Friday, June 8, 2007


One of this blog reader(Andrea) asked me did I watch Wang's last game?Yes,I watch almost every yankees games.Some of them I watch live games,others I watch after games finished.I did watched Wang's game.The only feeling I have about Wang's game is his ability of learning.It's pretty amazing for me to see how Wang have been doing so far this season.

As a Taiwanese,you guys pretty quitely understand why I crazily root for Wang no matter how he pitch.Be honest with you guys.I am not as unbiased as most yankees fans about everything of Wang.We all know Wang had amazing season last year.Most experts in many different media outlets keep expressing tons of opinions about Wang.They don't believe he can keep his success.We don't even have to go through about "ACE" topic.I am not going to go through this old debate and cliche again with you guys.

There are two aspects of success in the baseball game players have to take care of.One is physical aspect.The other is mental aspect.I am even going to go through the menatl part again.The reason for Wang's success so far is his sinker.It's easy for people to stay in the same way and comfortable zone which bring them success.Change means challenge.It's also not easy for people to keep learning.People tend to become more and more lazy.The most amazing thing for me about Wang this season is he is throwing more and more nasty slider and changeup.

Remember this,no scouts projected Wang's success before he came out.Diamondbacks didn't
want to take Wang and Cano for Randy Johnson trade in 2004.Remember this,no one expected Wang had immediate success in 2005.Remember this,In 2006,not too many people believe Wang could pitch like he did 2005.Remember this,Before 2007,a lot of people believe 2006 season is a fluke and question his "ACE" status.How good he can be?I don't know.We will see.I just hope Wang stays healthy.This is the only concern I have about Wang.

One thing I know for sure.Wang doesn't think he is an ACE.He just tries to get the job done everytime.He want to be great and love playing baseball.

the quote every yankees fans wanna hear....

Everyone is pretty happy about Wang's outing,especially his ability and will to pitch deep into ball game.Actually,there is nothing special for most taiwanese ball players of their attitude.They do whatever can help team win and whatever coaches say.A lot of media asked Wang about complete game after game,Wang said "The most important thing is team winning".Another interesting quote is Wang said to Taiwanese media "We can't let Red Sox run away.We need to close gap and catch them".This is exactly the quote every yankees fans wanna hear.Let's go Yankees!!!

Wang actually told to Taiwanese media recently about his change.Gator help him out a lot.Gator teach him how to change his delivery in order to throw Gator's nasty slider.Wang try to used to his new delivery.Wang really want to be great.That's why he start to throw more slider,changeup and splitter now.In 2001,Wang had a big shoulder surgery.After that,Wang told Taiwanese media he couldn't throw slider as good as before surgery he did.He didn't know the reason.Right now,Obviously,Wang get his new-nasty-slider.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Big Series' coming!!!

I decided to watch this series after games finished.I just feel I jinx them.They lost a lot of games when I was watching.I just don't have any good luck at all.For example,I watched the last game of Blue Jays series after game finished.They won.So.....Hopefully,all three games turn out great.We can close the gap around 10 games out.We need to go back .500 as soon as we can.We don't have to worry about Red Sox.We just need to win ball games as many as we can.I just feel we can do it.I just don't believe we can't catch Red Sox and we can't play playoff this season.Let's Go Yankees!!!