Wednesday, December 31, 2008

Happy New Year!!

I am a little bit under the weather today. That's why I have to cancel my plan of watching fireworks outdoor and replace that with indoor firework show. Of course, that means I watch fireworks on TV. Happy New Year and Have a great 2009, everyone.

How about making a wish related to Yankees for 2009? I left mine in the comment section.

Monday, December 29, 2008

What is next now for Yankees?

I believe most people are thinking about the coming new year during this Christmas holidays. What about Yankees' new season? What is next now for Yankees?

I think Yankees' focus now should be on their bench guys and a veteran starter at one year deal as no.4 starter. What else they need to do? In my opinion, they can do more, but they don't have to. If they want to, they can explode the possibility of getting a good young center fielder and an excellent setup man for Mo by trade.

Sunday, December 28, 2008

Let record tell us who is the best one

Peter had a post regard how little respect Yankees give Wang on his blog earlier. In the comment section, Peter was wondering why some fans doesn't support Wang. Joel Sherman even recommend a trade that includes Wang in order to bring a do-everything guy(like Chone Figgins) or positional prospects to Yankees. As far as I can remember, Joel Sherman is not the only person thinking about getting some players by trading Wang.

Let me get this straight. Are people nuts? Since when Yankees become a small market team that trade away their star players before they are going to get their big contract? Trading Wang for Chone Figgins? Bring some good young positional prospects? There always are some positional players are available in the free agent market. Prospects are prospects. Before they show they are major league players, they are prospects. Yankees can get a lot of them through draft or amateur signing. Not to mention one thing: Yankees already committed to some long-term contracts to some positions. No matter where you want to put them, Yankees will have Jeter, A-Rod, Teixeira and Cano for 4 spots. Three more years are left for Posada and Swisher.

If my memory serve me right, Yankees not only just spent over 400 million dollars for winning it all but also still want to get Pettitte back to add depth to their rotation. A rotation consists of 5 pitchers. Not to mention we need at least 4 good starters to compete in this strong AL East division. No matter whether you believe Wang is an ACE or not, Yankees need Wang in the rotation. The Wang's first 4 seasons for Yankees in the AL East division, Wang proves he is front end starter. With the amount of efforts and hardwork Wang put up for Yankees, giving credit or respect Wang deserves I don't think it's asking a lot.

In the end, It's all about strikeouts which Wang will never have a lot to show for. Wang knows that. Wang knows people criticize his low strikeout rate. Yankees told Wang in arbitration hearing. Taiwanese media keep asking him to add more pitches in order to get more strikeouts. Wang always answers he only cares about winning ball games and championships. He will try to figure out more ways to get hitters out in order to win ball game. Getting more strikeouts is not something he concerns about.

This is similar to debate which player to choose when one of them can hit a lot of homeruns and the other can do everything else but hitting homeruns. Wang knows Yankees is one of teams giving him the best chance to win every year. If Wang stays healthy and Yankees don't need him anymore, I believe other teams will need him. I always tell my friends or myself who get fired one thing: Getting fired is not because you are not good enough, is because you are not suitable for that company. If that day comes, I still root for Yankees and no matter where Wang goes.

Don't get me wrong. I am not angry about this issue. I still believe most Yankees fans, players or officials appreciate what Wang has done for them and understand his value. I believe competition will bring the best out of people. Let record tell us who is the best one.

P.S. That's why I don't think Yankees need to trade any of their outfielders unless they are thinking about getting Manny. Competition can bring the best out of people. Yankees certainly can rotate them and rest someone once a week. If someone get injury, we have someone else to go to.

Updated:It's amazing for me to know the importance of strikeout to a pitcher by reading what Braves' reporter and fans' think the possibility of acquire Wang and Swisher from Yankees. But, again. Even Braves' reporter and fans recognize the value of Wang.

Updated: By the way, If Cashman didn't trade Wang for Santana, why do you think he will trade Wang for a do-everything guy or positional prospects? Not to mention Cashman put a lot of value on players prove they can play well in New York.

Thoughts on Pettitte's rumors

There are a lot of rumors flying around regard of Pettitte's situation. I doubt any reporters know anything about it. There are so many reporters guessing wrong about a lot of things this off-season.

If I were Pettitte, I would make up my mind before Christmas whether I want to go back to Yankees or not. I really doubt he will keep waiting until January. After CC and AJ's signing, the market for starting pitcher should shape out nicely. If Pettitte hates the feeling of not being needed or loved, why he wants to keep waiting offers from other teams after they fail to sign their top choices in January. Pettitte should have options on hand before Christmas. One way or the other, he will make up his mind before Christmas.

Pettitte may accept Yankees' offer before Christmas and Yankees will announce it after Christmas. I also really doubt Yankees only can choose Pettitte or Teixeira because Pettitte is a short-term deal(1 or 2 year).

I also really doubt Yankees just suddenly are interested in signing Teixeira on Monday night and make up their mind without considering all the options on hand, payroll and plans. If they really only can choose Pettitte or Teixeira, they definitely will check with Pettitte's agent before making decisions on Teixeira.

One thing I know for sure. Signing Teixeira means Yankees want to win it all in 2009. This leads me to believe they will sign a verteran pitcher at one year deal as a no.4 starter and a safety net. Of course, they refer Pettitte. If Pettitte reject the offer, they will get one from free agent market.

Don't forget the Cashman's interviews I mention earlier. Yankees have their off-season plan on hand.

Cashman is a honest person. If something he doesn't want to say, he won't comment on it. He doesn't want to comment when asked there is a room financially for a big ticket bat or not. Here you go. Yankees sign Teixeira. Yankees know they have to upgrade their offense before 0ff-season. I also say all along Yankees should and will get an impact to protect A-Rod and they did. The way they did it because they want to fly under the rader and play chess game.

He not only wants to get 600 innings from free agent market but also doesn't want to sign one more multi-years contract to the other starter and block spot for youngster. He will try to get one veteran starter at one year deal as a no.4 starter. If he can't get someone to sign a one year deal which I doubt under this bad economy, he prepares to go into the season and let youngers compete for no.5 spot.

Thursday, December 25, 2008

Happy Holidays and Merry Christmas

I bet most of you guys are with your family now. Yankees certainly give all Yankees fans a big present for Christmas. Please appreciate every minute and opportunity you have with family. This is something is not easy to come by.

Thanks for reading my blog the pass year. I can't keep doing this without supports I get from you guys, especially when you consider my poor English. I am very appreciated. Please feel free to let me know if there is anything wrong, such as my English.

I hope not

I heard this on the radio. Because of signing Teixeria, Yankees withdraw their offer to Andy Pettitte. I hope not. If we can get Pettitte back as a no.4 starter, it will give us some safty net. Of course, it's fine for me to watch kids pitching.

But, Because Joba can only pitch 150 innings, Yankees eventually will need one of kids to fill up innings for him. Ideally, if we get Andy back, Hughes or one of kids will pitch other innings in no.5 spot. If we put Joba in no.4 spot, it means we can't skip him when there is a off day.Not to mention there are some risks involving with the possibility of CC, A.J. and Wang getting hurt.

The most important thing is I really want to see Pettitte pitching for one more season. Hopefully, this is a wrong information.

Blockbuster vs Art Movies or small budget films

I know there are a lot of fans from other teams complaining the way Yankees spend money, including some experts. They talk about fairness and balance in the competition.

The bottom line is this does not guarantee Yankees win it all. Baseball is a sport that plays on the field, not on the paper.

Yankees fans have owners are willing to spend money to win ballgame instead of putting in their own pockets. There are tons of owners of a lot of small or middle teams putting money in their pockets. This is much worse than what Yankees have done.

My mother always tell me to keep adding and creating values to myself that can be used by someone in the society in order to survive. If I don't and then I can't survive in the society, it's my fault. The same thing goes to this whole issue. Every baseball team need to find their own business models in order to operate a successful franchise. If you can't, it's your fault. Don't blame other people. Taiwanese always believe one thing: If something go wrong in your life, you need to figure out what is wrong with yourself, not other people.

The best comparison I can come up with is from my profession. As a producer of blockbuster films certainly operate different budget to a producer of Art movies or small budget films. In the end is about products you produce. Of course, When you have bigger budget, you are able to have superstars in your film. But, does it make your film become better automatically? Of course not. How many time you have watched some bad movies acted by some superstars and box office of those movies are so terrible? When you have bigger budget, it is more difficult to make profits, isn't it?

One more thing. Please remember one thing. When Rays kept winning in 2008 season, did they fill up their ball park every night or most of night? there is the difference between big market team and small market team. Because they don't have the same attendance as big market teams like Yankees, they don't operate the same way as Yankees.

By the way, If we win championship in 2009, please don't say we just buy one. We have a lot of players from our farm system on the team as well.

Updated: I saw people discuss this issue in one Taiwanese baseball website. One Taiwanese said one thing I agree with. He said "I think what Yankees do is good for economy because someone still invest money in this bad economy". It sounds a good argument for me, right?

Wednesday, December 24, 2008

WoW!! Is this true? Yankees sign Teixeira???

I just said "Of course, this assumes Yankees don't get Teixeira" on preview post and I was prepared to turn off my computer. WoW! I heard this breaking news on WFAN. I believe most Yankees fans like me can't wait season starting now. 8 years for 180 million. WoW!

By the way, The most impressive thing Yankees have done so far is selling first two games of New Yankees stadium at the same price old Yankees stadium sold in 1923. Not to mention it's free for season ticket holders. Great guesture to fans and great marketing for organization.

How lucky we are as a Yankees fan because owners of our team are willing to do whatever to put the best products on the field.

Manny's attitude is not the main concern for Yankees

There are two different news coming out regard of Jeter's comments on Manny. One is from Mlb. The other from the Star-Ledger.

Jeter is kind of person believe Yankees can win with whatever team they have. Even if Yankees don't sign CC and AJ, he would say Yankees can win it all as well. I remember Jeter said Wang is the no.1 pitcher and believe young pitchers when everyone cry for Santana last off-season, including Posada. Of course, he feels Yankees have enough offense with what they have in the lineup now.

The most interesting quote from Jeter's interview is

"It's just when you're out on the field, you're trying to accomplish one thing, and we welcome people with their own personalities."

I always feel if there is one team out there can handle Manny's attitude, it will be Yankees. Players on Yankees can play with anyone with all kind of personalities. The question becomes "Can Manny play hard all the time on Yankees?" I actually believe Manny will do that as long as Jeter, Mo and Posada are still on the Yankees.

In the end, I believe Manny's attitude is not be the thing Yankees concern the most. Yankees probably concern about his not so good defense on left field, many players for limited spots and years they need to give for a soon to be 37 year old slugger. I guess Yankees will wait out the market and hopes price to come down within reasonable range. Of course, this assumes Yankees don't get Teixeira.

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

Yankees and Wang avoid arbitration

Yankees sign Wang a one year contract for 5 million to avoid arbitration which is a smart move by Yankees. There is no need to go into arbitration again with Wang two years in a row. It was stupid enough for Yankees to go into arbitration with Wang last time when Yankees gave Cano a multi-years contract and sent out celebration of winning arbitration from team president. Not to going into arbitration again when giving out huge contracts to CC and Burnett and planning to let him pitch in no.3 spot is a smart move.

I understand why Yankees don't want to give Wang a multi-years contract. I just feel there is no need to go into arbitration for a small difference.

From a Yankees fan and team perspectives, I actually think Yankees should give Wang a multi-year contract this off-season. With each year passing by, it gets more and more difficult to sign Wang a multi-years contract. Wang makes it very clearly he wants to stay with Yankees forever if he can and he shows us he can pitch in New York with great personality on and off field. If we sign him this off-season, it will be a contract at a extreme bargain price for a pitcher like him. We may be able to get few options for first couple of free agency.

On top of that, we don't need to give him a no trade clause. If one day we want to trade him, we will be able to get a great package because of friendly team contract. I understand the relatively risk to sign a multi-years contract with a pitcher. But, every pitcher get hurt and it's not easy to get a good pitcher. I also understand there are many pitching prospects in Yankees farm system, but you never know what will happen to prospects. Not so many can become as good as Wang is. Not to mention many teams will lock their young stud pitchers earlier and there are not too many stud pitchers becoming free agents.

From a Taiwanese perspective, it's fine for me Yankees go year to year with Wang. Wang will become free agent at age 31 which will be the same season CC has his opt-out clause. This certainly can create some leverage for Wang. I don't think Yankees can afford to lose both of them in the same off-season. It certainly is better for Wang to enter free agent market at age 31 instead of age 33 if he sign a multi-year contract with options for first couple of free agency now.

If A.J can get a 5 years deal for 82.5 million at the same age Wang will become free agent, Wang certainly can get a better deal than that. Not to mention, the economy may become better 3 year later. On top of that, Wang can get a no trade clause to control the place he wants to go once Yankees want to trade him.

In the end, I think Yankees concern about Wang's shoulder. I believe Wang will be willing to sign a multi-years contract with Yankees at a bargain price after 2009 season even if he has a great 2009 season. If money is the most important thing for Wang, Boras will be his agent and he will take commercials as many as possible. Wang takes so few commercials every off-season in Taiwan and focuses on training and charity events more.

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Cashman's plan this off-season

I heard Cashman's interviews with Mike Francesa and Michael Kay yesterday. If you miss them, go to their websites to check them out. They can give you the sense of the state of Yankees so far this off-season. There are some important points I get from those two interviews.

1.Pitching remains the main focus this off-season. Keep upgrading pitching and defense still the main task for him. Main goal is to get at least 400 innings from free agent market(CC&A.J). It will be better to be able to get 600 innings.

2.Only some bad things happen to Mo or a strong show from Phil Hughes will create the chance for Joba back to the bullpen.

3.Last 4-5 seasons, Burnett pitches around 150-160 innings averagely. When he pitches, he pitches well. Cashman doesn't mind to fill up other 50 innings from youngsters in the farm system if necessary.

4.If Pettitte decides to take the offer, Yankees won't get more starting pitchers. However, there is no alternatives if Pettitte rejects the offer because Yankees don't prepare to give multi-year contracts to another starters that will block spots for youngsters in the farm system. So, If Pettitte rejects the offer, Yankees will go into the season with no.5 spot open and let youngsters compete for no.5 spot.

5.Cashman is aware of situation of offense. Of course, it will be nice to have another bat. However, he prepares to go into season with this lineup with the hope of healthy or rebound years from many players.

6.He is fine with Melky/Gardner for center fielder. On top of that, Cashman won't rule out the possibility of putting Damon in the center.

7.When was asked is there any more room financially for big ticket bat, Cashman doesn't want to comment on.

8.Yankees will lower their payroll this season and won't exceed certain number of payroll.

What I learn from interviews.....

1.If Yankees decide to add some offense, they are looking for adding a left handed hitter with high OBP within financial limitation. In Cashman's mind, Setting tables for middle order of lineup is much important than protection.

2.Cashman certainly doesn't give up his long term plan when he said he didn't want to sign one more multi-year contract to another starter because it will block spots for youngsters. Cashman wants to sign one more veteran starter who can eat another 200 innings for one-year deal. He certainly prefers to be Pettitte, so he will wait Pettitte to make a decision. If Pettitte rejects the offer or join another teams, he probably will wait out the market in order to get someone to sign one year deal at reasonable price.

3. There is certainly a possibility of adding a big ticket bat into the lineup.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Welcome to Yankees Family, CC & A.J.


Public speaking is really a lesson everyone needs to learn. After press conference and series of interviews I heard from A.J. Burnett, I really learn to like A.J. Burnett. If he can manage to stay relatively healthy during 5 year contract, he will be one of Yankees fans' favorites.

Burnett showed off good sense of humor during press conference and interviews, such us media issue, DL issue and Jeter's recruiting call, etc. I actually was persuaded by Burnett why he finally stays healthy and has a career year by changing from a thrower to a pitcher. The way he answers questions leads me to believe Yankees' spotlight may help him. By the way, I like the idea to recruit Roy Halladay when he becomes free agent two years later.

CC comes as advertised. He looked a little bit nervous, but he certainly well prepared for specific questions. With time going by, CC became a little more relaxed and showed more his real personality. Based on what I heard from CC, he will love to pitch in New York and Yankees fans and players will love to have him as well.

Thursday, December 18, 2008

Wang: happy to see CC and AJ to Yankees

Wang finally showed up in front of media yesterday for one commerical and one charity event which also will be final one in December.

When he was asked that Yankees added CC and AJ to rotation, Wang said he is happy to hear that and welcome them to the team. Yankees will increase the chances to win a championship.

No news is bad news

As you guys know, I the one welcome the idea of signing Manny instead of Teixeira. Just in case, you guys miss them. Click 1, 2 to read.

There is an old saying going in media industry, no news is a bad news. Baseball is an entertainment business. The more news you get, the better your business goes. I understand how the news run 24 hours a day look like because Taiwan is the same. Taiwan is a small country with at least 10 news channel running 24 hours a day. That's why Wang feel less pressure in New York than Taiwan and prefer to stay in New York.

If there is the team can handle Manny, it's Yankees. On top of that, everyone has some players on other teams you like to watch them playing. Manny is one of them on my list. By the way, Roy Halladay is on my list as well.

I do think and may should Yankees try to sign an impact bat to protect A-Rod. That being said, the more I think about it, the more I think "do we really need to add an bat?" I know many Yankees feel offense is the reason we don't make the playoffs this year which I don't agree with. I really think the priority for Yankees now is to sign Pettitte or someone as no.4 starter and then go to bench and Center fielder. However, it's fine for me to see Gardner/ Melky over there as well.

As for an impact bat, is it really worthy for us to add a possible trouble-maker(Manny), a long-term first baseman(8-10 years for Teixeira), hitters can't play defense well on the field in order to add some offense? I don't know time will tell.

Saturday, December 13, 2008

Come on, Andy

Welcome to Yankees, AJ. Even though I am not too crazy about giving you five year deal because of injury history, please stay healthy and go to get Rays and Red Sox.

What a rotation we have! I hope we can hear a good news from Andy pretty soon. If I have to choose between Andy and Sheets, I certainly will choose Andy.

CC, Wang, AJ, Andy, Joba.

Right now, Cashman just need to make sure two more things and then that will be our 2009 Yankees.

First of all, Get us an impact bat to protect A-Rod within the budget. Under this assumption, I don't think we will get either Teixeira or Manny unless the market totally drop which I don't think so. Who else?

Secondly, Fix bench. With this economy, we certainly can fix this by waiting out the market.

Updated: I think Yankees will wait Andy's decision right now. Yankees may be willing to throw out few more million dollars for him. I really think Yankees will prefer to have Pettitte back for that no.4 spot, especially when you consider Pettitte always takes the ball and is willing to sign a one year deal.

Thursday, December 11, 2008

Pull off offer to CC? Are you kidding me?

During rumors flied around, I laughed at the idea pull off the offer to CC or set up a deadline when many Yankees fans or experts were pissed off CC's action which he didn't accept Yankees' offer immediately. Someone even said Yankees were being used and they embarrassed themselves.

I agree with the idea which let the player go if the player don't want to be here no matter how good he is. That being said, Both parties during negotiation need to know their positions. Even though CC really doesn't want to be a Yankees and use Yankees' offer to get Californian teams involved, Does do Yankees any good to pull off their offer to CC?

Of course not. First of all, some people just don't like to be forced to do or accept something. I remember I had a self-study section at junior high school and teacher asked us to study maths. Do you guys know what did I study? Originally, I was planning to study maths, but I decided to study history once teacher forced us to study maths.

Secondly, What do you think agents for Burnett, Sheets and Lowe will react when they heard Yankees pull off the offer to CC? They won't be in a hurry to help out Yankees. Instead, they may just ask for more years and more money. That's why Yankees couldn't pull off their offer or set up a deadline officially even though they know they are being used.

Who is up next?

Right now, here is the question. Who is up next? Who do you want more next?

Me? I think Yankees will sign two more out of Burnett, Sheets, Lowe and Pettitte. I will put Burnett and Sheets as a group and Lowe and Pettitte as a group. And then I will pick one out of each group. Burnett and Sheets have similar risk of getting injured but have similar odds at being ACE. Lowe and Pettitte are inning eaters and pitching well in playoffs.

Who do you pick from each group?

Me? I will pick Sheets and Pettitte from each group for simple reason. We can get them at shorter deal.

CC is a Yankees

Somehow I decided to wake up at 1 am in Sydney and found out Yankees will get their man, CC. When there were tons of rumors flying around earlier, I told you Yankees would get CC eventually. No matter what this deal will turn out to be, this is the moment why so many fans from other teams hate Yankees and some are so jealous. Fortunately for Yankees fans, We have an owner is willing to put money back to field for winning and making more money(Of course).

I will tell this. Don't care about people say how insane this deal is and how bad this deal may turn out to be. If CC help us to win at least 1 Championship within next 7 year. Yankees get their money worthy.

Welcome to Yankees, CC. You will like here, especially crazy Yankees fans.

Updated: If CC did get an opt-out clause after 2011 from Yankees, I don't mind. If CC really doesn't like here after 3 years, then let him go. Yankees always have money to pay him if CC wants to use opt-out clause to get more money which is hard to image. Keep in mind one thing. After 2011 season, Wang, Cain and Verlander will be a free agent. Not to mention we have tons of young pitching prospects in our farm system.

Tuesday, December 9, 2008

A rebound year from Hughes, Kennedy, Melky and Cano?

Accroding to RAB regard of Greg Maddux's retirement at winter meeting, the information to young pitcher:“the best way to learn is to screw up and not do it again.”

Immediately, I think about Hughes, Kennedy, Melky and Cano. I hope Yankees don't trade them and believe they may have a bound back year in 2009. Before 2008, they haven't actually failed in their professional baseball. I believe they all learn a lot from 2008 season and will do well in 2009.

Monday, December 8, 2008

What CC is waiting for?

Someone will sign with some teams soon, right? I actually don't mind Yankees front office and Brian Cashman being patience because impatience is not good for negotiation. I also believe Brian Cashman and Yankees front office negotiate with all free agents they are interested in at the same time. I don't believe they need to know where CC goes to decide the next step because Yankee need not only more than one starting pitcher but also an impact bat.

However, I don't understand what CC and his camp is waiting for. The longer they wait, the worse they look. First of all, CC said he won't drag this process too long, but it has been almost a month. We all have a dream job in our mind when we look for a job, but we won't sit there forever to wait for that dream job. When our dream job call us, most people will jump on at first opportunity.

If those teams in California would make an offer to CC, they would do it already. When teams don't want to spend or don't have money to spend, they won't suddenly have that money or be willing to spend. As a producer, we won't spend money on areas don't need even though we have money left. The same thing goes to teams try to upgrade their teams.

There are only two things I can think of regard of what CC and his camp is waiting for. First of all, they are waiting teams CC wants to pitch to to make an offer. Obviously, that team CC wants to pitch to hasn't showed up, otherwise CC would sign with them already. At least, that team CC wants to pitch to doesn't want to meet to Yankees' offer which is 6 years for 140 million. If CC wants to pitch to that team this badly and doesn't care about money, he may just reject Yankees' offer and then he can have teams he wants to pitch to bid for him at less money. If CC wants to pitch to that team at breaking-record offer, he may forget it and accept Yankees' offer. The longer he waits, the more Yankees fans get pissed off.

Secondly, they are waiting for more money. There are only few big market teams can offer CC this kind of deal. I don't think Mets can have another pitcher to make that much money. We all know LA Dodgers and LAA's stand when Boston need offense more than pitching. On top of that, Cubs wait for new boss when White Sox go on transition mode. Who is going to bid with Yankees? If no one bid against Yankees, they are not getting more money by waiting.

Saturday, December 6, 2008

My prediction for 2009 roster

1. Yankees will sign two free agent starting pitchers to go with Pettitte. Hopefully, The rotation(5) will be as follow,

Joba(R)-No.5-Innings limitation
Hughes, Kennedy or Aceves wait on AAA
Aceves or Giese as a long man or spot starter in the bullpen

2. Yankees sign one impact bat to protect A-Rod. Someone has to sit on the bench. Hopefully, the lineup(9) will be as follow,

Damon LF/CF/DH(L)
Jeter SS(R)
A-Rod 3B(R)
Manny LF/DH(R)
Matsui LF/DH(L)
Posada C/1B(S)
Cano 2B(L)
Swisher/Nady 1B/CF/RF(S/R)
Melky/Gardner CF/LF/RF(S/L)

Cody Ransom

3. Bullpen(7) is set as follows,

Marte(Setup man)
Coke(Lefty specialist)
Burney.Veras.Edwar(6.7th inning)
Aceves/ Giese(Long man/spot starter)

Friday, December 5, 2008

Manny vs Teixeira

I know Yankees' focus this off-season is getting younger and improving pitching and defense. However, I do think Yankees will add an impact bat to protect A-Rod. The more I think about it, the more I think Manny will be a better fit to Yankees than Teixeira as long as we can get Manny for 3 years deal at maximum.

First of all, I know everyone will question Manny's attitude. As I discussed this on other post earlier, Manny and Red Sox front office are only persons know the true story. Even though all stories about Manny are true, I believe Yankees can set up the rules with Manny when they talk about contracts.

This probably may be Manny's final deal. I believe players care about their legacy, including Manny. On top of that, A-Rod certainly will be a good companion for Manny. They are not only good friends but also they can motivate each other and create good competition among them.

When Manny was a Yankees fan when he grow up near Yankees stadium, I believe Manny will love to torture Red Sox after all things happened between him and Red Sox. Because of his personality and his performance on Red Sox, I believe he can handle the pressure of playing in New York. Don't forget. Damon will help Manny to transit well in New York. Not to mention Manny in NYY not only bring more fans to ball park but also attract more media and create more coverages.

On the field, Manny certainly can give Yankees an impact bat to protect A-Rod. I know Manny is getting old. However, for a three year deal, I believe he can perform well during the span. I know Manny's defense is not good, but it's not terrible. After Matsui and Damon's contract expire after 2009 season, we can put Manny in left field and share DH spot with Posada at the last two years of their contracts or put Swisher to one of corner outfielders' position, Posada at first base and Manny at DH spot.

For 2009 season, I believe Joe Girardi can figure out a plan to rotate Manny, Damon, Matsui, Melky/Gardner, Posada(if he needs time away from catcher position), Swisher, Nady on all outfielder, first base and DH spots well.

Jeter and A-Rod eventually will need to move their positions to first base, DH or corner outfielder(in Jeter's case). That's why it's better not to give out 8-10 years contract to Teixeira and tie up first base position to him.

Thursday, December 4, 2008


I am surprised at Yankees' decisions of not offering arbitration to Abreu. It takes me couple of days to determine my opinion. I understand why Yankees don't offer arbitration to I-Rod and Pettitte, but I still believe Abreu can get a multi-year contract from someone. However, Yankees front office certainly know the market better than fans. Not to mention there are quite few options available for corner outfielders.

I believe Pettitte will be back and sign with Yankees at 12-13 million during winter meeting. As for I-Rod, Yankees don't need a third catcher at an expensive price who is not suitable for them and many pitchers on the team don't want to pitch to him. I believe Posada will recover from his injury. There is a chance I-Rod will accept arbitation to get a one year deal with high salary and try to play well in order to go back to free agent market next season. If Yankees pay that kind of salary to him, there is no chance they don't play him and put him on the bench. Not to mention, Molina and Posada probably won't be happy about that.

The same goes to Abreu. He may be willing to accept a one year deal at 16-18 million and go back to free agent market next year instead of signing a multi-year deal with much lower price. Not to mention he loves to play for Yankees and hit in front of A-Rod certainly help him as well.

I really think Brian Cashman will keep doing what he has been done which is getting younger. The plan for Yankees this off-season is to improve their pitching and defense which I agree with. Nady may not put up Abreu-like number, but his defense certainly close that gap. Yankees offense should be fine if Posada and Matsui are healthy and Jeter, Cano and A-Rod have a bound back year. Swisher may not match Giambi-like number, but his defense on first base certainly close that gap as well. Not to mention Nady and Swisher have chances to match Abreu and Giambi' numbers.

Don't underestimate the importance of budget. I was a producer for documentaries, music videos, plays, films and was part of production team for TV programs. Some of them I have bigger budgets, others are at small budgets. Not matter how much money I have, I need to allocate money and resources to different areas in production. Of course, I have to go through with all pre-production meetings with the whole production teams to determine our focus and allocate money and resources. Not to mention I never decide to spend all the money I have because you never know what will happen during production and post-production.

Abreu leaves Taiwan today

Abreu came to Taiwan few days ago for his own business. He also threw out ceremony first pitch in Taiwanese high school tournament and went to one of high school baseball team for a lecture with young players to share his experience. Of course, Wang was a host to Abreu and took him around somewhere in Taiwan. For some amazing reasons, Wang was able to do it without getting caught by media.

When Abreu just arrived in Taiwan at airport station, Abreu said he is happy because he is going to meet his boy(Wang). He also said he hopes to stay with Yankees, but has to wait and see what happen in the free agent market.

By the way, Wang has a busy half month for commercial and charity events. He stays at home for his rehab and personal training that begins in December. Once he gets the documents he needs for visa, he is going to go to Arizon for personal training.