Saturday, July 25, 2009

Joba vs A's

9:12pm I wake up at the top of 7th inning when Matsui hit that ground ball to drive in A-Rod. Good ABC baseball

It seems Joba has another good outing.

9:44pm Great job from Coke to save two base runners Joba left on base.

9:45pm It's funny to see Mo's face after Posada hit that home run.

9:52pm It is hard to tell Swisher is safe or out. It looks like A's doesn't tag Swisher. But, I can see why A's manager is angry because throw beats Swisher so much.

9:55pm It looks like a right decision to sit down Mo immediately.

10:12pm Another win in the book for Yankees.

Tuesday, July 21, 2009

Yankees is back to first place

Yes. When Yankees win tonight to combine the lost from Red Sox, our bombers are back to first place. Not to mention Rays also lose. Now, Yankees is 5 games ahead of Rays in the wild card standing.

Let's Go Yankees!

A setback for Wang

Wang plays catch before the game for 10 minutes. Unfortunately, Wang suffers a setback and will stop 4 more days.

When Wang suffers the injury on July 4th, Yankees coach staff and front office are more optimistic than Wang himself regard of the his return date. The same thing happened last season when Wang injured his right foot.

Hopefully, Wang can get healthy and come back to help us in time. However, Yankees can't count on him and need to get a back end starter to add the depth of rotation because Yankees will be in deep trouble if they lose another starter. I don't think we are able to get Roy Halladay. I also agree with Cashman not to pay twice. Don't get me wrong. Halladay is one of my favorite pitchers to watch. I like to have Halladay on Yankees team. The best thing can happen to us is Blue Jays to trade Halladay to a NL team.

Pettitte vs Orioles

8pm Hello, it's 8am in Taiwan. I just wake up and turn on the television. Pettitte is in the mini jam at the top of 3rd inning.

8:32pm Is it just me to feel this way? After coming back from All-star break, Yankees offense haven't wake up. I do think Tiger pitchers may have something to do with. And here comes another young pitcher they haven't seen before.

9:13pm Good job by Andy. But, Yankees need a strikeout to get out of jam.

9:14pm Wow! That is the real first baseman can do for you. I don't think Giambi will be able to do what Teixeira just did. Not to mention the way Molina hold on the ball.

9:16pm Wow! Wow! What a play by Molina and Coke for that wild pitch.

9:38pm Great job by Aceves. What about another walk-off win? Sound great for me.

9:47pm Just like a scriptplay. Hero is Matsui. However, don't forget two great plays by Teixeira, Molina and Coke.


Dear all loyal readers,

I just move back to Taiwan and live with my family now. Because of different time zone and the rules of my family, I probably won't be able to watch any Yankees day game. If I do so, I probably will get killed.

Don't worry. I am probably able to watch night games for now. Since I have few free time, I will start making changes for my blog.

Thank you so much to keep eyes on my blog, everyone.

Saturday, July 18, 2009

A.J. vs Tiger

8:54pm I just wake up and need to leave home soon for my sister's work pretty soon. I will try to watch this game as much as I can. When I turn on my television, I just saw A.J. struggling with his command at the top of 5th and 6th inning. However, the good thing is A.J. still somehow to keep Yankees in this game.

9:03pm Melky makes another great play in the center field second inning in a row. In the 5th inning, he gunned down Tiger Cabrera at the 2nd inning. In the 6th inning, he makes a great catch to complete double play.

9:06pm Great to see another Taiwanese player in the major league. I have mixed feeling because I want Yankees to win, but I don't want Yankees to hit Ni well.

9:15pm Man, If Posada is not the base runner at the 2nd base, we score that tie run.

9:43pm What a big hit from Teixeira. One more big hit from Swisher will win this game for Yankees.

9:48pm Now, it's up to Melky to give our bullpen more breathing room to work with.

9:49pm I will let Hughes pitch 8th inning. Let see what Girardi will do.

9:53pm I guess Girardi agree with me.

10:00pm Hughes, one more out, please. We will see Mo.

10:05pm What a performance by Hughes. YAH!

10:09pm Man, I hate this rain delay. Hopefully, Mo haven't warm iup. I probably won't be able to watch the ending.

Wednesday, July 15, 2009

2009 All Star Game

8:56pm I finally finish all the works and go back to Taiwan. I will be back to post regard of my situation.

8:58pm The last thing Yankees want is to get Jeter hurt. Dear Lincecum, don't hit Jeter.

8:59pm How about that, the home town player, Pujols, makes a error to cost NL at least one run.

9:05pm By the way, it never is a good sign when the team give Halladay two run lead in the first inning.

9:08pm As I always say, defense and pitching is so important for baseball game.

9:10pm Will they let Halladay hit? Let us see.

9:25pm I guess Halladay is a human being as well. But, I think Michael Young's defense on 3rd base has something to do with the second run. I don't think Halladay needs to backup on the 3rd base. Pitchers always try to save the run.

10:06pm Joe Mauer hits a clutch double to tie the game for AL. He is really something to watch. I can't image Twins let him go under any circumstances. I guess Pujols redeems himself a little bit.

10:20pm Hopefully, this game doesn't become another extra inning all star games.

10:35pm Papelbon is so lucky this inning.

10:51pm Guess what! If AL holds up this score, lucky Papelbon will get a win.

11:22pm That is the Mo we know and love. Another win and home field advantage for AL.