Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How lucky we are as yankee fans....

When rumors surround with Santana trade,I realize how lucky we are as yankee fans.Some owners kill them to spend money;Others kill them to lose games.We have an owner is willing to upgrade our favorite team no matter the costs.That's why most yankees fans seem to play fanstay baseball league all the time.Image this....Next March...We have a rotation include Santana.Wang.Pettitte.Joba....WoW!!!

But,I will say this again on my blog.It's much more enjoyable for me to root for guys I like and win champion with them.As a baseball fan,enjoyment of watching every regular season game is essential for me during long baseball season.Hopefully,I have chances to watch Hughes,Kennedy,Melky,Wang.etc. playing for us 2008 season.It will be sad and feel hurt for me to watch Hughes,Kennedy,Melky or Wang wearing another team uniform.

If you ask me now,I think Santana will get traded this off-season.Twins are not going to make the same mistake which they let Hunter go without getting anything back.Of course,Twins can get draft picks for that.If Twins have second chance for Hunter,they probably choose to trade him before 2007 season or 2007 trade deadline and get some prospects back for him.If I were Twins front office,I would save all money to sign Justin Morneau and Michael Cuddyer no matter how good Santana will be.There is bigger risk to give huge contract to pitchers than position players.Even though Twins have new stadium coming and PR get crashed for Hunter leaving recently,I still feel Twins fans are used to accept taking prospects for the player they can't afford as a small market team.They can get better offer during off-season for Santana.They also have Francisco Liriano come back from Tommy John surgery.

From Yankees point of view,Yankees already spent too much on winning now and it kills yankee front office to see Red Sox's celebration twice for 4 years.Plus,Brian Cashman is on the last year of his contract and Hank Steinbrenner wants to make a statement when he takes over Yankee from his father for the first year.

I think Yankees front office will try to get Santana at appropriate prices because huge contract Santana will ask for.There are not so many teams can afford that price.Angels and Dodgers need hitting not pitching.I doubt Santana want to go to pitch in West or NL as well.Mets don't have enough prospects to win this battle over Yankees.

Santana is better suit to Yankees stadium than Fenway Park.You can get the evidence for that from Santana's career stats at Yankees stadium and Fenway Park.I doubt Santana want to be co-ace with Josh Beckett as well.Santana will be clear ace and savior in Yankees staff and doesn't have to share ace status with somebody.If Red Sox give that huge contract to Santana,how much they are gonna give Beckett two years later.On top of that,Red Sox are not willing to part with Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz.The only chance for Red Sox to have Santana is to put these two players into package for Twins.

If I were Yankees front office,I would try to get Joe Nathan as Mo's set up man as well and treat him as a replacement for MO in the near future.On top of that,We have to get Pettitte back as well even if we get Santana.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thank God!Mo is back!!!

I couldn't image Mo wear another uniform.Take one step further.I couldn't image I will watch Yankees games without Mo.I know that day will come eventually,but I don't want to face that day now.It is shame that a lot of Yankees fans even think about letting Mo go and finding another replacement during the whole negotiation process.I read an article that a source close to Mo said"Mo will sign 2 years plus one option year from beginning".I think the reason for pending offer is Mo was in Dominican Republic.Without questions,Mo and Posada are true Yankees.

I always look forward to hearing "enter sandman" when I watch Yankees games every time out.I always laugh at how humor Mo is during interview.I always remember the interview on Michael Kay show.Michael Kay asked Mo:Have you ever passed mirror and then said to yourself "OH!YA!I am the greatest closer in the MLB".Mo said:"No,I never think I am the best closer in the MLB,but you may pass mirror and said I am the best broadcaster" HA!How humor and classic guy Mo is.Mo treats himself as a leader of bullpen and always put team in front of individual.Welcome come back,Mo.

Monday, November 19, 2007

One thing I never understand....

Why treat your favorite baseball team like a fantasy baseball team?This is one thing I never understand.When you have a fantasy baseball team,it doesn't mean you will win championship automatically because players are human beings,not robots.They don't always pan out as you expect.Championship team always has its own flaws and personalities.Does it have more funs to win a championship with players you like and crazily root for?If I were Cashman,I would keep all the key young players and upgrade bullpen as a priority after getting Pettitte and Mo back.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Stay busy for Yankees' Bloggers for next decade....

OK!Obviously,the hot topic is A-Rod back soon.I am not going through that whole A-Rod's issue again.I stick to my words.I hope Yankees let him leave because all distractions A-Rod bring along with him.He only cares about his stats and himself.However,I understand Yankees need him(power right-hander hitter) and he is a great player on the field.The most important thing for Yankees front office is to have someone for selling tickets for new stadiums coming soon.Therefore,I won't disappoint at Yankees' decision.They have to do whatever they need to do.One thing for sure is all bloggers keeping busy for the next decade.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Congrats to well deserved Cleveland's CC Sabathia for AL Cy Young

When you look at all stats from Cleveland's CC Sabathia compare with Josh Beckett's, Sabathia is obvious choice for 2007 Cy Young except Josh Beckett pitch for "famous"Boston Red Sox.Of course,you can argue the difference between pitching in AL East and AL Center,but that is not as big as between AL and NL.Of course,post-season doesn't count as well.I am glad CC Sabathia to win it.But,If you ask Indians fans,coach staff and their front office,they probably rather choose to let him pitch less innings in regular season.CC Sabathia looked exhausted during post-season.This is the lesson yankees can learn from it.In my opinion,This is the same reason why Wang had historic terrible post-season.Of course,the amount of innings Wang pitched less than CC Sabathia's,but you have to remember 2007 is second full season for Wang.He will deal with this better next season.It's just me or what.I am so surprise at Wang didn't get a single vote even for third place.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

some tidbits about Wang and Kartsens

Just in case,you guys don't know too much info about 37th baseball world cup.Taiwan is the host this year(2007).Games are hold in Taichung(台中) and Taipei(台北) which are two cities in Taiwan.You guys know Wang is so famous in Taiwan.During off-season,Wang almost stays at home all day except of going to gyms.Yesterday,Taiwan baseball team moved to Taipei to play against Italy.Of course,all media follow them to Taipei.Wang went to find Jeff Kartsens who is with team USA in Taichung(台中).Wang show Jeff around Taichung and buy famous local food to Jeff.They are having good time.Jeff maybe will be the starting pitching for team USA when they play against team Taiwan tomorrow night.Wang maybe show up the ballpark to watch that game.

P.S.Wang went to see Beyonce's concert in Taiwan few days ago and draw much more attention than other Taiwanese superstars.

Yes!!Taiwan Beat Italy 1:0 in baseball world cup 2007

WoW!I almost stop breathing during the whole game.Yes,It's is the same team beat Team USA 6:2 two days ago.Why?We have better offense than Team USA?Of course not.We scored that run on the bottom of 9th inning on a walk-off single.Offense is always the weakest part of Taiwan baseball game.There are only two good things about Taiwanese offense.First of all,Our hitters are patient.Second,we don't strike out too much and always put the ball in play.

The way Taiwan team win ball game is to put more balls in play and score some runs when pitchers have to pitch their best to keep scores as low as they can.That's why we produce so many pitchers along the way.The reason for successful international tournament for Taiwan is pitching.At that game vs Italy,Our Taiwanese pitcher pitched 9IP shot-out game with 4H 13K.I always complain about luck of runs supports since I was a child,but I rather deal with that than terrible pitching performance.

Posada is back,What a great news,But???

I am so glad to hear Posada's great news.He is back pending physical exam and then will be announced officially by New York Yankees,But how come Posada's signing news come before Mo's signing news?This gets me nervous.I kind of expect Yanks to sign Mo before signing Posada.Posada proves to us he really wants to stay with Yankees because he made a decision before hearing offers from other teams once Yankees offered him 4-year deal.

Is it something wrong on Mo's deal?Mo even said:"Yanks are my first choice,but there is always Joe and Dodgers."Mo is free agent now,so anything is possible.Mo and his agent even choose to stay out of US at this period of time which Mo is going to be free agent.The good news is Mo and his agent on their way back and Yanks already made an improved offer.Hopefully,I think too much.We can hear Mo's good news soon.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I wish I have a father like Andy Pettitte

It's shame for someone even doubt why Andy want to consider retirement.Drugs for better performance??I don't care.For me,It touches my heart how much Andy devote to his family.I am sort of growing up in a single family.My father couldn't remember which grade I study all the time.Don't even talk about attending any event.It's so nice to hear someone care about his family so much.

Somebody maybe say "Come on,Andy.You are still young.You have tons of time left for your family in the future."I couldn't disagree with that more.In my opinion,As parents,you have to enjoy every moment with your children.When time pasts,something or some events never come back and you never get another chance to make up.When I was hoping my father to attend some events which were hold by school,he never came and I never have good relationship with my father.As much as I want Andy back for 2008 season,I won't disappoint he chooses retirement,especially for someone already made a lot of money. Baseball is not the most important thing in the life.Love is.Of course,Love from Yankees fans also will be driving force to let Andy back.Let's hope we have showing enough love to Andy.

Andy,Mo and Posada..would you guys please make up your mind ASAP???

I conducted many negotiations before,so I could fully understand how long the process take,but It still kills me waiting Andy,Mo and Posada to make up their mind.Would you guys please make up your mind as soon as possible?

Mexico beat Taiwan 9:5 in World Cup 2007

OK!!Finally,someone beat my Taiwan team.Of course,I don't feel good at all.In fact,I am always in the bad mood when Yankees and my Taiwan team lose a game every time.Why they lost that game?Simple...They got bad pitching.This kills me every single time.So,Yankees,Please upgrade bullpen and starting pitching for this off-season.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jeter is my man

This is the quote from Peter Abraham's blog about Jeter on Rodriguez leaving: “There aren’t too many people in the game who can do what he does. But we’re trying to win. It takes more than one person to win. We’ve had teams that have won and not had numbers like that put up.”

That's exactly what I think about this whole A-Rod soap opera,but I couldn't put in the word.Jeter said it.Let A-Rod leave.

Taiwan beat Japan(6:1) and Spain(8:4)

Baseball World Cup 2007 Update....

OH!YA!!My Taiwan team beat Japan(6:1) yesterday and Spain(8:4) this afternoon when Team USA was beat by Italy(2:6) by a surprise.Team USA is going to meet Japan this evening now,so you guys.Go to IBAF website and root for your team USA if you are Americans.

After watching these two games when my Taiwan team beat Japan and Spain.I affirm my opinion about mission for yankees off-season.They need to keep all the pitching they have(Joba.Hughes.Kennedy.Wang.maybe some top prospects in the minors) which assumes Andy come back to pitch at least one more season and go out upgrading their bullpen.This is their priority.Why?My Taiwan team won both games,but it is important to know how they win it.I was so nervous when I was watching second game we play Spain because we don't have good starting pitcher on that game.Because of having good starting pitcher on the first game we play Japan,I was so relax when I was watching.Fortunately,We have strong bullpen on the second game and that's why we win the second game.

The only offense they need to do is to get a decent third baseman and maybe get couple of contact hitters who can put the ball in play and don't strike too much.For 2008 season,on the offense part of game,yankees need to change the way they score runs.For the past few seasons,yankees always wait long ball and big inning and a lot of hitters in that lineup just want to hit homers to be heroes.This is not right.When I watched my Taiwan team playing,That is the way to score runs.We have couple of big power hitters in the lineup,but most hitters know how to execute tactics from coach staff(including small ball) and put the ball in play even though sometimes they have to sacrifice themselves.We add a lot of runs on moving runs and putting ball in play successfully.Of course,our hitters can execute well when we need a sacrifice fly or ground ball.Yankees need a team with a lot of players(like Jeter..) don't care about their personal stats and care about everything can take them to win ballgame.

I will say this again.I may be wrong about this but time will tell.I don't think Twins will give up Santana.I think they will find a way to keep him.If Twins can't keep him in the end,Santana will not sign extension with no matter which team trade for him.Santana will go into free agent no matter what.We can get him in 2009 with new stadium coming up.Don't trade away any our good farm products for him.It's not worth it.Image this,in 2009,our rotation will be Santana,Wang,Joba,Hughes,Kennedy among others top prospects.Maybe we can see Pettitte to pitch in the new stadium too.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Let's Go Taiwan!!(Taiwan beat S.Africa 16:1)

I am a baseball fan since junior high school.The reason??Of course,it is rooting crazily for my national team,Taiwan.I think this is quite different for most of American Yankees fan.You guys probably start becoming baseball fan because your dad bring you guys to Yankee stadium and probably rarely root or watch Team USA playing.I always awake up in the middle of night and try to root for Taiwan quietly,but I can't do it quietly because of excitement.'

It's quite nice for me to have upstoppable baseball schedule this year because it's quitely difficult for me during Yankees offseason.I was watching Taiwan playing with South Africa yesterday.Basically,my Taiwan team was killing young South Africa team.We have a southpaw pitcher called LIN, YING-CHIEH pitched 6IP 4H 2BB 10SO 1ER ball game and put on 17H 16R on 7 inning.This game was end at 7 inning because of more than 10 runs deficit.My Taiwanese team put up 5R(two homers) in the first inning and put up another 8R on the board in the 7th inning to pull this game away.

At some moment,I though I was watching New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay.During that period of time,I though about what should Yankees do this offseason.They may need to focus on more offense than defense(+pitching),but I change it back.I still think the priority for yankees this offseason is still defense(+pitching).It's nice to have nice offense,but I realize I enjoy and relax more in this game because of outstanding pitching and defense from my Taiwan team.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Team USA 3:0 win over Team Mexico

Just in case,you guys want to know this.The baseball world cup 2007 opened in Taiwan yesterday.Team USA just beat their rivalry team Mexico 3:0 in the first game and starts on the good note.This game was started by Jeff Kartsens.His line is 6IP 5H 2SO 4BB OR.I catch couple of innings for this game.Jeff pitches well and went ahead hitters often.

One more thing,Jeff finds out how popular Wang is when he got to Taiwan at the first day because there are tons of news about Wang on TV and he saw big poster at McDonald's store.Obviously,Jeff couldn't get used to Taiwanese food and went to buy something to eat at McDonald's.

Welcome back,Wang!!!

Obviously,I am a Wang's fan as you guys can image for apparent reason.I am not in Taiwan,but I would like to say "Welcome back,Wang!!"

Wang just got home yesterday.I couldn't even put the word how popular he is.Most of yankees fans couldn't image why he is so popular in Taiwan,even in the whole Asian countries.I just give you guys a link( and let you guys feel it by yourself.This is the website which the Nike company in Taiwan just put online.After you enter this website,there are three moving squares.Please choose the left one of three ones and one bigger square will pop out.You guys can press play button.This is the short film Nike make about Wang.The main idea is "keeping Believe Wang".I know most of you guys don't understand chinese, but I believe you guys can feel it and understand the idea of film.You also can see some valuable pictures of Wang when he was a child and how he looks like a ballplayer.

I am not going to say anything good thing about Wang.I know he had terrible playoff in 2007.All Taiwanese admit that.Tons of reporters in the press conference ask him how he feel about playoff and how to improve that.Most yankees fans couldn't image how much pressure Wang has except tons of pressure from Yankees fans,media,coach staff,and teammates.Why?He is pride of Taiwan.All Taiwanese want him to be great.He has to be successful.Taiwan is small island consist of 2,300 ten thousand people with tons of difficulties involving with China.It's so rare to have this kind of successful baseball player in MLB.That's why.

There is one main point during the whole press conference.Wang blames himself so badly for costing Yankees playoff games(which he did) and Torre's job.He watched tapes again and again after playoff and tried to find out the reason.He even watched the rest of playoff games because he want to learn from other pitchers.He also wants to stay with Yankees forever.I know this is Yankees' decision not him.Most yankees fans can't wait to give him one-way ticket out of town after this playoff,but you guys(I am a yankees fan too,but not one of those want him out) may regret one day.(I may be wrong about that,but time will tells)Why?because of talent??no.Because of work ethic,loyalty and humble attitude Wang has,this will make him great barring injury.

In conclusion,I always keep believing every yankees players and They will win next season.Let's go Yankees!Let's Go 27.

Ok!!Unbelievable bad things keep happening to Yankees?????

Obviously,This off-season has been so frustrating to most yankees fans.After watching Red Sox celebrating,Yankees fans have to watch Red Sox signing players and build up for future among other teams.On the other hand,in the Yankees land,things couldn't get any worse than that.After Torre left,A-Rod optioned out and Mo and Posada may test free agents,Andy Pettitte decline his 2008 option as well,so all of these is unbelievable bad things keeping coming.

Are you in this mood,Yankees fans???If you were,you would listen to me because I am not.First of all,I love Joe Torre as a great human being and as a manager as well,but It's time for change.I like Joe Girardi replace Joe Torre.He will be great in 2008 season.

Second,I am glad to hear A-Rod optioning out his contract and Yankees seems to keep his word for letting him go.We don't need a lineup full with all stars who care about their stats more than winning ball games.We need solid,gritty,team-first ball players to move runners up.That's yankees' problem since 2004.We either score tons of runs or very few runs.We keep waiting for that big innings all the time.That's why most of our pitchers seems to get tons of run supporters,but we have problems about winning games.We lose a lot of close games and playoff games because of that.

As far as I think Mo,Posada and Pettitte.This is my opinion.We can find out it turns out to be true or not.Mo,Posada and Pettitte are not A-Rod.They love Yankees and want to be yankees. you can't say that to every players.It just takes some time and efforts to get them back.Mo will be first one to sign a deal I think and Pettitte will be last one.The only reason for Posada tests free agent because he wants to get one more year from yankees.That's all.Pettitte is exhausted at this moment.Once yankees agree to give him one more player option for 2009 and spring traning comes to the corner,he will be back.Mo will take the best deal he can get from yankees before even talking to other teams.

Our Yankee team has been in transition from 2005.I believe 2008 will be the last year of transition.When the new stadium open in 2009,we will have a new dynasty of New York Yankees if we hold on most talented prospects without trading them.There is old saying going,"A crisis is a chance"

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Enough is enough!A-Rod

I am so sick and tired of soap opera about A-Rod.Just few days,"sources"close to A-Rod said he didn't say he didn't want to play for Yankees and he even wanted to take a pay cut to talk to Yankees.And today,"sources"close to A-Rod said Red Sox is his first choice because Red Sox can win multiple championships.Come on,A-Rod,make up your mind.Don't play games.

For A-Rod,It's all about money and himself.Don't even believe what A-Rod say again.Right now,Boras and A-Rod are playing game about generating money as much as they.He has no loyalty to any team at all.That's why Yankees should be careful about trade.When you trade away young products from farm with heart,soul and loyalty to Yankees and know how to deal with pressure.Right now,A-Rod tries to play game with Yankees by pulling Red Sox into this stuff.Please listen to me,Yankees.Don't let A-Rod and Boras stimulate you.They can't play this money game without Yankees involving.

I will say this again.Let A-Rod leave.Yankees won't win a championship with A-Rod this kind of player who only cares about himself and his stats.Good Luck,Red Sox.Hopefully,you guys get Red Sox and never win a championship again.A-Rod is very good at piling up sexy stats,but he can't delivery when game is on the line.During four years tenure with Yankees,how many we see A-Rod couldn't even delivery a ground ball or sacrifice fly when one man on third with less than two outs.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Let's Go 27

I like that when Girardi said during press conference.That's the reason he chose to wear No.27.I am tired and sick of watching Red Sox celebration.Let's go Yankees.I still think we need one more starting pitcher,one good first baseman,one good third baseman and great bullpen.The most important thing for Yankees front office this offseason is upgrading our bullpen and getting a decent right-hander third baseman if they couldn't get another starting pitcher and first baseman.I think we will be fine with this rotation(Wang.Pettitte.Mussina.Hughes.Joba.Kenndy). They are our bright future.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Torre to LA??Bad Day for Taiwanese fan????

Joe Torre signed with LA for three-year deal.This is probably bad today for Taiwanese fans,not because of Chien-Ming Wang.There are three Taiwanese players in LA.First one is Chin-Hui Tsao(Middle Relief Pitcher) ,Second one is Hong-Chin Kao(Starter) and the last one is Chin-Lung Hu(short stop/Second baseman-September Callup).Joe Torre always has problem on falling in love with specific middle relief and goes with them too much.If Tsao returns to healthy form in 2008,he probably will become next Proctor(PS.Poor Proctor!!!!).The other problem Joe Torre has problem is trusting young player.This is will be bad news for Kao and Hu.