Saturday, March 28, 2009

My prediction for 2009 Roster on December 6th

Originally, I am planning on writing my latest projected 2009 Yankees 25 man roster on opening day. I find out my prediction for 2009 Roster on December 6th around winter meeting amazingly closes to latest projected one I am going to post. I explained why I predict this 25 man roster on comment section, If you are interested, please use link to read them.

This is my post on December 6th,

1. Yankees will sign two free agent starting pitchers to go with Pettitte. Hopefully, The rotation(5) will be as follow,

Joba(R)-No.5-Innings limitation
Hughes, Kennedy or Aceves wait on AAA
Aceves or Giese as a long man or spot starter in the bullpen

2. Yankees sign one impact bat to protect A-Rod. Someone has to sit on the bench. Hopefully, the lineup(9) will be as follow,

Damon LF/CF/DH(L)
Jeter SS(R)
A-Rod 3B(R)
Manny LF/DH(R)
Matsui LF/DH(L)
Posada C/1B(S)
Cano 2B(L)
Swisher/Nady 1B/CF/RF(S/R)
Melky/Gardner CF/LF/RF(S/L)

Cody Ransom

3. Bullpen(7) is set as follows,

Marte(Setup man)
Coke(Lefty specialist)
Burney.Veras.Edwar(6.7th inning)
Aceves/ Giese(Long man/spot starter)

Even though Yankees surprises me by signing Teixeira instead of Manny and A-Rod's hip injury comes out of nowhere, I still come very close to my latest projected 2009 Yankees 25 man roster on Opening Day.





*I have heard and read many different analysis of putting Jeter on leadoff spot and Damon on second slot. However, I don't see the big difference between Jeter on leadoff spot and Damon on leadoff spot because both are all capable of hitting at either spot and only time Jeter will lead off may be the first inning of the ball game. As long as both players feel comfortable of switching spot, I have no problem with that.

*When you choose utility infielder for Yankees, you don't need to choose one who "may" hit more with a bad glove because he is not going to get many at bat. Pena plays great defense with speed and upside.

*When all said and done, I believe Swisher should help us a lot and get pretty playing time.

Classy move by Yankees

This is one of reasons I am a Yankees fan.

According to Peter's blog,

One of his readers, Brendan, his family organizes a yearly 3-on-3 basketball tournament in memory of their father. All proceeds are donated to the Leukemia & Lymphoma Society. They contacted all the pro sports franchises in the area, seeking tickets to raffle off. Yankees responded within an hour and donated some seats. The other teams did not step up.

“It is not so much a knock against the other franchises, but it says something impressive about the Yankees,” Brendan wrote.

In my opinion, it's good to hear any person or organization help out people or give back to society when they have that ability.

Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Yankees vs Red Sox

7:51pm Posada just makes a fair and solid throw to get Ellsbury. Not a very good throw. Again. There are still around 2 weeks to get to regular season.

7:57pm Burnett has been very impressive so far for 4 innings. If Burnett can stay healthy, he can help us a lot.

8:17pm I don't think they know internet in Australia is so expensive especially after mid day before midnight, but this game is gone through so quickly.

8:41pm It will be criminal at this point for Gardner not to be our center fielder once season starts. The first run of the game for Yankees is basically Gardner's run. It's very exciting to have this kind of speedy and exciting player on our team. By the way, Good job for Damon as well. Damon is behind the count and hit the ground ball to get the run in.

8:55pm Mo is Mo. However, I think Mo's velocity and location hasn't all the way back yet.

9:17pm Am I watching the same game Michael Kay watches? Kay says Marte doesn't look shape at all. I actually think Marte looks much better than his first spring outing. Even though there is a wild pitch and many full count, I think Marte throws a lot of good pitches.

Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Wang with Posada at Phillies

1:56pm So, Posada and Wang don't have good luck in terms of rainouts. Yankees don't want them to travel a lot. They end up with moving more than 2 places

2:03pm Wang has very economical pitching counts in first inning. 1 ground ball 2 flyouts

2:08pm Yankees and coach staff probably are scared to death when Phillies pitcher almost walks Wang to first base.

2:11pm Wang is in trouble to begin second inning. Trouble always begins at walk. Guess what? Wang is always one pitch away from double play.

Posada is tested for first time of this game. Runner steals second successfully. Since I can't see it, I don't know how Posada looks. But, Wang strikes out the batter to end the inning. Wang throws a lot of balls in second inning.

2:25pm Back to back walk to Posada and Damon. If Posada can catch 110 games, that will be a huge upgrade for 2009 season.

2:30pm Yankees tie the game for Nady's infield single. See. Trouble always begins at walk.

2:37pm Wang's command and control is not so good today, but he comes up with another double play. I think Wang tries to practice his secondary pitches, such as slider, changeup and splitter. When he is in trouble, he always has sinker to go to.

2:45pm Wang is very underrated in terms of his defense. He just makes a great play to end the inning. There are two hits Wang gives up today are basically ground ball. But, his command and control is not too good.

3:16pm It seems to me Wang get tired once he reaches his pitch counts. I am listening to Phillies announcers for this game. Why they talk like Damon hits .200 last season? Come on, I know Damon doesn't have a great arm which everyone knows it, but the guy hits over .300 at leadoff spot.

3:25pm Wang's day is done. Bruney is up and strike out first two batters he face. However, Bruney gives up another run for Wang and 2 runs for himself. I believe Joba should be in the bullpen crowd will be out pretty soon.

4:05pm When Giese follows Bruney's step to get killed, I believe Joba should be in the bullpen and our bullpen are terrible crowd will be all out by now. Come down, guys. This is a spring training game. Sometimes all relief pitchers have the bad days together. It seems to me Tomko will be long man job.

4:09pm The most important thing of this game is Wang pitching solid and hopefully Posada comes out healthy and feel good after throwing to second once.

Monday, March 23, 2009

Aceves starts with CC in minor league

1:21pm I just turn on computer and watch Rays announcers praising Price's strikeout to end the first inning. Come on. I know this feed is from Rays announcers for their home team. Even though Price strikes out Nady, it's a high changeup which is a bad pitch.

1:24pm Hopefully, Aceves is fine. It seems to me Aceves turns his ankle or something. I actually think Aceves pitches well in that first inning even though he loads the bases.

1:37pm Swisher just gets on base by a walk after taking some balls and fouling many pitches. The way Swisher hit and play should bring best out of Nady. Nice competition. The same thing goes to Melky and Gardner.

1:54pm Even though I like the way Aceves pitches, he should try to throw more strikes. It seems to me he always pitches behind in the count. He will be in big trouble if he does that in regular season and faces a more patient team like Red Sox and Yankees.

2:01pm After reading the ball well and catching that fly ball, Gardner just gets on base with a walk. At this stage of spring training, the way Gardner plays is very hard to see Melky winning the job over him barring injury.

2:15pm It's a stupid play by Crawford. Crawford just gets tagged out at third for trying to steal third, especially he just steals second base. When you hit before Pena, what is the difference between second and third. You know what? Pena follows up a single. I know he is confident on his speed, but why do that when you just steal second and a left hand hitter(Pena) is on the plate. Even though Rays eventually score one run, Crawford basically causes his team one run.

2:25pm The way Rays hitters run crazily off Cash today. We better not to let Posada catch first series against Rays. It will be better to let Molina catch this series to stop running game. First run of this game is basically from steal. That not only prevents Rays from running but also avoids Posada hurting himself for trying to catch runners at this early of season.

2:37pm I am watching this game on MLB.TV. I know the feed is Rays network, but it has been very hard for me to stand this broadcasting. The way they praise their home team and down on other teams as much as they can is unbearable.

2:55pm I know Swisher didn't throw very well to second base when he tries to start a double play. However, the throw is not horrible. I actually think we get the runner. Swisher just make a terrific play at first when the ball will be down the line for a double.

2:58pm All the throws Cash make to second base are all very terrible. He should not have anything to do with Yankees major league club.

3:12pm Marte has a relatively easy solid first inning of spring training.

3:16pm Igawa's scoreless inning streak is on verge of being broken. Amazing! Igawa just strike out when there are runners on second and third with less than 2 outs. The locations of Igawa's pitches are better.

3:22pm Even though Igawa gives up a walk after a tough at bat by Rays hitter, Igawa loads the bases and gets out of it. Cashman definitely is working on trading Igawa if he can do it now.

3:24pm Rays announcers really use every chance to praise Rays as much as possible.

3:44pm Igawa loads the base again. m.... Igawa just walks the first run he allows in spring training. Ok. I take it back. The way Igawa pitches should have nothing to do with Yankees big league club. His command and control really doesn't look like the most Japanese pitchers I often see. His command and control is better, but it still is not good enough for American league.

Sunday, March 22, 2009

Some Random Spring Training thoughts

*I know spring training records don't count. Most of time, many minor league players play at the end of game who end up affecting the score of game. However, I do think it means something while Yankees wins 9 straight and 11 of last 12 because there are only 2 weeks away from regular season.

During the end of spring training, many major league players stay in the game. Hitters may try to execute some game plans from coach staff once a while based on game situations, but they want to get a hit no matter in spring training, regular season or playoffs.

Starters may try to practice their secondary pitches more, but they still need to get their primary weapons ready for regular season. At this stage of spring training, a lot of relief pitchers are fighting for spots on the major league teams, so they need to pitch as well as possible.

Do you know why Yankees wins 9 straight? Pitching. The last 12 games, Yankees pitching gives up 0-3 runs most of games.

*It's good and bad to hear Hughes being sent down to minor league. It's good because it means we have a great pitching staff and no spot is open to Hughes. It's bad because he really pitches well. That being said, Hughes is only 22 year old and he will turn 23 this june. Hughes certainly can use this opportunity to make sure his new curveball, cutter and changeup ready. I hope Yankees call him up when Joba gets to his innings limit, not because of injury.

*Things just like what I say about Joba during live-blogging. He uses spring training to practice his curveball which is his third best pitch. He will need that pitch once season starts. We all know Joba has fastball and slider to go to. Every starters use spring training to practice their secondary pitches. Wang practices his slider and changeup.

Joba's 5th Spring Training Outing

1:21pm It sounds like Joba has a good first inning of work. Suzyn and John say Yankees hope Joba can get batters out at fewer pitches. I actually don't concern about that. As a no.5 pitcher, if big 4 are doing they are supposed to do, we should have well-rested bullpen to back up Joba. That is the lesson Joba will learn from pitching more. I don't think that is something young pitchers can suddenly listen to.

1:33pm Damon not only makes a great catch on left field but also move Melky over to third base with less than 2 outs. Let see whether or not Teixeira can get that run in with less than 2 outs. Ok. Texieira walks. I think Matsui can get that run in

1:37pm Probably not. Let see how Nady hit in that spot. Ok. They don't. They have been done this very well so far this spring. I hate to see Yankees can't get the runner on third with less than 2 outs in.

1:40pm Joba is in trouble now after giving out three singles in a row.

1:47pm See Tiger get that runner who is on third with less than 2 outs in.

1:51pm Joba gets out inning and only allows one run even though he uses tons of pitches for that. In the end, How many runs pitchers give up is all the matter.

1:57pm Is it just me to feel this way? Is this Tiger top pitching prospect? The way Yankees keep hitting liners right at fielders. It doesn't sound very impressive for me.

2:08pm I will guess Joba uses spring training to practice his third pitch(curveball) and fourth pitch(changeup). I won't worry about Joba's stats, results and pitching counts.

2:12pm See, another great hit by Yankees. I know he gets tons of money of signing bonus and he is very young.

2:15pm Joba uses 57 pitches for three innings. Wow! A lot of pitches.

2:16pm Damon hita another ball hard to drive in first run for Yankees. I just finish the previous sentence. Teixeira comes up with another double for another run. Yankees leads 2-1 over Tiger. I think Tiger will definitely rush him if they put this 19 year old young pitching prospect on the big league team out of spring training.

2:22pm The way Swisher demonstrates his ability at plate and the way he plays defense when you compare him with Nady. I don't think why Swisher can't beat out Nady for right fielder job. I really don't think Girardi should grant right fielder job to Nady by default.

2:28pm Joba's day is done. 3.1 IP 4H 5K 1R/ER 63 Pitches.

2:33pm Damon makes another great play and saves a run. I sometimes don't understand so many so called experts claim how terrible defense Yankees has on every position. I think Damon is above average left fielder. If Damon can play a capable left fielder, I can't see why Jeter can't do it when he and Yankees decide to move from short stop position.

2:36pm I know a lot of Yankees fans don't like the way Suzyn and John broadcast on radio. However, they are fine for me when you compare with other radio announcers. I know they like to express their opinion a lot, but at least we can understand what exactly happen on the field. They also give us many information on both teams on the field.

2:48pm Miscommunication between Cano and Nady?

3:00pm Yankees certainly can be benefited from competition of all out fielders positions once Matsui can start playing outfield position. At least center fielder and right fielder will be in competition.

3:02pm Forget to mention. Melky improve the ability of running and putting bunts done. I agree with Sterling that Yankees play fundamental baseball better. However, Teixeira strikes out with runner on third with less than 2 outs after Nady did once earlier. Maybe today is one of days Yankees hitters just can't do it or opponents pitchers pitch better when runners on scoring position.

3:07pm Mo is up. Yes. Mo certainly will throw more pitches that last time out. Five pitches for strike out. Next pitch for ground out. Three pitches for a ground ball single. Three pitches for third out of the inning. Mo's line 12 pitches 10 strikes 2 balls 2SO 1GO 1H.

3:14pm Everyone is worry about who will be closer once Mo retires. Why worry about something is so far away? The way Mo pitches and the command and control Mo demonstrates I don't see why Mo can't pitch few more years.

3:34pm Edwar is in trouble and give up the tie run. Spring training stats sometimes mean nothing for major league pitchers. Not to mention, Edwar is behind everyone because of injury. I know many Yankees fans concern how Edwar, Bruney and Veras will perform and hope other youngsters to win the job. I know the trio don't have good command and control, but we know we have a lot of replacements down the farm if they can't get the job done once season starts.

3:51pm Miranda certainly can hit, but his defense is not good at all. By the way, Veras comes in and gives up another run after Miranda hits a two runs homerun.

Two small Wang's tidbits

I have read two interesting tidbits related to Wang from Taiwanese website.

Yankees is going to meet Tiger this afternoon. Wang may have a chance to greet a Tiger relief pitcher named Fu-De Ni who is a Taiwanese. Fu-De Ni is a lefty and the first player comes from CPBL(Chinese professional baseball league-Taiwanese professional baseball league). However, Fu-De Ni is two year younger than Wang and they never haven't met each other. Fu-De Ni is expected to be in the minor league first.

The other one is Wang's memory of old Yankees stadium. Wang says he has so many great memories in the old Yankees stadium and definitely will miss old Yankees stadium. What does he remember the most in old Yankees stadium? Wang says it's his major league debut. Wang says his major league debut is the only game he feel nervous. He still can remember how nervous he is in that game. After that, he never feel nervous no matter how big the game is.

Saturday, March 21, 2009

Upcoming Pitching Schedule

Peter posts upcoming pitching schedule on his blog,

Friday: Hughes vs. Minnesota (Pettitte will pitch in a minor-league game)
Saturday: Joba vs. Detroit
Sunday: Aceves vs. Tampa Bay (CC will pitch in a minor-league game)
Monday: Tomko vs. Philadelphia (Wang will pitch in a minor-league game)
Tuesday: Giese vs. Boston (Burnett will pitch in a minor-league game)
Wednesday: Team is off (Pettitte will pitch in a minor-league game)

Most starters will pitch in minor league game in the day they are supposed to start. I think it's a good idea for two reasons. First of all, Yankees coach staff can use this opportunity to take a look at all candidates for long man in the bullpen. Secondly, we don't have to let other AL teams(especially those AL East teams) get a feeling of our starters before season starts.

Friday, March 20, 2009

Burnett's 3rd Spring Training Outing

8:11pm I wake up one hour late, but I only miss one and half inning? There must be a lot of base runners. The pace of this game is much slower than the game Wang pitches. I know Burnett gives up one run and has allowed quite few base runners. I don't care the result. I am glad Burnett faces some difficulties and can have something to improve on. If Burnett keep having almost perfect spring outing, that will give many Yankees fans unrealistic expectation as well. Hopefully, Burnett's left arm is fine when he was hit by pitch.

8:17pm The way Blue Jay pitching staff constructs and forms, they and Orioles are going to lose many games this season.

8:20pm I am impressed the at bat by Swisher. Actually, he has been done this quite a while. He always can work the count well by making contact with good pitches and not swinging at bad pitches. On the other hand, it seems Nady is not as selective as Swisher. I believe Swisher is going to help us a lot if Girardi can give him enough playing time. I believe Giardi will like Swisher this kind of player. When all said and done, he will beat out Nady for right field job.

8:43pm I think Burnett is fine when you consider he not only can't command his breaking pitches but also can't locate his fastball. However, I am not sure how he will fare if he most major league hitters.

8:46pm Bruney has a fine first inning of work when he takes over Burnett because he can make adjustment on the mound when he can't throw his fastball for strike. However, don't forget to give Posada credit for that.

9:28pm Ok. My computer gives up on me. When I come back, I find out Bruney give up two runs and gets taken out of game. I not only miss this but also miss Mo's quick inning work.

10:04pm We certainly get more chances to look at kids because of the absence of A-Rod, Jeter and Cano, such as Pena and Nunez, etc.

As long as everyone is healthy and they know what they can improve on their game, I am not worrying about spring training number.

Thursday, March 19, 2009

Wang's 4th Spring Training Outing

I won't be able to listen to the whole game. I probably will stay few innings.

1:10pm It sounds like Cano hits the ball hard. Teixeira has another hit.

1:19pm It sounds like Wang doesn't have a very good start when he gives up few hard hit balls.

1:28pm It seems to me Melky often hits behind in the count.

1:30pm Astros has been lost a lot this spring training. Hopefully, Yankees will be the team lose to them.

1:33pm It sounds like Wang pitches a little bit better in second inning than first inning.

1:41pm Yankees hitters haven't figured out Hampton yet.

1:43pm It seems Wang gets his fair share of groundballs. Another swinging strikeout for Wang.

1:45pm Could Astros announcers stop talking themselves? Geez. What a terrible broadcasting. By the way, Wang gets two more groundballs and has retired 7 batters in a row.

1:51pm Yankees still hasn't done much against Hampton. Swisher has another good at bat after working to a full count and ending up with a single.

1:55pm They always say "if you want to get to good pitchers, you need to get them early." It seems to me Wang always has troubles in first inning.

2:12pm I have been waiting Astros announcers to tell me who is the pitcher on the mound for us. Finally, they tell me is Wang. Geez. Wang comes back to pitch 5th inning. Three more groundballs.

2:19pm It's about time for Yankees offense to do something against Astros' pitchers. Wang has been economical on pitches he throws.

2:25pm Teixeira walks in the 6th with 2 outs. That's first walk of the game for both teams. Amazing.

2:28pm The game has gone through so quickly. Wang's day is done. 5IP 3H 1ER/R 10GO 3FO 2SO. Who is up? Astros announcers say is Tomko who is righty. Peter says on his blog is Coke who is lefty. Geez. Someone must be wrong. If Astros announcers get this wrong, it will be ridiculous. One throws with right hand. The other throws with left hand.

2:44pm When I check boxscore, it says Coke. Geez. Amazing! They even can't get this simple fact right.

2:45pm Yankees finally puts two runs on the board. Even though Yankees offense can't do much against Hapmton for 5 innings. However, Wang shut down opponents until Yankees finally break through Astors reliever. Yankees pitching staff is going to carry this team.

2:53pm This is really confusing. Astros announcers still insist Tomko is on the mound. I guess it should be Coke in 6th inning while Tomko is in 7th inning.

3:07pm Yankees pitching staff has given up 0-2 runs per game recently.

3:17pm Veras always make me nervous. Well, bases loaded with 2 outs. Veras gets out of that mess, but he makes me nervous again.

USA wins in bottom of 9th

Well, I guess I miss the most exciting part of this game when I fall sleep and turn off computer. My first impression is the closers of two teams are terrible. Thanks god we have Mo.

I actually think Jeter demonstrates better range up to middle even though he doesn't come up with two balls hit toward middle. Of course, Jeter obviously slow down because of age that is natural. Not to mention, Jeter walks in the 7th inning on critical spot and hits ball hard in the 9th inning. It will be important for Cano to play better defense and help out Jeter up to middle.

Two teams certainly put on a great show. As a baseball fan, I certainly can't ask more. The most impressive play for me is the catch Beltran does in the center field.

As Jeter keeps playing WBC, we certainily get more chances to watch more prospects and bench guys playing. The spring training is long way to go. There is no need to rush any player or get Jeter back as long as they are healthy.

Wednesday, March 18, 2009

CC's 3rd Spring Training Outing(All eyes on Posada/Mo)

7:19pm I am exciting to watch CC pitching for the first time on YES I believe. It looks like CC has a good start. CC strikes out two of three batters he face. Bad news is Posada doesn't have chances to test his arm again.

7:25pm Any thought to put Posada on leadoff spot? Ha! Well, if he can run faster, it will be a vital option. Just kidding.

7:28pm Teixeira just strike out when runners on first and second. If this happen in regular season, he is in trouble.

7:31pm I am one of supports for Matsui. I believe he will contribute a lot and will be extremely important for us, especially after A-Rod's injury.

7:37pm The way Yankees pitching staff builds up, there must be a nice friendly competition within pitching staff.

7:39pm Melky also was out for one pitch in the first inning. Melky really needs to show more patience.

7:41pm Because of the balk, we lose a chance for Posada to throw out runner. By the way, USA is behind. Jeter is on his way to be back with us.

7:43pm Posada makes the first throw to third base. Even though the throw is not good, hopefully he comes out healthy.

7:54pm Are you watching WBC and come back to watch Yankees game during break? or another way around?

7:56pm USA leads 2-1 while Yankees also leads 2-1.

7:59pm Two more strikeouts for CC. If our pitching staff stay healthy, we will have a unbelievable season. I can't wait the season to start.

8:06pm It looks like we get a good no.3 and no.4 hitters in our lineup, right? Teixeira hits a double down the line and then Matsui hits one out. Well, Nady hits another double. Yankees experienced hitters are very tough on young pitchers because they can not do the same thing for second time around and they will hammer any mistake.

8:13pm Even though Melky hits a double, but I don't like he basically hits every pitch is thrown to him.

8:18pm I actually like we are able to watch more prospects and bench guys playing because of the absence of Jeter, Cano and A-Rod.

8:23pm Even though the score of spring training doesn't count, hopefully Yankees can good at bat on situational hitting. Yankees have done that well so far. Well, great to see. Posada drives in two more runs.

8:27pm You know why Yankees have hit well so far this spring? Because we don't have a all star in every position, a lot of players just want to get on base for big hitters hitting behind them.
8:30pm I agree with what Peter said on his blog. I don't think Yankees will bring back CC after long half inning.

8:33pm Teixeira has another good at bat. I need to ask this again. Do we have mercy rule in spring training? Bases loaded again in the same inning.

8:40pm I am surprised at seeing CC back to 4th inning. CC goes through 4th inning with some command issue that is expected after long half inning.

8:50pm As you guys know, Internet is not cheap in Australia, especially after 12pm before 12am. Hopefully, I am able to watch Mo pitching.

8:54pm Even though I can't wait to watch Mo pitching, I don't need Melky to hit first pitch he sees to help me out for that. By the way, the pitch Melky hits is a ball. Melky really needs to be selective on the plate.

8:56pm Mo is coming. Yes.

8:59pm Wow! Three pitches for first strike out. Unbelievable! Will it be nicer to let Mo throw more pitches? Well, that's impossible when you consider the control and command Mo has. Mo retires the side with two strikeouts for 11 pitches(8 strikes). How can we live without Mo.

9:18pm A nice second inning work of spring training for Edwar.

9:30pm USA is behind 3-4 in the 6th inning. Jeter is on his way to be with us soon.

9:46pm Even though I want Jeter to be back with us, I am happy to see Jeter having a good at bat when runner on scoring position. Jeter gets on base.

9:58pm If USA would lose this game, it's certainly nicer for Yankees fans to see Youkilis can't come up with big hit and Jeter works out a walk.

Tuesday, March 17, 2009

Good to hear Cano learn from his mistakes

When I point out the mistake Cano makes regard of injury, I am not the one will remember and keep blaming or hating Cano. People make mistake, including me. It's good to hear Cano learn from his mistake regard of this injury involved in WBC.

A Cano's quote from

"The next time that I feel something, I'm going to tell the team before I leave," Cano said. "This is more important than the Classic. That's only three weeks -- this is where I belong. If I wasn't in the big leagues, I wouldn't be invited to play. I've got to put them first."

By the way, a good article to read regard of Cano's thought process. Check it out if you are interested.

Joba's 4th Spring Training outing

1:16pm It's good to hear sort of good news regard of Cano's injury. I am not sure whether that's good news regard of Marte's injury or not. If we need to lose one of them for a period of time, we certainly can't lose more offense after A-Rod's injury.

1:19pm Joba starts with four pitches walk for leadoff hitter. Not good.

1:22pm well, nice comeback for Joba. After four pitches walk, Joba follows a three pitches strikeout. Good to hear Molina's ok. We need him, especially we are not the condition of Posada as a catcher.

1:27pm It turns out a good first inning for Joba, so the mini crisis of healthy status of Joba is over.

1:34pm Gardner is so hot to a point I start worrying about what he will look like once regular season starts.

1:40pm Because I can't see the location of called strike three, I can't make my judgment. However, it's certainly a bad situational hitting for Nady when runner on third with less than 2 outs.

1:44pm Flyout follows by popout. Joba is fine. Another solid inning for Joba.

2:00pm Eric Bruntlett try to steal when Molina catch. A big no no. Of course, Molina got him. With the help of Molina, Joba has another solid inning. Hopefully, Joba works on some pitches successfully.

2:06pm Cody has another good day at the plate. It sounds like Swisher also has another good at at and hit ball hard again.

2:13pm I certainly like Phillies announcers don't just talk about Phillies. However, if they want to talk about stuff of other teams, they better make sure get information right. First of all, Matsui has knee injury the past two season, not hamstring. Ichiro doesn't take a lot of pitches.

2:19pm See, good pitching and defense is more important than offense. Yankees score two runs because of Phillies not so good defense. Joba's solid scoreless three innings make Yankees offense look not so bad.

2:22pm Joba's day is done. 48 pitches and 27 strikes. Not a good strike-ball ratio. Again. Phillies announcers get information wrong. Bruney does comes back from that injury. It's Wang end his season because of the same injury, not Bruney.

2:27pm When Yankees regular starters and relief pitchers start pitching more and getting into game form, Yankees starts winning a lot recently. This certainly is a good news for our Yankees fans.

2:35pm Is it just me to feel this way? When Bruney losses his command for a period of time, I am actually not nervous at all and believe he can get out of inning without allowing runs.

2:44pm It's really hard to understand exactly what happen on the field because of Phillies announcers.

2:55pm Another scoreless inning from Igawa. Any thought?

3:07pm It sounds like Igawa also get helped by Yankees defense on second scoreless inning.

3:19pm A good at bad by Swisher to drive that run in. Instead of pointing out Cano's down year(2008 season), Phillies announcers say Yankees concern about decline of Cano's AVG. Decline? Call .340 to .300 a decline?

3:24pm I don't think Phillies can survive without Cole Hamels. The same thing goes to Mets without Santana. Which team has a healthy ACE may win NL East.

3:29pm A disaster inning for Phillies. Do we have mercy rule in spring training?

3:33pm Igawa is still on the mound.

3:43pm Igawa strikes out the side on third inning work. Any thought? Igawa throws from 5th,6th and 7th inning. It looks like Igawa starts pitching more important innings.

4:08pm Fans attend this game certainly get their money worthy.

4:23pm Yankees win at 12-0 over Philles. I am actually more impressive on pitching than offense. Two games in a row, Yankees pitching shut down opponents.

Monday, March 16, 2009

Posada first action of spring behind the plate

1:16pm Glad to see Posada back

1:23pm Good first inning for Pettitte. I am still nervous to see Posada if he needs to throw to second base. I think Girardi should make Posada work with lefty(CC& Pettitte) more or power pitchers (Burnett& Joba) if he need to split time for Posada and Molina. In my opinion, Molina should work with Joba and Wang more because Wang is a ground ball pitcher and both of them don't hold runners well.

1:29pm I guess we have another candidate for leadoff spot. Good to see Matsui and Posada running well.

1:36pm I guess it's hard to test Posada's arm if Pettitte pitch well. Not to mention, Pettitte is a lefty who holds runners well.

1:48pm Berroa has a good sacrifice bunt while Pena has a good at bat to drive the runner in who is on third with less than two outs. When Jeter, Cano and A-Rod is away from team, Giardi certainly can have a good look at utility infielder.

1:52pm I guess the crisis of Yankees starting pitching is over. Pettitte looks good today.

1:57pm It will be very good for us if Posada can be healthy enough to be a starting catcher for around 110 game. Another chance for Yankees to play fundamental baseball. SEE, Teixeira drives that runner in with a sacrifice fly when runner on third with less than 2 outs. Yankees play fundamental baseball to drive two runs in with less than two outs. I like this kind of game.

2:04pm Matsui hurt opponent pitchers two days in a row. Sound kind of luck for Matsui?

2:06pm Good to hear Coke try to learn hard slider from Gator. I can't image Coke doesn't make the team as long as he is healthy.

2:09pm I don't understand those so called experts claim Yankees have to upgrade their bullpen or put Joba in the bullpen if they really watch Yankees playing.

2:12pm It's too bad Posada doesn't get a chance to throw to second base today. However, it's good to take it slowly. Spring training is still long way to go.

2:29pm If Yankees and Girardi consider Coke as long man, does that open another spot in the bullpen to other pitchers? If you ask me, I won't mess around with Coke. You put him in either as second lefty for one inning or long man. I will play Coke for one or two innings at maxium and put a real long man in the pen.

2:52pm It looks like Berroa may make the team as utility infielder because of the ability of hitting.

Sunday, March 15, 2009

Burnett's 2nd Spring Training outing

1:00pm I am actually pretty exciting to be able to watch Burnett pitching with us first time of spring training.

1:23pm I have no idea how I will feel if I have an arm like Burnett's. It should be a good feeling.

1:32pm That's why you have to watch game. Matsui and Nady all hit ball hard and well in that inning.

1:37pm If Burnett is healthy when playoffs come, we will win a lot of games in playoffs.

1:45pm See, that's why defense is very important. Astros certainly play good defense and at least save one run for their pitcher.

1:50pm Well, Burnett's good performance should at least make fewer experts claim Yankees are in trouble. I certainly can understand why hitters feel uncomfortable when they face Burnett.

2:08pm Burnett certainly looks good today. I am glad to see Burnett get his velocity. However, he still hasn't gotten his command of his breaking pitches completely. Spring training is still long way to go. Homeruns and strikeouts really get people exciting in baseball game.

2:14pm I feel so badly when Astros pitcher get hurt. I believe Matsui feel badly right now. However, it's good to see Matsui to hit ball hard so far this spring training.

2:21pm See. Again. That's why defense is so important in my opinion. When Astros third baseman let the ball go through his legs, Yankees score two more runs.

The way Berroa plays defense. I can't believe Yankees will use him as utility infielder. Hopefully, Yankees and Cashman work on the phone to get another candidate for that job.

2:31pm Good to see Giese pitching a good first inning. I wish Yankees have a tough decision to make at the end of spring training.

2:34pm Gardner just gets on first base on a infield single because of his speed. This is one thing Melky certainly doesn't have.

2:43pm When I was about saying Gardner would steal second base and Matsui would drive him in last inning, Matsui immediately made an out to end the inning. And then I was about posting "Do you guys realize Astros haven't picked up first hit of the game?", Giese gave up a homerun. I certainly don't have any good luck at all.

2:59pm I think Giese pitches well. Nice to see Edwar on the mound again. Great comeback from 3-0 to get a ground ball for Edwar.

3:06pm That's why we should not concern about stats in spring training. Many minor league players don't make plays major league will certain do. By the way, I am not sure A-Rod can field the pop-up as well. You know A-Rod is never good at pop-up. (Just kidding! Don't mad at me)

3:09pm Nice spring training debut for Edwar.

3:11pm I don't mind Yankees win many low scoring games if we are going to score less because of A-Rod's injury. I think our pitching staff(rotation& bullpen) is great. Not to mention that is how you win in the playoffs.

3:25pm If you are one of them leaving game when all regular leave the game in spring training, you miss Cano's first at bat after coming back from WBC. If you guys don't listen to WCBS for this game, go check out 8th inning for first out. Sterling totally loses the ball. It's pretty funny and awful. I sometimes don't understand why WCBS doesn't give Sterling a monitor to work with.

3:37pm Nice inning for Burney as well. Good to see Johnson pitching for his first spring training debut after fighting for his cancer.

3:49pm I know it's spring training. I know a lot of minor league pitchers and position players play in the end of the game at this stage of spring training. However, it's funny how things work out. Met just blew a game in the 9th inning.

Why I say stupid Cano regard of his injury

I want to make one thing clear why I say Cano is stupid regard of his injury. I am not here to judge and tell people what the most important thing is for them because I know everyone has different opinions on importance of different things in their life. Other people should not use their own standard to judge others.

I feel Cano is stupid for two reasons. First of all, I think people should treat any person the same no matter nationality and race. If we want the world becomes peacefully, we should treat other people the same and try to understand them. This just like the way we treat our family. I haven't been able to do that completely, but I work hard toward that direction that I believe it's a right direction.

For me, I cheer and enjoy high performance that is displayed by any athlete from any country and any race. I learn this based on years I have stayed in many places. In the past, I cheered for Taiwanese national team crazily. Now, I won't be extremely upset if my national team or favorite team lose. Of course, I am a Yankees fan. It's still hard for me when Red Sox beat us. But, I respect any athlete or team whose high performance.

That's why I don't mind players want to play in WBC for their countries, but not when they are hurt or just come back from injury.

Secondly, I don't agree athlete should play through pain all the time. I know players play with less than 100% quite often, but at some point they don't help their teams to win. This just like we know we should stay at home and don't go to work if we are sick. Team may lose with you when you play through injury and may win with the replacement. Baseball is a team sport, not individual sport. I sometimes feel players just don't want to lose their playing time or lose their jobs to someone.

Not to mention, Yankee is Cano and Marte's employer. Be able to stay on the field is part of their responsibilities. They have responsibility to inform Yankees and make decision with Yankees, not by themselves. Cano should tell Yankees when he feels that before WBC. Who knows what kind of decision Yankees will make. Yankees may let him play in WBC, but make sure he doesn't play this much. Yankees may send Cano to check out and find out there is nothing wrong with him. And then Cano is clear to play. We are all mad when our friends or family make some huge decisions that impact other people by themselves. It's about respect.

Saturday, March 14, 2009

Wang 3rd Spring Training Outing

7:35pm Well. I keep waiting and waiting for game and then I fall sleep. When I wake up, I miss first inning and then turn on my computer on time to catch Wang gives up a homerun to Lowell.

7:43pm It looks like Wang makes adjustment on his delivery after letting pitches high in the zone for the first two batters of second inning.

7:49pm That is why we sign Teixeira, right? After watching
the way Juan Miranda play defense, I am glad to know Teixeira play first base for us.

7:55pm After the game CC get hit hard, Wang get hit hard by Red Sox as well. This certainly gets many people panic and many experts to claim Yankees are in trouble.

7:57pm It looks like Wang can't find his right delivery. As long as he is healthy, I rather them to get hit hard in spring training and then they can realize their problems. Spring training doesn't count. It's good time to find out their problems.

8:03pm That is why I always say defense is very important. If Teixeira is on first base tonight, Wang will be out of second inning while he only gives up one run. I don't care how official scorer think because spring training doesn't count. Those 6 runs are for Juan Miranda.

However, I am glad Wang faces this tough situation in spring training. It seems to me Wang still struggles with command off his pitches. In the past, we won't see Wang misses location of his pitches time and time again this badly. It looks like Wang has good movement on his sinker, but he hasn't had command yet. And then he leaves all kind of breaking pitches high in the zone.

Wang should be the last guy in the rotation get into game shape. We should not expect him to be ready too soon. Don't forget Wang miss half of 2008 season and hasn't pitched for a long time.

8:18pm It's funny Yankees play long game with Red Sox even though they are in the spring training.

8:28pm Tomko looks good and should be leading candidate on long man in the bullpen.

8:31pm I don't care the result of spring training, but I really hope Yankees somehow hammer Papelbon. Well, it's not happening.

8:44pm I am interested in watching Saito pitching. Saito has a very similar delivery to Dice-K.

9:08pm I am listening to the game right now instead of watching the game because of the price of internet in Australia. It looks like Igawa gets more chances now. We certainly need to give him every chance to succeed.

Stupid Cano

After reading reports from Peter's blog regard how Marte and Cano get hurt, I have to admit I am a little bit mad at Cano when I read Cano feels his shoulder tight before leaving for WBC. He not only doesn't tell Yankees but also goes there to play three games. I can't image what kind of damage Cano will do to himself if Dominican Republic is not eliminated ?

I know Cano gets his long term contract, but he needs to think about his team and Yankees more. I know players play at less than 100% all the time(except Pavano), but not for WBC in my opinion.

oh, no, Marte and Cano get hurt in WBC

According to the report from Peter's blog, Marte and Cano get hurt in WBC and are going to check out by doctors tomorrow. Hopefully, they don't have serious injury. Hopefully, they just have normal sore and pain that happen in the spring training all the time. We better start praying for Jeter and hope USA team to lose sooner than later.

By the way, who you worry more?

It's silly to worry established major leagure pitchers' performance in spring training as long as they are healthy

as title

Wang is selected as one of 48 philanthropists from Asian countries on Forbes annual Heroes of Philanthropy issue

I know Wang is going to start his 3rd spring training game against Red Sox tonight. I will do live blogging. If you guys have time to watch game, why not join me to discuss the game with me on my blog? I am thinking about doing live-blogging for a while, so I will do it when I can from this season on.

A small Wang's tidbit for you. Wang have been done so many good things to help people for many years, but he doesn't want to let people know. Once a while, Taiwanese can find out some good things Wang does for some people or some organizations when those people or organizations reveal some things to media by accident. With stable status on the major league, Wang has started doing these more and more.

If you ask him how Wang feels about this recognition which he is elected as one of 48 philanthropists from Asian countries on Forbes annual Heroes of Philanthropy issue, he probably says no big deal and he does this for helping people, not for fame. By the way, Wang is second youngest philanthropist on that list and the only one is not a entrepreneur.

I always want to help people. When I have that ability, I definitely will do it. I admire anyone who works hard and helps people. That's why I admire and like Wang.

If you guys are interested, use this link to see the whole list.

Wednesday, March 11, 2009

Joba's 3rd Spring Training outing

7:33pm After watching Joba's first 2 innings, Joba's velocity looks just fine. He also has variety of breaking pitches range from 77mph to 85mph. That's why I always say Joba should be a starter.

7:35pm By the way, I saw Moose on the seat with his family.

7:36pm Matsui just hit a leadoff double. Guess who drive him in? Cody. Alex who?

7:40pm I am glad to see someone(Molina) to be able to move runner to 3rd base with less than 2 outs.

7:50pm Is that just misjudged play by Gardner? or hit too hard?

7:57pm I am glad Gardner drive that run in. However, I will be happier Gardner can put that put down successfully. I don't have problems Gardner's aggressive base running.

8:07pm Nice 3 innings from Joba. He should release many people's concern. Coke is up and looks good as well.

8:18pm The most impressive thing I see from Coke is the ability to mix his pitches well. It seems to me Coke is able to locate his fastball well and throw his breaking pitches. Not to mention, he throws a lot of strikes. I hate pitchers walking batters.

8:33pm One thing Gardner often does better than Melky on the plate is seeing more pitches.

8:38pm Why Damon try to steal 3rd base with 2 outs? Someone must miss signs.

8:45pm Is just me to feel this way? Igawa looks good so far this spring. Based on what I see from Igawa pitching, is it possible to have Igawa in the bullpen as a lefty specialist first?

9:01pm If Igawa can pitch low in the strikezone and has command like that, he should be able to pitch good enough in the big league. Since Igawa come to Yankees, I always can't believe how bad Igawa command is because it seems to me Japanese pitchers always have good command and control based on what I have watched for many years.

Tuesday, March 10, 2009

It sounds like a good choice

There is always risk invloving with surgery no matter which one Yankees choose. I trust professionism. If everything goes according to plan, we should be able to get A-Rod back around the beginning of May.

When we make mistakes, we try to learn something from that and make an improvement. There is no need to point fingers for that. Just like Yankees let pitchers to practice bunting this spring training. I believe Yankees should learn how to deal with injury better after A-Rod's injury.

Hughes looks great so far this spring

I hear three innings Hughes pitched yesterday. Based on what I saw the game he pitched against USA team and what I hear so far, I am glad Hughes has pitched great this spring. I am one of believers Hughes will be at least a good no.3 starting pitcher when all said and done. Don't forget one thing, Hughes is 22 year old this season.

By the way, Burnett sounds good as well.

Sunday, March 8, 2009

Wang's 2nd Spring Training outing

1:23pm Except that hanging changeup(I believe) for homerun, it looks like Wang gets good movement on his pitches. However, it seems his command is a little bit better than last time out. I did feel nervous when Wang makes that great play.

1:31pm Is it a straight steal for Damon? or somebody miss the sign?

1:34pm Based on what I read from Taiwanese news, Wang concerns about his velocity a little bit. It looks like velocity of Wang's fastball around 91.92

1:43pm Does this give us some idea what the life will look like without A-Rod? Oh, I speak too fast. Look. Cody gets the first hit for Yankees. Go to get surgery, A-Rod.

1:51pm It looks like that will be it for Wang's 2nd spring training outing. His strike-ball ratio is amazing good except for couple of bad pitches. Teixeira just makes a great play. Teixeira's gold glove is going to help our pitching staff a lot.

1:58pm Our catcher today just has a great AB and ends up with a single.

2:04pm YAH! Wang is done for this afternoon. His final line is impressive: 3 innings, 3 hits, 1 run, 0 walks, 2 strikeouts. 33 pitches, 27 strikes. 6 balls?

2:07pm Tomko looks like leading candidate for long man in the bullpen. Giese and Aceves have to catch up at this moment.

2:18pm The nightmare of RISP last season comes out again. Can someone put the ball in the air, please? I know this is spring training game, but.....

2:25pm Finally, we tie the game in a hard way. Girardi was interviewed by YES now. Girardi sounds like A-Rod will have his surgery.

2:44pm Duncan makes a great play at 1B. This is third great play of Today's game so far. The other two are played by Teixeira and Wang.

2:55pm Wang, Tomko and Coke all give up a solo homerun. It seems they all land on the same place.

3:14pm It looks like the pitcher whose name is very similar to Teixeira and we get for Betemit has interesting stuff, including good looking slider and curve ball.

If you like well pitching game with excellent defense, you will enjoy watching this game. Count me in. I always prefer this kind of game to offense game.

Wang certainly need to keep building up his arm strength that hasn't gotten there yet, but it's still early at this stage of spring training. His command is a little bit better than his first spring training game. Wang was talking about improving his command after first spring training outing. He certainly did it today when you look at his strike-ball ratio.

However, he still get a long way to get into game form in term of velocity and command. That being said, Wang throws all his pitches and looks like he can control them more than last season. If he stays healthy, Wang is going to have a great season.

Saturday, March 7, 2009

Good to hear CC has a nice outing

Because our offense certainly get a huge hit off A-Rod's hip injury, it's nice to hear CC has a pretty good two innings for first game of spring training outing. We certainly need our pitching staff to carry us through this season.

By the way, I am impressed by the ability to walk from Swisher. If I have to choose starting right fielder, he will be my choice.

We need to upgrade bench

I know not only there are a lot of rumors flying around regard of what exactly happen to A-Rod right now but also there are different opinons regard what Yankees should let A-Rod to have surgery now or not.

I can't make up my mind. On one hand, We often want to avoid surgery at all cost. The same thing may apply to baseball players. On top of that, there is no doubt A-Rod is a tough player. If Jeter can play through a broken wrist and Mo can play through a painful shoulder injury most of last season, A-Rod may be able to do it as well. Not to mention, Ultey and Lowell did the same thing last season when they have similar injury.

On the other hand, why not do it now if A-Rod will need surgery eventually. Not to mention, playing through this hip injury may lead to another injury. When you consider A-Rod was signed through until age 42 and Utley and Lowell were not the same player last season, we may just let A-Rod have that surgery now. If we do it now, we have a free March for rehab. If A-Rod needs 5 months to recover, we still can get him back in August for playoff run.

So, I trust any decision Yankees make because they certainly have more information on hand than us. If I have to guess now, Yankees will let A-Rod play through it if this happen during season. Because we still have a month of spring training, some options on trade or free agent market on this bad economy and long term commitment to A-Rod, A-Rod will have his surgery. Right now, Cashman may just try to play game to gain some time in order to get a player to replace A-Rod.

It's impossible to replace A-Rod's production. I won't trade good prospects for a star 3B for this 4 months rental with potential of eating another bad contract. I won't think about moving someone on Yankees now to play 3B(Teixeira, Cano, Nady and Swisher) because it is hard enough for them to step up their games in order to make up A-Rod's absence.

The more I think about it, the more I think the thing Yankees need to do now is upgrading their bench. In the past few years, We have a bad bench because no one wants to sit on Yankees bench when they know they won't have much playing time. Even if we go with Cody Ransom at 3B, we still need another utility infielder. Even if we let A-Rod play through this hip injury, he need to rest more. That's why we difinitely need to upgrade the bench.

I like Mark Grudzielanek or Chone Figgins if we can get them. Because Chone Figgins was signed to almost 6 million and we need to trade prospects for him, it may be better to get Grudzielanek. However, Chone is younger, can play many positions and can do a lot of different things for us when Grudzielanek haven't play at 3B.

P.S After hearing few games in spring training, it seems Berroa's defense is very terrible. It further proves we need to upgrade our bench.

Taiwan lost 0-9 to Korea in WBC

I am not able to watch this game because the price of internet in Australia which is so expensive for me, especially this game is played before midnight in Australia which is much more expensive than after midnight.

However, based on what I hear, read and know, I certainly can give some insight regard of state of Taiwanese baseball to you guys. In term of this tournament, we use a lot of young players to play this tournament that I like because they can gain a lot of experience.

For example, the starting pitcher for this game, a talent young pitcher, tell Taiwanese media after game he was affected by home plate umpire's strikezone. He was so frustrated to the point that affects his emotion and loses control. This certainly is something a lot of young pitchers have to go through. By the way, just in case you guys don't know the result, he gave up a gram slam in the first inning after putting guys on base by walks and hitting batters.

Offense is always the weakness of Taiwanese baseball game. We always have to win game by pitching well. Once pitchers don't pitch well, the chance of winning is not high at all for us to win ball game.

For the past 10 years, Taiwanese baseball have gone through a lot of problems. We get to the point we need to rebuild from the bottom in order to catch Japan or Korea. That's not something we can improve overnight. Concern about the result of WBC is certainly not the one to worry about right now in my opinion.

Friday, March 6, 2009

oh,No.No.No. 10 weeks out for A-Rod?

I just post a post regard of A-Rod's injury and wish he is fine. And then I get this terrible news regard of A-Rod. Image that we hear this news when Teixeira is on Red Sox. So, if this news is true, all we do now is thinking about the solution. The good news is this happens in March. If we have to have injury, it's better to have sooner than later in the season.

Cashman may need to work out a trade to bring someone who is capable 3B. How about an internal candidate or a free agent? Swisher? any prospect down the farm? Eric Duncan? I don't know. Any good suggestion? If we have Cody Ransom to play 3B, we need to bring in another utility infielder. This certainly puts more pressure on newcomers(A.J., C.C, Teixeira) or other players on the team(Cano, Gardner, etc.) to perform.

By the way, Anyone feel happy about any players' injury should feel shame on yourself.

About WBC

Because I have stayed in many different countries and cities, I actually think people should treat everyone the same no matter race and nationality. Right now, I become one of persons who doesn't take extra pride off those international tournament about my country and cheer for anyone who performs well or does good things.

That's why I treat this kind of international tournament differently now. In the past, I took extra pride off this kind of international tournament. Now, I actually think this kind of international tournament can give young players a great chance to get used to play under high pressure and play against top players around the world. Of course, it will be good if top players in my country are able to go. If they can't go for whatever reason, I won't feel disappointed as well.

I know so many people are against the idea that lets players on their favorite teams play in this kind of "meaningless"game. I am not one of them. I am still very interested in watching this kind of international tournament because I can watch some many great players around the world playing and observe their cultures and the way they play games.

However, I think November is better time for WBC. It's hard for players to get into game shape in March. I know Americans focus on NFL in November. That being said, WBC is one of marketing tool for Major league baseball to market baseball game to other countries around the world. Many countries around the world is definitely not hot on NFL.