Friday, October 31, 2008

Congrats, Phillies win 2008 world championship

I was not able to watch this game live. When I know Phillies win it, I feel happy for them. I can't image how I will react when Yankees win again. The most amazing thing is I actually saw this news on Australian sport news which rarely have any baseball news. The last time I saw a baseball news is when Damon hurt himself for that strangle fly ball against Red Sox.

When I pick up this game, I can't believe how many mistakes Jon Maddon made that I am not going to go through details. Not to mention Rays' third base coach sent Jason Bartlett home and got threw out when their big bat is on desk. Are you kidding me? When I saw replay, Jason Bartlett didn't even run hard toward third base. And you sent him home? oh, by the way, Jason Bartlett didn't run hard on a possible elimination game in world series as well. Just in case, you guys don't pay attention on this playoffs. He is not the first Rays to do so.

Of course, Rays have a lot of talent on their young team and they have an amazing season. I am pretty sure they are going to make a lot of noise in this AL East. However, Don't tell me they are going to beat Red Sox and Yankees with this kind of attitude and coach staff. Not to mention would Rays young players be able to make adjustments once every MLB team have a book on them?

Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The reasons Moose won't retire

Check out this post on Pinstripe Post regard of Moose's status. Great one. At this point, I am not sure who knows what will happen. When you talk about off-season move, you have to consider one may affect the other. That's why it's wasting time to second guess every move Manager or General Manager make, especially when you consider not only this is two-way street but also there are 29 teams out there . Sometimes, when the hearts of players don't want to come, it may be better off not to get them.

As for Pettitte and Moose, I want both to come back for one-year deal. I am sure Pettitte will accept one-year deal from Yankees. I think Moose will want more than one-year deal. However, I will really consider not to bring back Moose if he wants more than one-year deal. Don't forget Moose will be 40-year old when 2009 season begin. If team options will be accepted by Moose, I may do it. Yankees need more experience, proven and inning eater verteran pitchers. Of course, all this bet is off if Moose chooses to retire.

Basically, there is always a huge injury risk involved when signing pitchers. I rather gamble on pitchers who get track record of not getting hurt all the time, handling New York spotlight well and pitching well in AL East. I rather Yankees bring back Moose and Pettitte on short-term deal than signing Burnett, Lowe and Sheets for long-term contracts who either injury-prone or aging. Of course, all this assumption will change if we can't get CC to come to New York.

Tuesday, October 28, 2008

Can this world series end as soon as possible?

Even though I am very happy to see Phillies on the verge to win a champion, would Rays please put on better show to present AL? When your middle of lineup can't buy a hit, when your manager make all kind of mistakes and when your players can't make plays on the field, I hope this world series end as soon as possible.

By the way, I am listening to the game 5 of world series as I am writing this post. Pena just got threw out at first base when he tried to bunt. What are you thinking, Pena. You are a cleanup hitter. Oh, Crawford just didn't run hard out of box and got beat half step at first base when Rollins didn't field ball clearly. Upton also didn't run hard to first base once during this playoffs.

From pitching standpoint, Kazmir also crys like a baby every time he doesn't get the call he wants when Shields is the only pitcher pitch well but not outstanding. Not to mention their sudden amazing bullpen in regular season but not to well in playoffs. Don't tell me this team will threat Yankees and Red Sox for many years to come, especially when you consider how many innings those young pitchers put on this season.

Of course, as a yankees fan, the sooner this world series end, the sooner we can start talking about our beloved yankees. A playoff without our bombers certainly loose part of my attention. Of course, many off-days between games, not so good Fox broadcasting, long commercial breaks and so many bad calls by umpires also play a big role on my interest as well.

Updated 9:47pm: Kazmir just loaded the base again in just 4th inning. No matter how good Kazmir will be, he won't be an ACE because he always uses all his pitches in 6 innings. Basically, he is a 6 inning pitcher. A pitcher can't save bullpen for his team can't be called an ACE or elite pitcher in my opinion.

Updated 9:56pm: Rollins just dropped a infield pop-up according to radio broadcasting. However, Utley just made a great play to make up for him. Who is going to be MVP of world series for Phillies if Phillies win? At this point, I will say Cole Hamels.

Updated 10:11pm: Kazmir walked two more guys in the 5th inning.

The game was suspended. I don't know how much worse this world series can get. On top of that, MLB is not sure when they are able to get this game in. I don't think so many people will wait around and keep checking for timetable except Phillies and Rays fans. Of course, I don't want MLB to call a game and a victory for Phillies. However, why not suspend game sooner when field is on obvious bad condition? If I were a Phillies fan, it's not fair to play that half inning, score get tied and keep that half inning.

Monday, October 27, 2008

Don't trade Phil Hughes

I am pretty sure Mets regret the decision to trade Kazmir to Rays.

I know Hughes just ended his terrible 2008 season when pitches not so well in Arizona Fall League. I am sure a lot of fans regret not to trade him for Santana when a lot of writers and experts say how terrible decision Cashman make past off-season. Not for me. I still believe Hughes will be a good no.3 pitcher at major.

I realize how impatient a lot of Yankees fans are. Guys, Hughes is 22 year old. The reason for Phil Hughes to pitch in Arizona Fall League is to gain more experience, use his secondary pitches more, fix his delivery and command and get more innings in. The same thing goes to Kennedy when he was sent back to minor league second time. They should not focus on putting great stats because it's impossible to allow them to practice other pitches at major league level.

Pitching vs Offense

When talking about what Yankees off-season priority is, most people like to discuss why Yankees miss playoff this season first. Some people believe the injuries to Wang and Joba(pitching) basically kill our season. Others believe the terrible hitting in RISP is the reason. These all lead to debate what Yankees off-season priority is.

For me, it's a no-brainer. We need to upgrade our pitching. It's amazing for me to hear people say, "Well, even without Wang and Joba, we have lower staff ERA than 2007 season. Rasner and Ponson pitch well enough to win if we have 2007 run production. It's terrible offense kill our season."

In my opinion, Pitching affects offense while offense affects pitching. When pitchers know they are not going to get run support, they feel they can't make any mistake and then want to pitch to corner all the time.

On the other hand, when hitters know they have Wang or Joba on the mound, they don't feel they need to score a lot of runs in order to win a ball game. There is huge different confident level Wang or Joba can bring to team instead of Ponson or Rasner. Not to mention the chances for Wang or Joba to win low-scoring games are much better than Ponson or Rasner.

Bowa stays with Dodgers

As I told you guys earlier, I don't think Larry Bowa or Willie Randolph will be our new third base coach. Right now, Bowa had decided to stay with Joe Torre and Dodgers. As you guys know, Willie reportedly rejected Washington's offer to be on the coaching staff. This tells us how much Willie Randolph wants to be a manager again which won't be an ideal option to be on Joe Girardi's coach staff.

I love to have Paul O'nell on Joe Girardi's coach staff. You guys can read the reasons on this post. However, there is another problem for this idea as well. It seems third base coach is reponsible for not only base running but also infielders. As we all know, Paul O'nell is an outfielder when he was a player.

I believe Yankees will get a guy with more experience when all said and done.

Friday, October 24, 2008

Wang threw 45 pitches

I just saw this news from Taiwanese website. Right now, Wang can throw off mound for 45 pitches. Everything goes very well. He will stay there for a while and go back to Taiwan at the beginning of November.

When was asked about the wish for 2009 season by Taiwanese reporter, Wang said,"I don't want to get hurt again. I hope I can pitch the whole season". As Rays hold World Series in Tampa, Wang said he didn't have plan to go there and watch. He only watches on TV because he really feel sad the Yankees are not able to play in playoffs this season.

Tuesday, October 21, 2008

If you don't want to play for Yankees, don't come no matter how good you are

As I state earlier regard of Joe Torre's depart, people have to love what they do, otherwise they are not going to do the job very well. Of course, there is nothing wrong about people don't like to play or root for Yankees. As a Yankees fan, I don't want any player who doesn't want to play for Yankees to come no matter how good they are.

If Jake Peavy doesn't want to play for Yankees, it's fine let him stay in National league which he prefers than American league. I don't know how good he can be if he doesn't want to switch from national league to American league.

We may all have experience about changing jobs. Different people with different personality. For me, I like to face challenge and am not afraid of dealing with much more difficult job. I have been changed my job from small company to a big company because I want to know how good I can be. Of course, it doesn't guarantee I can succeed. But, I certainly do better than those are afraid of facing new challenge but forcing to do so.

The bottom line is I hope Yankees spend money, not to spend prospects for their problems this off-season. If we can have Mark Teixeria, Manny, C.C., Burnett for money, do that and keep most prospects we have. You never know who is going to pay off for us in the near future. I do think Cashman will be with me on this subject.

Joba, don't do this again

I only have one comment about Joba's behaviour, "Don't do this again". You are going to get killed or kill someone by driving your car and drinking. I know Joba becomes a superstar of New York Yankees so quickly. This sometimes makes someone, especially as young as Joba is, get lose easily. So many kids look up for those baseball players. It's not right thing to do.

Congrats, Rays

I was not able to watch game 6 and 7 live because of time which is noon in Sydney. In fact, even though I have time, I was not going to watch those games because I can't stand to watch Red Sox playing and get me upset for non-yankees games.

I must give Red Sox deserved credit to fight back and force game 7. I hope this is a turning point of Red Sox's magic run. I just can't believe Red Sox keep having this kind of miracles all the time. It's time to turn the lucks back to our Bombers.

It's good now I can watch World Series peacefully because I know I don't have to watch Red Sox celerbating. As you guys know, I am rooting for Phillies. Let's Go Phillies! It's about time for a national league team to win it all.

By the way, If Wang got killed for his two playoff performances in 2007 ALDS, big game "ACE" pitchers Josh Beckett and Jon Lester who both only have one good regular season so far should get the same treatment as well. Wang doesn't find excuses for that, they shouldn't too.

Friday, October 17, 2008

No comment

I am so angry now and can't put together what I think. What in the world Rays blew 7-runs lead and allow Red Sox to come back? My only reaction is I really hate Red Sox.

By the way, I am right about Scott Kazmir. He did pitch great tonight. Unfortunately for Rays, he always runs out of his pitch counts too quickly.

No words. Let's Go Rays! Please take care of your business. You guys should be able to do it at home, right? I can't stand to watch Red Sox playing in the world series again. No. I take it back. I can't stand to watch Red Sox playing more than one game this playoff. In fact, I decide I am not going to watch until I know I get Phillies vs Rays in the world series matchup. Why do something to make me unhappy? No smart.

Thursday, October 16, 2008

Congrats, Phillies

Phillies are well deserved to their N.L. Championship Title. I feel happy for them not because of Torre. I like this team.

Now, it's time for Rays to take care their business. Take care of Dice-K and Red Sox. I hate people that keep saying Red Sox will come back because they did that all the time and what a greedy, gutty team Red Sox is. I know they come back against us in 04' and against Indians in 07'. Don't forget people are used to say that to Yankees. I actually think Scott Kazmir will come out and pitch well.

It will be a great world series between Phillies and Rays. However, it's time for a national team to win it all.

Let's Go Phillies and Rays! Of course, it's just for this moment. I will come back to root for our Yankees once playoff ends.

Wang threw off a half-mound this Monday

I just saw this good news on Taiwanese media. Wang threw off a half-mound on Monday in Tampa for 20 pitches. Wang didn't put into the full effort because Wang can't put too much pressure on his right foot too quickly.

Billy Connors keep his eyes on Wang during the whole process. The whole rehab process takes more than 4 hours to complete. Billy Connors has built up very good relationship with Wang. Last season, Billy Connors said he was going to miss Wang after rehab of his hamstring. However, he didn't want to see him in Tampa very soon. Unfortunately for Yankees, it happened.

Wang will go back to Taiwan once he can throw off the mound. Wang said earlier he plans to stay in Taiwan for short period of time and go back U.S earlier for spring training.

By the way, I saw a news regard of the increasing possibility of returns of Pettitte and Moose. This will be a good news because you never have enough pitching.

Wednesday, October 15, 2008

Bobby Meacham won't be back

This certainly does not surprise so many people even though Yankees actually do not have so many base runners to allow Meacham to make so many mistakes this season. The reason I think Bobby Meacham should not be bought back because of AL East which is a very tough division. Few wins can make a huge difference on the whole season. If anything can help Yankees to get few more wins, they should do it.

As for Joe Girardi's reaction, I don't think you guys have to think too much. We all have good friends at jobs. Your friends let go from company do not affect the friendship at all. I think Joe Girardi and Bobby Meacham both understand that.

When so many people screamed at owner or front office and said, "See. Yankees should not let Torre go. They make huge mistakes. If Joe Torre were here, he would make the differences. Joe Girardi is not the right person."

I still think Yankees make a right choice to let Torre go and bring in Joe Girardi. Of course, they certainly do not handle the process very well. I won't change my mind because Joe Torre make the playoffs and Yankees don't.

I always feel it's time to go if you don't have more passion on the job you did. This is the only criteria for me to decide to change the job or not. When you don't love the job you do any more, it will be very difficult to do it very well. This is the same situation as Joe Torre.

Of course, Joe Girardi made a lot of mistakes this season. But, when you think about how he manage the bullpen and compare with the majority of big league managers, Yankees will play very well next season if Cashman is able to put together a good team for him. That being said, the ability to manage people is still very important for any manager. I believe Joe Girardi will improve in this department next season.

Let go back to coach staff. I don't think experience is the only criteria Yankees should consider when it comes down to their coach staff. Passion and right attitude will make a huge difference on Yankees next year. I was working at TV station when I was in Taiwan. Experience is so important in that industry. It's so difficult to get a job without experience. However, if you have passion and right attitude, you certainly can pick up things very quickly. I believe Joe Girardi and his coach staff will be much better next season.

So, as a Yankees fan, How about Paul O'Neill? First of all, I know Paul O'Neill probably wants to stay at home. Secondly, I know he doesn't have experience. But, his passion and toughneses certainly can make a big difference. Cano probably the one get most benefits out of it.

Updated: Just for record. I don't think Larry Bowa or Willie Randolph will take Meacham's place. I know they are perfect or popular choices, but I don't see that happening. Larry loves Joe Torre and just outspoken for him. It's not a smart move to put a potential manager next to Joe Girardi which certainly creates some distractions.

Tuesday, October 14, 2008


I have been busy for this past two weeks. I actually think there is a good thing for me when Yankees can't get into the playoff this year. Don't kill me and let me finish my sentence. That is I actually can concentrate more on the things I need to finish in my real life.

Right now, life is getting a little bit easier for me these coming 3 or 4 weeks and then I will have another busy two weeks period again.

But, It doesn't mean I haven't pay a lot of attention on what happen to Yankees, such as Cano's trade rumor, Torre in LA, Hank's speech, Cashman' new deal, change of coach stuff?, etc. I will have those posts coming very soon. I actually plan to come up with some kind of plan for my blog regard of posts for this off-season. Stay tuned.

By the way, Even though I can't have so much time and interest on playoff this year, I actually keep my eyes on. This is the year I really hope a national league team will win it all. However, I start enjoy to watch Rays playing. It will be a very nice story for them to get a ring this season. Actually, I don't like Rays and Red Sox. But when you compare any team with Red Sox, any team will become much more friendly as well.

If Red Sox get into World Series, I hope Dodgers can get in. Let Manny beat Red Sox will be a good story for Yankees fans. However, If Rays get into world series, I hope Phillies can get in. Among those four playoff teams, I actually root for Phillies to win it all. I like that greedy and gutty team. and you? Of course, my most interest is to hope playoff ending as soon as possible and then we can get more news about Yankees.

Wednesday, October 1, 2008

20 wins vs 19 wins = Great vs Almost Great

Moose told Wang in one conversation the difference between getting 20 wins and getting 19 wins, "If a pitcher can't get 20 wins, it means nothing eve though he gets 19 wins". Gator also told Wang how he was so disappointed Wang can't get to 20 wins two years in a row when Wang got his 19 wins in 2007 because he knew how people will think about Wang later on. For Wang, he still can't understand, he feels getting 19 wins is not bad at all even without getting 20 wins.

Congrats, Moose. You did it. I am really happy for you even though I am one of people don't understand the difference between 19 wins and 20 wins.

Wang told to Taiwanese media about the future of Moose. Wang said he asked Moose to come back and pitch with him next year during the course of whole year many times, but Moose's answer is "No" every time.

Wang followed team to Boston at the end of season. He said congrats to Moose when he got his 20 wins and said to him,"Moose, how about pitching two more years?". This time, Wang got a big smile from Moose who didn't say "Yes"or "No".

I hope Moose will come back, but won't surprise if he decides to retire. From Yankees' standpoint, it will be nice to get Moose back in one year deal. However, I think Moose will definitely be willing to come back if Yankees offer him three year deal which will let him get to 300 career wins without changing team.

That being said, Yankees need to get younger. If I were Yankees, I would not bring Moose back for more than one year deal. Don't forget Moose is 39 years 0ld pitcher which is very difficult to stay healthy the whole year. On top of that, the velocity of Moose's fastball slow down. If he doesn't have the same command like he had this season, he will be in trouble.

I know Pettitte has a unusual second half this season resulted from a tired shoulder. However, Pettitte number would not be this bad if Yankees had a normal run support. During second half of season, even though Pettitte had a tire arm, he still throws over 200 inning with mid 4 ERA and 90s fastball velocity. On top of that, Pettitte will be willing to take a one year deal with a much lower price. We not only can bring back a proven 200 innings pitcher but also save some money on other area we need.

However, it will be nice to have both back for one year deal.

Unfinished Business

I am happy to hear Brian Cashman is back for three more years. Of course, he is not perfect. No one is. People make mistakes. Of course, At some points, people have to pay for their mistakes. However, let us wait and see how his plan turn out. It's not the time to judge his plan yet. He deserves the chances to stay and see how his plan turn out. I also agree with his plan which make Yankees younger and I know it will takes a while to make it work.

On top of that, It's not smart to change General Manager at the second year of Joe Girardi's contract. It's also not smart to get a new General Manager to restart the process that he has to get to know how to work with Hank and Hal. Yankees already spent one year on letting Joe Girarid get his feet wet and letting Cashman understand how to work with Hank and Hal. Yankees also already spent the last few years to move toward the direction which is getting younger and restock the farm system. Can't and shouldn't change the plan now.

As General Managers, it's always easy to spend money on signing free agents in order to save their jobs especially when their jobs are on the line. However, it's much more difficult to choose opposite direction under the pressure. I always like to use election for president as an example. During election, it's much easier for parties to throw all government budget and make all promises to satisfy people's short term wish lists because those actions get votes. When one party chooses to do something is good for a country for long haul, most of time that party end up with loosing next election to opposite party. In the end, the other party end up with enjoying the success preview party left behind.

This is an interesting off-season for Yankees. If Hank and Hal don't interfere and let Cashman and his baseball people make their decisions, we will be fine. Even though it seems he always doesn't say too much or show too many interests in front of media which is the personality I like, I believe Cashman won't be afraid of signing some free agents, making some trades and executing a good game plan. We will have a lot of changes this off-season and have a great Yankees team to watch at New Yankees stadium in 2009 season.