Tuesday, January 27, 2009

Amazing ability from players

By watching the match between Marcos Baghdatis and Novak Djokovic in Australian Open, I realize how difficult for players to play in front of that kind of harsh atmosphere fans create. They both have tons of fans rooting for them crazily. It becomes so annoying to me. I have to turn off the volume in order to watch the whole game. Can't image to play in front of those kind of crowd all the time.

about Torre's new book

Before reading the book, I don't feel comfortable to comment on. I don't think Torre does this because of money. He wants to express his opinion which is nothing wrong with that. Everyone has freedom to say anything he wants and others can make their own judgment to decide what they think.

Just a gut feeling. I actually think this may help certain Yankees players, such us Joe Girardi and A-Rod because fans may embrace them more.

Yankees re-sign Pettitte to one-year deal?

I know Torre's book is the hottest topic right now in Yankeeland. I care about the signing of Pettitte more. Depending on which report you believe, there are different financial terms on Pettitte's new contract. No matter how much Pettitte will get, we will have a veteran starter who eats innings as our no.4 starter in the rotation if Yankees do re-sign Pettitte. I have been said all along. We need one more starter to put Joba and Hughes in the no.5 spot because they all have their innings limit. Not to mention, we need that pitching depth in order to prepare for any kind of injury.

Welcome back, Pettitte.

Now, I will put C.C., Wang, A.J., Pettitte and Joba in this kind of order for our rotation because C.C., A.J., and Joba are more power pitchers with high strikeout number when Wang and Pettitte are more contact pitchers with more groundballs.

Great Job, Cashman.

Saturday, January 24, 2009

Yankees' moving day

I know a lot of Yankees fans feel very excited at this historic moment. On top of that, Yankees really do a good job on PR department. Not to mention, they reward their employees to be able to carry those world series trophies.

However, moving is not fun at all. I have been moving a lot the past 10 years. I totally hate it. I can't image how many stuffs Yankees have to move after being there so many years.

Friday, January 23, 2009

Garcia chose Mets

I actually don't surprise to hear Garcia goes to Mets. For Garcia, Mets is a better choice than Yankees if you put yourself in Garcia's shoes. At this point of his career, it's better for me to choose national team instead of American league East team. Yankees also have a deeper rotation than Mets, so Garcia will have better chances to break into Mets' team.

I sense Yankees rather spend money on someone who is more guaranteed to put up good performance. If Yankees still want to upgrade their starters and relief pitchers, there are still pretty decent ones out there in the free agent market. We don't have to spend tons of money on someone may not be healthy at all. It seems the deal is a minor league team with potential 8-9 million. Of course, if we sign him, we would be happy he can reach those incentives. It all depends on how much guaranteed money he gets. Let us wait and see the details of the deal before jumping on the conclusion. Keep in mind one thing. Yankees tends not to give out incentives too often. Anyway, I won't lose any sleep for Garcia.

Thursday, January 22, 2009

Australian Open_Day 3

I can't watch Djokovic's second round. However, I got to watch Yen-Hsun Lu who is from Taiwan playing until 3rd set when I got home. In Australia, They follow their rundown for their scheduled programs even though the game they prodcast doesn't finish. I really hate it. In Taiwan, TV station will keep broadcasting the game until the game finishes and then it will follow the rest of scheduled programs.

Because I really want to know what happen to the game, I turn on my computer and get to Australian Open website to watch live scoreboard. Of course, that's still totally different feeling from watching game. However, I still get very nervous about every game and every point.

Lu who ranks 61th in the world put up a great show to defeat 10th seed David Nalbandian of Argentina. Great.

Wednesday, January 21, 2009

Scoreboard watch for Australian Open_Day 2

Lleyton Hewitt was out of first round yesterday. I never like Hewitt, especially the way he plays and acts on the field. However, the longer I stay in Australia, the more I root for him playing well. I get a feeling his career may be over pretty soon.

Rafael Nadal passed his first round yesterday night. The way he played embarrassed his opponent. He almost turned whole audiences to root for his poor opponent.

Tuesday, January 20, 2009

Papelbon to Yankees after 2011?

Before I say anything, my answer is a big fat no.

No one know the future, but people always like to look ahead and try to predict the future. There are few interesting stories on Yankeesland ahead of us. After 2009, Damon, Matsui and Nady all become free agent. After 2010, Jeter and Mo enter free agency market again while Joe Girardi's contract will be expired. After 2011, Wang becomes free agent and CC will have his opt out clause. On top of that, Brian Cashman's contract will be expired.

Along the way, Roy Halladay will be available after 2010. How about Papelbon? He will become free agent after 2011 season. WEEI has a good story regard of Papelbon's contract situation after Red Sox gave out extension to Pedroia and Youkilis. Based on what I heard and saw Papelbon playing and how he acts, My answer is a big fat no about the idea of getting Papelbon to Yankees after 2011 no matter how Mo's situation plays out. I believe Mo still can pitch few more years. I don't want to see Mo leaving. After Mo, we will find our new closer. K-Rod and Papelbon are players I don't want on my Yankees team.

These two quotes from Papelbon from that story says it all about his personality,

“I’ve got a lot of money to be made in this game, whether it’s with Boston or not. My goal is to make sure I’m ready to play every day and to make money, and you can’t make money if you’re sitting on the bench. That’s the way I look at it.”

"For me, it’s a thing if I can benefit well from it and the Red Sox can benefit well from it, then I’ll do it. But if I’m not going to benefit . . . I think both parties have to be happy"

I know playing baseball is one kind of jobs. Everyone does his job to make money. However, you have to love what you do. I love players who simply loves to play baseball and passionate about winning ball game, not just about money.

In the end, the article sums it up very well regard that Papelbon wants to get paid more than Mo.

But there is a reason Rivera got his $15 million, because he represents more than just saves. The Yankees paid him for being good now, but also for being the best-ever for a team with the most money. There were other factors in play. Papelbon feels he has his own factors.

It is a unique case for a unique player.

I don't even bother to discuss or start comparison between Mo and Papelbon.

The funny thing is everyone keep saying Red Sox team have a good chemistry going among players. They play like a team unliky Yankees. I don't want player who cares about his personal stats and contract more than winning a baseball game.

Let's go Novak Djokovic

If you don't know who he is, don't worry about your baseball knowledge. Novak Djokovic is not a baseball player. Novak Djokovic is my favorite tennis player who is from Serbia and currently ranks 3 behind Roger Federer and Rafael Nadal.

Why do I mention this? Yesterday was first day of 2009 Australian Open. Two years in a row, I almost decided to go to Melbourne for Australian Open. Last year, I didn't go and Djokovic won. If Djokovic wins again this year or gets into the final, I must admit I bring more luck to my favorite team or players because of my absence. I remember I went to many baseball games in Taiwan for my favorite Taiwanese team, they almost lost every time.

Scoreboard updated: Novak Djokovic and Roger Federer pass their first round yesterday. Lleyton Hewitt and Rafael Nadal will have their first round today.

Monday, January 19, 2009

Lowe or Burnett?

We all know Braves got Lowe for 4 years deal at 15 million per. At the beginning, Braves fought with Yankees for Burnett and Yankees got Burnett for 5 years deal at 16.5 million per. If Brave got Burnett for 5 year deal(80 millions), Yankees probably would end up with Lowe at similar deal he got from Braves.

If you can choose again, who will you pick based on the deal they got?

I have been thought about this question for many days and come up with my conclusion. I probably will choose Burnett again.

Burnett really has good number against AL East teams. Burnett is 4 year younger than Lowe. I know Burnett has a long injury history when Lowe shows he is durable. But, you never know about injury, especially Lowe is not young anymore that certainly increases the chance of getting hurt. Not to mention, Yankees really don't have a good infield defense for groundball pitchers.

Time will tell which team gets better deal.

Keep Cano

I still think about Todd many times a day and really want to keep previous post on top. I guess we always can remember every good things from that person while we move on in our life. I guess Todd will want to know what happen in the Yankees land as well.

According to MLB Trade Rumors, Cardinals called Yankees and asked about Cano. I am glad to hear Cashman was asking Adam Wainwright in return.

Be honest with you guys, I watch more American league games than national league games. But, I know Adam Wainwright is a good young pitcher.

This tells us two things. First of all, Yankees are not just trading Cano away cheaply and are not giving up him. We all know Yankees are short of positional prospects on the farm system. As bad as Cano was last season, he still is pretty decent among second baseman. I know there still is a good second baseman on the market. But, he is 5 years older than Cano. I believe Cano will have a rebound year.

Secondly, By asking Adam Wainwright in return, we know Yankees still look to add depth in their starting rotation. In my opinion, we still need a no.4 starter when Joba can keep his inning on track as no.5 starter. Don't forget Mo come back from a shoulder surgery and Wang come back from a serious foot injury. Not to mention Burnett's long injury history. We really need to add some kind of depth to our rotation. Come on Pettitte and Yankees! Just settle for a deal around 12-13 million a year.

Friday, January 16, 2009

I miss you and will remember everything you said, Todd Drew

Talking about life. You never know what will happen next. That's why you always have to appreciate what you have. The preview post is about new born baby. Now, I write about the sad news about Todd Drew.

Making friends is one of main reasons for me to start blogging. Todd is one of friends I met through this blog. We have never met each other. I probably say this before. One of my wishes is to meet all friends from my blog at Yankees stadium. Unfortunately, I have to do this without Todd.

The last time Todd left comment on my blog was December 14th which few days before he knew he got a cancer, he wrote,
Todd Drew said...

The rotation is looking very good indeed. I feel this is going to be a Cy Young year for Wang.

Later on, he posted his last post about baseball and him on December 22th. If you guys have chances, please go to his blog(Yankees For Justice) to read his writing. I always told Todd he got incredible and amazing ability of writing. But, this is not the thing I remember him the most. The most I remember him is his upbeat and friendly personality.

I remember I told him I will regret not to be at old Yankees stadium at least one time. Todd asked me to go and not to worry about anything. He would get tickets and everything else ready for me. Now, I really regret not to go because I will at least meet Todd once, not because of old Yankees stadium.

I started blogging back to May 2007. At the beginning, one event happened and made me almost give up blogging. Todd encouraged me and gave the supports I need to keep blogging.

Rest in Peace, Todd Drew. I always will remember you and what you said to me.

Monday, January 12, 2009

Wang expects his first child

Congratulation to Wang. Wang is going to have his first child around June. By the way, It will be a boy. Wang loves kids and loves to help people. He just set up his first funds for helping disadvantage children in Taiwan. He hopes he can help disadvantage kids get enough eduation and medical treatment. Just in case, I have readers from Taiwan. Welcome to go to his Wangerful kids funds website to check the details out.

Wang and his wife have married more than 5 years, so they are extremely excited at this new coming member of family.

When I heard this news, my first impression is Wang and Yankees going to have a wonderful season. Chinese people believe people will have good luck before marriage and after having a child.

By the way, Wang is going to go back to U.S. this week for personal training. He looks fit when he showed up the press conference for his funds few days ago.

Friday, January 9, 2009

Nady or Swisher?

I think Yankees really commit to reduce their payroll to certain level which I agree with. Even though I don't think Yankees really need to deal one of outfielders because Swisher can play a lot of positions, I think Yankees will trade one of them if the right deal is out there. Because I think Yankees will and should get another veteran starter by trade or free agency, they probably want to free some payroll for that starter and use rest of budget to get a center fielder.

Based on what I heard from Yankees and what I saw from watching Yankees games, I think Yankees will deal Nady that I agree with.

Cashman already said Damon is not going anywhere because he is our lead off man. Matsui certainly can produce well when he is healthy. Not to mention it's very difficult to trade him based on his situation. Because of Japanese market, I don't think Yankees will be willing to risk the possibility of hurting Japanese market by trading Matsui. It's totally different story to trade him now instead of letting him walk at the end of his contract.

Swisher has a bad 2008 season which may result from luck, new team, new position and new batting order. I think he will be back to his 2006-2007 form. Not to mention Swisher is a patient switch hitter who can play a lot of positions and sign a team friendly contract. If Yankees let Damon and Matsui leave after 2009 season, it will be good to have him for one of spots. For me, I also like his personality. I think he will be good for Yankees.

On the other hand, Nady has a career year which will get paid much more in Arbitration. Don't forget Yankees try to control their payroll now. Of course, no one says Nady can't repeat that performance. Even if Nady's agent Boras let him hit the free agent market and sign with other teams, Yankees certainly can get draft pick for him if he perform well again in 2009 season. Don't forget Yankees still can sign him if he perform well again in 2009 season even if we trade him now. However, you always want to trade players when their values are high and buy players when their values are low. Based on what I saw from him and Swisher last year, I will bet on Swisher to perform better than Nady in 2009.

Of course, this all depends what kind of deals Yankees can get for them on trade market.

Smoltz's signing tells me....

Smoltz's signing with Red Sox tells me two things. First of all, If John Smoltz can leave Braves, Pettitte certainly can leave Yankees. Secondly, most players always want to play as long as they can. Few players can retire like Moose or Maddux just did. Because of competition driven, they believe themselves they can do everything they can if they want or put their efforts into. It's hard for them to admit they can't do it anymore.

Hopefully, I don't have to face that day when Mo, Jeter or Posada leave Yankees which will be very hard for me. I think this kind of Pettitte's saga will go on every year even if Pettitte stays with Yankees this year. Yankees fans love Pettitte so much. That's why most of us feel a little bit disappointed at seeing this saga unfold. What Pettitte had acted and said certainly plays a role on why Yankees fans love him so much. Pettitte certainly can't hope Yankees fans don't feel disappointed at realizing money is so important to him. Don't get me wrong. That's nothing wrong to feel money is so important which may be true because we can't do anything if we don't have money. But, don't say it's not important when money means a lot to you.

I really don't understand this logic which more money is equal to more respect. When I do my job, I love to do it and I feel I contribute to family and society. I don't just do it for money. Of course, I get paid for doing my job. But, I get other things out of my jobs, not just money. Of course, companies or other people have their criteria to mark my performance which may reflect on my salary no matter I think it's fair or not.

Of course, I will feel happy if I get paid more or hear more compliment from people. However, I have my personal standard or criteria to feel what I have done for my job. I have faith on myself. I won't let salary number or what other people said to determine what I feel I have done for my job.

In my opinion, salary just reflects people's market value at that moment, not for everything. Let just say Pettitte gets paid 10 million for 2009 season while Burnett get paid 16.5 million. Every Yankees fan will see every Yankees player's performance and judge them, not for their salary. Do Yankees fans love Burnett more or people respect him more than Pettitte because Burnett get paid more? Of course not. Don't forget Joba get paid minium major league salary while Wang get paid 5 million. Again. Salary just reflects people's market value at that moment.

Don't get me wrong. I love Pettitte and want him back. Yankees should bring him back. Pettitte certainly is worthy more than 10 million(maybe for 12 or 13 million?).

I may be naive. But, this is just me.

PS. By the way, I really think Yankees need another veteran starter as a no.4 starter who can eat up innings when Red Sox keep getting backups as many as possible.

Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Cashman's interview with Kay

There are few points regard of state of Yankees.

++Teixeira is the guy Cashman targets and wants all the way. He persuade ownership to commit this long term contract.

++Yankees really want to lower their payroll and commit to make it happen.

++Yankees receive offers from other teams and consider to trade one of extra outfielders for starter. However, they don't have to trade. It will only happen when the deal is right. It won't be Damon and Yankees don't want to put him in the center as well. A center fielder will come among Melky, Gardner, Damon and Swisher(someone are within organization).

++Cashman just told to Pettitte' agents yesterday and had a good dialogue. They were talking about the number of contract. Nothing is guarantee. Based on what I heard, Pettitte is the guy they want to sign. If they can't get Pettitte back, Yankees prepare to have options as many as possible to compete for that no.5 spot, including youngsters and veterans(Phil Hughes, Ian Kennedy, Alfredo Aceves, Jason Johnson and Coke).

Teixeira's press conference

I am not in the U.S., so I don't have access to Yes network. I don't have extend interview and only have the official press conference on mlb.

I love the big smile on Teixeira's face during the whole press conference. I believe he wants to be a Yankees all the way. Obviously, He says all the right thing. When I heard Kay's interview with him for yes on ESPN 1050, Teixeira said one thing is very interesting. He said he had three best years in college, met his wife and everything happen for reasons. HA! I may read into too much. I guess he remembers what Red Sox did to him back to 1998.

He wants to play for a East Coast team who has a chance to win. When you think about this criteria and he doesn't want to play for Red Sox, Yankees is the team he wants to play for.

Updated: Mark's interview on WFAN. There are three factors of making this decision: contract, family and winning. I like this guy. He is honest.

Updated: By the way, I like what Hal says. Yankees commit to put the best team in the field for fans every year.

Pettitte reject Yankees' offer, Pettitte won't be back?

I have a mixed feeling when I hear Pettitte reject Yankees' offer. I am certainly surprised Yankees and Pettitte get to this point.

My first reaction is Pettitte playing a Roger Clemens game which plays for a contender team for half of season at much higher salary. Since they have the same agent, it's very reasonable to wonder about this option. Many contenders usually need to add starters before trading deadline and are willing to pay more to get that in terms of cash and talents. Pettitte also can play a role of savior as well. If history tells us anything, Yankees probably need another starter around trading deadline. Of course, I hope they don't face that problem again. I remember Curt Schilling also considers this option as well. I understand it probably is a good idea for older pitchers to pitch only half of season, but I really don't like this idea. In my opinion, the games in April is as important as the games in September.

My second reaction is Pettitte and his agents probably want to know what kind of deals they can get by rejecting Yankees' offer because many teams probably assume Pettitte will sign with Yankees any way. When Mo and Posada are free agents last off-season, it seems they face the same problem as well. If they can get better deals, they probably can use as a leverage to make Yankees increase their offer. If they don't get better deals, I think they still can go back to Yankees and ask for that 10 million offer. Based on the amount of respect Pettitte get within organization and you never have enough pitching, I still think Yankees will be willing to take Pettitte back. Of course, this assumes Yankees haven't gotten another veteran starter at one year deal as no.4 starter.

I usually have difficult time to analyze things rationally when things involve with my beloved Yankees. Pettitte is on my list. I understand Yankees have other options on the market. I understand Pettitte doesn't have a good 2008 season. I understand Pettitte is not young anymore. I also understand it seems he loses some of his stuffs because of age. Not to mention the concern of injury.

But, I believe Pettitte will have a bound back 2009 season. I still love to have Pettitte back and watch him pitching more. When you look around how much money below league average pitchers get, Pettitte certainly is worthy for 12 million per. I wonder why Yankees draw such a hard line on Pettitte.

Pettitte may have a hard feeling about getting a pay cut which we don't like as well when Yankees spend so much money so far this off-season. Pettitte may feel he doesn't ask for multi-year contracts when he has that leverage or always takes the ball no matter whether he is healthy or not.

That being said, I will feel disappointed at Pettitte if Pettitte decides to sign with other team after Yankees up their offer to 12 million per. In the end, Salary should reflect performance no matter what kind of job you have. Not to mention Pettitte always say he doesn't care about money and only want to pitch for Yankees.

Updated: From Peter's blog, Hal:"We’re still looking at it,” Steinbrenner said. “They were not happy with our offer and we were not happy with what they wanted. Anything is possible."

Happy Birthday to me!

Today is January 7th in Sydney which is my birthday. Happy Birthday to me! When you are getting old, you don't want to remember how old you are at birthday. Don't ask me. I am a practical person. I actually don't care my birthday too much. However, I am kind of curious to know who will say happy birthday to me first from my friends, my family and readers from my blog.

What birthday gifts Yankees give to me! I have Mark Teixeira press conference later on. I am waiting for that press conference now.

Monday, January 5, 2009

Teixeira is coming

I am actually quite excited at the press conference Mark Teixeira is going to hold soon. I am very curious about what Teixeira is going to say. Based on what I have heard and read about him so far, it seems he is a quiet and serious guy who works very hard. Let alone the decision process of choosing teams during the whole negotiation.

By the way, I will keep waiting Pettitte. Whether Pettitte will come back to Yankees or not, don't even think about bring Oliver Perez to Yankees. I will rather Yankees choose anyone else or go to one of youngsters.

Updated: The press conference for Teixeira will be at 1pm today in U.S which will be 5am in Sydney later on. I need to find a way to get up around the time. Hopefully, I can.

Move Joba back to pen?

There is a post from New York Times Bat's blog regard of Joba's role in 2009. I know there are a lot of reactions from Yankees bloggers. Let me say this first. I believe a good starter is better than a good relief pitcher. Simply, when relief pitchers blow the lead, it means we have lead first. I also believe there will be someone in Yankees farm system can do what Joba did in setup role. When I watch Joba pitching, I believe Joba has enough stuff to be a great starter.

I actually think it's useless to debate this issue now. Before we get a veteran starter who can eat 200 innings at one year deal as our no.4 starter(hopefully, it's Pettitte), we need Joba in the rotation. Even if we get Pettitte back as no.4 starter, someone in the rotation may get hurt. You never have enough pitching. Even though everyone in the rotation stays healthy, we may need a strong 5-man rotation to compete in the tough AL East division. If someone gets hurt, we need Hughes as no.5 starter anyway.

No one can predict the future. Most people make their decisions in their life based on the information they have on hand at that moment. Once we makes our decisions, we try it. We may be right or wrong about our decisions, but no one know without trying it. People always should try it, otherwise they would regret they never try it. Let Joba try it. Let us see what Joba can do as a starter. Otherwise, we may keep wondering what kind of career Joba may have as a starter forever. In the end, Joba may be more suitable for a relief pitcher, but who knows?

Mo is still Mo. Why worry about him when Mo show no sign of slowing down? There may be someone in the farm system can do what Joba did given the chance. Who knows?

Need a translator?

You guys probably are getting annoying of many posts regard of Wang from me. I have to admit I pay extra attention on Wang because of nationality. However, I follow my heart and share my thought regard of any Yankees news on my blog.

There are few more news regard of Wang recently. This just shows how slow this off-season has been. Daily News complain MLB needs to hire translators for foreign major league players. They use Wang as an example.

I find this news is pretty funny for me. Let me explain Wang's case first.

When Wang got to major league in 2005, Yankees front office and Cashman wanted to hire a translator for Wang. Wang appreciated at Yankees' offer, but he hoped he could learn English by himself.

There is another reason for that. Wang said he had a translator when he just arrived US in 2000. He and that translator become very good friend. Once he injured his shoulder in 2001, Yankees fired translator and Wang didn't have one since he came back from that shoulder injury in 2002. Wang said he felt he lost a friend and didn't want to lose another again. That's why he doesn't want a translator. On top of that, He found out he learned more English since 2002 without a translator.

The reasons this news is funny for me is this: Wang doesn't say much in Mandarin as well. Most American reporters assumes there is language barrier resulted in few words from Wang. Wang is a guy doesn't talk too much no matter which language he speaks. His interview is so boring. During his interview, reporters always say more than what Wang says. He also always says "my sinker is good";"my slider is good as well";"I have good defense today" and "I am happy Yankees win". Taiwanese reporters always have to get Wang's teammates or coaches to talk about him in order to fill up news. This is just his personality. A guy speaks few words.

This is just a prime example about different culture. Taiwanese believe "the action speaks louder". We believe talk is cheap. Execution is far more important than talk. On top of that, most Taiwanese don't like to express their opinion or debate with someone. We believe people can know what we think by observation. Language is the last tool we use to communicate with each other.

Because of staying other countries for many years, I am not a typical Taiwanese anymore. However, I have to say this. Wang talks much less than most Taiwanese.

Concern about decreasing ratio of grounders from Wang?

I read an post from iYankees blog regard of decreasing ratio of grounders from Wang. He basically points out the trend of decreasing ratio of grounders, increasing ratio of walks and strikeouts. He doesn't know whether we should concern about Wang or not.

Make my comment short. Basically, I won't worry about Wang. Any pitcher needs to master the pitch first and then think about throwing the pitch regularly to the major league hitters. Major league hitters basically can hammer any mistake pitcher throws. Especially, Result is everything for any player who wants to stay in New York Yankees. There is no room for errors.

Wang learned sinker in 2004 and master the sinker until 2006. Before 2004 season, Wang used slider, changeup,splitters and four-seamer fastball a lot. During three year span, he basically hardly use them. Since 2007, Wang start trying to get them back which takes time and can't do it overnight.

Of course, Not only his GB% will be down but also his walks will be up when Wang starts using other pitches. However, Don't forget Wang not only get more strikeout but also give up fewer homeruns. In 2008, We certainly get the feeling of the command of other pitches from Wang get better. When Wang can master other pitches, his walks will be back to normal. He may become a pitcher who can get a groundball or strikeout at any time.

I left my comment on his blog. If you guys are interested in more details, please use the link to check them out.

Sunday, January 4, 2009

About pinch hitting on Peter's Blog

There are two good ones coming out on Peter's blog. Go to Peter's blog and check them out. I will have mine on January 24th. Stay tuned. I will write about fans.

Friday, January 2, 2009

Wang attend "Pitchers and Catchers Training Camp" and raise funds for children

I told you guys earlier Wang wasn't sure he would attend "Pitchers and Catchers Training Camp" which is held by Yankees and Chinese Taipei Baseball Association at January in Taiwan as a special guest due to his schedule. After asking by Cashman, Wang will attend this training camp on Jaunary 7th and leave Taiwan to start his personal training shortly at the same week. Wang said he wants to start his personal training earlier.

As you guys know, Wang tries to help people and attend many charity events. When he got to Major league, Wang told himself he would help more people when he has that ability. Finally, Wang will start to raise funds for children in the middle of January. Because he hasn't had enough ability to have his own foundation, he will raise funds first. He will open a website to get more people to help children with him.

Updated: Yankees did have a official release about the details of this event.

Updated: 1999, Dodgers conducted a similar clinic in Taiwan. Wang was a freshman in the unversity. He was in that clinic Dodgers conducted. The coaches from Dodgers was impressive about the potential Wang has in the clinic. Next year, Dodgers was one of major league teams trying to sign Wang. Yankees certainly know what they are doing when they decided to conduct this clinic in Taiwan.

Need something to kill time?

I just spent few hours to update blogroll on my blog. There are a lot of good websites I spend a lot of time on. If you guys need something to kill your time, they are places you can go.

Thursday, January 1, 2009

Which one is the best of 2008 season in Yankeesland?

I refuse to discuss or think the bad things happened to Yankees in 2008. Let us look back to 2008 season and talk about the best thing happened to Yankees in 2008.

I struggle to come up with the conclusion which one was the best thing happened to Yankees in 2008. Was Mo's continuous incredible performance with not so good shoulder or Moose's first 20 wins season in his last season of his career?