Friday, May 21, 2010

Are the yankees in trouble?

Ok. I know Yankees don’t have a bad record so far. However, there are two things very obvious right now.

First of all, Yankees certainly don’t have the same luck this year as they received last year in the injury department.

And then Cashman’s offseason moves don’t work out too well, do it? Most of predictions I made on the post of What Cashman has done this off-season become reality.

I know Hideki Matsui doesn’t perform so well in LA land. However, at least, he is playing. Who knows how he will perform in the Yankees lineup. But, Nick Johnson is hurt again and sits on the 60 days disable list.

The plan of replacing Johnny Damon with Curtis Graderson doesn’t work, either. Not to mention that Austin Jackson plays quite well in Detroit. On top of that, Javier Vazquez seems can’t handle the pressure of playing in New York while many old players show their ages, including Posada, Andy and Mo. These problems only prove my concerns about the catcher and bullpen are legitimate.

We only can hope Yankees can weather this storm.

Let’s Go Yankees!