Thursday, August 14, 2008

Taiwan beat Netherlands 5:0

Congrats, Taiwan.

Every team has to win at least 4 wins in order to get into semi-final of Olympic games. This year will be the final year there is a baseball game in Olympic games. Who knows when they will put baseball game back to Olympic games. It certainly means a lot no matter which team win it.

My Taiwan team gets off a good start to get a first win and takes a big step toward to semi-final. Tonight, Taiwan will go against Japan which ranks higher than us in this competition. I won't be able to cheer for my Taiwan team tonight, but I know they will fight until the last minute.

Netherlands is a must win for us in order to get into semi-final and then will be the games against China, Korea and Canada.

23-year-old lefty Wei-Yin Chen who plays professional baseball in Japan now starts for Taiwan.

Starter Wei-Yin Chen 7IP 3H 7SO 0R/ER/BB
Reliever Kai-Wen Cheng 2IP 1H 0R/ER 1BB

Our lineup does a great job to move runners and get run in. Of course, position players also play a great defense behind the pitchers on the field. Obviously, when your pitcher pitch 9 scoreless innings and position players play a flawless defense, it will be a great game to watch for fans.

Let's go Taiwan!!

P.S. I think you guys know there is a Japan pitcher called Yu Darvish who is in this competition as well. Of course, Darvish is the ACE of Japan team. If you can, keep eyes on him. A lot of scouts believe he is better than Dice-K.

I haven't got the chance to watch him pitching. I know he was pitching for Japan against Cuba last night. Cuba beat Japan 4-2. People believe one of those two teams along with U.S is going to win Gold medal.

Darvish didn't pitch well last night.

Darvish 4IP 7H 4ER 6SO 4BB(I believe he threw over 100 pitches)

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