Wednesday, December 24, 2008

Manny's attitude is not the main concern for Yankees

There are two different news coming out regard of Jeter's comments on Manny. One is from Mlb. The other from the Star-Ledger.

Jeter is kind of person believe Yankees can win with whatever team they have. Even if Yankees don't sign CC and AJ, he would say Yankees can win it all as well. I remember Jeter said Wang is the no.1 pitcher and believe young pitchers when everyone cry for Santana last off-season, including Posada. Of course, he feels Yankees have enough offense with what they have in the lineup now.

The most interesting quote from Jeter's interview is

"It's just when you're out on the field, you're trying to accomplish one thing, and we welcome people with their own personalities."

I always feel if there is one team out there can handle Manny's attitude, it will be Yankees. Players on Yankees can play with anyone with all kind of personalities. The question becomes "Can Manny play hard all the time on Yankees?" I actually believe Manny will do that as long as Jeter, Mo and Posada are still on the Yankees.

In the end, I believe Manny's attitude is not be the thing Yankees concern the most. Yankees probably concern about his not so good defense on left field, many players for limited spots and years they need to give for a soon to be 37 year old slugger. I guess Yankees will wait out the market and hopes price to come down within reasonable range. Of course, this assumes Yankees don't get Teixeira.

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