Sunday, August 10, 2008

Some random thought after game...

*OK! If unthinkable thing happen this season which Yankees don’t make the postseason, what does this mean? When you think about how inconsistent our offense and pitching have been the whole season, Does this mean this team can’t survive without Joba, Wang, Matsui and Posada? Are they two most important players of our rotation and lineup?

*I know one thing for sure. We really need to upgrade our pitching staff this off-season, especially rotation because I think we can get bullpen help from farm system. When your starters keep leaving earlier, it will kill your bullpen eventually no matter how well manager manage his bullpen. Since all star break except first 8 game winning streak certainly prove this point. This may be the most underrating thing of Wang's absence to our Yankees team because Wang eat up a lot of innings.

*By the way, Since Pudge came and Farnsworth left, our pitching(rotation and bullpen) has been terrible. On top of that, I can’t remember Pudge throw out one base runner since he came over. Is Pudge good at handling pitching staff? Is Pudge still good at defense? I know our offense has been terrible. At this rate, is it worthy to sacrifice defense for that? Is this coincidence? But, I am sure about one thing. I really miss Posada. This let me think about one thing. If Red Sox let Veritek go this off-season, it may have same impact on Red Sox pitching as well.

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