Monday, August 25, 2008

Superstition? You bet

Man, I really need to share this story with you guys. The last game of this series against Orioles started at 3am in the morning on Monday in Sydney. I really can't watch this game live if I want to have enough energy for work at Monday. And then I woke up around 6am for some reasons and decided to turn on my computer in order to check Yankees' score before I headed back to my bed for more sleep.

Guess what? When I turned on my computer, the score was 7-5 which Yankees had a lead and Robertson just got a huge second out of that inning to save a run. At that moment, I told to myself, "See. There is no way I bring bad luck to Yankees every time out, right? Robertson just save a run before my eyes". I decided to stay a little bit longer. As you guys know what happened next, Edwar came in the game and gave up that 2-runs home run to tie the game.

I can't believe my eyes and turned off my computer immediately. I said to myself, "I better not to watch the rest of game in order to give Yankees a chance to win". Guess what? I went to bed and found out Yankees won the game when Cano hit a home run before I left home.

My family just went to Europe for a trip. There is no way my sister is able to watch Yankees game and bring more good luck to balance my bad luck. What do you guys think? Can I watch Yankees' next series against Red Sox? I really want to watch. How about watching ball game, but rooting for Red Sox? I don't know.


Todd Drew said...

You can watch and the Yankees will win.

Matt said...

You should watch!

This season, nothing has gone according to plan...not even the superstitions! I heard one announcer say "maybe the Yankee ghosts have already moved to the new stadium". Don't worry, the ghosts won't miss the Red Sox series, and neither should you!

JoeyBoy said...

Yeah, Jessica. The Yankees need you there pulling for them.

Jessica Lee said...

I know I don't have too much luck, but I will be there and root for Yankees because it's hard for me not to watch the game as long as I am able to.