Monday, August 4, 2008

What a crazy game is!

I told you so on preview post. Yankees will somehow get a split against Angels. Baseball play on the field, not on paper.

First of all, When you consider yesterday game against Angels starts at 3am in Sydney and how terrible Yankees look like at the first 4 innings, you have to wonder how come I am able to watch the whole game? I am the one never give up my team until it is over, but I was about turning off my computer around 3rd inning yesterday and then I saw that Abreu's terrible base running mistake that cost Yankees a run and a possible rally. I decide to keep watching to see how terrible Yankees can play.

I am glad I did. What a crazy game is! Yesterday game is one of those games make fans crazy whatever your team win or lose. I am glad Yankees win this one.

Secondly, Whatever Yankees win or lose their chance to play in October, I rather watch Kennedy and Hughes(when he is ready) pitching and losing it. We all know what Ponson, Rasner and Pavano can do and their future are not going to be with Yankees. Give kids down the farm a chance to perform.

I actually thought Yankees had chances to score some runs on Lackey yesterday because his velocity seems down a little bit and if Yankees are able to lay off his breaking pitches which they did later on. When Edwar gave up that glam slam, I was screaming on my computer, "Are you kidding me? What a terrible way to lose a game". But, Christian came out and save Yankees fans' day. The speed Christian bring on the table is the most amazing play of yesterday game for me.

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