Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Olympic Baseball Game~Let's Go Taiwan( Game 1 vs Netherlands)

Have you paid attention on Olympic games? I actually did. This probably makes me less painful when Yankees lose games. You know, distract attention. I think you at least have to keep your eyes on your national baseball team how they play in Beijing Olympic game.

Taiwan is going to play against Netherlands for game 1 today. Can't wait. Let's Go Taiwan!


Matt said...

Hi. I have been watching! It is less depressing that the Yankees right now:(

I only know a few Taiwanese players and, of course, Wang isn't playing.

Do you know about Chin-Hui Tsao? I didn't see him on the Taiwan roster. Does he still play in the MLB?

It looks like Hong-Chih Kuo is having a good year with the Dodgers! Do you think any other Taiwanese players might be coming to the U.S. MLB soon?

Jessica Lee said...

Yes. I know both Chin-Hui Tsao and Hong-Chih Kuo. In fact, Most Taiwanese, Taiwanese baseball coaches and experts always think they are both much talented than Wang. They are all surprised at how good Wang is now because Wang was never no.1~3 pitchers in Taiwanese team. He is just a pitcher who work extremely hard.

I believe I mention this on other post. Wang was interviewed by one of most famous Taiwanese magazine before injury. He still think he needs to keep working harder in order to catch other talented pitchers. I think this is why so many Taiwanese love Wang. We always support every Taiwanese players, but it is certainly on different degrees.

I believe Chin-Hui Tsao is the closer of Taiwan team. He asks the release from KC in order to totally recover from his injury. He hasn't decided his future after Olympics. He may go back to MLB or play for pro-Taiwanese baseball team.

In Taiwan, more players love to go to Japan and play professional baseball because location and culture. Increasing numbers of players choose to go to U.S. because of Wang.

However, I have heard more MLB scouts are afraid of signing Taiwanese players now because of workload they have in Taiwan. As you may know, Tsao and Kuo have long injury history. Wang is the lucky one because he never was treated as talented pitcher when he was in Taiwan.

Taiwanese players respect baseball game a lot. They always listen and do whatever coaches ask them to do without complain. They always do whatever it takes to win ballgame. Playing through injury is just one of those things. In my opinion, Sometimes I feel it's too much.

So, there are more position players going to U.S. now. But, In Taiwan, We always have more good pitchers than position players.