Thursday, December 25, 2008

I hope not

I heard this on the radio. Because of signing Teixeria, Yankees withdraw their offer to Andy Pettitte. I hope not. If we can get Pettitte back as a no.4 starter, it will give us some safty net. Of course, it's fine for me to watch kids pitching.

But, Because Joba can only pitch 150 innings, Yankees eventually will need one of kids to fill up innings for him. Ideally, if we get Andy back, Hughes or one of kids will pitch other innings in no.5 spot. If we put Joba in no.4 spot, it means we can't skip him when there is a off day.Not to mention there are some risks involving with the possibility of CC, A.J. and Wang getting hurt.

The most important thing is I really want to see Pettitte pitching for one more season. Hopefully, this is a wrong information.

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