Thursday, August 28, 2008

One solution to make the playoffs

There are two stunning numbers I read after yesterday game. I can't believe it.

Yankees' record is 8-44 when trail after 4th inning(4?? Are you kidding me??)
Yankees score 3 runs or less for 56 times so far this season.(42%)

By the way, as Peter points out on his blog,

Yankees are on pace to score 738 runs which will be 185 runs less than last season

A lot of people may say Yankees' offense is sucked. That's why Yankees is at the position they are right now. Yankees certainly lose some big run producers while many players have their down year at the same time. I think this shows how important Joba and Wang are to Yankees. If we have these kind of dominant starting pitchers, everything changes. They not only can control the game but also make bullpen better.

Our Yankees certainly are pressing. The numbers above indicate that. I have one solution may help Yankees to make the playoffs. They should come out and admit, "We are not going to make playoffs. From this point on, we are going to enjoy this game. We are going to play like most children do when they play baseball game". This may help them to relax and actually play better. I just have one feeling about Yankees' situation. Yankees fans should not expect Yankees to make the playoffs every year. Yankees fans should appreciate how hard players contribute during regular season. This should not take it for granted.

By the way, Damon's and Abreu's defense are not so good. No matter how this season ends, Yankees should not abandon the young movement Cashman try to do since 2005. Yankees really need to get younger. I am kind of getting a sense Cashman will be the person takes the heat once unthinkable thing happen.

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