Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Big game for Wang tomorrow

So much for taking pressure off Wang, right? After the way first game of this series goes, it only adds more pressure on Wang. Instead of commenting on this terrible first game, how about giving you guys the latest Q&A a Taiwanese reporter have with Wang.

Tomorrow game is the tough task for Wang. No doubt about that, especially when you consider how Wang pitches against Red Sox in his career and Wang is still on his way back to his old self. However, you will think Yankees is due to win a game against Red Sox, right? It will be so ironic that Wang win his first game of 2009 season and Yankees finally beat Red Sox.

Q: You must feel quite happy to go back to rotation,right?
A: Fine. It's ok because I haven't pitched well to secure a spot in the rotation.

Q: How to prove you are deserved to have a spot in the rotation?
A: Simple. Pitching at least 6 good innings for Yankees.

Q: What the biggest problem you have so far?
A: I can't get the key out when I need to

There are many more questions in this Q&A section in Taiwanese news. But, I only post key parts.

Monday, June 8, 2009

Joba vs TB(20th come from behind victory of 2009 season)

I can't keep watching this game. I need to go to bed. If Yankees can somehow end up with winning this game, Yankees have to thank two great defense plays. One is by Teixeira. The other is by Melky. Those two great defense plays at least save two runs for Yankees.

Let's Go Yankees!

OK! I am lying. I say I need to go to bed, but I can't. I don't want to turn the game off when Yankees is down. This team is different. You never can count them out. Guess what? I get another Yankees' rally. Mo is one out away from saving the game for Yankees. Guess what? The last batter he faces is Longoria.

Do you concern about Mo after yesterday game? If you do, shame on you. I don't. I guess Mo tells Girardi doesn't tell the greatest closer of the all time to walk anyone intentionally. The more I watch Girardi managing the game, the more I question whether Girardi can be a good manager for Yankees or not. and you?

Saturday, June 6, 2009

Good way to evaluate Wang

As you guys know, Taiwanese media follow Wang's every step. One of things they like to do recently is to interview opponent's hitters regard of Wang. I guess it is the good way to evaluate Wang.

Rangers' manager Ron Washington says, "Wang's sinker is back. However, this is still not the Wang we are so used to see in the past"

Nelson Cruz says, "Wang is fine, but this is the real Wang yet. In the past, Wang can throw sinker down the strike zone consistently."

Michael Young says, "I told Mark Teixeira Wang pitched much better than he pitched earlier in the season when I get on first base. People don't realize how hard it is to go back to old form. Let alone to do that from just returning from injury. It takes some time."

These comments tell us a lot regard of Wang, right?

Wang still builds up his arm strength and consistency. In the big league, big league hitters will hammer any mistake from pitcher. In Wang's first start since coming back from DL, Wang loses a little speed of his pitches and command of his pitches after 50 pitches(around fourth-fifth ining). I believe Wang will be back to old Wang we love around middle June(after 2-3 starts).

Friday, June 5, 2009

Wang vs Rangers

12:22pm As I am waiting for Wang's game, it's amazing for me to hear so many people claim Wang is done, Hughes is on his way to win a Cy Young Award and what a bad move by Yankees. People tend to keep doubting Wang no matter what he does and not only don't give the benefit of doubt to him but also don't give the credit he deserves. Let us wait and see.

12:41pm Girardi hope Wang can give us 5-6 inning for his 75-80 pitching count.

1:12pm Good news for Wang to get first break. It's important not to let first guy get on base.

1:18pm Nice first inning for Wang with two strike outs. 13 pitches 9 Strike.

1:21pm It seems to me Wang has offense back him up. Yankees lead 1-0

1:28pm Teixeira has some weird game on the base path recently.

1:32pm Two more ground balls for Wang. Another good sign.

1:34pm One more strikeout to end 2nd inning for Wang. 23 pitches 15 Strikes. At this rate, Wang certainly can finish 6 innings. I guess Wang is back. What a big boost for bombers.

1:43pm It seems Rangers' pitcher has settle down as well. Meanwhile, Wang is in the mini jam.

1:50pm If Wang can get out of this inning when he only gives up one run, we will be fine.

1:53pm Well, Wang is in trouble. All things considered, giving two runs is not bad at all. Hopefully, our offense doesn't go on sleep two games in a row.

2:03pm It seems to me Wang has troubles with left hand hitters that is a problem he always has.

2:07pm Wang has more troubles here. Wang looks rusty and can't maintain his stuff when pitching count raises, but he certainly has his stuff back. When he makes his regular turn in the rotation, he will be fine. One more thing, Wang and Cervelli make adjustment too slow when Rangers hitters sit on Wang's sinker. When they realize and make adjustment, Wang gives up two more runs. I know Wang gives up 5 runs for 4.2 inning. But, the way he pitches is different from the way he pitches in April.

2:41pm Let see if bombers can pick him up.

2:42pm Bases are loaded with no one out. Swisher just walks in second run for Yankees.

2:45pm I think Michael Young at 3B just costs Rangers three run here. The ball Teixeira hits Michael Young should catch. Good hitting by A-Rod to give us the lead.

3:20pm Tie game again. I don't have a good feeling about this game because the game will be decided by who has better bullpen which is the weakest link of this Yankees team.

3:54pm Guess what? I forget Melky with his late inning magic. Let go Mo and close another series.

4:03pm Well, Mo is in trouble. I guess it is not that easy. This is the major league.

4:06pm Of course, Mo is Mo.

There are three important things I take out from today's game. First of all, the confidence this team has no matter what kind of situation they are in. If they get Wang into his old form and build up a healthy bullpen, we may be on our way to 27th title. Secondly, the nice bullpen work from everyone to allow offense to come from behind. Finally, the progress Wang shows to us today is good in my opinion. I believe he will get better each start.

Thursday, June 4, 2009

Andy vs Rangers

Wang is back to rotation and Hughes is in the bullpen. Yankees need to find out whether old Wang is back or not. Eventually, Yankees need Wang to back in form. To keep messing around Wang physically and mentally is not a right thing to do. As for Hughes, Yankees should send Hughes back to minor as a start to make sure we have an insurance for injury to one of our starters. That being said, it won't be a bad idea to put Hughes in the bullpen before Bruney and Marte come back.

Andy hasn't been able to command his pitches at low strike zone. Is his back ok? Hopefully, he is fine.

7:21pm Andy is in trouble immediately. first and third at 1 out.

7:28pm Andy is in bigger trouble. All things consider, it will be fine for Yankees if Andy only gives up 2 runs in this inning.

7:30pm Well, Three run is a little bit too much. But, as a starter, if this is only three runs Andy giving up, we will be fine. I just worry about Andy's back.

8:19pm What a turn around inning for Pettitte! After letting the first two guys to get on the base with no one out, he strike out the side to end the inning.

8:21pm Let us see if Swisher can get that run in with less than 2 outs.

9:25pm What a terrible game for A-Rod so far! Let see whether Yankees can come back to win this or not.

9:42pm Posada cut the deficit to 2 runs. There is the hope.

10:36pm Well. Big day for Wang tomorrow. If we can win tomorrow game, we will take another series which is fine. We can't win it all. But, I did concern about Pettitte's back. I believe Wang will perform well. However, Because the limit of pitching count(75-80), this game may be decided by the work from bullpen.

Monday, June 1, 2009

You win some and lose some

This is just the nature of baseball game. When we enjoy those walkoff wins so much, we will be the victim of walkoffs eventually one day. For me, it's about process. It's about how Yankees play this game. This is a great game to watch.

In the end, we know our bombers do their best to come back from 4 runs down to tie the game. I like their toughness. Our bombers are different than those other Yankees team we have watched the past few seasons. They may go down eventually, but they fight hard to make opponents earn their victory. I rather them lose this way than losing to Pavano.

The story of the game is Chien-Ming Wang. He takes another big step to prove the world he is ready. I know Yankees lose the game, but getting a proven winner with back to back 19 wins is so important to Yankees' championship run. As I keep saying, we need Wang back to his oldself. Right now, it is just matter of time for Wang to get back to rotation. When he builds up his arm strengths and pitching counts, he will be back.

Now, Phil Hughes doesn't pitch badly. I actually think he pitches better than his line. But, it is about result in the end. You can't say he pitches decently when he gives up 4 runs in 5IP, when you consider Indians lose their three best hitters in their lineup.

I understand Hughes and Joba are going through their expected growing pain. As I keep saying, Hughes and Joba will be sucessful starters in the big league one day. However, those back to back short outing will kill Yankees eventually when we get deeper in the summer for playoff run. that is the reason we need Wang back to this rotation. The deeper starters go, the better bullpen we will have.

Not to mention Yankees has a not so good bullpen now. Cashman really needs to bring more capable arms from our farm system while he tries to make a trade at the same time.

I know many people blaming Gardner, Coke and Robertson for this lost. Rookies make mistakes. If one of A-Rod, Cano and Posada can do their job they are supposed to do, we may win this one.