Sunday, August 17, 2008

For Gardner~another walk-off hit

In order to let our bombers have a chance to delivery a walk-off hit, our pitchers almost have to pitch perfectly. In fact, Yankees' reliever pitchers only give up one hit after Ponson left the game in 7th. Basically, they pitch one hit ball in 6.2 innings. By the way, Mo pitches two perfect innings in a tie game. That's why I don't believe the Mo's stats in a tie game. I will bring Mo in no matter what.

How they win it? Well, A guy names Gardner doesn't try to do too much and hit a single through left infield for walk-off hit when tons of big-name players ground into double play and come up empty with bases-loaded and no one out.

Plain and Simple, right? Don't try to do too much. If they get two sacrifice flies in that 4th inning, we may not need to get into extra inning. Never mind about 13 innings.

By the way, we win the game which is great, but we again only score 3 runs in 13 innings. The bad news is I am not sure what they will do if Moose don't pitch deep into ball game tomorrow. The good news is I am sure we will have a strong/good bullpen if we get into playoffs.


Matt said...

Its good to see Gardner finally come through. I know the strategy was to send him down so he can play every day -instead of sitting on the Yankee bench- but I'm glad he's back!

I also think its a good idea to not always "try too hard". When the Yankees struggle, it seems to be when players are trying to "do too much" and have a big inning. I think they could manage a few more wins if they just played for 1 run at times. Like if with a lead-off hit, maybe bunt the guy over to 2nd or 3rd, steal a base (something Gardner can help with), and get runners in scoring position. Then just swing for a base hit or sacrifice. It seems like the Yankees consistently have RISP with no outs, but then fail to get even 1 run. I want to see some "small ball"!

Jessica Lee said...

I would like to see Yankees playing fundamental baseball, such as small ball. The problem is Yankees have so many superstars don't like or can't do it. We really need to keep getting younger and get some players can play baseball fundamentally.