Tuesday, August 5, 2008

Some Wang's news...

*Gator came back for Old Timers’ Day few days ago. Gator gave Wang a huge hug immediately when he saw Wang in the clubhouse. Gator told Wang,"Don't let them force you to come back earlier. Don't just look now. You have many years ahead of you." Of course, Gator tease Wang his poor running skill. Gator also told Wang not to get on base when he gets another chance to hit.

*Yankees already told Wang to stay in New York for rehab during the whole August. Next week, Wang will wear special shoe Yankees made for him and start walking with one crutch. Wang already started his rehab on his right thigh.

*Wang keep in touch with Mike Myers who is at home. Myers told Wang he is happy now because he is able to stay at home with family and play golf. Wang said Myers is better than him because he at least is able to play golf and he even can't walk.

*Larry Bowa keep talking and sending text messages to Wang. Bowa is Bowa who won't change. He told Wang, "You are a man. Don't act like a sissy. I know you are not hurt now. Come back to pitch"

*When Wang was told by reporters about Giardi's comments:"The chances of us getting him back Sept. 1 are zero, Oct. 1? It's possible." Wang said, "He told about Sept. 1, right? He didn't mention the days after Sept. 1, right? I will try to come back after Sept. 1"

You can tell Wang have good relationship with everyone in the clubhouse, including teammates, and coach staff. You can tell Wang will do his best to come back as soon as he can. At the same time, You can tell Yankees will be extremely careful with Wang.

*By the way, Wang went to see doctor yesterday. Although Wang still have to use crutches and wear special shoe, he can start trying to walk and put some weight on his right foot. Wang is very happy to be able to start walking again.

*For the long haul, Yankees hope Wang not try to come back too soon and then aggravate his foot injury. Yankees will consider to pitch Wang again if they get into playoffs.

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