Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Do you question every move Yankees' Manager make? I don't

Before going into this topic, I have to say this first. I am like every Yankees fans. I am not happy and feel frustrated when Yankees lose games. This is nothing to do what I am going to say.

Are you one of fans question Girardi sit Damon and Giambi and play Christian and Sexson? Are you one of fans always question and second guess every move Managers make? I don't because you never what would happen on the field if Managers did what you thought and you never really know what really happen behind the scene. Well, I think I try not to. Of course, I sometimes feel extremely upset and may lose my mind.

If you come to this blog to read these kind of analysis, I think you may feel disappointed from this aspect. You may say, "Well, You are a blogger of a Yankees' blog. If you don't write this and that, why bother to be a blogger?" I believe there are tons of blogs like that. For my blog, I just want to write positive things as many as I can and try to make my blog's readers enjoy watching baseball game as much as they can.

True story. I was one of producer sof one of play which include around 100 staff. One of main jobs I need to do is to be a good bridge between the whole staff and make sure everything get done on time. Unfortunately for me, there are two directors in that play as well. During the whole production, I not only have to do all the stuff but also deal with two directors that I certainly spent tons of energy on.

I always remember one thing continuously happened during the production of that play. Because I need to make sure both directors happy and keep things going to right direction on time, I always have to make up reasons when two directors have conflicts between them and force the production slow down. "You never really know what really happen behind the scene unless you are there"

Maybe Damon said "He is fine because he wants to show his toughness". Maybe Yankees want to find out what Christian can do. If Yankees don't plan on playing Damon every game the rest of season, why not let him rest on the turf against a lefty? If Yankees bring Sexson to hit lefty and don't play him against a lefty, when Yankees are going to use him? There must be some reasons for that. Giardi plays this game for a long time. I always trust, believe and respect specialty.


Matt said...

Hi Jessica.

No, I don't question every move. I think Girardi has been doing fine in his first year.

I think the Yankees line-up should still be able to produce regardless of who gets to take a day off. The Yankee line-up is full of top-notch players and sitting Damon for a game should not hurt the chances for a win. I love to see younger players like Christian get a chance more often.

Jessica Lee said...

I am with you. I know certain positions in the lineup have certain responsibilities, but it shouldn't make this big impact because hitter's job is to be selective at the plate in order to get a pitch he can handle and hit it. That's all.