Tuesday, August 5, 2008

stiff right shoulder? Are you kidding me?

I believe most Yankees fans like me don't care about the result of this game. Only thing we care right now is Joba's shoulder. I just feel this is not a good sign about Joba's right shoulder injury when you consider what happened in 4th and 5th inning after Joba pitch so well for the first three innings. There must be something wrong. It seems to me pitchers' location will be the first thing to suffer when there is something wrong with them. To me, this explains the poor location of those home-run balls Joba gave up.

Hopefully, this is not a series injury.

Wang, Joba and Hughes present the future of New York Yankees. I don't care Yankees can get into playoffs this season or not. Don't rush Wang, Joba and Hughes back to save this season. We need them to be healthy for many years to come.


Anonymous said...

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stefan said...

I have to agree with your idea regarding the priority of Joba's health and longevity over the success of the Yankees for the remainder of the season. However, in his last 3 games before the most recent start, Joba had pitched at least 6 innings in each. Furthermore, he had also allowed only 2 runs in those 3 starts combined while striking out 20. I get the feeling that he was just having an off day, which can be expected of any pitcher, especially a 22-year-old.

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Jessica Lee said...

Hi stefan,
I will keep my eyes on your blog for sure. It's never a good news when a pitcher need to see that famous doctor who is good at shoulder operation.