Friday, August 29, 2008

Two random thoughts...

*Carl Pavano has been put on the waivers. I hope Yankees are able to trade him to the other team and get some prospects for him. In order to get this miracle, We need to root for Pavano crazily tomorrow when he is up to against Blue Jays. Not to mention most Yankees' players and fans can't wait to see him leaving no matter how well he may pitch.

*A spokesman of Wang's agency(CSMG) was interviewed by Taiwanese reporters few days ago regard of recovery progress of Wang's injury. They said Wang still is eager to come back to fight with teammates for playoffs this season, but Yankees and them keep trying to persuade him not to rush for this season because Yankees need him more years to come. Right now, the recovery progress of Wang's injury is very good. Because everyone has unusual expectation for Wang to come back on a miracle pace, that's why most people will feel Wang has a slow recovery.


Todd Drew said...

It doesn’t matter how long it takes. Wang just needs to get himself healthy. We need him at the top of our rotation for a long time.

Jessica Lee said...

Actually, Wang just told to one Taiwanese reporter yesterday. He is so happy to be able to walk without crutches and start rehab.

He also admits he still feel a little painful when walk without crutches. Doctor told him that is a normal. Doctor also told him his injury ligament still need another month to heal completely.

By the way, Mike Myers who stays at home with kids keeps calling Wang and encourages him along the way. He told to Wang he will come to watch Yankees playing in September at stadium very soon.

I know we need to be patience with Wang's injury. I still keep hope to watch Wang, Hughes, and Joba pitching well for us in meaningful games this season.