Sunday, August 31, 2008

The fundamental baseball

Originally, I was going to write all the happy thing about Yankees for their three-game winning streak. Instead, I need to write this in order to get out of my chest.

I hope Yankees can play good and fundamental baseball the rest of way even if we may not make to playoffs in the end. At least, we can say,"We do our best, win everyone's expect and don't have to apology to our fans".

They didn't do it today. I hope they can do it the rest of season for fans like us because we all spend big part of our life to support them.

First of all, I know Cano's smooth style lets him be able to make a lot of great plays that other second basemen can't do it on the field, but he really need to learn how to play fundamental defense on the field, such as getting in front of ball, diving for close ground balls and throwing the ball the right way, etc. I rather he misses those difficult plays, but makes all the basic plays. At least, He needs to be stand in front of everyone to face whatever he needs to face with courage after bad or good days.

Secondly, A-Rod really need to change how he approaches the game under different game situations if he wants to perform well under pressure situations. I know he hits that ball hard, but think about this, Overbay put down a bunt successfully in the 8th inning to help Blue Jays to build up that lead. I am not suggesting A-Rod to bunt Jeter and Abreu over in the 9th inning, but he needs to know there are a lot of different ways to get the job done, such as hitting a single to the middle, hitting a ground ball to move them over with less than 2 outs and getting a walk. He doesn't need to be that hero all the time. He doesn't need to hit a home run to become a hero as well. Instead, He pulls a ball to third base for double play.

Thirdly, Girardi sometimes need to criticize players. I really start wondering what would look like if Joe Torre is here because Girardi start to make me feel disappointed a little bit even though I am one of his supporters, One thing I learn from Americans when I stay in America for two years. Americans are not only not afraid of admitting their mistakes but also expressing their opinions that may tell the truth or challenge authority.

We all love Yankees. That's why we want them to get better every time out.

Friday, August 29, 2008

Two random thoughts...

*Carl Pavano has been put on the waivers. I hope Yankees are able to trade him to the other team and get some prospects for him. In order to get this miracle, We need to root for Pavano crazily tomorrow when he is up to against Blue Jays. Not to mention most Yankees' players and fans can't wait to see him leaving no matter how well he may pitch.

*A spokesman of Wang's agency(CSMG) was interviewed by Taiwanese reporters few days ago regard of recovery progress of Wang's injury. They said Wang still is eager to come back to fight with teammates for playoffs this season, but Yankees and them keep trying to persuade him not to rush for this season because Yankees need him more years to come. Right now, the recovery progress of Wang's injury is very good. Because everyone has unusual expectation for Wang to come back on a miracle pace, that's why most people will feel Wang has a slow recovery.

Joe Girardi deserves some credits

The most impressive thing I get from this game is Girardi's in-game decision. In the 7th inning with 2 outs, Girardi decided to use Giambi as pinch-hitter for Molina in spite of Francona's decision which he puts Hideki Okajima to relieve Lester. I guess Francona wants to use Okajima in order to let Girardi put I-Rod or Betemit as pinch hitter, but Joe Girardi doesn't just look at the match-up and doesn't care Giambi's recent struggle.

Again, When Nady gets on in the 9th inning, Girardi immediately put Gardner as pinch runner. Even though Cano fails to bunt him over to second base, Girardi still is not afraid of letting Cano bunt. Of course, he puts I-Rod in at the right spot.

As I said on this post earlier, I believe Girardi will get better with more experience.

That's what fans do

Through first 6.2 inning, Yankees look like a helpless and lifeless team as they have been the whole season. Again, they only score 3 runs, but it's enough for bombers to come away with a big win.

This games begins at 3am in Sydney. I like most Yankees fans still sit through every tough minute and root for our team passionately. Of course, I feel frustrated along the way. As fans, our passion sometimes end up with another frustrating day. However, it may get reward for exciting win. Today game is latter case. In my opinion, there is not a better win than beating Papelbon with a walk-off hit, isn't it?

Moose is great. I wish we can give him a win for that. This game is worthy for watching because of Moose's performance even if Yankees don't come back to win this game.

Yankees need our supports!!!

As I am writing this post, the last game of this series against Red Sox will begin soon. I did watch the first two games of this series. Apparently, Yankees lost both games. I hope I am not the one brings more bad luck to Yankees. You may ask, "Are you going to watch the last game of this series?" This time, I am going to watch this game and root for our Yankees as much as I can. A lot of people can't wait to claim that Yankees' season is over. Yankees need our support. This is what fans are here for.

Let's Go Yankees!!

Thursday, August 28, 2008

One solution to make the playoffs

There are two stunning numbers I read after yesterday game. I can't believe it.

Yankees' record is 8-44 when trail after 4th inning(4?? Are you kidding me??)
Yankees score 3 runs or less for 56 times so far this season.(42%)

By the way, as Peter points out on his blog,

Yankees are on pace to score 738 runs which will be 185 runs less than last season

A lot of people may say Yankees' offense is sucked. That's why Yankees is at the position they are right now. Yankees certainly lose some big run producers while many players have their down year at the same time. I think this shows how important Joba and Wang are to Yankees. If we have these kind of dominant starting pitchers, everything changes. They not only can control the game but also make bullpen better.

Our Yankees certainly are pressing. The numbers above indicate that. I have one solution may help Yankees to make the playoffs. They should come out and admit, "We are not going to make playoffs. From this point on, we are going to enjoy this game. We are going to play like most children do when they play baseball game". This may help them to relax and actually play better. I just have one feeling about Yankees' situation. Yankees fans should not expect Yankees to make the playoffs every year. Yankees fans should appreciate how hard players contribute during regular season. This should not take it for granted.

By the way, Damon's and Abreu's defense are not so good. No matter how this season ends, Yankees should not abandon the young movement Cashman try to do since 2005. Yankees really need to get younger. I am kind of getting a sense Cashman will be the person takes the heat once unthinkable thing happen.

Monday, August 25, 2008

Superstition? You bet

Man, I really need to share this story with you guys. The last game of this series against Orioles started at 3am in the morning on Monday in Sydney. I really can't watch this game live if I want to have enough energy for work at Monday. And then I woke up around 6am for some reasons and decided to turn on my computer in order to check Yankees' score before I headed back to my bed for more sleep.

Guess what? When I turned on my computer, the score was 7-5 which Yankees had a lead and Robertson just got a huge second out of that inning to save a run. At that moment, I told to myself, "See. There is no way I bring bad luck to Yankees every time out, right? Robertson just save a run before my eyes". I decided to stay a little bit longer. As you guys know what happened next, Edwar came in the game and gave up that 2-runs home run to tie the game.

I can't believe my eyes and turned off my computer immediately. I said to myself, "I better not to watch the rest of game in order to give Yankees a chance to win". Guess what? I went to bed and found out Yankees won the game when Cano hit a home run before I left home.

My family just went to Europe for a trip. There is no way my sister is able to watch Yankees game and bring more good luck to balance my bad luck. What do you guys think? Can I watch Yankees' next series against Red Sox? I really want to watch. How about watching ball game, but rooting for Red Sox? I don't know.

Sunday, August 24, 2008

bring bad luck to Yankees?

I am the one doesn't have any luck for everything in my life. I always feel I bring bad luck to the team I support. It's too funny how things turn out. Yesterday, I had to leave home to meet friend around 6th inning. Of course, at that moment, Yankees had struggled all night and trailed to Orioles. Guess what? After I left, Yankees turned things around and scored 6 runs to top Orioles. When I got home and turned on my computer, I was so happy to see Yankees winning ball game. Second thought? I better not to watch Yankees playing next time. Without me watching, it may bring more luck to my Yankees team.

Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two questions...

*Does Joe Girardi become Yankees' version of Willie Randolph? More and more people believe Yankees are not playing hard for Joe Girardi. I don't think so. People make mistakes. I believe veterans on Yankees team are better than that. On top of that, Joe Girardi got hired this past off-season and signed a three-year contract.

*Are we going to see Carl Pavano pitching for us again? It seems thing goes to that direction. I don't care how much money he makes. I don't care how "unlucky" he has been. I know not only we need a starter but also Pavano' rehab period is going to end. Please. Can we see someone else pitching for us instead of Pavano? On top of that, Pavano hasn't pitched above AA. If Hughes isn't ready, there must be someone else for that. I rather watch Kei Igawa pitching.

Sunday, August 17, 2008

Wang's news updated....

*After my Taiwan baseball team in this Beijing Olympics lost three tough games in a row, Wang was interviewed by Taiwanese reporters on the phone about that. As you guys can image my tough day when I watch through those tough lost from my Taiwan baseball team and my Yankees team at the same time. I am not going go through all the details of those three tough games.

*Basically, my Taiwan baseball team lost 0:1 to Cuba, lost 7:8 to China and kept score at 1:2 with Japan until 9th inning. Right now, My Taiwan baseball team is probably at the same position as Yankees whose back against wall and can't afford to lose more games if we want to get into semi-final.

*Wang obviously did watch game. Wang said, "Don't give up! Don't look back. Still get games to play. Do your best." It seems to me Wang can use the same quote to cheer his Yankees' teammates.

*Even though Wang still have to use crutches that may not be the case once he meet the doctor this Tuesday, Wang can put his right foot on the ground and put half of weight on his right foot as well.

*Wang start doing the whole body training which include riding bicycle. Wang will go down the Tampa for his rehab after he play catch that has to wait until this Tuesday when doctor may give Wang a green light to throw crutches away.

For Gardner~another walk-off hit

In order to let our bombers have a chance to delivery a walk-off hit, our pitchers almost have to pitch perfectly. In fact, Yankees' reliever pitchers only give up one hit after Ponson left the game in 7th. Basically, they pitch one hit ball in 6.2 innings. By the way, Mo pitches two perfect innings in a tie game. That's why I don't believe the Mo's stats in a tie game. I will bring Mo in no matter what.

How they win it? Well, A guy names Gardner doesn't try to do too much and hit a single through left infield for walk-off hit when tons of big-name players ground into double play and come up empty with bases-loaded and no one out.

Plain and Simple, right? Don't try to do too much. If they get two sacrifice flies in that 4th inning, we may not need to get into extra inning. Never mind about 13 innings.

By the way, we win the game which is great, but we again only score 3 runs in 13 innings. The bad news is I am not sure what they will do if Moose don't pitch deep into ball game tomorrow. The good news is I am sure we will have a strong/good bullpen if we get into playoffs.

That's why I barely question Manager's decision.

This game started at 3am in Sydney and ended up in 8am. As you guys can image, I am so tired that I need to write this post short and quick in order to catch some sleep for my work. I am not the one question Manager's in game decision too much because you never know what will happen and what the real reason behind the scene.

Today game, In 9th inning, After Damon didn't attempt to put a bunt down to move runner up to second and third, Jeter hit a double play to end the inning. I believe this is my first time to have this question in my mind this season,"Why not let Damon bunt to move runners?". I didn't jump on to conclusion and want to wait post-game interview from Joe Girardi. I got my answer.

Girardi said on post-game interview, "I did it yesterday with Damon in the 9th inning, but Damon didn't look comfortable about bunting and he didn't execute the bunt successfully. That's why I never think about letting Damon bunt again today."

You probably can argue Joe Girardi shouldn't throw his players under the bus that Cashman probably did the same thing when he was interviewed by reporters regard of Melky's demotion.

Cashman said," I believe Melky is a better player than he has been showed", but "You probably can change Melky name to a lot of players on the field that make a lot of more money than Melky, too"

You may say Joe Girardi should cover for his players. This is probably what Joe Torre has done for his players. That's why they all love to play for him. This is probably why Joe Torre get so many criticism from fans about his poor in-game decision.

But, we all learn one thing in our life for sure. At some points, Parents have to let their children go, learn from their mistakes and face challenges in order to grow up. If parents always protect their children who may never know how to do some certain things.

This may be the reason why our bombers can't go deep in the playoffs recent years. This also may be the reason why our bombers struggle so much this season. Joe Girardi and verterans on this team need to get to know each other and make adjustment. I believe they will. Eventually, Joe Girardi will get his message cross which is playing fundamental baseball and execute coaches' tactics.

Updated:From Daily News,

"That was something we tried (Friday) night and it didn't work," Girardi said. "Johnny just wasn't comfortable doing it and that's the way it is."

"I'm just not a good bunter," Damon agreed.

Some unbelievable stunning offense numbers

32% of games(39 of 122) Yankees has scored less than 3 runs. 40% of games Yankees has score less than 4 runs.

Our bombers are on a pace to score 774 runs. They scored 968 last season.


If you subtract 100 runs Posada and Mastui response for when they miss this season and you still believe our bombers won't too far away from the score they set last year, it means our bombers will score 2.35 more runs per game.

I still can't believe it

I know Yankees are playing as badly as they can be. I know Yankees are finding different ways to lose games right now. At the same time, Everyone is winning and we keep losing ground on somebody. Right now, We only have 40 games to play.

Are the Yankees the best team in the AL? Certainly not, but our bombers shouldn't be as bad as they show us recently. I still can't believe it. I still can't believe they will keep playing like this. I still think they will turn it around. I still think Joba, Wang and Hughes will all pitch for us this season for meaningful games. I am not going to start talking about off-season and next season. We will see.

Let's Go Yankees!

Thursday, August 14, 2008

Accept the thing you can't change; Change the thing you can't accept

These are some quotes of Hank from Newsday,

"I think it's very simple: We've been devastated by injuries. No team I've ever seen in baseball has been decimated like this. It would kill any team. Imagine the Red Sox without [Josh] Beckett and [Jon] Lester. Pitching is 70 percent of the game. Wang won 19 games two straight years. Chamberlain became the most dominating pitcher in baseball. You can't lose two guys like that.

"It's not making excuses. It's reality."

"I'm not writing off this season. They're trying hard to win. There's only so much you can do. They're not supermen."

I don't like what Hank said when I first read it. Why? Plain and simple. It sounds like the owner of team already gave up. After thinking it for a day, my reaction is different even though I still don't like it.

It's always difficult for people to accept when others tell you the truth. Our Taiwanese believe, people need to learn how to face and accept reality in order to make themselves better. I have two mottoes. First one is "Never give up". Second one is "Accept the thing you can't change; Change the thing you can't accept".

Hank points out the reality. The reality is always harsh. What is the reality? Yankees get killed by injury this season without a doubt. You may say every team has their own shares when Red Sox and Rays lost their star players as well. But, Yankees not only lost Jeter, A-Rod, Damon, Posada and Matsui for different period of time but also lost Wang, Joba, Hughes, Kennedy, and Bruney. Yankees is the team lost a lot of starting pitchers. Rays have their 5 starters the most of season. Red Sox have Dice-K, Lester and Wakefield the most of season as well. Even though Ponson, Giese and Rasner have done a fine job to replace Wang and Joba, there certainly is a different feeling for our hitters. Wang and Joba almost certainly can pitch better and longer than them as well. When you consider we score much less than before, one or two runs Wang and Joba save may result in a win instead of a lost.

Only thing our bombers can do right now is accept this reality. "Accept the thing you can't change". They really need to accept from their hearts that no pitcher will come back to save them. "Change the thing you can't accept". And then they need to try to win ball game in other ways because Yankees won't give up and can't accept to play golf in October.

Just don't get beat by yourself....

Recently, I not only have to keep working on my stuff but also keep my eyes on Yankees and Olympic games. I certainly watch my Taiwan baseball team play in Olympic games.

Do you know the difference of the way they play between Yankees and Taiwan? My Taiwan baseball team don't get beat by ourselves. I believe most Yankees fan have same feeling as me. When we watch Yankees playing, we feel stressful, uneasy and frustrated every time out even when the games Yankees win. Why? Our bombers beat themselves too often.

If my Taiwan baseball team get beat, we won't get beat by ourselves. My Taiwan baseball team is not a super strong team. We are not even a favor in this competition. We are going to lose some games I am pretty sure about that, but the reason will be the other team play better than us, not because we get beat by ourselves.

No matter my Taiwan baseball team win or lose, I always feel stress free and end up with feeling Let's go get them next time or they just play better than us. I won't feel frustrated and stressful after game. I won't have "what if" in my mind.

Take game 1 against Netherlands as example, Our pitchers won't give up too many free passes. We play great defense. Our position players not only play a flawless defense but also make few beautiful plays.

We don't have a lot of players can't hit for power, but we are very selective at the plate, move runners over and get them in very well. In fact, 2 of 5 runs came with sacrifice fly. When there is a runner on base, we will do whatever we can to move runner even when we can't get a hit.

On top of that, when the other team give us a chance to beat them. We won't miss it. For example, the only big inning we have is in the fourth inning when we score 3 of 5 runs. Netherlands pitcher give up 2 walks in that inning. We score 3 runs on two singles and one sacrifice fly.

This is something I think I miss most when I watch Yankees playing. Damon threw to second instead of third on a sacrifice fly. Cano and Betemit miscommunicate on stolen base. Cano made that costly error before Young's three-run homerun. Melky and Cano miscommunicate on a short fly ball. Sexson fails at least to move runners when there is first and second no one out. These plays all let our Yankees fans wonder "what if" after game. This is fundamental baseball. These plays help you to win ball game.

Taiwan beat Netherlands 5:0

Congrats, Taiwan.

Every team has to win at least 4 wins in order to get into semi-final of Olympic games. This year will be the final year there is a baseball game in Olympic games. Who knows when they will put baseball game back to Olympic games. It certainly means a lot no matter which team win it.

My Taiwan team gets off a good start to get a first win and takes a big step toward to semi-final. Tonight, Taiwan will go against Japan which ranks higher than us in this competition. I won't be able to cheer for my Taiwan team tonight, but I know they will fight until the last minute.

Netherlands is a must win for us in order to get into semi-final and then will be the games against China, Korea and Canada.

23-year-old lefty Wei-Yin Chen who plays professional baseball in Japan now starts for Taiwan.

Starter Wei-Yin Chen 7IP 3H 7SO 0R/ER/BB
Reliever Kai-Wen Cheng 2IP 1H 0R/ER 1BB

Our lineup does a great job to move runners and get run in. Of course, position players also play a great defense behind the pitchers on the field. Obviously, when your pitcher pitch 9 scoreless innings and position players play a flawless defense, it will be a great game to watch for fans.

Let's go Taiwan!!

P.S. I think you guys know there is a Japan pitcher called Yu Darvish who is in this competition as well. Of course, Darvish is the ACE of Japan team. If you can, keep eyes on him. A lot of scouts believe he is better than Dice-K.

I haven't got the chance to watch him pitching. I know he was pitching for Japan against Cuba last night. Cuba beat Japan 4-2. People believe one of those two teams along with U.S is going to win Gold medal.

Darvish didn't pitch well last night.

Darvish 4IP 7H 4ER 6SO 4BB(I believe he threw over 100 pitches)

Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Baseball Game~Let's Go Taiwan( Game 1 vs Netherlands)

Have you paid attention on Olympic games? I actually did. This probably makes me less painful when Yankees lose games. You know, distract attention. I think you at least have to keep your eyes on your national baseball team how they play in Beijing Olympic game.

Taiwan is going to play against Netherlands for game 1 today. Can't wait. Let's Go Taiwan!

Do you question every move Yankees' Manager make? I don't

Before going into this topic, I have to say this first. I am like every Yankees fans. I am not happy and feel frustrated when Yankees lose games. This is nothing to do what I am going to say.

Are you one of fans question Girardi sit Damon and Giambi and play Christian and Sexson? Are you one of fans always question and second guess every move Managers make? I don't because you never what would happen on the field if Managers did what you thought and you never really know what really happen behind the scene. Well, I think I try not to. Of course, I sometimes feel extremely upset and may lose my mind.

If you come to this blog to read these kind of analysis, I think you may feel disappointed from this aspect. You may say, "Well, You are a blogger of a Yankees' blog. If you don't write this and that, why bother to be a blogger?" I believe there are tons of blogs like that. For my blog, I just want to write positive things as many as I can and try to make my blog's readers enjoy watching baseball game as much as they can.

True story. I was one of producer sof one of play which include around 100 staff. One of main jobs I need to do is to be a good bridge between the whole staff and make sure everything get done on time. Unfortunately for me, there are two directors in that play as well. During the whole production, I not only have to do all the stuff but also deal with two directors that I certainly spent tons of energy on.

I always remember one thing continuously happened during the production of that play. Because I need to make sure both directors happy and keep things going to right direction on time, I always have to make up reasons when two directors have conflicts between them and force the production slow down. "You never really know what really happen behind the scene unless you are there"

Maybe Damon said "He is fine because he wants to show his toughness". Maybe Yankees want to find out what Christian can do. If Yankees don't plan on playing Damon every game the rest of season, why not let him rest on the turf against a lefty? If Yankees bring Sexson to hit lefty and don't play him against a lefty, when Yankees are going to use him? There must be some reasons for that. Giardi plays this game for a long time. I always trust, believe and respect specialty.

Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Give the kid a second chance

These are quotes from Kennedy from Pinstripe Posts before sending down 3A,

Kennedy regretted saying that he was not too broken up about the way he pitched in Friday night's disaster.

"I could tell by some of your faces that it came out wrong,'' Kennedy said. "I was very disappointed with myself.'' IPK said

Despite his troubles in '08, "I wouldn't trade this year for the world.''

This reminds me when I get my first job after graduating from University. I remember I made all kind of mistakes and I actually thought I was going to get fired very soon.

Kennedy is a kid who is just 23 year old and just graduated from university like you, me and everyone else at some point. Everyone makes mistakes. Why not give him a second chance as long as he learns something from mistakes.

Monday, August 11, 2008

Are you still a Yankees fan?

This is a quote from Giese on NY Times Bats Blog,

“They could have lost every game, and I would have still loved them(Angels),” Giese said.

Are you still a Yankees fan?

I am even though our bombers look as bad as they can be right now. and you?

Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some random thought after game...

*OK! If unthinkable thing happen this season which Yankees don’t make the postseason, what does this mean? When you think about how inconsistent our offense and pitching have been the whole season, Does this mean this team can’t survive without Joba, Wang, Matsui and Posada? Are they two most important players of our rotation and lineup?

*I know one thing for sure. We really need to upgrade our pitching staff this off-season, especially rotation because I think we can get bullpen help from farm system. When your starters keep leaving earlier, it will kill your bullpen eventually no matter how well manager manage his bullpen. Since all star break except first 8 game winning streak certainly prove this point. This may be the most underrating thing of Wang's absence to our Yankees team because Wang eat up a lot of innings.

*By the way, Since Pudge came and Farnsworth left, our pitching(rotation and bullpen) has been terrible. On top of that, I can’t remember Pudge throw out one base runner since he came over. Is Pudge good at handling pitching staff? Is Pudge still good at defense? I know our offense has been terrible. At this rate, is it worthy to sacrifice defense for that? Is this coincidence? But, I am sure about one thing. I really miss Posada. This let me think about one thing. If Red Sox let Veritek go this off-season, it may have same impact on Red Sox pitching as well.

It can be worse....

It's so hard not to make a knee-jerk reaction to what happened to our team, isn't it?

I was so mad and disappointed at what happened to these two games. First of all, Kennedy made a Igawa-like comment on post-game interview after last night game. Secondly, Our bullpen totally exploded after Giese left the game.

I was going to post right away after game, but I chose not to and waited until I clam down.

Don't give up, Yankees fans. I certainly can feel you guys' frustrations at this moment because I was rooting for one of pro Taiwanese baseball team that lost game on different reasons most of time. Finally, That team won a title which I was so happy. Unfortunately for me, gamble scandal happened and that team was involved.

Think about it, Nothing happened to Yankees so far this season will be worse than what happened to my once-was-loved pro baseball team.

At least, Our Yankees are trying and fighting for it. I know they looks terribly now, but who knows what will happen next. Don't be so negative. Think things from different angles. For example, Kennedy is just a kid who don't know how to handle media in a right way. At least, our bullpen explode at the same day.

Let's Go Yankees!

Friday, August 8, 2008

Impressive Beijing 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony....

I am a big sport fan and like to watch all kind of sports. Of course, I am not going to miss Olympic game. I hope one day I am able to watch one of Olympic games in person. Opening Ceremony is one of Olympic events you can't miss because it shows creativity, culture and history of host country. If you want to understand Chinese culture and history, Beijing 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony will be a good introduction except that avoidable China's national anthem and flag.

If my memory is right, the way they lit Olympic Flame in ATHENS 2004 is the most impressive way I have ever seen. One handicapped archer shot an arrow to light the Olympic Flame.

The most impressive part of Beijing 2008 Olympic Opening Ceremony is that painting was painted by contemporary dancers and children and what that painting present which is we need to pay attention on our environment("One world, One dream" is the slogan of Beijing 2008 Olympic game).

As you guys know, there is big political issue between Taiwan and China. Two governments fight for everything involve in this issue. For example, my Taiwanese national team is not allowed to use "Taiwan" and our real national flag.

This leads to my interesting note I note during this opening ceremony. Recent years, tons of Taiwanese businessmen and corporations go to China and try to open China market. When my Taiwanese national team entered stadium and was introduced, we probably got the loudest cheers from stadium audiences except host country, China.

Ha! China Government try so hard to block us from everything, but they can't stop Taiwanese attend Olympic game and cheer for their country and they can't stop Australian announcer introduced us "Taiwan" during broadcasting.

Don't worry. I am not going to talk about politics too much on my blog.

20 wins and Cy Young Award for Moose??? Why not...

I really hope Moose and Mo get their well deserved recognitions this season on Cy Young Voting. It's great we come back to win final two games of 4 games series against Rangers.

Our pitching has been outstanding all season long. Not too much to say about our offense which has been disappeared in this 2008 campaign. I only can hope our offense will wake up in time to support our pitching staff, especially upcoming series against Angels. I know match-up doesn't favor Yankees, but you never know what will happen on the field. I have high hope on Kennedy, Giese and Pettitte.

I am so glad to see Mariners beating Rays in the walk-off fashion. When you look at Rays' road record, I believe our Yankees still have chances to get into playoff by AL East or wild card. This season looks more and more like 2005 season which three teams fight for two playoff spots until the final week of season.

Let's go Yankees!!

Thursday, August 7, 2008

We are going to fight with pride until the last minute...

I know ton of experts and fans can't wait to see Yankees falling, can't wait to celebrate every Yankees' loss and can't wait to write us off. They are happy to watch us feel frustrated. No matter win or lose, we shouldn't do what they think we should do. We should support our Yankees team until the last minute because we know our bombers are going to fight until the last minute. In the end, if we get beat, we tip our caps to them. Until then, we are not going to give up our team. So does our New York Yankees.

Let's go Yankees!!

Tuesday, August 5, 2008

stiff right shoulder? Are you kidding me?

I believe most Yankees fans like me don't care about the result of this game. Only thing we care right now is Joba's shoulder. I just feel this is not a good sign about Joba's right shoulder injury when you consider what happened in 4th and 5th inning after Joba pitch so well for the first three innings. There must be something wrong. It seems to me pitchers' location will be the first thing to suffer when there is something wrong with them. To me, this explains the poor location of those home-run balls Joba gave up.

Hopefully, this is not a series injury.

Wang, Joba and Hughes present the future of New York Yankees. I don't care Yankees can get into playoffs this season or not. Don't rush Wang, Joba and Hughes back to save this season. We need them to be healthy for many years to come.

Some Wang's news...

*Gator came back for Old Timers’ Day few days ago. Gator gave Wang a huge hug immediately when he saw Wang in the clubhouse. Gator told Wang,"Don't let them force you to come back earlier. Don't just look now. You have many years ahead of you." Of course, Gator tease Wang his poor running skill. Gator also told Wang not to get on base when he gets another chance to hit.

*Yankees already told Wang to stay in New York for rehab during the whole August. Next week, Wang will wear special shoe Yankees made for him and start walking with one crutch. Wang already started his rehab on his right thigh.

*Wang keep in touch with Mike Myers who is at home. Myers told Wang he is happy now because he is able to stay at home with family and play golf. Wang said Myers is better than him because he at least is able to play golf and he even can't walk.

*Larry Bowa keep talking and sending text messages to Wang. Bowa is Bowa who won't change. He told Wang, "You are a man. Don't act like a sissy. I know you are not hurt now. Come back to pitch"

*When Wang was told by reporters about Giardi's comments:"The chances of us getting him back Sept. 1 are zero, Oct. 1? It's possible." Wang said, "He told about Sept. 1, right? He didn't mention the days after Sept. 1, right? I will try to come back after Sept. 1"

You can tell Wang have good relationship with everyone in the clubhouse, including teammates, and coach staff. You can tell Wang will do his best to come back as soon as he can. At the same time, You can tell Yankees will be extremely careful with Wang.

*By the way, Wang went to see doctor yesterday. Although Wang still have to use crutches and wear special shoe, he can start trying to walk and put some weight on his right foot. Wang is very happy to be able to start walking again.

*For the long haul, Yankees hope Wang not try to come back too soon and then aggravate his foot injury. Yankees will consider to pitch Wang again if they get into playoffs.

Monday, August 4, 2008

What a crazy game is!

I told you so on preview post. Yankees will somehow get a split against Angels. Baseball play on the field, not on paper.

First of all, When you consider yesterday game against Angels starts at 3am in Sydney and how terrible Yankees look like at the first 4 innings, you have to wonder how come I am able to watch the whole game? I am the one never give up my team until it is over, but I was about turning off my computer around 3rd inning yesterday and then I saw that Abreu's terrible base running mistake that cost Yankees a run and a possible rally. I decide to keep watching to see how terrible Yankees can play.

I am glad I did. What a crazy game is! Yesterday game is one of those games make fans crazy whatever your team win or lose. I am glad Yankees win this one.

Secondly, Whatever Yankees win or lose their chance to play in October, I rather watch Kennedy and Hughes(when he is ready) pitching and losing it. We all know what Ponson, Rasner and Pavano can do and their future are not going to be with Yankees. Give kids down the farm a chance to perform.

I actually thought Yankees had chances to score some runs on Lackey yesterday because his velocity seems down a little bit and if Yankees are able to lay off his breaking pitches which they did later on. When Edwar gave up that glam slam, I was screaming on my computer, "Are you kidding me? What a terrible way to lose a game". But, Christian came out and save Yankees fans' day. The speed Christian bring on the table is the most amazing play of yesterday game for me.

Sunday, August 3, 2008

Create a sense of urgency???

I think Yankees somehow will be able to get a split against Angels. Every time when Yankees are back against wall and everyone think Yankees are done, they somehow manage to get back into.

Ok! I am going to write one observation I have based on the news regard of Wang. Of course, this is just my feeling. I think Joe Girardi tries to create a sense of urgency to his team. Reading these quotes as follow,

July 29th(The day Wang had cast removed), from MLB.COM,

"I still believe there's a good chance we're going to get him back in September," Girardi said. "Whether it's Sept. 1, that might be stretching a little bit. But I still think we're going to get him back."

then August 1th(The day Yankees just lost first game of series against Angels), from MLB.COM,

"We're not sure about Wang," Damon said. "Wang was so important to us. Who knows if we'll get him back. We'll see."

then August 1th(2nd game of series against Angels during pregame interview with Joe Girardi), from Daily News,

"The chances of us getting him back Sept. 1 are zero," Girardi said. "Oct. 1? It's possible."

Why Joe Girardi suddenly changes his tone in one week before Wang goes to see doctor next Tuesday? That's why I feel Joe Girardi tries to create a sense of urgency to his team. Don't wait something to happen. They better to start winning ball games.

If Wang's foot injury is not as bad as Bruney according to what they have been said, I still think it is possible to see Wang pitching before season ends. Think about it. Bruney spent three months to recovery from the same injury but much serious than Wang's. I don't think why Wang can't get back around Mid September.

Small story. Early this season, Wang gave his teammates and coach staff's his "T-shirt". A lot of his teammates and coach staff wear them around the clubhouse. I read one Japanese news regard of Wang's injury few days ago. Yankees whole pitching staff wear Wang's T-shirt underneath their uniforms. There is a big English word "Believe" on Wang's T-Shirt that I saw that on news.

I am with Wang's teammates on this one. I believe Wang can come back in time to help us down the stretch. I still believe our bombers will make the playoffs.

Let's Go Yankees!!

Why everyone keep talking about how bad our pitching has been?

If we don't make the playoff this season, it won't be our pitchers' fault. I kept hearing all "experts" talk about how much concern they have about about Yankees' pitching staff, such as rotation and bullpen.

Our offense can't give our pitching staff some breathing rooms for errors. Our offense can't come back when they are down early. Our offense can't move runners over. Our offense can't get runners in when they are on 3rd base less than 2 outs. Our offense can't hit a flyball when we need it. Our offense can't hit lefty. Our offense can't Cy Young Award winners. Our offense can't hit pitchers they never see before. Our offense can't hit well when opposing pitchers throw strikes. Our offense can't hit when runners in scoring position.

No matter Yankees are able to play playoff or win a world series this season or not, Can Yankees front office please find someone can make solid contact with bat?

Friday, August 1, 2008


One day after I posted "I feel we have a championship team", our Yankees went out to get beat pretty hard by Angels which every one not only think they are the best team in the American League but also can't wait to give them 2008 American League pennant. On top of that, when you look at pitching matchup of the last three games against Angels and the losing record against Angles, everyone says there is good chance Angels are going to sweep Yankees.

Come on, guys. Baseball is playing on the field, not on the paper. You never know what will happen. As bad as Yankees looks right now while Angels looks as good as they can be, I still believe we somehow can get a split. I know Yankees lose four of last five games, but the preview series against Orioles is first series Yankees don't win after all star break when you look at the big picture.

Remember how well Yankees play both against Tigers during regular season in 2006 and against Indians in 2007. We end up losing to Tigers and Indians in the playoff. I still believe we have a championship team if we can somehow get into playoff and have Wang and Hughes back in time.