Sunday, August 17, 2008

That's why I barely question Manager's decision.

This game started at 3am in Sydney and ended up in 8am. As you guys can image, I am so tired that I need to write this post short and quick in order to catch some sleep for my work. I am not the one question Manager's in game decision too much because you never know what will happen and what the real reason behind the scene.

Today game, In 9th inning, After Damon didn't attempt to put a bunt down to move runner up to second and third, Jeter hit a double play to end the inning. I believe this is my first time to have this question in my mind this season,"Why not let Damon bunt to move runners?". I didn't jump on to conclusion and want to wait post-game interview from Joe Girardi. I got my answer.

Girardi said on post-game interview, "I did it yesterday with Damon in the 9th inning, but Damon didn't look comfortable about bunting and he didn't execute the bunt successfully. That's why I never think about letting Damon bunt again today."

You probably can argue Joe Girardi shouldn't throw his players under the bus that Cashman probably did the same thing when he was interviewed by reporters regard of Melky's demotion.

Cashman said," I believe Melky is a better player than he has been showed", but "You probably can change Melky name to a lot of players on the field that make a lot of more money than Melky, too"

You may say Joe Girardi should cover for his players. This is probably what Joe Torre has done for his players. That's why they all love to play for him. This is probably why Joe Torre get so many criticism from fans about his poor in-game decision.

But, we all learn one thing in our life for sure. At some points, Parents have to let their children go, learn from their mistakes and face challenges in order to grow up. If parents always protect their children who may never know how to do some certain things.

This may be the reason why our bombers can't go deep in the playoffs recent years. This also may be the reason why our bombers struggle so much this season. Joe Girardi and verterans on this team need to get to know each other and make adjustment. I believe they will. Eventually, Joe Girardi will get his message cross which is playing fundamental baseball and execute coaches' tactics.

Updated:From Daily News,

"That was something we tried (Friday) night and it didn't work," Girardi said. "Johnny just wasn't comfortable doing it and that's the way it is."

"I'm just not a good bunter," Damon agreed.

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