Saturday, December 13, 2008

Come on, Andy

Welcome to Yankees, AJ. Even though I am not too crazy about giving you five year deal because of injury history, please stay healthy and go to get Rays and Red Sox.

What a rotation we have! I hope we can hear a good news from Andy pretty soon. If I have to choose between Andy and Sheets, I certainly will choose Andy.

CC, Wang, AJ, Andy, Joba.

Right now, Cashman just need to make sure two more things and then that will be our 2009 Yankees.

First of all, Get us an impact bat to protect A-Rod within the budget. Under this assumption, I don't think we will get either Teixeira or Manny unless the market totally drop which I don't think so. Who else?

Secondly, Fix bench. With this economy, we certainly can fix this by waiting out the market.

Updated: I think Yankees will wait Andy's decision right now. Yankees may be willing to throw out few more million dollars for him. I really think Yankees will prefer to have Pettitte back for that no.4 spot, especially when you consider Pettitte always takes the ball and is willing to sign a one year deal.


Anonymous said...

You can never tell what Manny will decide, but I wouldn't count on him. Bradley and Dunn are the only other particularly strong bats that I've on the market.

Todd Drew said...

The rotation is looking very good indeed. I feel this is going to be a Cy Young year for Wang.

Anonymous said...

I don't think anyone could beat out Cliff Lee. Wang has been the second best sinkerballer in the league for a few years now, behind Brandon Webb, I think the Wanger would be awesome in such a pansy league like the NL West, but you don't get many Cy young winners out of the AL East. Not when you have to face the Sox, Rays, and Orioles (who can hit the long ball, but give it up as well!) Wang will win you 20, but it won't be pretty. And hop..I guess Abreu is chopped liver huh?

Jessica Lee said...

I think Dodgers eventually will give Manny 3-4 years deal. They really need him in that weak lineup.

I just feel Yankees will get one more impact bat to improve offense because we have so many "if" in our lineup now.

Jessica Lee said...

As for Wang, I just know he disapperes in public place and stay at home for training since he gets to Taiwan, except few charity events and commercial.

Wang may be able to win a Cy Young Award if he beats up opponents' no.4 starters every time out since so many fans think he is no.4 starter behind CC,Joba,AJ.

Just Kidding. I am just amazed by how important strikeouts for fans and how unimportant Wang to them.

I don't care which spot Wang will be in for 2009 season. I don't think Wang will be able to win a Cy Young Award because of his low strikeouts and low profile.

I just hope he can stay healthy and keep pitching well for another 10 years. Of course, the most important thing is winning some championships for Yankees.

Anonymous said...

There was an interesting article on Wang in The Hardball Times Annual a couple years ago. Looking at specific game data, rather than totals, the author (sorry, I forget who it was and I'm too lazy to look it up) concluded that Wang has the ability to strike out batters, but chooses to reserve it for particular situations (presumably to keep his pitch count down).

As for Abreu, I think he's still a quality hitter, but his slugging is not what it once was. I guess it depends on your definition of an "impact" bat is.

Jessica Lee said...

I think I know which article you talk about. I remember that article as well.

In fact, After having a shoulder surgery in 2000 when Wang was in the minor league, there are two things happening to Wang. First of all, he feels his carrer may stay longer if he doesn't throw mid-90 all the time. Secondly, He lost the feeling for his slider. After that, he couldn't throw as well as he did before. However, Wang feels his slider keep getting better after Gator becomes pitching coach.

As for Abreu, I don't mind Yankees get him back. However, it is better for 2 year deal at maxium which I don't think he will be willing to do it based on market,especially when you consider that Ibanze gets his 3 year deal at age 36.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous said...

oops..hey Jessica click my name, its a link for you. I think you're a great candidate! You're very insightful, thoughtful, and in-depth.

oops..another 1 of my posts went 'anonymous' ..grrr >:(

Jessica Lee said...

Thanks for the link. Ha! We think the same thing. In fact, I already sent an email to Peter for this assignment.

So, that Anonymous is you? I get it. By the way, what is your plan for holiday?

Jessica Lee said...

Thanks for compliment. I will do my best.

Anonymous said...

Taking a quick look at the remaining FA list, Burrell is another one that could help out. Some older and/or otherwise risky choices :


And there's always Barry...

Anonymous said...

I'm taking the 400 mile or so trip homw to nyc for the holidays with family. I get about 3 1/2 weeks off. How about yourself? Lol..this feels more appropriate for facebook,

Jessica Lee said...

It really sounds we don't have many good options to choose. Unfortunately, I pay much more attention on AL East,especially for Yankees. So, I won't pretend I am good at those stuffs.

But, Ha! You are just kidding,right? No, Barry.

Jessica Lee said...

Ya! You are right. Let me answer that on facebook.

Anonymous said...

Barry is working on his comedy routine or something. But I would love to see Manny, and Barry in the Bronx. It would only work out on some fantasy scenario, not in the big media of new york city. Trust me, I live in nyc. It would be a disaster. The news cycle is literally 24 hours a day, the coverage is non-stop, the scrutiny would be an unbearable distraction, but they are clearly both top ten feared hitters all time. I would not miss a game !! lol. Either one could DH for a good 4 or 5 years with good productivity if you alternate them game by game. They are well known *hard workers* really dedicated to their hitting crafts. I loved watching Bonds, I love watching Manny. Two really exciting players, hated by everybody.

Anonymous said...

I meant "hopbitters" is working on his comedy routine.. you can see where my thoughts were..

hopbitters said...

I was joking initially, but the more I think about it, the more sense Barry makes for NY. He's willing to work for the league minimum, which means the risk is minimal.

If he can perform at about 60% of his former self, that's still better than 90% of the DHs in the league. If he doesn't, so what? Ship him off to Palookaville and eat the minimal salary. On the other hand, if he performs at 80% or higher, he's competing for the best in the league.

As for the attention he'll draw, we know it won't affect his play and it will draw attention away from A-Rod.

I really don't understand why people object to him so much - he's probably the third best HR hitter all time and top five overall. Yes, he's a jerk and 99% likely a steroid user/perjurer, but how bad is that in the scheme of things? I mean, nobody batted an eye when we picked up a guy who had multiple DUI convictions and assaulted a judge while compiling a career 90-some ERA+. Yet Barry gets everyone's blood boiling.

Anonymous said...

I'm glad people like you exist out there, hop! I just shed a tear! The man has extraordinary talents, and still put up great numbers in his last season. He did amzing thing, steroids or not. And personally, I don't blame him. He played in a huge ballpark, and was the featured hitter! He had not protection. Of course, I say that jokingly, you want integrity of the game and everything, but I mean... Imagine if that guy played in camden yard, or Citizens bank ballpark! Or the short porch in right!! I get excited thinking about it!