Friday, August 1, 2008


One day after I posted "I feel we have a championship team", our Yankees went out to get beat pretty hard by Angels which every one not only think they are the best team in the American League but also can't wait to give them 2008 American League pennant. On top of that, when you look at pitching matchup of the last three games against Angels and the losing record against Angles, everyone says there is good chance Angels are going to sweep Yankees.

Come on, guys. Baseball is playing on the field, not on the paper. You never know what will happen. As bad as Yankees looks right now while Angels looks as good as they can be, I still believe we somehow can get a split. I know Yankees lose four of last five games, but the preview series against Orioles is first series Yankees don't win after all star break when you look at the big picture.

Remember how well Yankees play both against Tigers during regular season in 2006 and against Indians in 2007. We end up losing to Tigers and Indians in the playoff. I still believe we have a championship team if we can somehow get into playoff and have Wang and Hughes back in time.

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