Saturday, February 28, 2009

Some baseball stories around the league

There are two baseball stories around the league catching my eyes.

*Santana was bothered by "sore left elbow"

Don't tell me you don't concern, Mets fans. Teams always downplay injury. If this is not a big deal, why skip him twice? Don't forget Santana has knee surgery off-season. Santana's knee problem won't suddenly come out the last game of 2008 season. You don't know how long Santana pitches with his bad knee, especially when you consider Mets need him badly last month of 2008 season. Santana may favor his bad knee for a while that may lead to his sore elbow. That's why Yankees need to pay extra attention on Wang's delivery this spring.

*Manny rejected Dodgers' latest offer again

I know Dodgers has made 4 offers so far to Manny. But, no matter how they structure those offers, they all look like the same: 1/25m or 2/45m. They really haven't improved their offer since November last year. When most people surprise Manny reject Dodgers' latest offer, I am not because Manny and Boras feel those offers all look the same.

Manny doesn't like spring training anyway. In the end, Dodgers will give in. I guess 3/60m will get it done. Dodgers put themselves in this no-win situation. They need him more than Manny need them. They need Manny to bring more fans to ballpark, especially at this economy downturn. They need Manny to carry their offense and their hope to playoffs. If they really don't want to give Manny a deal more than 2 year, they should set a deadline and then sign Dunn and Abreu before they sign with other clubs. You may say, well, Manny need a team to play once season starts, right? Don't worry. If Manny is willing to accept one year deal, there are many teams welcoming Manny to their teams. Manny even can sign with Giants or Mets to stick to Dodgers.

some stories between Wang and his teammates, coaches

As you guys know, there are tons of Taiwanese reporters following Wang's every step. That's why I always laugh people feel CC and A.J. can release some pressure off Wang. If you are one of those persons feel that way, you may need to concern how CC and A.J handle spotlight of New York first.

Ok, go back to the topic. There are few tidbits between Wang and his teammates and coaches on Taiwanese newspapers. Those stories can show you how much attention Taiwanese pay on Wang. I don't know how you guys feel, but I really like to read those tidbits about any player.

CC with Wang about Wang' new glove

I show you guys different versions of Wang's new glove earlier. Few days ago, there is a tidbit between Wang and CC. During spring training, a lot of companies sell equipment will allow come into clubhouse to sell to players. Of course, Nike will be one of those companies. CC brings one of Nike's staff to Wang's locker in order to show Wang's new glove because CC wants Nike to design one for him based on that idea. This whole glove becomes a huge story in Taiwan as far as I know. When this CC story comes out, there are some Taiwanese Yankees fans start designing different versions of CC's glove on the website.

Wang with Joba about steroids

As you guys know, Wang and Joba become very good friends since Wang rehabilitated his hamstring in 2007. Tons of Yankees players like to joke with Wang all the time because Wang gets a good sense of humor and great personality.

This story between Wang and Joba happen when Yankees drive 2.5 hours to play their third spring training game with Twins. Before practice in the morning, Joba use his milk powder to make milk. Wang enters the clubhouse and yells at Joba,"Joba, you eat steroids?" Of course, Joba is going to fight back. Joba then says, "I know you drink green tea steroids because you always look full of energy after drinking green tea"

Wang with Gator about bunting

Yankees pitchers need to practice bunting this spring. I guess Yankees learn a hard lesson and want to make sure that won't happen again during interleague games. After practicing many times, Wang improves his bunting little by little. Few days ago after practicing bunting, Taiwanese reporters say to Wang how well he bunts that day. Wang replies, "Today the ball is slower". Later on, reporters find out Gator is the one throw pitches to pitchers for practicing bunting that day.

All Taiwanese reporters know the special relationship between Gator and Wang. Then they tell Gator what Wang says to them. Gator says to reporters, "really? Wang says that to you guys. I am going to kill him". Later on, Gator tells reporters, "I tell Wang to be careful next time when I throw to them during bunting practice because my command is not the same anymore." Yesterday, Wang was hit by pitch during bunting practice. Gator is the pitcher.

P.S. Wang has threw 2 more bullpen sessions. One is for 56 pitches. The other is 46 pitches. Wang's command is getting better. However, Wang hasn't gotten his velocity back.

Friday, February 27, 2009

My first game of 2009

YES. This second spring training officially opens 2009 season for me. If "most" people stay healthy, we are going to have a fantastic 2009 season. I will try to liveblog this game as much as I can.

1:10pm Watching a introduction clip of free agents signing get me to feel exciting for 2009 season.

1:22pm Does Hughes hit batters because he throws cutters?

1:27pm Not a bad first inning for Hughes,right?

1:33pm I am a little bit disappointed at Teixeira's first at bat. Ha! I think I expect too much. This is just a spring training game. However, his defense is certainly great.

1:39pm Hughes has better command at second inning. I think we should stop looking at radar gun reading at this stage of spring training.

1:46pm Is it possible for Yankees broadcasting crew not to talking about steroids? I am just tired of hearing the same thing again and again.

1:48pm The first two innings of this game let us know what AL East will look like. Pitching & Defense.

1:50pm Hughes is done after 2 innings. In my opinion, as first outing of spring training, it's good performance for him. Coke is up now.

1:53pm Cano makes a great great play.

1:58pm Welcome back, Posada. Posada will play a huge role in 2009 season. By the way, what a contract between Posada and Molina in term of offense.

2:37pm I miss a little bit because of my computer, but come back on time for Posada's another RBI. By the way, Melky doesn't look so great at his first game of spring training. Burney looks good, especially his velocity at this stage of spring training.

2:40pm That's why Jeter is the captain who everyone wants him on his team. A great relay.

3:10pm Shelley Duncan certainly loves to hit Rays. I really think Shelley should be able to contribute to other major league team as a power righthand batter off bench. If he can somehow figure out breaking balls, he will become quite a player.

3:15pm Gardner makes a great catch and almost double up runner at second base. Gardner certainly has an edge over Melky right now.

3:16pm Melancon is up now. Most his pitches are at lower part of strike zone. He also changes speed quite well.

Wednesday, February 25, 2009

Mo is unbelievable

That's why Mo is the greatest closer of all time.

Monday, February 23, 2009

Hopefully, Jeter is fine

We all know what Jeter will say regard of his injury. But, it certainly causes concern for our Yankees fans. However, it will be nice if this minor injury can lead Jeter to give up WBC. But, we all know this is close to be impossible.

Marte and Edwar also have some small to maybe-big injury news. Hopefully, they will be fine as well. That being said, Posada is doing well according to Peter's blog.

Sunday, February 22, 2009

It's not fair

When most teams, their fans and even a lot of experts keep complaining about every Yankees' move, why no one complain about this when allowing those teams to get unfair advantages?

Wang spring training watch-Feb20

(photo from udn/Wang met Boss when Boss was leaving)

Wang threw 67 pitches yesterday for first live BP that include 32 pitches to batters and 35 warmup pitches. After that, Wang said he felt he is 60-70%. Delivery is good. When he threw all his pitches, the changeup is the worst one he threw during live BP.

About Bernie...

Wang feel Bernie still is very good. On top of that, he gets a lot of experience. When pitchers make mistakes, Bernie will hit it hard. After BP, Wang wonders how old Bernie is. Before BP, the match-up between Wang and Bernie is a hot topic among Yankees teammates. Joba even analyzes Wang should beat Bernie because this is a match-up between one pitcher doesn't pitch for one year and one hitter doesn't hit for two years.

Saturday, February 21, 2009

How bad it can be for A-Rod?

I was reading a news from a Taiwanese website regard of Yankees' clubhouse yesterday.

Nick Swisher was playing rap music loudly after practice in the clubhouse. Swisher was dancing with music and certainly loosing up Yankees' clubhouse and his teammates. After a while, when A-Rod entered the clubhouse, someone lowered the volume of music and everyone suddenly was silent.

A-Rod really has a long way to repair his relationship with his teammates even though we all know they say all the right thing in front of media.

Not to mention, there are more news revealing and coming for him and Yankees. That being said, Yankees will be fine as long as there are no evidences to prove A-Rod use steroids after 2003. The worst case scenario is A-Rod being suspended for 50 games if there are evidences to show A-Rod use steroids after 2003.

As Yankees fans, we can care less about A-Rod's legacy and his place in HOF as long as he can contribute to our Yankees team and help us to win champions.

Don't get me wrong. Of course, I have been very disappointed at A-Rod's behaviour and I will be extremely disappointed if A-Rod use steroids after 2003 and before 2001. I don't care how and where he gets steroids and how often he uses.

Friday, February 20, 2009

That's why I hate Red Sox

Just in case you guys miss those news, check here and here related to complaints from Red Sox.

That's why I hate Red Sox. They(Red Sox) are the one winning champions recently, not Yankees. Why they still keep complaining about Yankees and paint themselves like victim?

Quote from Red Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino,

"I think we've seen [an offseason] when the Yankees have spent like the U.S. congress,"

I know Yankees have the highest payroll of MLB and spend more than Red Sox. However, Red Sox is big-market team and spends more than most teams in MLB. Does them spend tons of money on Manny,Dice-K,etc.?

Why they complain about Yankees every time after they lose a free agent player they want badly to Yankees, such as Contreras, A-Rod and Teixeira. When they have a lower payroll than Yankees and certainily have money to spend more if they want to. Just look at the case of Dice-K when they blow away everyone including Yankees. They chose not to do that to Teixeira, A-Rod, etc. That's your own decision, Red Sox. Don't blame Yankees.

Written by Bob Ryan of Boston Globe,

"While the Red Sox and Rays have benefited greatly of late from home-grown talent, the Yankees have not developed a star player since their system bubbled up Derek Jeter, Mariano Rivera, Andy Pettitte, and Jorge Posada, circa 1995."

Based on those quotes from Red Sox president/CEO Larry Lucchino,

"I think our commitment to winning would be as strong," "I think winning would then be based on how hard you work, how smart you are, the kind of judgments you make about baseball evaluation, and we're happy to compete with anybody on that basis."

And then Red Sox doesn't forget to say how much smarter they are than Yankees in order to compete with us in the end by claiming how many players they develop and pointing out so few home-grown talent on Yankees roster.

When I agree Red Sox run their organization well, does them make mistakes as well? For example, Matt Clement, Lugo, CoCo, Drew, etc. As for Rays, when you can draft very early the past 10 years, you certainly bring in a lot of talent unless you make very bad decisions every time out.

By the way, the last time I check, Yankees have more impact home-grown players on the roster than Red Sox. Not to mention Yankees certainly will have more talents from farm break with camp this year. As home-grown star players after Jeter, Mo, Posada and Pettitte, how about Joba, Wang, Cano?

Thursday, February 19, 2009

No more

Damaso Marte has stiff hamstrings. Hopefully, this is only one we have all spring training and all season even though I don't think so.

By the way, Peter holds a steroid-free activity. Please support him and this activity. I am sick of this topic as well.

That's why I Jeter is the man

Quotes from Jeter

"One thing that is irritating and it really upsets me a lot is when you hear everybody say, `It was the Steroids Era. Everybody was doing it.’ You know, that’s not true. Everybody was not doing it,"

Wang spring training watch-Feb18th

As you guys know, I am a Taiwanese. Because I am able to read Taiwanese news and there are many Taiwanese reporters following Wang all the time, I will try to post some news regard of Wang's progress or anything happen in Yankee land from Taiwanese reporters' respectives every day.


About steroids....

Taiwanese reporters ask Wang about steroids, Wang said he doesn't take and even doesn't take any nutriment. Wang said he never think about taking any performance enhancing drugs. For him, he even doesn't know names of those drugs and how to use them.

Even though he is sick, he doesn't like to take any medicine. If he really needs to take medicine for illness, he will go to trainer to get one.

Even though he is injured, he never think about taking. Only thing on his mind is working hard for rehab.

About A-Rod....

Wang says he has a good relationship with A-Rod. That's why he is in A-Rod's press conference. On top of that, many teammates will go as well.

Wang's progress....

Wang threw 47 pitches at last bullpen. He hasn't gotten his velocity and feeling back. Wang said this is normal for him at this stage of spring training. He normally needs more time to get into game form than others.

Starting 5

What do you guys see in this picture? This is our starting 5 for 2009. Great view. If they all stay healthy, we are going to have a fantastic season.

Wednesday, February 18, 2009

Too much distractions?

Even though I believe, want to believe the most of what A-Rod says and will support him, I am wondering is it possible to trade away this drama King? I know A-Rod is a great player and we need his production, but at what point those distractions become too much for his teammates and hurt Yankees' image?

I know it's very difficult to trade him. If Yankees need to eat a lot of money to trade him(like Manny), why not keep him? However, I have a funny feeling this morning. A-Rod may not end up to retire as a Yankee.


Hopefully, A-Rod tells the truth and doesn't waste the support he gets from so many teammates.
(photo from

I believe what A-Rod says

If you want to believe him, you will come away with great reaction. If you don't like him and don't want to believe him, you will find many holes in his answers.

Everyone is different and handles things differently. A-Rod will handle things who he is. As a Yankees fan, I want to give him every opportunity to lead me to believe him. And I did. I believe him and hopefully he tells the true story. At least, most of them are true. I know many people feel many answers from him are not logical.

But, I believe him because I know how hard for anyone to admit his own mistakes. We always come up with million of excuses for our own mistakes. It's very easy to point fingers to others when they make mistakes. But, when you make mistakes, you realize how hard it is to admit.

A-Rod Press Conference

12pm: I heard Jeter will talk to media tomorrow. I guess Jeter wants to hear what A-Rod says first before saying anything. I think this is a smart move.

1:30pm: We are waiting A-Rod now.

1:50pm: A-Rod brings a huge note with him.

1:59pm: Wow. an emotional A-Rod. A huge pause and say "thank you" to his teammates.

2:01pm: He answers great so far in my opinion.

2:03pm: Don't answer about "cheating" question. First mistake.

2:06pm: Mark of Daily News asks a great question.

2:10pm: Apology to everyone, including Yankees organization.

2:12pm: Another great question. If you don't think you do something wrong, why keep so secret? Great question.

2:15pm: I should learn how to speak Spanish when I am in California.

Tuesday, February 17, 2009

The more I hear and see from Teixeira, the more I like him

This is the quote from Teixeira regard of steroids,

"I grew up in a family (where) there was zero tolerance. There were no drugs; there was no alcohol. That kind of stuff just didn’t fly," Teixeira said.

I believe him. I am from a single family. My mother is my father. She educates us(My sister,brother and me) very well. A lot of things doesn't allow in my family, such us drugs, tattoes, alcohol, gamble, cheat, skip classes, stay outside too late, etc.

I remember I bought a mah-jong(a famous game among Chinese people) cards when I was in junior high school due to curiosity. When my mother found out, I got beat very hard. I still don't know how to play mah-jong now that is very odd for Chinese people.

Not to mention, I lied to her first time of my life that is in elementary school and got beat very hard as well. Since then, I tell her everything. My mother leads by example.

I am not perfect. I make mistakes as well. But, I learn two things from my mother. First one is never giving up and doing your best. Second one is be honest.

Hopefully, A-Rod can be honest and be himself tomorrow. He needs to think about Yankees and his teammates more than himself. He already gave Yankees and his teammates a lot of troubles. However, I doubt how honest he will be tomorrow.

We certainly love the pitching staff we have now more

I read an article from NY Times. This picture tells it all.

Sunday, February 15, 2009

Wang's new glove with his last name in Mandarin on the outer webbing

Tyler Kepner of New York Times reveal this story on his blog. Just in case. If you guys are wondering what that glove looks like, this is the picture I find on Taiwanese news website.

Updated: Second version

Saturday, February 14, 2009

Yes! Finally...This is spring training....

More photos....Those photos speak our excitement for new season.

Finally. Here comes Spring Training.

Photos by AP&Reuters

Friday, February 13, 2009

It turns out Cashman is right

Like everyone else, I was surprised at Yankees not offering arbitration to Abreu, not Pettitte. However, I did trust Yankees' judgement based on information they have on hand. It turns out Cashman foresee the market right. That's why I always say don't rush to judgement. Yankees got Pettitte back at 5.5 million guaranteed with 12 million at maxium and Angel signed Abreu at 5 million guaranteed for one year deal. By the way, Adam Dunn signed with Nationals at 20 million for 2 year deal. Manny will decide one team pretty soon. My bet will be either Dodgers or Giants. I believe Giants will win division if they sign Manny when you consider the pitching they have.

Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Can we talk baseball now?

So, A-Rod admitted using steroids 2001-2003. I am sick of steroids topic. Can we talk about baseball now? Everyone has enough pressure in real life. We hope baseball offers us something to enjoy,right?

I just want to talk about baseball in Yankeeland. Part of reasons I am not a big fan of A-Rod because he brings so many drama on and off-field.

If you guys come to my blog to read about this, I am sorry about disappointing at you. I don't really want to talk about this. This just make me feel depressed.

I only can express my feeling. I have mixed feeling after hearing what A-Rod said. As a Yankees fan, I really want to believe him and support him. On top of that, I believe no one is perfect. We all have experiences of lying something to someone or making mistakes. It takes a lot of courages to admit what you have done.

However, I feel disappointed at hearing A-Rod using steroids. I remember what he said and lied to us in the past which makes it more difficult for me to believe what he said yesterday. There are few holes in the interview that is hard to believe. I can't stop wondering how many players use steroids.

In the end, I still believe some players don't use steroids. I am glad A-Rod admits his mistakes.

Monday, February 9, 2009

Another human being

It turns out A-Rod is just another human being.

Do you guys think this whole steroids scandal may help A-Rod in the long term? Of course. In the near future, there are many media going after this story. If A-Rod apologies for it, most Yankees fans may not treat A-Rod as the greatest player in the game anymore and think A-Rod is a another baseball player with some shortcomings. Does A-Rod relax more and perform better under pressure?

I don't know. Time will tell.

Sunday, February 8, 2009

Things never are easy in Yankeeland

I am not a big fan of A-Rod, but I support any Yankees player and always respect how hard he works. I guess things never are easy in Yankeeland.

I just hope A-Rod can do something quickly and let this whole steroids things go away. Don't give Yankees and his teammates more troubles to deal with. Unfortunately, it seems unlikely. When A-Rod learned this story on Tursday, he didn't tell Yankees and Yankees knew this story on Satursday morning.

I don't want to make a judgement before listening to what A-Rod wants to say. At this points, only few players will surprise me if they use steroids. But, I still believe some players won't use steroids.

When I was in university, many classmates cheated during test. But, I didn't. I wasn't jealous about their high score and wasn't planning to join them because I know I am the one learning the most out of class.

When I worked at TV Station, many co-workers have so many bad habits. But, I didn't because I know what I should do and what I should not do in my life.

That's why I believe some players won't use steroids.

Thursday, February 5, 2009

few Yankees look good

Comparing with Torre's news, I am more interested in reading news regard of Yankees players who prepare for spring training. Just in case. If you miss them, go Mark's blog to check those exciting news. Anthony McCarron of Daily News is down on Tampa. He starts reporting a lot of news regard of Yankees players on Mark Feinsand's Blogging the Bombers.

Jeter, Joba, Wang, Posada, Gardner, Bruney and Albaladejo are all in Tampa. They all look pretty good that are good news to everyone, aren't?

Can't wait for spring training.

A lot of news regard of Torre's new book

I know I haven't posted for a few days because there are so many news regard of Torre's new book out there. Unfortunately, I don't want to talk about before reading the book.

I heard the interview Torre did on WFAN. I must say this. Torre is really good at talking to media that obviously is quite important for any manager of New York Teams. But, I can tell two things from Torre's interview.

First of all, If he can do it all over again, he won't write this book because a lot of unexpected reactions he got. Secondly, The main thing Torre wants to address in this book is Brian Cashman, not A-Rod and other players.