Sunday, August 3, 2008

Create a sense of urgency???

I think Yankees somehow will be able to get a split against Angels. Every time when Yankees are back against wall and everyone think Yankees are done, they somehow manage to get back into.

Ok! I am going to write one observation I have based on the news regard of Wang. Of course, this is just my feeling. I think Joe Girardi tries to create a sense of urgency to his team. Reading these quotes as follow,

July 29th(The day Wang had cast removed), from MLB.COM,

"I still believe there's a good chance we're going to get him back in September," Girardi said. "Whether it's Sept. 1, that might be stretching a little bit. But I still think we're going to get him back."

then August 1th(The day Yankees just lost first game of series against Angels), from MLB.COM,

"We're not sure about Wang," Damon said. "Wang was so important to us. Who knows if we'll get him back. We'll see."

then August 1th(2nd game of series against Angels during pregame interview with Joe Girardi), from Daily News,

"The chances of us getting him back Sept. 1 are zero," Girardi said. "Oct. 1? It's possible."

Why Joe Girardi suddenly changes his tone in one week before Wang goes to see doctor next Tuesday? That's why I feel Joe Girardi tries to create a sense of urgency to his team. Don't wait something to happen. They better to start winning ball games.

If Wang's foot injury is not as bad as Bruney according to what they have been said, I still think it is possible to see Wang pitching before season ends. Think about it. Bruney spent three months to recovery from the same injury but much serious than Wang's. I don't think why Wang can't get back around Mid September.

Small story. Early this season, Wang gave his teammates and coach staff's his "T-shirt". A lot of his teammates and coach staff wear them around the clubhouse. I read one Japanese news regard of Wang's injury few days ago. Yankees whole pitching staff wear Wang's T-shirt underneath their uniforms. There is a big English word "Believe" on Wang's T-Shirt that I saw that on news.

I am with Wang's teammates on this one. I believe Wang can come back in time to help us down the stretch. I still believe our bombers will make the playoffs.

Let's Go Yankees!!


Matt said...

I agree that the Yankees will make the playoffs. They are only a few games out and seem to be playing much better. I do think they need to get a starting pitcher. Maybe its Wang, maybe even Pavano, Hughes or Kennedy, or perhaps they'll still get Washburn.

One observation: I wasn't totally sold on Nady since I had never seen him play in Pittsburgh, but he's got a really sweet swing. Looks like a good pick up!


Jessica Lee said...

I like one thing from Nady is he put the ball in play.