Sunday, August 24, 2008

bring bad luck to Yankees?

I am the one doesn't have any luck for everything in my life. I always feel I bring bad luck to the team I support. It's too funny how things turn out. Yesterday, I had to leave home to meet friend around 6th inning. Of course, at that moment, Yankees had struggled all night and trailed to Orioles. Guess what? After I left, Yankees turned things around and scored 6 runs to top Orioles. When I got home and turned on my computer, I was so happy to see Yankees winning ball game. Second thought? I better not to watch Yankees playing next time. Without me watching, it may bring more luck to my Yankees team.


Todd Drew said...

I wouldn’t want to get on your bad side if you have that kind of power.

Jessica Lee said...

Guess what? I was not able to watch tonight game because I was talking to my family in Taiwan on skype until early morning and couldn't wake up for this game. Yankees won again. I better not to watch live game and plan on catching up later when the game is over. Unfortunately, I don't think I am able not to watch Yankees games. Hopefully, Yankees keep winning to let me feel better.

My older sister is opposite of me on everything. My whole family love watching sports. Everytime she watches games with me, my team win the game. Everytime my team win the game when I watch leads me to believe that my sister watch that game too.