpen on Hughes' and Joba's starts, Yankees need a fresh arm in the bullpen anyway. When Joba feels right and comes back, Yankees can put Joba in Hughes' spot. Of course, Let Hughes keeps pitching at AAA to practice his changeup more.

If Yankees ends up with pitching Wang more innings than they would like to tonight, they can rest Aceves for next few days and prepare for that start. Or they can simply let Joba makes that start if he feels right.

Again, I understand the concerns Yankees have on Wang's velocity, accidents forces Yankees to make adjustments on the fly and three terrible outings Wang put on earlier season. But, Yankees really should communicate and deal with this situation better to show Wang more respect.

Friday, May 22, 2009

Wang will stay with Yankees because of Joba's injury

Joba was hit by a pitch. Because of that, Yankees bullpen has to pick up almost the whole game. Based on many Taiwanese news outlets, Yankees decide to let Wang stay with the team and prepare to pitch out of bullpen for upcoming series against Phillies.

I know most New York media report Wang will go to SWB to pitch one more minor league game. However, Taiwanese reporters confirm this new with Wang that is what I read from Taiwanese news. Wang said he will do his best to pitch as well as he can no matter where he is and what kind of role he will be put into. Taiwanese news outlets report Yankees call back Wang after Joba get hit by a pitch and has to leave the game.

I guess we will know whether this news is right or not tomorrow. I just to want to share this news with you guys. If the news is not right, don't blame me. I don't try to make up news, I just tell you guys what I read from Taiwanese websites.

Yankees keep winning

Now, it's 9 in a row. It seems nothing can stop Yankees now even if Joba has to leave the game at the first inning after being hit by a line drive. As a long time baseball fan like most of us, you know Yankees won't win forever and will lose a game eventually. But, it doesn't mean we can't enjoy this winning streak as long as possible.

Yankees is getting healthier when the time goes on, but you know someone will get hurt(see:Damon) again. As long as we have a healthy pitching staff(rotation+bullpen), we will be fine. While Posada, Molina, Nady and Wang all on their way back, we find out more useful options from our minor league system.

Monday, May 18, 2009

AJ vs Twins & Wang's second start at AAA

1:31pm A.J has a nice first two innings while Pena makes a good play at 2B to help him to get out of first inning.

1:34pm Meanwhile, Wang has fine first two scoreless innings. But, his location of pitches is not as good as his first inning based on what I see.

1:47pm It seems to me Wang get into the grove in the 3rd inning. He gets a double play to end the inning. Meanwhile, A.J is dealing at the Bronx as well. It will be nice if Yankees give him 2 or 3 runs to work with.

2:05pm Wang's location is getting better when the innings are going deeper. Meanwhile, A.J gets out of jam by getting Wang-like double play.

2:09pm Let hope Teixeira can get Jeter home with less than 2 outs. Hopefully, A-Rod can pick up Teixeira here.

2:30pm Even though I am very disappointed Yankees don't get that run in from third base. However, I am not sure Yankees can will 1-0 game with their bullpen anyway.

2:41pm Both pitchers are dealing at Bronx. Slowey pitches even better than Burnett. So, obviously, Yankees may regret not to get Jeter in less than 2 outs from third base.

2:47pm I hope Yankees win this game at much easier form than walk-off.

2:49pm Wang gives up 2 singles that one is bloop and the other is just in front of home plate.

2:50pm For whatever reasons, SWB only plays 7 innings for this first game of doubleheader. This is Wang's line for today. 7IP 4H 0R(ER) 75 pitches 1SO 75 pitches 49 Strikes 26 balls GO/FO: 12:8

3:16pm Yankees are behind Twins 2 runs. Yankees need another come from behind victory again. The way Yankees offense goes, it gives all Yankees pitchers a lot of pressure. By the way, I like Yankees to play Cervelli over Cash. Cash and Cervelli both won't hit too much anyway. But, the way Cervelli plays behind the plate as a catcher is much better than Cash in my opinion.

3:29pm It looks like Yankees has another come from behind victory in making. Nice ABC baseball to manufacture that run to tie the game.

3:30pm Bruney starts second game of double header at SWB. I don't know the velocity, but I think Bruney needs one more outing at minior because his location is not good at all.

3:37pm The bullpen Yankees has certainly make us as Yankees fans nervous at every pitch from this point on.

3:47pm Man, what a play by Teixeira! I don't think Albladejo and Tomko pitch great today. Fortunately for Yankees, we get out of bases loaded jam.

4:09pm It seems to me Yankees wants to have another walk-off victory. But, I really hope we could score that run at the bottom of 8th inning.

4:46pm Wow! Yankees certainly don't disappoint Yankees fans. Here is another walk-off and come-from-behind victory. Today heros in my eyes are Yankees pitching and the play Teixeira makes at 1B.

Saturday, May 16, 2009

What a great game to watch! It seems Yankees always own Twins

I told you guys I expect to have heavy workload ahead of me until the middle of June. Today, I have a little break for me to watch game.

What a great game to watch! I am so nervous in the 9th inning that I can't concentrate on any work at my hands.

The hero of this game definitely has to go to the whole team from top to bottom. The Gardner's inside-the-park homerun fires up the whole stadium and the whole team.

Great game!

Wednesday, May 13, 2009

Wang at AAA

7:25pm Wang has a good first two innings. They don't show velocity, so I don't know his velocity. But, he keep pitching down in the strike zone. His delivery looks much better. He throws some great sliders and changeup along the way. By the way, his pitching count is so low now through 2 innings(16 pitches). That is the way Halladay goes as well. One of the biggest advantages sinker pitchers have.

7:36pm For most part, Wang has great location for most pitches. Based on announcers, Wang throws sinker at around 92mph.

7:49pm Wang issues first walk of the game in 4 pitches. Now, Five pitches in a row out of strike zone. A nice sinker to a called strike and then get runner who tries to steal second base. Another good sinker and slider to get another strike out.

7:53pm Wang gets hit by a comeback at his left shin. It appears he is ok.

7:58pm The way hitters from SWB swing the bat looks like the way Yankees batters against Halladay.

8:05pm By the way, A.J is in trouble and gives up 2 runs. The way Halladay pitches A.J better not to give up more runs. 3 runs for Yankees to score off Halladay is a tall order, especially when you consider Halladay only throws 38 pitches through 4 innings.

8:19pm Austin Jackson looks good during his at bat in my opinion. It appears to me Wang gets squeezed by home plate umpire. But, Wang's pitches are up in the zone more the last couple of innings. I am not sure whether Wang works on his other secondary pitches or not, but Wang issues his third walks of the game.

9pm Wang's line: 6IP 3H 0R(ER) 3BB 6k 82 pitches 49 strikes. I need to leave home now. Come back later for more reports.

Thursday, May 7, 2009

Posada will be out at least 2 weeks

I know most Yankees fans know this news by now. I just want to say one thing. I hope this doesn't change the way Yankees handles A-Rod's injury and decide to rush A-Rod back. I know we need A-Rod, but we need him healthy the rest of season and playoffs(if we have). The last thing Yankees need is to rush him back few days earlier and then lost him again.

Tuesday, May 5, 2009

a disappointed but satisfied game

The Yankees has lost four games in a row to Red Sox that certainly anger many Yankees fans. However, it all depends on how they lost those games in my opinion. Yes, Yankees did lost to Red Sox again. They may also lose Posada to hamstring injury for any extend period of time. If I have to guess now, I will say it is probably a month.

However, there are few good things happening in this game. First of all, I thought Hughes and Aceves pitch decently that is a good sign.

Secondly, Teixeira hits two home runs. If we get Texieira going, we will be fine, especially when you consider A-Rod will be back soon. This certainly can abort the lost of Posada's bat in the lineup. Of course we don't want to hear someone getting hurt. If we must have injury, it certainly is better to have now than later. When you consider Posada's shoulder, let him rest more during early part of season may help for stretch run. Don't forget we will get Nady back eventually.

Thirdly, we just took two out of three against Angels. If we can win tomorrow game which will be started by Joba, we will split the two-games series against Red Sox. It is certainly not great. But, put things in perspectives, we are in the brutal part of schedule which have many road games and play against tough teams. When you consider so many things going on in the Yankeesland and no one runs away with title in this AL East division.

Fourthly, bullpen did pitches well today against Red Sox and we do have Aceves as a long man to eat some innings that avoid us from burning bullpen again. On top of that, Red Sox may not have Papelbon available tomorrow.

Sunday, May 3, 2009

CC vs Angels

Hello, everyone. Sorry for lack of posts lately. I am expecting a busy May. I get a lot of works need to be done in May. So, I probably won't be able to post a lot in May. Once I get pass May safely, I will be back to post more. Thanks for patience from everyone.

1:16pm CC has an impressive first inning with two strikeouts. The most important thing is he throws different pitches for strike. It is certainly a good sign for Yankees. However, I am not sure how many runs Yankees offense is able to put on when you look at the bottom of Yankees lineup.

1:20pm Man, Jeter was hit by a pitch from Angel's starting pitcher. We can't have another injury from our starting lineup.

1:24pm It looks like Jeter hurts his neck when he steals second base. Hopefully, he is alright. By the way, Aybar was taken out the game at the same play Jeter hurts his neck. Angels certainly can't hit more bad luck this season.

1:40pm CC is in the jam now with bases loaded. This is the big moment of the game. If CC is able to get out of this inning without giving up any run, it will frustrate Angels team. CC gets a big strikeout and a line out to end the inning.

1:51pm As many of us expect, the bottom of lineup do nothing in the bottom of second inning.

1:57pm I was about screaming at "Don't walk the leadoff hitter of the inning" and then CC got him out with a infield pop out.

2:00pm Is it just me to feel this way? I feel 2009 Yankees team is so different than the Yankees team the past few year.

2:02pm Melky makes a great diving catch at right field after Gardner makes a diving catch at center field. Great plays for both Yankees young outfielders.

2:11pm The way Yankees offense looks the first three innings of the this game. CC better has a great day. However, I will definitely feel nervous when Yankees bullpen has to hold a one-run lead.

2:14pm Pena just makes a great play at 3B. Yankees has made three great defense plays behind CC. It's so nice to see that from Yankees team. Oh, by the way, CC hits one of Angels to send a message, "Don't keep hitting my teammates."

2:33pm CC has pitches 5 scoreless innings. However, he uses a lot of pitches to do so. At this rate, We will be lucky if we can get 7 innings out of CC. And then.......?

2:38pm Yankees always turn no-name pitchers or everyone-hit-hard pitchers into Cy Young award winners for some reasons.

2:44pm Pena just makes another nice play and Yankees almost get a double play. Now, Jeter makes an error.

2:50pm Now, double steal from Angels. Angels tie the score. This one hurts because Jeter makes an error.

2:59pm Jeter certainly redeems himself for that leadoff double. Hopefully, Yankees is able to play abc ball to get that run in.

3:00pm Damon does his part to get Jeter to third base with less than 2 outs. Teixeira doesn't do his job.

3:13pm CC picks up another huge strikeout.

3:39pm CC ends up with giving up 5 runs. The way Yankees bullpen goes, it certainly can't fault Girardi to let CC pitch 7th inning. When CC hasn't pitched like an ACE so far this season, he hasn't pitched badly.

3:46pm I understand Veras has a great arm. However, the way he pitches I don't understand why he is still on Yankees team. The reason I says this is not from his terrible pitching performance. Veras never has good command of strike zone. I hate a pitcher can't throw strike. Let alone a relief pitcher who pitches late in the game can't throw strike. I know Veras doesn't have options left, but I don't think losing him is a big lost for Yankees.

4:10pm Well, Robertson certainly doesn't do himself any favor. I don't care about two runs, but I care about two walks he gives up.

4:18pm Posada hits a two-runs homerun to keep Yankees alive.

4:30pm Gardner walks and then scores on Angels' error. The three runs Yankees bullpen give up look big right now.

4:33pm I finally have a little free time to watch a baseball game and then witness Yankees end their 4-games winning streak. However, I am pride of what Yankees keep fighting.

Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wang starts running

Since Wang injured his right foot June last season, Wang hasn't run for his conditioning. Yankees is afraid of getting Wang injured his foot again. They only allow him to run on the bike to do his conditioning work. According to Taiwanese media, Wang started running on the outfield first time since injury yesterday. Yankees figures out lack of running may affect his delivery. That is why they start to let him run. After running on the outfileld, Wang says he feels the balance is better.

This is the video from TVBS(a Taiwanese new channel). At the end of video, you can see Wang running on the outfield.

By the way, Gator contacts with Eiland and tells him what he thinks about what is wrong with Wang. Gator says he sees some problems from Wang's delivery. Some problems usually indicate there are some parts of Wang's body not healthy.

Baldelli hits DL at 14th game of the season

Rocco Baldelli will be placed on the 15-day disabled list because of soreness in his left leg.

It is a high risk and high reward signing, isn't it? Don't get me wrong. I don't want any player to get injured. I just want to point out this when a lot of Yankees fans blame Cashman not to take the chance with certain player when Red Sox front office is very smart and willing to do so.

New Yankees stadium=homerun park?

I am not going to come to the conclusion New Yankees stadium is definitely a homerun park because it is too early to make this judgement. This post is not about figuring out the reasons for that. I have three thoughts regard of this issue.

First of all, it looks like it starts affecting the way Yankees pitchers pitch because they are afraid of any fly ball flying out the ball park. The obvious evidence is how many walks Yankees pitchers have given up during Indians series because they want to throw perfect pitch to avoid that problem.

Secondly, it may have impact on getting good pitchers to sign with Yankees in the future. For example, it may increase the odd CC leaves Yankees after three years. Does it mean Yankees should sign more groundball pitchers than flyball/strikeout pitchers in the future? If this is true, Yankees definitely need to do everything to get Wang right.

Thirdly, it looks like it increases the odd that A-Rod will live up to his contract and end up with new Home-Run King.

Nady will "only" be out 4-6 weeks

I think they come up with this conclusion because Nady will be a free agent after this season. I am wondering how much Nady can bring on the table if he only is able to play as DH. We already have a lot of DH candidates. However, that is no guarantee Swisher will be able to hit like this the whole season and how healthy the rest of lineup will be. It certainly is good to have some depth.

So, what is next for Wang?

Yankees has decided to skip Wang's turn at Fenway park. A move I agree with because Wang and Yankees need to fix his problems before making another start, not because of first series against Boston Red Sox and Wang's bad statistics against them.

So, what is next for Wang now? Girardi is supposed to announce how Yankees deal with Wang's next step today. This is my take. Let wait and see whether we agree with each other or not.

Let me say this first. It is not easy to replace No.3 starting pitcher who usually wins at least 19 wins at AL East when he is healthy with 200 innings and sub 4 ERA. You don't give up this kind of pitcher after three terrible starts when you consider he is young and just comes back from injury. Not to mention, Yankees still can control three more years at relatively low price. Yankees can't just throw him away that a lot of short-sighted Yankees fans want to do now.

Yankees will need Wang eventually. Pettitte is not young anymore. Joba has innings limited and had his own minor injury last season. We all know A.J's rich injury history. Even for CC, he hasn't been himself yet. Yankees need to fix Wang and get him right as soon as possible. Wang actually shows signs of improvement during his last start against Indians. He throws more good pitches with more movement and velocity at good location.

Yankees needs to figure out ways to let Wang keep pitching in order to get his mechanics right and build up his arm strength. Because Wang has no option left and hasn't had long enough service time in order to get his permission to send down. There is no way Wang can clear the waiver before sending down to minors. The only way is to make up "injury". However, the way Girardi, Eliand and Wang acts, it will be difficult to come up and suddenly say Wang is injured because no one will take Girardi, Eliand and Wang seriously any more. Assuming Wang doesn't find out he is injured suddenly, Wang will be on the big league team. Because of that, we need to fix him as soon as possible. But, don't send him out to the mound before he proves he corrects problems.

This is what I will do.

Firstly, Wang usually throws two bullpen sections between starts. I will let him ready to come in game if the situation is called for. First bullpen section will be around 50 pitches while second bullpen section will be around 25 pitches. For example, Andy will start tonight game which will be the day Wang throws his second bullpen section.

Secondly, let Wang start a minor league game on Thursday(April 23th)which is off day. If Wang corrects his problems, let him start April 28th against Tigers. At the same time, get a long man ready. If Wang pitches decently that game, he should be back to rotation. If Wang is not able to correct his problems after starting on Thursday, get Hughes or whoever pitches best on AAA now to pitch April 28th.

At that point, Girardi, Eliand and Wang may have to bite the bullet and then make up "injury" in order to get on DL. Or, going few more turns in the minor leagues to see if Wang improves his start. Or, let Wang be a long man to get his work in when someone get knocked out of game. Among these three options, I will prefer to put Wang on DL in order to get someone up to help Yankees in the bullpen while Wang can get his regular work in at minor league.

Let Wang get his work in at minor league games until he corrects his problems. Yankees should be able to solve Wang's problems on way or the other.

What is wrong with Wang? part 2

Some people believe there is no way Wang is healthy. Michael Kay even comes up with his own take on his radio show: Wang has a bad shoulder. Others believe Wang's problem comes from bad mechanics.

As for now, I take Wang's words. Wang is not a 40 years old pitcher who is at the end of career. There is no point to pitch through injury, especially at the beginning of season. As my previous post points out, I believe what Bruney said. Because Wang hasn't trust his right foot or hasn't build up strength of his right foot completely, it leads to his bad delivery, terrible control and horrible command.

Because of long layoff, Wang's mechanics is not consistent and is difficult to repeat and regain. As for Wang's velocity, I see 92mph sinker from Wang with good movement from Wang during his last start against Indians. A lot of fans always like to add few mph when they describe how hard a pitcher on their team throws. Based on what I hear from Wang, Wang's sinker is around 91-93 while his four seamer will top at 94 at times. I don't think Wang loses 5mph on his sinker(95mph to 90). The way a lot of people claim.

Keep in mind three things. First of all, terrible delivery also can lead to drop of velocity. Secondly, Wang may hasn't built up his arm strength due to long layoff. Thirdly, Wang's velocity usually is up when the season goes on.

Even if Wang loses few mph on his sinker, he still will be a above average pitcher or at least average, serviceable pitcher if he gets his command, control and movement back on his pitches(sinker,four-seamer, sliders).

The only concern I have is Wang's bad mechanics may lead to arm problem later on.

P.S Based on interviews Wang have with Taiwanese media, Wang actually feels he starts getting his sinker back the last game against Indians. During the whole spring training, Wang has two concerns. First of all, he hasn't gotten his velocity all the way back yet. Secondly, he hasn't threw his sinker well yet. He is glad he starts getting the feel of his sinker. In his opinion, the movement and location is much more important than velocity.

Monday, April 20, 2009

What is wrong with Wang?

There are a lot of anaylsis going on regard of what is wrong with Wang. This is the version I believe Wang's problem coming from as follows,

According to keeping up with Jones blog,

Bruney believes Wang's troubles stem from not yet trusting his right (push-off) foot. Bruney says he was doing the same thing during his rehab, and his velocity was down and his stuff was off. He worked his way through it -- and has been great out of the pen -- which is what he says Wang has to do.

Please keep these words in mind and combine them with this video from MLB Network, I believe this is Wang's problem.

I am not a pitching coach and I don't know how you let Wang trust his right foot again. Based on what I hear from Girardi during his pre-game interview, I believe Yankees coaching staff know what Wang's problem is. The problem I have is why they don't recognize this problem during spring training and collect it under less pressure situation, when you consider Wang doesn't have a good spring training and he doesn't have his sinker working.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wang vs CLE

3:43pm It is very important to get Sizemore out for Wang. When Sizemore gets on, he certainly will run on Posada. Everything will snowball from that point on.

3:46pm Don't walk guy, Wang. Good to see Wang challenging guy to put the ball in play.

3:51pm A great great great first inning for Wang.

3:59pm I guess the cortisone shot Teixeira gets working. 2-0 Yankees leads.

4:05pm It looks like Wang's sinker is sinking.

4:12pm I don't think Choo hits that ball well. But, man, the ball carries in the new Yankees stadium. After that, Wang loses his command. I think all the time Wang misses he loses muscle memory for his delivery.

4:34pm Man, this is brutal. Why every ball is flying out the ball park?

4:59pm I decide to listen to WCBS instead of watching Fox and get some works done.

7:03pm I am still listening to WCBS. Do Yankees just build a homerun park?

Post-game Analysis

I will keep rooting for Wang and Yankees. As a fan, you don't give up your team or the player you root for when they are in the slump. At this point, I just want to know what is wrong with Wang. The way he pitches is unbelievable bad. I can't remember when Wang throws that many bad pitches at bad locations three games in a row.

I still don't think he is hurt and try to pitch through. It is not a smart thing to do. I think he is inconsistent with his delivery after long layoff.

By the way, I understand why Yankees fans in the attendance boos Wang this heavily(they are paid customers), but it is very cruel to treat Wang like that when you consider what he has done to us. Not to mention, they start to boo him when Indians score the 4th run. 4th?

It is easy to say all the good things about the player and the team when things go well. It is easy to throw the player and the team under the bus when things go badly. On other hand, it is very difficult to support the player and the team when things go badly.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Joba vs CLE

1:21pm Despite giving up solo homerun, Joba pitches a good first inning.

1:22pm Man, Swisher just misses three run homerun. Hopefully, Yankees is able to score at least one run in this inning. I guess not.

1:51pm Another Yankees starter pitches a great game without offense support. The way Yankees offense goes, one run seems to a big mountain to climb.

1:54pm Hopefully, Gardner gets on base and then steal second in order to ignite Yankees offense.

Post-game analysis

Well, what happened? The new didn't allow me to log in because I logged in too many times for a short period of time, so I decided to go to bed and took some rest. Hello, MLB. Why deny my access because of frequency I log in? I did that because my IE browser gives up on me.

When I waked up, it was top of 9th with one man out for Indians. Of course, Mo does his job to strike out two batters to end the game despite giving us a little bit scare.

Obviously, Joba doesn't pitch well. It seems to me Joba always has troubles against Indians. Many Yankees power pitchers will have troubles against Indians because they are so good at hitting fastball.

That is why tomorrow will be a big test for Wang. Sizemore is the guy Wang really has to pay attention on and keep him off base. If I were Girardi, I would let Molina catch Wang tomorrow. Even though Yankees won't admit it, the way Rays run on Wang/Posada certainly plays a role on Wang's last terrible start against Rays. It will be better to reduce things Wang needs to worry about at this point.

Today is actually a momentum change game. The way opening day goes for Indians certainly provides boost for struggling Inidans for this young season. When you combine that with the way Indians scores 3 runs off Joba at 5th inning, it is a huge bad sign for this opening home series against Indians, especially when you consider Yankees have struggling Wang on the mound tomorrow.

It's good to see Yankees fight back to win this game. One thing I really like about 2009 Yankees is the ability to come from behind. If Yankees ever gets three things going, 2009 Yankees will be unstoppable. First:Wang; Second:bullpen; Third:A-Rod/Teixeira/Matsui.

By the way, Yankees has scored at least 4 runs every game except opening day. Where those runs come from when you consider the state of Yankees position players(A-Rod/Teixeira/Nady/Matsui/Ransom)?

Tomorrow is a big game for this series. Why? If Wang turns in a good game and gets a win, I can see Yankees pounding Pavano behind Burnett to take this four games series against Inidans.

See, Yankees read my blog

Based on information on Peter's blog,

Yankees called up Juan Miranda and optioned Dave Robertson back to minor

So, I guess Yankees front office read my blog(Just Kidding!). Yankees makes this move one day after I recommend Yankees to find someone who can hit and play 1B/3B decently.

Based on what I saw from Juan Miranda in spring training, I don't think he is the answer in the long run for two reasons.

First of all, I don't think his defense is decent at 1B and I don't think he is able to play 3B.

Secondly, he is another left hand bat.

That being said, he is the answer at this moment for three reasons.

First of all, he is on 40 men roster and from our farm system. Why not give him a shot now.

Secondly, we need to give Teixeira more breaks because of his left wrist injury when you consider Swisher is our everyday right fielder.

Thirdly, we need someone is able to hit that Miranda may be able to do it when you consider Matsui's left knee gives him trouble, Posada just comes back from major shoulder surgery and Damon is getting old.