Tuesday, August 12, 2008

Give the kid a second chance

These are quotes from Kennedy from Pinstripe Posts before sending down 3A,

Kennedy regretted saying that he was not too broken up about the way he pitched in Friday night's disaster.

"I could tell by some of your faces that it came out wrong,'' Kennedy said. "I was very disappointed with myself.'' IPK said

Despite his troubles in '08, "I wouldn't trade this year for the world.''

This reminds me when I get my first job after graduating from University. I remember I made all kind of mistakes and I actually thought I was going to get fired very soon.

Kennedy is a kid who is just 23 year old and just graduated from university like you, me and everyone else at some point. Everyone makes mistakes. Why not give him a second chance as long as he learns something from mistakes.


Matt said...

I think he deserves another chance...in 2009. Not because of what he said (which, as he admitted, was a mistake), but because he is pitching terribly at the major league level.

Honestly, the Yankees have tons of arms right now (even with Wang and Chamberlain out). Of course, these pitchers (Giese, IPK, Rasner, Hughes, Pavano, Ponson, Igawa (?)) are not as good as Wang and Joba, but I would at least like to see the best of these getting the opportunity to finish 2008. Unfortunately, Kennedy is not one of "the best of these" right now. Maybe next year.

I think Giese is pitching well right now, so I would let Rasner stay as the #5 until Hughes or Pavano are ready to attempt a come-back. Also, I think Traber is listed as a starter. There are many other guys that deserve as shot in the rotation above Kennedy. He's had several chances this year, and has not performed. I hope he can work on whatever he needs to and come back better in 2009.

Jessica Lee said...

Great point. It's good to find out what they can do as well.

Jessica Lee said...

I don't know Kennedy will be a successful major league pitcher or not, but it's amazing for me to listen so many fans and experts already complained about not trading Kennedy this off-season. Come on, He only starts around 13 games in the major on the age of 23 and everyone know what will happen ahead of Kennedy's major league career.

I laugh all the time when I hear fans and experts say,"I can't believe they don't trade Kennedy for Santana". Kennedy is not only one in that package. There are two packages Twins will accept according to Brian Cashman. First one is Hughes, Melky and two good prospects. Second one is Kennedy, Melky, Wang and one good prospect.

Do those fans and experts want to trade Wang as well? If the answer is yes, I have nothing else to say. If the answer is no, don't bring up this "old" Santana trade talk again. It's amazing for me people always remember things they want to remember and forget others they want to forget.

Matt said...

Even though the Yankees are struggling right now, I am still glad they didn't trade for Santana. Even if Kennedy doesn't turn out to be good, he has enough potential to wait and see. I remember a few of the Detroit Tigers young pitchers were absolutely terrible 1 or 2 years before they won the World Series a few years ago, so there is some precedent for patience.

I was happy to see Cashman (and young Steinbrenners?) show some restraint this last year. I hope when they don't make the playoff this year, they don't change back to their old ways. I'd like to see what Melky, Gardner, Christian, and many others can do before going crazy and buying aging veterans like they had in the last few years.

Jessica Lee said...

Yankees definitely need to get younger and faster for sure.