Thursday, August 14, 2008

Just don't get beat by yourself....

Recently, I not only have to keep working on my stuff but also keep my eyes on Yankees and Olympic games. I certainly watch my Taiwan baseball team play in Olympic games.

Do you know the difference of the way they play between Yankees and Taiwan? My Taiwan baseball team don't get beat by ourselves. I believe most Yankees fan have same feeling as me. When we watch Yankees playing, we feel stressful, uneasy and frustrated every time out even when the games Yankees win. Why? Our bombers beat themselves too often.

If my Taiwan baseball team get beat, we won't get beat by ourselves. My Taiwan baseball team is not a super strong team. We are not even a favor in this competition. We are going to lose some games I am pretty sure about that, but the reason will be the other team play better than us, not because we get beat by ourselves.

No matter my Taiwan baseball team win or lose, I always feel stress free and end up with feeling Let's go get them next time or they just play better than us. I won't feel frustrated and stressful after game. I won't have "what if" in my mind.

Take game 1 against Netherlands as example, Our pitchers won't give up too many free passes. We play great defense. Our position players not only play a flawless defense but also make few beautiful plays.

We don't have a lot of players can't hit for power, but we are very selective at the plate, move runners over and get them in very well. In fact, 2 of 5 runs came with sacrifice fly. When there is a runner on base, we will do whatever we can to move runner even when we can't get a hit.

On top of that, when the other team give us a chance to beat them. We won't miss it. For example, the only big inning we have is in the fourth inning when we score 3 of 5 runs. Netherlands pitcher give up 2 walks in that inning. We score 3 runs on two singles and one sacrifice fly.

This is something I think I miss most when I watch Yankees playing. Damon threw to second instead of third on a sacrifice fly. Cano and Betemit miscommunicate on stolen base. Cano made that costly error before Young's three-run homerun. Melky and Cano miscommunicate on a short fly ball. Sexson fails at least to move runners when there is first and second no one out. These plays all let our Yankees fans wonder "what if" after game. This is fundamental baseball. These plays help you to win ball game.

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