Thursday, August 21, 2008

Two questions...

*Does Joe Girardi become Yankees' version of Willie Randolph? More and more people believe Yankees are not playing hard for Joe Girardi. I don't think so. People make mistakes. I believe veterans on Yankees team are better than that. On top of that, Joe Girardi got hired this past off-season and signed a three-year contract.

*Are we going to see Carl Pavano pitching for us again? It seems thing goes to that direction. I don't care how much money he makes. I don't care how "unlucky" he has been. I know not only we need a starter but also Pavano' rehab period is going to end. Please. Can we see someone else pitching for us instead of Pavano? On top of that, Pavano hasn't pitched above AA. If Hughes isn't ready, there must be someone else for that. I rather watch Kei Igawa pitching.


Todd Drew said...

For all the success that Joe Girardi had in Florida, he is still a young manager. He hasn’t always been the steady, experienced hand the Joe Torre was all the time, but he’s still learning and growing with the team. Things are only going to get better for Girardi and the Yankees.

Matt said...

I don't compare Girardi to Randolph. I think the players respect Girardi and, in the end, its not up to the manager to make the players want to play hard, thats on themselves. However, Girardi has seemed more laid-back with the Yankees than I thought people thought he was going to be. Maybe a little fire from Girardi would help.

As for Pavano, I feel your pain. I don't want to see him pitching any more than you do, but he might be the best option for Saturday. I'd rather see him come up and fail because he stinks, or has a stiff neck, or whatever, than have Hughes come up and fail because he's not ready. And actually, I'd rather see Igawa or Chase Wright, but I doubt that will happen.

Only 5.5 out! Its still possible!

Jessica Lee said...

As for Joe Girardi, I am with you Todd as a preview post. I believe Girardi will get better when he gets more experience.

Sometimes, for girl. We think from our heart, not from our brain. I know Pavano probably the best option we have now especially Yankees don't want to rush any kid in the minors and throw them into the fire right away.

Kei Igawa and Chase Wright don't give many people confident as well. Who knows? Pavano may actually pitch well for his next contract. He certainly has stuff to do it.