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Saturday, December 1, 2007

Don't panic,Yankees fans...

Red Sox recent offer to Twins(Jon Lester,Coco Crisp,Jed Lowry and Justin Masterson) is not going to get it done.Red Sox have to put Clay Buchholz or/and Jacoby Ellsbury into any package to Twins in order to make me think Red Sox are serious at getting Santana.Otherwise,they are just trying to drive Yankees price up.Up to that point,If I were Cashman,I would not put Hughes into my offer.I still believe a package with Melky,Kennedy,other prospects from minors will get it done because I still think Yankees is the only team serious about getting Santana other than Mets(they don't have enough prospects for this).No matter what happen,I won't give up Joba and Cano and I won't give up both Hughes and Kennedy too.On top of that,I don't think Santana want to go to Boston's staff with Beckett,Curt,Dice-k.There are a lot of egos involving with these guys.

Most Yankees fans must think Red Sox will win it all,if Red Sox gets Santana from Twins to go along with Beckett,Curt and Dice-k by giving up these prospects.Don't panic,Yankees fans.Baseball game is team effort sport.Baseball game is playing on the field,not on the paper.No one know what is going to happen.Is Curt a lock to be health for whole season?Does Dice-K pitch better than 2007 for sure?Which version of Beckett will show up in 2008?2006 version or 2007 version?My favorite Taiwanese pro baseball team is a underdog team all the time.I know that feeling.The reality is you can't predict the future.It won't kill me to start the season with upgrade bullpen without Santana,but assuming Pettitte coming back.Remember,Yankees hold winning record with Red Sox by using the rotation they have now.Of course,We don't have Rocket this season but we have three kids for whole season.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Taiwan beat Japan(6:1) and Spain(8:4)

Baseball World Cup 2007 Update....

OH!YA!!My Taiwan team beat Japan(6:1) yesterday and Spain(8:4) this afternoon when Team USA was beat by Italy(2:6) by a surprise.Team USA is going to meet Japan this evening now,so you guys.Go to IBAF website and root for your team USA if you are Americans.

After watching these two games when my Taiwan team beat Japan and Spain.I affirm my opinion about mission for yankees off-season.They need to keep all the pitching they have(Joba.Hughes.Kennedy.Wang.maybe some top prospects in the minors) which assumes Andy come back to pitch at least one more season and go out upgrading their bullpen.This is their priority.Why?My Taiwan team won both games,but it is important to know how they win it.I was so nervous when I was watching second game we play Spain because we don't have good starting pitcher on that game.Because of having good starting pitcher on the first game we play Japan,I was so relax when I was watching.Fortunately,We have strong bullpen on the second game and that's why we win the second game.

The only offense they need to do is to get a decent third baseman and maybe get couple of contact hitters who can put the ball in play and don't strike too much.For 2008 season,on the offense part of game,yankees need to change the way they score runs.For the past few seasons,yankees always wait long ball and big inning and a lot of hitters in that lineup just want to hit homers to be heroes.This is not right.When I watched my Taiwan team playing,That is the way to score runs.We have couple of big power hitters in the lineup,but most hitters know how to execute tactics from coach staff(including small ball) and put the ball in play even though sometimes they have to sacrifice themselves.We add a lot of runs on moving runs and putting ball in play successfully.Of course,our hitters can execute well when we need a sacrifice fly or ground ball.Yankees need a team with a lot of players(like Jeter..) don't care about their personal stats and care about everything can take them to win ballgame.

I will say this again.I may be wrong about this but time will tell.I don't think Twins will give up Santana.I think they will find a way to keep him.If Twins can't keep him in the end,Santana will not sign extension with no matter which team trade for him.Santana will go into free agent no matter what.We can get him in 2009 with new stadium coming up.Don't trade away any our good farm products for him.It's not worth it.Image this,in 2009,our rotation will be Santana,Wang,Joba,Hughes,Kennedy among others top prospects.Maybe we can see Pettitte to pitch in the new stadium too.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I don't sense frustration in the club.....

I can't make up my mind how I feel after watching Saturday game.Tons of news came out in Taiwan and US all about failure of offense.In Taiwan,reporters like to compare Wang and Dice-K in any kind of situation.Dice-K always gave my Taiwanese team a lot of troubles in international baseball contest in the past and he is in Red Sox team now.I can tell all you guys one thing for sure.I don't like him at all.Dice-K has 8.46 runs support/per game.How about Wang?Wang has 4.69 runs support/per game.3 of 7 games Dice-K won allowed more than 4 runs.3 of 4 games Wang lost allowed less than 4 runs.Do you want more stat?4.69 runs support/per game?Sound good,right?No,Actually,Yankees only score 3.7 runs when Wang was on the mound during the game.Not to mention Pettitte.Pettitte is the same fate as Wang.

Of course,all reporters from Taiwan and US all ask Wang this question:"Are you disappointed at not getting any offense from your teammates?"Wang said"It's my fault.If I don't give up those three runs,we have a chance to win".Wang take responsibility basically.When reporters asked what happened in the first inning,Wang said"I don't have velocity and can't find the strikezone in the first inning"These two quotes are not the quote I want to share with you guys.You guys can find these two quotes from some newspaper over there.When Taiwanese reporters asked Wang about Yankees' situation(may not make the playoff),Wang said"I don't sense frustration in the club.We all come in and fight every game.You never know.4 months left this season.Our hitters are going to score a lot of runs eventually.I like our chances.We lost today.We will come back to fight tomorrow".

In my opinion,Wang try to become a complete pitcher.He is in the transition period now.That's why he get more strikeouts recently.He uses more and more slider,changeup,spitter.He learn how to use sinker well as well.He strike more people out with his sinker too.If Wang stay healthy,He will become even better one this season.
Edit:Wang told Taiwanese media the strikeouts he got from Angel game.That's "four-seamer fastball"

I believe Moose will turn it around.I will say this again.If Wang,Pettitte,Moose and Clemens all stay healthy and pitch like they are capable of.We will turn this around.If we pitch great,we will be fine.I don't know can we recover in time or not,but you never know what will happen next.This is just nature of life.They definitely need to play better than this no matter they will make the playoff or not.At least,they can make fans feel better,right?

Thursday, May 24, 2007

am I lazy???

You guys probably wonder what I am doing these few days.Nothing but watching every yankees games.Am I lazy???Is it the reason for luck of posting these few days.No.

In reality,for human beings,it's so hard to keep faith and fighting when things go all wrong in their life.It's so easy to say "Keep fighting" but hard to keep fighting.Baseball players are human beings too.Right now,this is kind of life for yankees players now.They need hero.They need someone to help them.In my opinion,Clemens may be the answer.The reason for that is not because of pitching.They just need a break which Clemens' present in the club may help or Red Sox lose some games in a row soon.

True story from me.I was so frustrated at getting a job when I just graducated from film school in California.I want to stay in the United States,work there and make my film.I kept fighting for half year after I graducated from school.All the answer from my job interviews was "We really want to hire you but you have to get a working visa by yourself first".In reality,I have to find a job first and get my working visa from my boss as foreign workers.I kept fighting that everyday for half year.The last month of that life,I didn't want to check my email or answer the phone.I couldn't do anything with energy because of frustration.Why I didn't want to check my emails?I didn't want to get more emails about the same message which I got again and again.When frustration get to you,they kill you.

Edit:How I feel about Wang's performance?Man,I couldn't breathe on the second inning.I couldn't believe Wang throw a slider on 3-2 to strike out Kevin Youkilis with base full to end the inning when Big Papi on deck.I am so glad that Wang did help my Yankees team to win.Sometimes,It's so hard for me to watch Wang pitching as Taiwanese Yankees fan.You guys maybe couldn't image this.For most Taiwanese,Wang presents our whole country and He makes us proud.Wang pitch with whole country watching now,including more and more people in china,Hong Kong.

Real quote from Wang before the game with one of Taiwanese reporter..........
Wang said"This game is very important and maybe help team feel better"
After game.......
Wang said"I don't have command and walk too many people.I need to throw more strikes"

Thursday, May 10, 2007

This is the hilarious

Do you guys see the reaction from dugout when Nieves get his first hit since 2002?That's a beauty.That's why I love baseball game which is team work.Every player support each other.

Let's Go Yankees!!All the Yankees fans in the world support our team.We also have a owner will do everything to get our team a chance to win.

Friday, May 4, 2007


We may lost Pavano for Tommy John surgery.Man.When I saw this "breaking"news earlier on Pete blog,it doesn't surprise me at all.This is just like Wang say he will pitch Saturday and won't miss his turn when Pete post this news on his blog.It doesn't surprise me at all.This is Wang's attitude.He wants to help his team badly.This thing let us know one thing.Next time,every general manager want to sign a guy and he need to know this guy's personality except his number.

Why this guy can't stay health?It's very hard for me to believe he just hit a series of bad luck.He has a lot of "funny"injury,such as butt,car accident,and not in good shape.I am kind of curious about who(which club)will take a chance on him after this contract with Yankees.I think he will never pitch again in the big if he go on to Tommy John surgery.I don't think someone will sign him again.

I will say let him go.This will certainly help club chemistry.This is not the big blow because I actually didn't expect him to contribute.No one count on him actually.

I don't blame Cashman to sign this guy (a lot of clubs want to sign him at that moment) and didn't get rid of this guy.I think Cashman just didn't get rid of this guy guickly enough before he got himself injury again.I think Cashman try to do this before trading deadline,so he can get more from him.That's why he can't say something bad to hurt his value.But,man.This guy even can't keep pitching at least for one month.

Cashman didn't count on him,I think.He count on Pavano as No.5 starter.As far as I know,we can fill anyone from minor as No.5 starter.The bad news for Yankees is they lose No.1(Wang),No3(Mussina),No5(Pavano,of course),No.6 (Jeff)at the same time.That's why we are in trouble.You just can't replace the innings Wang and Mussina will provide.Look at what Wang did at his first two starts.Clearly,Wang is not at his best,but he pitches at least 6 innings each time(4 runs each time).Compare to offense Yankees put on board early April.Wang will easily win 3-4 wins for us and save the bullpen at the same time.

Do you feel I am so negative?No,I am not.At least,we don't have to count on Pavano,right?At least,We won't see Pavano in the club,right?HA!