Wednesday, January 7, 2009

Teixeira's press conference

I am not in the U.S., so I don't have access to Yes network. I don't have extend interview and only have the official press conference on mlb.

I love the big smile on Teixeira's face during the whole press conference. I believe he wants to be a Yankees all the way. Obviously, He says all the right thing. When I heard Kay's interview with him for yes on ESPN 1050, Teixeira said one thing is very interesting. He said he had three best years in college, met his wife and everything happen for reasons. HA! I may read into too much. I guess he remembers what Red Sox did to him back to 1998.

He wants to play for a East Coast team who has a chance to win. When you think about this criteria and he doesn't want to play for Red Sox, Yankees is the team he wants to play for.

Updated: Mark's interview on WFAN. There are three factors of making this decision: contract, family and winning. I like this guy. He is honest.

Updated: By the way, I like what Hal says. Yankees commit to put the best team in the field for fans every year.


Anonymous said...

I'm surprised the YesNetwork site wouldn't have the full coverage in a media section or something> I know that the Yes Network has a nice youtube page though. Let me check Jessica.

Anonymous said...

I sent you a message with what I found.

and here it is for the readers here
tex conference
marks (very cute, girl next door type) wife, with kim jones
teixeira interview with michael kay and bob lorenz
girardi with kim jones
cashman with kim
mark teixeira with mike francesa
mark teixeira with michael kay

Jessica Lee said...

Yes. I know will have some clips later on, but I can't watch Yes channel live.