Thursday, August 7, 2008

We are going to fight with pride until the last minute...

I know ton of experts and fans can't wait to see Yankees falling, can't wait to celebrate every Yankees' loss and can't wait to write us off. They are happy to watch us feel frustrated. No matter win or lose, we shouldn't do what they think we should do. We should support our Yankees team until the last minute because we know our bombers are going to fight until the last minute. In the end, if we get beat, we tip our caps to them. Until then, we are not going to give up our team. So does our New York Yankees.

Let's go Yankees!!


Todd Drew said...

We are gonna win this thing.

Jessica Lee said...

I don't know. I hope you are right. No matter what, I am and will be a Yankees fan to support them until the last minute. Never give up.