Thursday, December 11, 2008

Who is up next?

Right now, here is the question. Who is up next? Who do you want more next?

Me? I think Yankees will sign two more out of Burnett, Sheets, Lowe and Pettitte. I will put Burnett and Sheets as a group and Lowe and Pettitte as a group. And then I will pick one out of each group. Burnett and Sheets have similar risk of getting injured but have similar odds at being ACE. Lowe and Pettitte are inning eaters and pitching well in playoffs.

Who do you pick from each group?

Me? I will pick Sheets and Pettitte from each group for simple reason. We can get them at shorter deal.


MJB said...

I totally agree that they will get 2 of the 4 you mentioned. I also agree the best 2 would be Andy and Sheets for the reason you said, shorter contracts. My 3rd choice was originally Lowe because I think he's better than Burnett, but now i'm looking at them as kind of the same. I guess Lowe has less injury problems, so he gets the edge. Doesn't matter what I seems like the Yankees like Burnett best. I guess I can live with him, but they'll be stuck with him for 5 years. Really thats not bad because even if he declines, he'll only be counted on as the #3 (behind CC and Wang). If Hughes, Joba, or Aceves step up, then Burnett would possibly only be needed as a #4 or 5. Throw in Lowe instead of Pettitte and thats a good rotation for many years provided at least one of Hughes/Joba/Aceves ends up being a #3-level starter. That last point is still a big assumption for now.

Jessica Lee said...

Even though I don't prefer to sign Burnett at first place, I will root for him as hard as possible. That being said, he did pitch very well against AL East opponents. One thing I agree with you. We don't expect him to be an ACE. For 2009, he just need to be a no.3 starter.

As for Lowe, Yankees' defense is not real good for him.

As for Sheets, His medical records may say something that Yankees scare of. On top of that, He hasn't prove he can pitch in AL East which is an edge Burnett do has.

Anonymous said...

I heard that Sheets has great numbers against the NL East, so the Mets ought to sign him.

Jessica Lee said...

I believe Sheets' medical record must show something if Yankees don't sign him for a short term contract.