Thursday, July 31, 2008

I feel we have a championship team

I hope I am not only Yankees fan to feel this. I feel we are only one no.4 starting pitcher away to make the playoff. I feel we are going to go deep in playoff run if we get Wang and Hughes back in time.

Strong Bullpen Check
Great Defense Check
Balance lineup Check
Good Bench Check

It seems to me the only concern we may have is rotation, isn't it?

And you??

Being a Yankees fan is one of the happiest things in the world

This is my reaction for the latest trade Cashman made when I heard Yankees traded Kyle Farnsworth for I-Rod. Being a Yankees fan is one of the happiest thing in the world because we know owner of our team will do everything to win the ball game. Even though we are in the transition year, they still go out to upgrade the team without trading away top prospects.

We have enough depth in our bullpen to go by without Kyle Farnsworth(I still can't believe Yankees fans are able to say this), especially when you consider it's hard to trust Farnsworth in the pressure situations. We also have more arms down the farm system to come up and help us(plus Bruney).

By getting I-Rod from Tiger, it not only upgrade from Moeller but also deeper our lineup with another right hand hitter.

Welcome to New York, I-Rod.

Sunday, July 27, 2008

These numbers are so sick

When I saw these numbers on some news, I can't help to share with you guys. We all know our bullpen have pitched so well, but how about these numbers? These numbers prove how good our bullpen is.

Yankees record:

Having leads after 6th inning:47-1
Having leads after 8th inning:50-0

These numbers mean win will be in the bank when we have lead and go into our bullpen. I think our hitters may have mindset which they just need to squeeze a run or two right now in order to win a ball game. They also aren't put in the big holes all the time when our starters have pitched well as well. I think this is the reason our bombers are able to do a lot of little things, such as moving runners.

You know one thing Yankees pitchers have been done very well so far this season makes me happy the most is not giving up free passes. I hate pitchers to walk hitters.

8 in a row, Our bombers play like a championship team

When you look at the way Yankees play since All-Star break, are we going to lose game? I am just kidding. We are going to lose some games eventually, but I like to sweep Red Sox in their ball park if Ponson can put up another magic show tomorrow night. Of course, I won't be upset if Yankees lose the final game of series since we have already taken a series from Boston in their ball park.

However, think about it. If we sweep Boston, we will tie with Boston at second place of AL East and wild card leader, specially when you consider Boston is going to face Angels while we are going to face O's at home.

Back to the game, Andy is the man. Andy was in trouble from get go, but I know he will battle out to give us a chance to win this game which is very important when you consider the matchup of final game of this series.

The only time gets me nervous is 7th innings when Veras puts two men on with one out and Ortiz and Manny are coming up. I don't have problems with the performance with Kyle and Veras these two days because you can't expect them to be perfect all the time even though our bullpen have been closed to be perfect. Guess what? Marte came out to strike out Ortiz and Edwar got Manny to fly out. Well done, guys.

Of course, Edwar and Robertson pitch well the rest of game. Mo will be well rest if we need him tomorrow. I think Yankees fans no longer get nervous when we get into the bullpen. Joe Girardi and Dave Eliand deserve a lot of credits the way they handle the whole pitching staff.

I feel we have a special and championship team and we may be able to witness some special thing happen this year, not because we are winning now. The pitching we get from starters and bullpen, the amazing defense and the fundamental sound offense that does a lot of little things right. Our bombers play like a championship team.

Let's pray Wang and Hughes come back soon. Can't wait.

Saturday, July 26, 2008

Great Job, Cashman

I think I make a right observation about Cashman's attitude toward to trade deadline, so there is a good lefty reliever pitcher coming soon. I mentioned three things Cashman should do before trade deadline. Amazingly, Cashman did pulled out a 2006-Abreu like trade to fill out two of three things we need in order to get into playoff. I will say this now. If Cashman can get us a no.3 or 4 starting pitcher by eating salary without giving up prospects, we are going to increase our chances to play baseball in October.

I know we may get Wang, Hughes and even Pavano back very soon, but we can't count on that. On top of that, We can't look at September and forget Yankees needs someone to be Ponson's insurance in August because Ponson has been extremely lucky in my opinion. Especially, we are not sure we will get Wang, Hughes and Pavano back or not. Even if we don't make a chance for a starting pitcher, maybe give someone down the farm a chance to show what they have if Ponson or Rasner have further problems again.

I like this trade because this reason I mentioned on preview post as well, not because it seems we don't give up too many prospects which you never know.

This not only can help Yankees this season but also next season

Great Job, Cashman.

The most impressive thing tonight for me is......

Today is absolutely happy day for Yankees fans who basically can choose whatever reason among others make you feel happy the most, but the most impressive thing for me is the way Yankees play defense at the 2nd inning.

What a inning is! First of all, Melky made a great play in the center fielder and then Cano with Jeter turned a beautiful double play after that. I was screaming at my computer and couldn't believe what I just saw. Amazing! When you consider the game ends at 1:0, I only have one word to say our Yankees team "WoW!" No matter how many Yankee fans complain about the offense production from Melky, Cano, and Jeter, don't count on me. These are three positions we need to have strong defense in order to become a championship team. Of course, you have to add on Molina on this department as well.

Joba and Mo are pretty amazing tonight. I can't help to think what will look like in Yankeeland when we have Joba, Wang, Pettitte, Moose and Hughes at the rotation at the same time.

Thursday, July 24, 2008

I love great defense...

I don't think Yankees fans are able to complain about our team recently. Only thing I can think about is Oakland and Mariners can't help us out more which should be expected.

You can talking about offense, good pitching from starters and bullpen. I am so impressed how well our defense has been. When your team play great defense, your pitching will look even better. You all can see how big impact defense can bring on the table when Twins shows those terrible plays on the field. It seems to me everyone play pretty good defense. The player needs to mention is Sexson. As I said this before, I like Sexson's defense on first base. He plays great defense on first base since he gets here. On top of that, he hits pretty decently as well. Sexson becomes the best first baseman we have easily. When you consider how much you pay for Sexson, he is worthy for that money no matter how he hits.

Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Remember my wish?

The only wish I have for our Yankees team before season begins is having a injury free season. It seems this is almost impossible to come true. We not only have a lot of injury but also have our important players out, such as Jeter, A-Rod, Damon, Bruney, Posada, Hughes, Kennedy, Matsui, and Wang. Did I miss someone? This is a long list.

I recently had one tooth removed that had bothered me for a long time. I tried to avoid that surgery at all costs. After I finally removed that bad tooth, I realize this is right choice. Sometimes you just need to clean bad things at any costs in order to have a fresh start.

This leads to my point. If Matsui and Posada need surgery for their injury, please just do it and get well soon. There is no point to try to play through these kind of injury and can't contribute to the team. This also give team a right mind set to know they need to play without them the rest of season.

Monday, July 21, 2008

It seems Wang doesn't recover from foot injury too well

We may need to prepare playing the rest of season without Wang and Cashman may focus on getting us another No. 3 or 4 starting pitching now. This is the feeling I get from reading an interview Wang did with Taiwanese media few days ago.

You guys may read some small tidbits regard of Wang when Wang came to ballpark the first game after all star break. This is from Daily News as follow,

Chien-Ming Wang said he should have the cast removed from his injured right foot by the end of the month. Wang, expected to be out until at least September, said he felt "better," but was "very bored" with his rehab.

At the same time, Taiwanese media interview Cashman and Wang regard of Wang's injury. Cashman and Jeter all said "We miss Wang". Cashman admits Wang's irreplaceable status and losing Wang affects Yankees' standing without a doubt.

Cashman further said, "We only focus on getting Wang back healthy and pitching the same as he did before injury. We really need him, but we don't care he will be back this season in time or not. As long as he comes back healthy". I know Cashman also said to American media, "He didn't expect Wang back this season"

I actually believe Wang will be back to help us no matter what Yankees said regard of Wang's condition until I read an interview Wang did with Taiwanese media yesterday.

Wang put on hard cast on July 1th and he is going to go through MRI at the end of this month. Wang asked Taiwanese reporters how he looks like because he cares about his weight. He trains himself every day no matter he is at home or at stadium. Joba has called him once every two days when Bowa has sent him text messages to encourage him.

When he was asked what he wants the most right now, "I want to walk", Wang answered without hesitation.

I was happy until I read the last part of interview regard of the condition of his foot. I am going to translate the conversation in English and let you guys decide by yourselves how you feel. I didn't feel too positively after reading this.

Reporter: How is your right foot?
Wang: I feel better. No pain, but the real condition has to wait and see after removing hard cast.

Reporter: So, is your right foot not swollen now?
Wang: I don't feel swollen when I lift my right foot in higher position. But, I feel swollen a little bit , when I put my right foot on the ground.

Reporter: Can you stand normally on the ground now?
Wang: I only can put my right foot on the ground lightly without putting too much pressure on.

We will go deeper in the playoff this time if we get into playoff..

This is the only good thing I can think about when our offense suddenly disappeared this season for some reasons. Our pitchers will be more used to pitch in these low-scoring pressure games which happen all the time in October.

The pitching as a whole has been better in the MLB this season. This forces Yankees to go back fundamental stuffs, such as moving runners and getting runners in less than 2 outs. They will need that during playoff.

But, I will be happier if Cashman can give us another bat before trading deadline. I think Cashman need to choose to improve either offense or pitching. If I were Cashman, I would choose to improve pitching. For example, a lefty reliever pitcher and a no.3 or 4 starting pitcher will be good.

At the same time, we may not need to trade because the answer may be in our farm. You never know. I have been heard couple of names who pitch well or hit well in our farm system. Giving them a chance may the only thing Cashman need to do.

Saturday, July 19, 2008

what a bullpen we have!!

It seems to me we will win ball games if we have lead after 6th inning now. Look at this number for tonight game. They are not even our A-tier arms in the bullpen for now.

David Robertson - 12 pitches 11 strikes - strike out the side
Edwar Ramirez - 11 pitches 9 strikes - strike out 2 batters
Hawkins - 9 pitches 6 strikes - strike out 1 batter

If we can put healthy Bruney and bring in a good lefty relief pitcher, we get ourselves an amazing bullpen. Not to mention there are more arms down in our farm system.

By the way, Sexson had himself a decent game which is a good start for him and Yankees. I like his defense on first base.

Can we get a better 3rd base coach? I know tons of people have questioned this many time, but I haven't had problems for that until tonight. I actually didn't have problem when A-Rod got threw out at home because there is 2 outs with Melky on deck. But, why he sent Jeter when A-Rod was on deck? I know we got a good luck and Jeter was safe at home, but please.....

Friday, July 18, 2008

You guys are great! Thanks, everyone

I finally finished one important report and presentation. That's why I am able to post some posts recently. Before doing that, I realize two things when I read my own posts again.

First of all, You guys are amazing because you guys can understand what I try to say when I made so many grammar mistakes. Secondly, I have a tendency to update or post my opinions regard of Yankees too late.

Thanks for patience, everyone. Good job!

I will come back shortly for my thought on futures game, All star game, Dice-K, some updated news on Wang and 2008 Yankees season.

Is a lefty relief pitcher coming too?

This is another feeling I got when I was listening to Cashman's interview on ESPN 1050. I think Cashman realize we need to get at least one good lefty reliever pitcher from outside. This is the move for not only this season but also future that I agree with on a preview post. On top of that, the trade market for lefty relief pitchers have developed. These kind of chances won't come by every time.

Damaso Marte and Brian Fuentes are two good lefty relief pitchers who may be available on trade market. I think Brian Cashman is waiting and hoping the price for this two pitchers to drop until the last day of trading deadline.

I got a sense Cashman will make deals that make sense for Yankees for long-term plan, not to save this season. He may make some small deals or trades to try to save this season, but don't expect him to trade good prospects in our farm to get big time players. I hope he won't do this as well.

Thursday, July 17, 2008

Is Richie Sexson coming?

I just heard a Cashman's interview on ESPN 1050 Radio. When you heard Cashman said, "We will all know what Sexson's decision is one way or the other.", it seems to me this is Cashman way to tell us: Yankees already reached some kind of agreement with Richie Sexson.

Of course, Sexson is not big time player, but you never know. It's good to have as many as helps we can get.

Friday, July 11, 2008

What Cashman should do before trading deadline this season?

No matter where Yankees are in the standing, I think Yankees never will be a seller before trading deadline. They won't tell fans they are giving up season. I know Yankees are in the transition year. This means they won't go crazily in the trade market, but I still believe Cashman and Hank brothers will do their best to get into playoff.

What should Cashman do before trading deadline? In my opinion, there are three things they need to do. The priority will be in this order below.

1. To get a No. 4 type starting pitcher who can eat some innings. I know our starting rotation performance fine so far, but they still don't pitch deep into the game. We can't assume both Ponson and Rasner are going to survive the rest of season. We also can't assume Andy, Moose, Joba keep pitching well the rest of season. On top of that, we can't assume Wang, Hughes and Kennedy will be able to come back in September(or Pavano? I am kidding).

2. To get a good young right hand OF hitter. There are three reasons our offense struggle so far this season, including luck(AVG in RISP), holes(too many injuries) and underperformance(too many players don't play up to their expectation). On top of that, it seems our lineup always struggle to hit lefty even when they are all healthy. This not only can help Yankees this season but also next season.

3. To get a good lefty reliever pitcher. We really need this for not only this season but also next season.

If Cashman can pull out a trade like Abreu trade in 2006, it will be great.

Thursday, July 10, 2008

Another Exciting win...

It seems to me I can use this title for every single game right now. Coming up with a good title is always a big problem for me, so please Yankees keep playing great games like we got recently and I don't have to worry about titles.

Well, Where is our offense? I still can't figure out why. The time will tell. When our luck on hitting on RISP comes back, I think our offense will be back as well. For today game, I think homeplate umpire has a big strike zone. I think this is the reason contributes to our poor offense. As you guys know, I enjoy watching this kind of pitching/defense game.

I think Ponson will be a .500 pitcher. One good one follow another bad one and make us nervous through out the whole game. As long as we play good defense behind him, we will be fine.

Derek Jeter is still the man, isn't he?

Wang's interview and some updated/ related News

CommonWealth Magazine is the one of authoritative magazines we have in Taiwan. 10 days before Wang hurt his foot, this magazine sent a team to interview Wang for their special No.400 which includes 72 persons from all fields around the world how they grow up, stop losing and become a successful person. They also made 4 short films of 4 successful Taiwanese(Chien-Ming Wang, Ang Lee, Jay Chou, Hsieh Yi Min) among 72 persons. They interview a lot of people, including Peter Abraham. If you understand Mandarin, feel free to use this link to watch all 4 short films.

There are some great points worthy to mentions in Wang's interview.

●Wang doesn't think he is a successful person. He is only a person who loves to play baseball and tries to do his job every time out. There is still long way to go for him. Only people can judge that after he decides to retire.

●Wang doesn't know how he goes through his first inning of his major league debut. In that first inning, everything surrounding him seems dark without sound.

●Wang wants to pitch well every time out in order to stay in the major league. When he was asked the best game he pitches in his mind, Wang said, "NA, I am just able to pitch up to the standard." He understands pitching badly in New York will get boos from fans. He hears and accepts that every time, but there is no ill feeling or bad impact on his pitching performance next time out.

●Wang goes to ballpark very early everyday for training. When he was asked the reason behind this, Wang said, "I don't have a good arm like other pitchers who can throw over 90 easily, so I have to practice more than them"

●It's a honor to stand on the mound. He only thinks how to get hitters out when he stays on the mound. He thinks he is just a normal person like everyone else without thinking too much.

Wang related news
●According to Joba who talks to Wang, Wang feels fine, but he still blames himself for getting hurt on running.
●For next year World Baseball Classic, Yankees agree to let Yankees players play for their countires. As a Taiwanese, I hope our national team leave Wang alone and give younger players a chance to play.
●MLB is going to hold training camp for pitchers and catchers in Taiwan this December. Of course, Wang will be there to present Yankees. There is also a chance Joba may join him to this event as well.

Giambi better win this final vote for All Star game

I am never one of girls chase after stars. Never mind to vote for something or someone crazily like the one I am doing right now. I can't remember the last time I did this. I really hope I can watch Giambi playing All Star game and Home Run Derby.

People have tendency to think players on the big market teams have edges in voting. This is maybe just a stereotype. I can't believe Giambi is behind in this final Vote for All Star Game. Let's Go Yankees!

I actually don't have problems the way they select players for All Star game. Ultimately, the All Star game is the game for fans. Let fans decide who they want to watch which is a no-brainer for me. On top of that, Let players decide some players should be there is a no-brainer for me as well. In reality, We are not players or coaches who are in this baseball industry. They should know baseball better than us.

The only problem I have is why not let fans choose some pitchers they like to watch them pitching in the All Star game as well?

Send them a tape

This is the quote from our Captain, Derek Jeter, when he was asked what he thought about criticism for his defense. Ha! Jeter surely pay attention on what is going on around the world. This tells me a lot how good Jeter is on how to deal with pressure and not let those things affect his performance on the field.

When I was watching yesterday game, I yelled at my computer and said, "No, here we go, the see-eyes ground ball after that ball pass A-Rod " But, Man, What a great play Jeter made. That play is huge.

Well, By the way, Jeter got that big hit for first two runs of the game when Kazmir is on his way to get tons of strikeouts.

I actually think Jeter's range for his defense improves this season. The special workout program Jeter has for this past off-season seems to pay off in my opinion. But, for whatever reason(injury? His wrist? His shoulder), Jeter's throw just a little bit off line. This also effects him on driving the ball off the infield. The result is his offense number. I don't know, but I still believe Jeter is the least on of the players on Yankees team we need to worry about. Of course, Mo and Pettitte are on my list as well. Pettitte was great yesterday, wasn't he?

Monday, July 7, 2008

Don't even try to compare Papelbon to Mo...

Well, I can't decide to use which title. I was struggling to pick one of two titles. I was promising to use "Exciting win against RedSox" on the preview post, but I can't help to use this one. Another exciting win against RedSox, isn't it?

What the match-up is between Mo and Manny, isn't it? I was surprised at their decision not to walk Manny on that situation and screamed at my computer,but I guess don't tell HOF Mo to walk Manny! And then Papelbon was guessed right by rookie, Brett Gardner when he threw the first splitter to rookie who was waiting for. When you consider Wagner on Mets blew out another save at the same time, Mo is the best.

I am not going to go through the observation I have for Brett Gardner again. I like what I saw from him. What a series Brett Gardner has. We need real baseball players, like Jeter, Melky, Gardner, etc to win ballgame. Of course, I am not discount what other players do, but a championship team need all kind of ballplayers. Not everyone need to swipe for fence.

Joe Girardi looks like a genius for sure now. After getting threw out the game, Yankees did look like a different team. But, I think this has much to do with RedSox's horrible bullpen which no one talk about, but everyone talks about how horrible starting rotation and bullpen Yankees have.

Well, By the way, Everyone talks about how wonderful job Red Sox did to their farm system and how many wonderful young players they have. But, take a look at roster on RedSox and Yankees have. I think we are better if not for a lot of better.

Exciting win against RedSox

I am doing the same thing I was doing at Moose-Mo game. That is listening to the game. I was so nervous the whole game that lead me not to watch the game. Hopefully, I can use the same title for this final game against RedSox.

Mo is Mo, right? I can't believe my eyes Mo was able to get out of bases-loaded wiith no one out jam. I was upset when I know Moose didn't get selected for All Star game. Moose is great, isn't he?

The more I watch Gardner play, the more I like him. We need real baseball players who don't think their personal stats and swipe for fence all the time. He plays good defense with patience at bats and great speed. Yankees need to do more fundamental baseball in order to win games in October, such as grinding every at bat, playing good defense, moving runners and getting the runners in from 3rd base with less than 2 outs.

Congrats to Nadal for title

I told you guys I was going to go to bed after second rain delay. When I was about turning off TV, they resumed the game. I am glad I was able to watch the whole game because this game can be put in one of classic games in Wimbledon history. Great game to watch.

Federer was down two sets quickly in this game, but he fought back to show why he is no. 1 in the world. Federer pushed Nadal so hard to win every point and almost came away with victory.

WoW! Federer fight back W/AL East

Federer just pulled out a unbelievable comeback when he was down 2 to 5 in the tie-break on the fourth set. Nadal even had a game point. At that moment, Federer is so calm and cool under the pressure which shows why he wins so many champions. On the other hand, Nadal made couple of unforgiving mistakes, such as double fault and unforced error.

I don't know the outcome of this game. But, the more I watch this game, the more I feel my prediction about second half of AL East is right.

Let me say one more thing on my prediction. When you look at the schedule of Yankees, RedSox and Rays on September, I think one thing is very important for Yankees: Making sure Wang is able to come back to help them in September.

Man, we are in the rain delay again. Last rain delay helped out Federer tremendously. Let us wait and see what happen after second rain delay. Unfortunately, I don't know how much longer I can stay up late for this game. Right now, it's almost 5am in Sydney.

Sorry about this, but I really need to take a nap to recharge. I will post the Wang's interview I promised very soon. I also want to write about the selection of All Star game and the exciting win against RedSox yesterday. Stay tuned.

Wimbledon Federer vs Nadal W/Devil Rays...

As I am writing now, Federer is down two sets to Nadal and the game is delayed by rain at this moment. Let me say this first, I am not fan of Federer and Nadal, so I can say I give an objective opinion. When I began watching tennis, I am fan of Goran Ivanisevic from Croatia. Right now, Novak Djokovic from Serbia is the player I keep my eyes on.

Be honest with you guys, I root for Nadal to beat Federer because I love more competition among any sport I watch. Since Federer keep winning for many years recently, I love to see someone challenge him.

I think people have a tendency to root against the one or the team that keep winning unless you are the fan of that person or that team. The same thing goes to the situation between Yankees, RedSox and Devil Rays this season.

In my opinion, the outcome of game in sport world depends on three things: skill, experience(mental aspect), and luck(seize chances, avoid injury). I put mental aspect in the experience category and take chances and avoid injury in luck category. Whoever can take 2 out of 3 will be champion. Of course. Keep in mind. When those compete with each other have to have their skills on the similar level.

This leads to my prediction for second half of season. I still think the battle of AL East is between Yankees and RedSox, but how Rays play with these two teams will play an important role. The reason I come up with this conclusion is based on three reasons.

First of all, Rays will have tougher schedule ahead of them in the second half of season than Yankees and Red Sox, especially when you consider those tough matchup on the road which they haven't played as well as at home.

Secondly, the major problem for young team is they can't play as consistent as veterans teams for the entire season because workload may catches up with those young players and they may not be able to make adjustment when scouts from other teams find their holes. On top of that, you have to consider mental aspect and experience as well. For example, Can they still perform well under the pressure when season is on the line? Can they still perform well when they feel steps from Yankees or RedSox?

Thirdly, Rays haven't been hit hard by injury to their position players or rotation, especially to their star players. This is not the case for Yankees and Red Sox.

Saturday, July 5, 2008

Before Game 2

I know I was writing couple of posts how Yankees disappointed me. That being said, I still root for our bombers and have faith in them. I know it doesn't look like Yankees are able to beat RedSox this afternoon when you see the pitching match up. But, game is played on the field, not on paper.

After Yankees put on better show and beat Josh Beckett later on this afternoon, I am sure I will have better mood to write something I was planning before Game 1. Please come back to catch posts about Rays and Wang's interview.

Friday, July 4, 2008

Where is our offense?

A few notes for our starting pitchers.

First of all, If you find out your opposing pitchers throw from their left hands, you better not to give up any run.

Secondly, If your opposing pitchers are rookies or someone your teammates haven't seen before, Be careful, they may turn into Cy Young.

Thirdly, Don't give up runs first no matter what you do.

Fourthly, You better strike out opposing hitters as much as you can.

Lowering the pitching mound and Taking steroids may change the way fans watch baseball games. Baseball game is supposed to be low-scoring game with good pitching and defense. I don't know how baseball fans start used to seeing their teams to score 5 to 10 runs every game. When their teams don't score, there must be something wrong with their hitters. Not so many people want to give credit to pitchers.

But, there is fine line between giving credit to pitchers and not hitting well. When Yankees fans and Yankees front office always expect to have all star on every position, it becomes a problem. Every player on the Yankees need to be the best in that position among the league. Otherwise, he may have other people waiting in line to replace him.

This creates tons of players to play individually, not as a team. Those players pay more attention on their personal stats than concentrating on winning games. For example, A-Rod couldn't get that run in in the first inning when there is man on third with less than two out. In contrast, Jason Varitek hits a groundball to the right side and move runner to third with less than two out, especially when you consider he is ahead of count(3 balls-1 strike) and batting average is down to .200.

I understand it's impossible to hit and pitch very well every single game, but Yankees do a terrible job on situational hitting, such as moving runners and getting runner in with less than two out. Don't try to hit homerun every single time, Ok?

Game 1:Pettitte vs Lester

Pettitte are behind the count against almost every hitter, so you can tell Pettitte just doesn't have it yesterday. When pitchers are way off against Red Sox or any good hitting team, you almost can predict outcome.

During the whole game, I got a feeling. Our bombers either go down like they did without a fight(look like) or pull out a magic comeback. That's why I was keep watching. When the game progresses and I sense the low possibility our bombers will come back, I hope Lester pitch a complete game shutout because I think Yankees really need to get their ... kicked. As it turns out, it should does.

Good news is our bullpen keep pitching well. David Robertson and Dan Giese are great additions to our pen. Of course, this doesn't include Hawkins. Is it about time to give up someone and give someone else a chance? We really start to see Cashman's plan to pay off. I hope more people have more patience about Cashman's young movement, including Hank and Hal and give him more time to do what he wants.

Bad news is our inconsistent offense and not so good defense. There is no excuse for Jeter not to turn that double play in the first inning. Not to mention Abreu can't catch that flyball for some reason. That play turns into another double and another run for Red Sox.

We are family....

I wasn't happy when Yankees lost those two close games to Texas Rangers and screamed at my computer "Where is our offense?". Of course, it includes the final game against Mets. As a fan, I actually feel funny about Hank's comment. I know, I know, our bombers work very hard to try to score and sometimes opposing pitchers just pitch better. If the thing is that easy, we can let Hank speak as much as he wants. I am just kidding.

But, I actually wasn't that upset during three games losing streak for three reasons. First of all, our two kids from our farm play well. I was impressed by the way David Robertson and Brett Gardner play their games. I said this before and I will say that again. No matter what happen to bombers this season, I think we have a bright future.

Secondly, I met some people wear Yankees hat when I went to coastal walk from Coogee beach to Bondi beach with my Korea friend, Grace, last week during my vocation. It's amazing for me to see how many Yankees fans around the world. One of those people is sister. Wow! The other day I went to eat Subway with Grace. A guy sat nearby also wearing a Yankees hat. Cool. This makes me feel really good, especially when Yankees are losing.

The final reason is Wimbledon. ha! Sorry about this. I switch my attention a little bit toward tennis.