Monday, September 29, 2008

This is our 2008 Yankees's season

2008 Season(2007 Season)
89-73 sits at 3rd of AL-East(94-68 sits at 2rd of AL-East-wildcard)
Home 48-33(Home 52-29)
Road 41-40(Road 42-39)
Record at 1-run game 27-18(18-21)
Runs Scored 789(Runs Scored 968)[-179]
Runs Against 727(Runs Against 777)[-50]
Scored two or fewer runs 50 times(30.8%)(33 times-20.3%)
Scored three or wer runs 70 times(43.2%)(42 times-25.9%)

Some random thought about 2008 playoff picture

*Before today, I am on the fend of signing C.C Sabathia. When I watch C.C. did for Milwaukee Brewers, I actually think it's worthy to gamble on this guy. Think about this, the guy is going to be free agent this off-season, but he is willing to do whatever he can to help out Milwaukee Brewersand win a championship with them, including making three games in a row with 3 day rest. Hopefully, we are able to get him out of NL or California.

*There are two strange things happening this season. First of all, Mets miss playoff with Santana when Twins may make to playoff without Santana. That's where people can claim starting pitcher is not as important as position player. However, you can argue with this when you think about what C.C did for Milwaukee Brewers. Secondly, Mets lost their playoff spot at the last day of season at Shea stadium to Marlins two years in a row. A playoff without both New York team. This is so unreal.

However, I am rather being a Yankees fan when our team finish our season on a high note than being a Met fan when their team fail the end of season.

*By the way, a lot of fans may not care about this now, but I really hope Yankees can get to 90 wins this season which also mean we not only sweep Red Sox in their ball park but also win the season series. Yankees will have a better record than Mets, Dodgers, Twins and White Sox when have the same record as Milwaukee Brewers.

Congrats Moose

I am extremely happy for Moose. That 8th inning makes me extremely nervous. What a year Moose has.

By the way, Mo is the man. I can't believe to watch Yankees one day without Mo.

As for Moose's future, there are two totally different takes during post-game interview depending on which one you believe.

The interview Moose did with WCBS, there is one stance stand out for me

"It's good to get to next season with a baseball score which is 20 next to my name"

The interview Peter posted on his blog,

"I am able to do this last year of my career is good"&"I am satisfied with what I have done in my career if i walk away now"

So, what do you think? Sound 70-30 which lean toward to retire more for me.

Friday, September 26, 2008

Wang won't participate WBC

I guess I need to think one more topic to talk about this off-season. I said I will talk about the possibility for Wang to participate WBC at preview post. Taiwanese reporters work extremely fast on this topic and already found the right man to answer this matter. However, I don't think I will lack topics to talk about New York Yankees this off-season.

One Taiwanese reporter found Brian Cashman to answer this question. Cashman basically said Yankees always allow their players to particiapate WBC. However, Yankees won't allow players who injured during season to take part in WBC. Yankees don't allow not only Wang but also Hideki Matsui to go. Cashman said Wang need to focus on his rehab this off-season.

The interesting thing for this whole thing for me is not only Taiwanese reporters interested in this topic but also Japanese reporters. Why? Japanese start worrying that Wang will be able to participate will impact their chance in WBC.

When Wang was told by Taiwanese reporter about the comment from Brian Cashman, Wang said,"I feel a little disappinted because I really want to wear Taiwanese uniform and help my Taiwanese team, so I need to wait another chance for this. However, I always respect and listen to Yankees' decision."

That's why Taiwanese love Chien-Ming Wang. Of course, we support every Taiwanese player, but no Taiwanese at any sport or any field has ever been treated like this. We have pretty successful Taiwanese at a lot of area. Wang is the first one to be treated like this. This is not for his success at New York Yankees.

This is for his personality which present characteristics of Taiwanese so well. He always works hard quietly and doesn't want to be the center of focus. He treats everyone like he is just a normal person. Even now, he is like that. The most important thing is he is not thinking about himself. He is thinking about helping team to win ball game all the time. Even though he injured his foot in June, he still doesn't think about himself. Wang said he would like to participate if Yankees allow him to go all the way.

For me? As a Taiwanese Yankees fan, I actually breathe a sigh of relief. This season proves Yankees really need a healthy Wang the whole 2009 season. Wang also has a long way to go for his rehab during off-season. The way WBC put together their schedule. I won't agree any pitcher to participate. On top of that, any internatinal tournament for me should be the stage for young players to get more experience. Of course, I don't mind to win few international tournament along the way. However, for now, Taiwanese baseball need to focus on improving their professional league, not to think to make it better by winning international tournament.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

A game all about future

I am not talking about A.J. Burnett. Just Kidding!

I am talking about Phil Hughes and Juan Miranda.

I know tons of people jump on Hughes' terrible year, but I still think it's right thing not to trade him for Santana. I wrote a post earlier regard of Hughes. I stick to my words. I have faith on him.

As for Juan Miranda, he had two good at bat against A.J. Burnett and a good lefty from Blue Jays' bullpen. I really think Yankees have to reconsider if they really think about going after Mark Teixeira for a extremely long term contract at a insane price, especially when you consider how many potential first basemen we are going to have in the near future.

By the way, If we can sign A.J. Burnett and Bobby Abreu at reasonable price for reasonable years, I don't mind. This means 2 years 13 million per year for Abreu and 4 years 11-13 million per year for A.J. Burnett. But, If they ask more than that, I won't do it.

I know Yankees have "some" money to spend this off-season. I still think Yankees should keep doing this young movement. I hope Yankees front office won't spend crazily this off-season and go back to the old way about signing all aging superstars because we miss the playoff this season. I don't mind they spend money, but make sure to be selective.

When you consider how many things went wrong this season and Yankees may still end up with 90 wins that is a record better than a lot of playoff teams, Yankees still have a decent season. I don't agree on some many people say about Yankees' terrible 2008 season.

It's over, but don't play blame game.

First of all, I am so happy for Moose for his 19th win. I really hope he can win 20 this season. When I was watching Yankees game yesterday, I can't help myself about keep tracking score of Red Sox-Indians game. I usually don't care much about what happen to Red Sox and only check boxscore. I was hoping Yankees was eliminated because of losing game, not because of Red Sox winning game.

I know there are tons of news about how poor Yankees have been played, how much Yankees should miss Joe Torre, how well Red Sox has played, how many players Red Sox raised from their farm system, how badly Yankees spend their money, how terrible job Brian Cashman does, how dreadful Yankees young players have been played and why Yankees should trade for Santana. Anything else?

But, I am not going to talk about this. As you guys know, this is a blog to talk about positive things. These are all second-guess. No one knows what would happen during any game. No one knows what would happen if Joe Torre was here. No one knows what would happen when you sign any free agent and draft any prospect. No one knows how young players would peform every year. No one knows what Hughes and Kennedy would do the rest of his career. No one knows what would happen if Santana was here. No one knows how Santana would perform the rest of his contract for Mets. No one knows if we really go after Santana, how many potential major league players or superstars we would give up. No one knows if we really go after Santana, he may end up in Boston.

The things I know for sure. We will have a great bullpen next season. Wang, Matsui, Posada, Hughes, Joba and Jeter will be back and healthy for us next season. A-Rod and the rest of position players will not hit worse when runners on base than this season. Joe Giradi will do his job better when he gets his feet wet this year, especially when you consider he well he manages the bullpen. All young players get one more year experience. We will have money to address our problems this off-season. What else?

Let's Go Yankees!

a little titbit regard of the reaction from Wang about Yankees Stadium

I like most of you guys who read a lot of news about our Yankees and pay attention on what happen to them. Of course, I believe you guys probably read a lot of news related to Yankees stadium this past week. I am not going to repeat it.

The one I have for you guys is the reaction from Wang. You guys probably won't be able to read this on other places. As you guys know, I am a Taiwanese and tons of Taiwanese media pay so much attention on Wang.

*Wang was sad he was not able to play this final game

*There are a lot of memory for Wang at Yankees stadium. He misses every game played at Yankees stadium because he is so happy that he is able to play here with so many great players. On top of that, Wang said there are tons of fans coming and rooting for them every night. the thing he remembers the most is the cheers he got from fans at his major league debut at Yankees stadium.

*The place he will miss the most is the right field because he always plays catch over there

*Wang actually showed a little more emotion when was asked about the thing he will miss the most at this Yankees stadium. Wang said he really misses the time he plays for Joe Torre, Ron Guidry and Larry Bowa.

*Of course, Wang got some dirts from mound at Yankees stadium. But, the thing he really wants to take home as a gift is the scale in the training room. When was asked the reason, he laughed and said because he weighted on that scale all the time and that scale was produced at 1950s. The second choice is his locker.

*Comparing to most teammates who was chatted with all kind of visitors before the final game, Wang actually was doing his rehab until the game started and sit at the dugout the rest of game.

This year certainly is a tough year not only for Wang but also for our Yankees as well. When the season ends, Wang not only has to face his rehab but also the decision of playing for Taiwan at WBC or not.

I know there are tons of discussions, questions, reactions raised in Taiwan already. As a Yankee fan, I hope he says no to Taiwanese team. As a Taiwanese, I hope he says yes. But, when I consider his serious foot injury this season and the weird schedule of WBC, I probably hope he will say no. Only hope he won't get "killed" by Taiwanese or Taiwanese media for this. How do you guys think? I will talk about this more during off-season.

Two quotes from Jeter bear my mind

There are a few things that New York Yankees that never change. That’s pride, tradition and most of all we have the greatest fans in the world. (part of Jeter's speech)

“There’s some soreness in there when I swing. It’s frustrating but if I can’t swing the way I know I can, I can’t help the team. And these games are still extremely important. We’ll see where I’m at tomorrow and go from there.”(Jeter's reaction about not able to playing yesterday game)

This is our captain, isn't it?

Thursday, September 18, 2008

Final Game of "old" Yankees stadium

I was so busy at a brand project I work on this past week. I probably disappoint a lot of readers of my blog. Sorry about that. However, Our bombers are still alive and I won't give up until we get eliminated.

During this past week, I was able to watch few games. For example, the game Jeter tied the hit record at Yankees stadium and then I remember I turned on my computer for the game that Jeter break that hit record for 10 minutes before I need to leave home. You know what. It's worthy because I turned on my computer one minute before Jeter break that record. I was screamed at my computer and yelled at "Yes. Yes. Yes". By the way, Jeter was hit by a pitch in the 9th inning yesterday. I really believe Jeter's subpar season(on his high standard anyway) result from he was hit earlier in May.

The good news is I move everything in order to watch the final game of old Yankees stadium because that's Monday morning in Sydney. I really hope I am able to attend this game in person. It will be an amazing experience for People go to this final game of old Yankees stadium. I believe I will regret not be able to attend at least one game in this old Yankees stadium. The only thing I can do is at least moving everything out of my way and watch this game on my computer.

I remember one of brand assignment I had done. The teacher ask what we you do and feel if your favor brand suddenly was not available. What about you guys? What you would feel and do if New York Yankees suddenly disappear?

Sunday, September 14, 2008

Hughes will be a good major league pitcher, but not now.

As you guys know, Yankees game was rained out. Luckily, I have a little free time to relax a little bit, so I decided to watch the clinch game Hughes pitched for SWB's playoffs.

When I watch Hughes pitching for six innings, I come up with this conclusion: Hughes will be a good major league pitcher, but not now. I think he need more time to improve the command on all his pitches, especially fast ball. How good he will be? Once Hughes getS the command he needs, I think he will be a good No.3 starting pitcher in the major league. ACE? I don't think so because Hughes don't have Josh Beckett-like fastball.

However, when you watch Hughes pitching, Hughes has a rising fastball usually sit around 90-92, two different kinds of curveball usually sit around 70-75, a slider sits around 85 and a developing changeup sits around 82-85.

I agree with Cashman's decision which is to keep Hughes and not trade him for Santana. Of course, I like to have Santana, but I am with Cashman with the idea that don't trade prospects for someone and pay him tons of money at the same time. I believe Hughes will be a good No.3 starting pitcher, may be even good No.2. The bottom line is he only 22. He just needs some time to refine his pitches.

Tuesday, September 9, 2008

"l like fight"? Me too

I don't know what I can write about. I still watch or listen to Yankees games. It seems to me I have more interests on these games than players on the team. I don't like to think this way. Be honest with you guys, I have this feeling tonight.

The last 4 games, Yankees scored 1 run, 7 runs, 2 runs, 1 run. In fact, they score 2 runs or less in 40 games so far this season.

I know everyone will talk about the fight between Pudge and Hunter. I am not saying I don't feel Yankees fight as hard as they can because poor offense.

The one I care is Hunter stole third when Angels lead 6-1. Why Yankees don't show this kind of fight for me?

I know Brain Cashman has his meeting with Yankees players before the game. After the game, Girardi makes a interesting or meaningful comment.

He basically said, "I like fight. I don't mind my players showing their emotion on the field and showing they care about this game" when he was asked about the fight between Pudge and Hunter.

Does Girardi imply what he feel about the performance from his team in this game, even this seson? What do you think?

In fact, I don't remember exactly this happen in which inning. Abreu walked and A-Rod hit into another double play before Giambi hit a double. Think about that, If A-Rod just strike out, Yankees would be 2nd and 3rd with one out when Giambi hit that double.

This just shows Yankees' 2008 season. Everything goes wrong.

Monday, September 8, 2008

need more to stay positively?

After reading the preview post, you may say, "Another psychological point of view? I don't believe from this. I need other stuff to stay positively"

What about this? Did you check minor league playoff score?

Shelley Duncan hit a two-run walk-off homer in the 10th as Scranton/Wilkes-Barre advanced past Pawtucket(Red Sox 3A team) when Phil Hughes pitches 8 scoreless innings to beat Colon of Pawtucket.

This is Phil Huges' line
8IP 4H 0R/BB 11SO

From Chad's SWB Yankees Blog,

75 of his 94 pitches were strikes(79%). He was sitting 92-93 with his fastball all night, occasionally dropping to 91 and touching 94

Ultimate guide to help you stay positively

Is it just me to feel this way? It seems to me Yankees lose game every day, but it's not the story when you check their record because they still 9 games over .500. I am the same with you guys watching this Yankees team closely as much as I can. That's why it's so hard for every one to stay positively, isn't it?

For example, In today game, How in the world A-Rod get picked off in the first base with 2 outs when Jeter is on second base and Giambi is batting? Why nobody can hit a fly ball when there is a runner on third base with less than 2 outs?

You probably say there is no way that there is still Yankees fan can stay positively. Wrong. I still keep my faith and stay positively with our bombers. How? That's what I think. You almost can't believe how bad they have been played this season. Everything can go wrong has been gone wrong. However, Taiwanese people believe the way to make people better is when people make all kind of mistakes. This will give people opportunities to realize they are not good enough and what else they need to improve on. After bad things happen, Taiwanese always make a self-examination first and find something to improve.

For example, After ALDS last season, the first thing Wang said was not how tired his arm was. Wang said his slider and change-up had to get better next season. It surely did, didn't it?

If this season is the year Yankees won't make the playoffs, is it better to let all bad things happen at the same time and figure out how to improve this off-season, isn't it?

Let's Go Yankees!

Sunday, September 7, 2008

Keep my faith

I have been busy these few days. That's why I miss some games. Even though I have been busy, I know Yankees lost two games in a row.

True story. Yesterday I was at class from 8:30am to 5pm when Yankees almost got threw at no-hitter. Before lunch break, I was wondering and hoping Yankees are able to bound back and score some runs against Mariners. I don't treat Mariners as a roll over team because of their bad record. Baseball is playing on the field, not on paper. On any given day, any team can beat the other team and can get beat by any team.

Even though I only have one-hour lunch break, I still find a way to surf Internet which is not easy and not cheap thing to do in Australia. At that moment, Yankees was trailing 3 runs at 4th inning and Andy was battling with more troubles. I also noticed Yankees had not gotten a hit. By the way, Is it Andy hurt? It seems to me Andy pitches through pain since All-Star break. If this is the case, I think Andy will retire this off-season.

OK! Go back to my story. I only have few minutes for this during my lunch break. In the afternoon, I kept thinking Yankees will fight back as long as Andy keep Yankees in the game. Finally, I finished at 5pm. I need to go to supermarket to pick up some food. When I was on my way to supermarket, I saw a guy wearing a Red Sox hat walking in front of me and toward to opposition direction.(P.S. I don't know him). I almost stop him to ask him Yankees' final score. I didn't do it because I don't want to get into an argument about Yankees are dead or not.

Of course, I know Yankees face difficult situation, but I will keep my faith until it's over. You never know. For me as a fan, the bottom line is to enjoy watching game and process. I am not one of fans takes playoff berth for granted.

Thursday, September 4, 2008

Yankees certainly make noise

A-Rod just can't avoid any controversy. It's so fitting for A-Rod and Yankees involved in first instant replay call. Anyway, I am glad to give Mo another day off. At this stage of Mo's career, We can't use him too often. I want to watch Mo pitching for many years to come.

I am impressed by Coke who has two great outing in a row. It will be huge if we can have two lefty in our bullpen. He certainly gets a good fastball which range around 92-94. It seems to me Girardi really know how to manage bullpen that you can't say that for a lot of managers in the big league.

Our bombers certainly have a disappointing season so far, but you never know what will happen next. Maybe we will have a magic comeback. At least, they play as hard as they can to make some noise and give our fans something to cheer for. One thing I know for sure, we certainly build a strong bullpen. Not to mention we have more arms down the farm system.

Tuesday, September 2, 2008

Did "everyone" leave Yankees stadium already? Curse? luck?

These are splits of 2008 season so far for some Yankees pitchers. Of course, other Yankees pitchers pitch better at home, but these numbers below let me wonder why a lot of Yankees pitchers pitch better on the road this season when some of them pitch better at home in their career.

Chien-Ming Wang

Home ERA 5.96 WHIP 1.41 AVG .241

Away ERA 2.12 WHIP 1.22 AVG .259

Andy Pettitte

Home ERA 5.09 WHIP 1.41 AVG .293

Away ERA 3.67 WHIP 1.36 AVG .277

Mike Mussina

Home ERA 3.45 WHIP 1.19 AVG .267

Away ERA 3.34 WHIP 1.23 AVG .295

Mariano Rivera

Home ERA 2.14 WHIP 0.74 AVG .192

Away ERA 0.64 WHIP 0.64 AVG .144

Joba Chamberlin

Home ERA 2.91 WHIP 1.29 AVG .219

Away ERA 2.32 WHIP 1.22 AVG .244

Edwar Ramirez

Home ERA 3.60 WHIP 1.13 AVG .189

Away ERA 3.15 WHIP 1.05 AVG .208

Jose Veras

Home ERA 3.67 WHIP 1.33 AVG .216

Away ERA 3.32 WHIP 1.29 AVG .244

P.S. By the way, I know Yankees win the game today, but is it possible for fans to ask one more thing? Would you please play a little better than you did today? I was really nervous during the game because I was afraid that we would lose this game after having 9-runs lead at one point.

Does this mean Cashman back next season?

I read this news from Peter's blog,

He(Cashman) said he’s evaluating players both in terms of this season and next. He also said he is not going to Tampa to discuss his own contract situation or necessarily to meet with the Steinbrenners. “This is where I feel I need to be,” he said.

I really can't tell neither whatever Cashman want to return next season nor whatever Yankees front office want him back. As you guys know, I am one of Cashman's supporters. Of course, I know Cashman is not a perfect or great general manager. But, I hope Cashman can stay few more years to keep doing his long-term plan which is young movement.

So many strange things happen this season

I am not giving up Yankees. I won't give up Yankees until the number tells me they are eliminated. But, Man, there are some many strange things happening this season.

First of all, two players(Damon and Posada) go on DL when they had not been on DL their entire career until this season.

Secondly, the whole team suddenly forget how to hit when there are men on base.

Thirdly, two young pitchers(Hughes and Kennedy) get 0 win on their record this season even though they did pitch some good games.

Fourthly, Rays and Red Sox seem to win every one-run game and get big hits they need from everyone at any time at their wish.

Fifthly, Yankees seems to get to face more good pitchers than other teams. For example, we face A.J. Burnett and Roy Halladay 9 times this season.

Sixthly, Andy Pettitte has not pitches at the second half of season as well as he has been in the past.

Seventhly, Wang as a pitcher gets injured on base path. On top of that, he and Burney get an injury that don't happen to baseball players too often.

What else I miss?

Can Yankees play better defense, please?

Is it just me to feel this way? Can Yankees play better defense, please? It seems to me players on the other teams we play against play better defense than us. Do I feel this way because I pay too much more attention on Yankees than any other teams?

I know we can't put all blame on defense because pitchers have to pick up his teammates, but sometimes it costs us a lot of games when those errors happen at the crucial moment. In my opinion, you can't expect pitchers to pick up his teammates every time out because they play on the highest level of professional baseball of the world. For this season, playing good defense behind makeshift rotation is very important.

I really hope Yankees pay more attention on defense.