Sunday, August 10, 2008

It can be worse....

It's so hard not to make a knee-jerk reaction to what happened to our team, isn't it?

I was so mad and disappointed at what happened to these two games. First of all, Kennedy made a Igawa-like comment on post-game interview after last night game. Secondly, Our bullpen totally exploded after Giese left the game.

I was going to post right away after game, but I chose not to and waited until I clam down.

Don't give up, Yankees fans. I certainly can feel you guys' frustrations at this moment because I was rooting for one of pro Taiwanese baseball team that lost game on different reasons most of time. Finally, That team won a title which I was so happy. Unfortunately for me, gamble scandal happened and that team was involved.

Think about it, Nothing happened to Yankees so far this season will be worse than what happened to my once-was-loved pro baseball team.

At least, Our Yankees are trying and fighting for it. I know they looks terribly now, but who knows what will happen next. Don't be so negative. Think things from different angles. For example, Kennedy is just a kid who don't know how to handle media in a right way. At least, our bullpen explode at the same day.

Let's Go Yankees!

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