Wednesday, April 22, 2009

Wang starts running

Since Wang injured his right foot June last season, Wang hasn't run for his conditioning. Yankees is afraid of getting Wang injured his foot again. They only allow him to run on the bike to do his conditioning work. According to Taiwanese media, Wang started running on the outfield first time since injury yesterday. Yankees figures out lack of running may affect his delivery. That is why they start to let him run. After running on the outfileld, Wang says he feels the balance is better.

This is the video from TVBS(a Taiwanese new channel). At the end of video, you can see Wang running on the outfield.

By the way, Gator contacts with Eiland and tells him what he thinks about what is wrong with Wang. Gator says he sees some problems from Wang's delivery. Some problems usually indicate there are some parts of Wang's body not healthy.

Baldelli hits DL at 14th game of the season

Rocco Baldelli will be placed on the 15-day disabled list because of soreness in his left leg.

It is a high risk and high reward signing, isn't it? Don't get me wrong. I don't want any player to get injured. I just want to point out this when a lot of Yankees fans blame Cashman not to take the chance with certain player when Red Sox front office is very smart and willing to do so.

New Yankees stadium=homerun park?

I am not going to come to the conclusion New Yankees stadium is definitely a homerun park because it is too early to make this judgement. This post is not about figuring out the reasons for that. I have three thoughts regard of this issue.

First of all, it looks like it starts affecting the way Yankees pitchers pitch because they are afraid of any fly ball flying out the ball park. The obvious evidence is how many walks Yankees pitchers have given up during Indians series because they want to throw perfect pitch to avoid that problem.

Secondly, it may have impact on getting good pitchers to sign with Yankees in the future. For example, it may increase the odd CC leaves Yankees after three years. Does it mean Yankees should sign more groundball pitchers than flyball/strikeout pitchers in the future? If this is true, Yankees definitely need to do everything to get Wang right.

Thirdly, it looks like it increases the odd that A-Rod will live up to his contract and end up with new Home-Run King.

Nady will "only" be out 4-6 weeks

I think they come up with this conclusion because Nady will be a free agent after this season. I am wondering how much Nady can bring on the table if he only is able to play as DH. We already have a lot of DH candidates. However, that is no guarantee Swisher will be able to hit like this the whole season and how healthy the rest of lineup will be. It certainly is good to have some depth.

So, what is next for Wang?

Yankees has decided to skip Wang's turn at Fenway park. A move I agree with because Wang and Yankees need to fix his problems before making another start, not because of first series against Boston Red Sox and Wang's bad statistics against them.

So, what is next for Wang now? Girardi is supposed to announce how Yankees deal with Wang's next step today. This is my take. Let wait and see whether we agree with each other or not.

Let me say this first. It is not easy to replace No.3 starting pitcher who usually wins at least 19 wins at AL East when he is healthy with 200 innings and sub 4 ERA. You don't give up this kind of pitcher after three terrible starts when you consider he is young and just comes back from injury. Not to mention, Yankees still can control three more years at relatively low price. Yankees can't just throw him away that a lot of short-sighted Yankees fans want to do now.

Yankees will need Wang eventually. Pettitte is not young anymore. Joba has innings limited and had his own minor injury last season. We all know A.J's rich injury history. Even for CC, he hasn't been himself yet. Yankees need to fix Wang and get him right as soon as possible. Wang actually shows signs of improvement during his last start against Indians. He throws more good pitches with more movement and velocity at good location.

Yankees needs to figure out ways to let Wang keep pitching in order to get his mechanics right and build up his arm strength. Because Wang has no option left and hasn't had long enough service time in order to get his permission to send down. There is no way Wang can clear the waiver before sending down to minors. The only way is to make up "injury". However, the way Girardi, Eliand and Wang acts, it will be difficult to come up and suddenly say Wang is injured because no one will take Girardi, Eliand and Wang seriously any more. Assuming Wang doesn't find out he is injured suddenly, Wang will be on the big league team. Because of that, we need to fix him as soon as possible. But, don't send him out to the mound before he proves he corrects problems.

This is what I will do.

Firstly, Wang usually throws two bullpen sections between starts. I will let him ready to come in game if the situation is called for. First bullpen section will be around 50 pitches while second bullpen section will be around 25 pitches. For example, Andy will start tonight game which will be the day Wang throws his second bullpen section.

Secondly, let Wang start a minor league game on Thursday(April 23th)which is off day. If Wang corrects his problems, let him start April 28th against Tigers. At the same time, get a long man ready. If Wang pitches decently that game, he should be back to rotation. If Wang is not able to correct his problems after starting on Thursday, get Hughes or whoever pitches best on AAA now to pitch April 28th.

At that point, Girardi, Eliand and Wang may have to bite the bullet and then make up "injury" in order to get on DL. Or, going few more turns in the minor leagues to see if Wang improves his start. Or, let Wang be a long man to get his work in when someone get knocked out of game. Among these three options, I will prefer to put Wang on DL in order to get someone up to help Yankees in the bullpen while Wang can get his regular work in at minor league.

Let Wang get his work in at minor league games until he corrects his problems. Yankees should be able to solve Wang's problems on way or the other.

What is wrong with Wang? part 2

Some people believe there is no way Wang is healthy. Michael Kay even comes up with his own take on his radio show: Wang has a bad shoulder. Others believe Wang's problem comes from bad mechanics.

As for now, I take Wang's words. Wang is not a 40 years old pitcher who is at the end of career. There is no point to pitch through injury, especially at the beginning of season. As my previous post points out, I believe what Bruney said. Because Wang hasn't trust his right foot or hasn't build up strength of his right foot completely, it leads to his bad delivery, terrible control and horrible command.

Because of long layoff, Wang's mechanics is not consistent and is difficult to repeat and regain. As for Wang's velocity, I see 92mph sinker from Wang with good movement from Wang during his last start against Indians. A lot of fans always like to add few mph when they describe how hard a pitcher on their team throws. Based on what I hear from Wang, Wang's sinker is around 91-93 while his four seamer will top at 94 at times. I don't think Wang loses 5mph on his sinker(95mph to 90). The way a lot of people claim.

Keep in mind three things. First of all, terrible delivery also can lead to drop of velocity. Secondly, Wang may hasn't built up his arm strength due to long layoff. Thirdly, Wang's velocity usually is up when the season goes on.

Even if Wang loses few mph on his sinker, he still will be a above average pitcher or at least average, serviceable pitcher if he gets his command, control and movement back on his pitches(sinker,four-seamer, sliders).

The only concern I have is Wang's bad mechanics may lead to arm problem later on.

P.S Based on interviews Wang have with Taiwanese media, Wang actually feels he starts getting his sinker back the last game against Indians. During the whole spring training, Wang has two concerns. First of all, he hasn't gotten his velocity all the way back yet. Secondly, he hasn't threw his sinker well yet. He is glad he starts getting the feel of his sinker. In his opinion, the movement and location is much more important than velocity.

Monday, April 20, 2009

What is wrong with Wang?

There are a lot of anaylsis going on regard of what is wrong with Wang. This is the version I believe Wang's problem coming from as follows,

According to keeping up with Jones blog,

Bruney believes Wang's troubles stem from not yet trusting his right (push-off) foot. Bruney says he was doing the same thing during his rehab, and his velocity was down and his stuff was off. He worked his way through it -- and has been great out of the pen -- which is what he says Wang has to do.

Please keep these words in mind and combine them with this video from MLB Network, I believe this is Wang's problem.

I am not a pitching coach and I don't know how you let Wang trust his right foot again. Based on what I hear from Girardi during his pre-game interview, I believe Yankees coaching staff know what Wang's problem is. The problem I have is why they don't recognize this problem during spring training and collect it under less pressure situation, when you consider Wang doesn't have a good spring training and he doesn't have his sinker working.

Sunday, April 19, 2009

Wang vs CLE

3:43pm It is very important to get Sizemore out for Wang. When Sizemore gets on, he certainly will run on Posada. Everything will snowball from that point on.

3:46pm Don't walk guy, Wang. Good to see Wang challenging guy to put the ball in play.

3:51pm A great great great first inning for Wang.

3:59pm I guess the cortisone shot Teixeira gets working. 2-0 Yankees leads.

4:05pm It looks like Wang's sinker is sinking.

4:12pm I don't think Choo hits that ball well. But, man, the ball carries in the new Yankees stadium. After that, Wang loses his command. I think all the time Wang misses he loses muscle memory for his delivery.

4:34pm Man, this is brutal. Why every ball is flying out the ball park?

4:59pm I decide to listen to WCBS instead of watching Fox and get some works done.

7:03pm I am still listening to WCBS. Do Yankees just build a homerun park?

Post-game Analysis

I will keep rooting for Wang and Yankees. As a fan, you don't give up your team or the player you root for when they are in the slump. At this point, I just want to know what is wrong with Wang. The way he pitches is unbelievable bad. I can't remember when Wang throws that many bad pitches at bad locations three games in a row.

I still don't think he is hurt and try to pitch through. It is not a smart thing to do. I think he is inconsistent with his delivery after long layoff.

By the way, I understand why Yankees fans in the attendance boos Wang this heavily(they are paid customers), but it is very cruel to treat Wang like that when you consider what he has done to us. Not to mention, they start to boo him when Indians score the 4th run. 4th?

It is easy to say all the good things about the player and the team when things go well. It is easy to throw the player and the team under the bus when things go badly. On other hand, it is very difficult to support the player and the team when things go badly.

Saturday, April 18, 2009

Joba vs CLE

1:21pm Despite giving up solo homerun, Joba pitches a good first inning.

1:22pm Man, Swisher just misses three run homerun. Hopefully, Yankees is able to score at least one run in this inning. I guess not.

1:51pm Another Yankees starter pitches a great game without offense support. The way Yankees offense goes, one run seems to a big mountain to climb.

1:54pm Hopefully, Gardner gets on base and then steal second in order to ignite Yankees offense.

Post-game analysis

Well, what happened? The new didn't allow me to log in because I logged in too many times for a short period of time, so I decided to go to bed and took some rest. Hello, MLB. Why deny my access because of frequency I log in? I did that because my IE browser gives up on me.

When I waked up, it was top of 9th with one man out for Indians. Of course, Mo does his job to strike out two batters to end the game despite giving us a little bit scare.

Obviously, Joba doesn't pitch well. It seems to me Joba always has troubles against Indians. Many Yankees power pitchers will have troubles against Indians because they are so good at hitting fastball.

That is why tomorrow will be a big test for Wang. Sizemore is the guy Wang really has to pay attention on and keep him off base. If I were Girardi, I would let Molina catch Wang tomorrow. Even though Yankees won't admit it, the way Rays run on Wang/Posada certainly plays a role on Wang's last terrible start against Rays. It will be better to reduce things Wang needs to worry about at this point.

Today is actually a momentum change game. The way opening day goes for Indians certainly provides boost for struggling Inidans for this young season. When you combine that with the way Indians scores 3 runs off Joba at 5th inning, it is a huge bad sign for this opening home series against Indians, especially when you consider Yankees have struggling Wang on the mound tomorrow.

It's good to see Yankees fight back to win this game. One thing I really like about 2009 Yankees is the ability to come from behind. If Yankees ever gets three things going, 2009 Yankees will be unstoppable. First:Wang; Second:bullpen; Third:A-Rod/Teixeira/Matsui.

By the way, Yankees has scored at least 4 runs every game except opening day. Where those runs come from when you consider the state of Yankees position players(A-Rod/Teixeira/Nady/Matsui/Ransom)?

Tomorrow is a big game for this series. Why? If Wang turns in a good game and gets a win, I can see Yankees pounding Pavano behind Burnett to take this four games series against Inidans.

See, Yankees read my blog

Based on information on Peter's blog,

Yankees called up Juan Miranda and optioned Dave Robertson back to minor

So, I guess Yankees front office read my blog(Just Kidding!). Yankees makes this move one day after I recommend Yankees to find someone who can hit and play 1B/3B decently.

Based on what I saw from Juan Miranda in spring training, I don't think he is the answer in the long run for two reasons.

First of all, I don't think his defense is decent at 1B and I don't think he is able to play 3B.

Secondly, he is another left hand bat.

That being said, he is the answer at this moment for three reasons.

First of all, he is on 40 men roster and from our farm system. Why not give him a shot now.

Secondly, we need to give Teixeira more breaks because of his left wrist injury when you consider Swisher is our everyday right fielder.

Thirdly, we need someone is able to hit that Miranda may be able to do it when you consider Matsui's left knee gives him trouble, Posada just comes back from major shoulder surgery and Damon is getting old.

Friday, April 17, 2009

Pena should be utility infielder once A-Rod is back

As for utility infielder, the more I watch Pena playing, the more I think he is an ideal choice.

First of all, he plays great defense at every infield position and he certainly has played better than Ransom. Secondly, he runs fast enough to be pinch runner. Thirdly, he has put together decent at bats so far. I think he is able to execute bunts well. I understand he may not able to hit much, but it may not be matter if we can find another decent bat off bench to play 1B/3B.

Of course, we want to see him getting playing time at AAA. However, Jeter is getting old. No matter he likes it or not, he gets to a point Girardi needs to give him more breaks in order to keep him fresh in my opinion. On top of that, Girardi can't play Cano at 2B every day too.

At the rest of games before A-Rod comes back, I will let Ransom and Pena split the time and give both enough playing time to prove who can be utility infielder once A-Rod comes back.

Find someone can hit and play 1B/3B decently

Cashman really has to think about upgrading bench. The depth of outfield is fine. When you consider the way Cano plays defensively and offensively, I think Cashman needs to find someone who can hit and play corner infielder(1B/3B) decently to give A-Rod and Teixeira some breaks because A-Rod will need that after coming back from hip injury and Teixeira will need that after Swisher becomes everyday right fielder.

Updated: Peter said Teixeira got a cortisone shot in his left wrist on his blog, it only increases the needs to my point.

I am not good at coming out names. Who do you guys think who will be ideal candidate?

Opening day of New Yankees Stadium

12:40pm They are introducing many old Yankees great players now.

12:58pm They just finish introducing 2009 Yankees. It seems to me Jeter, Andy, Mo and Joba get the loudest cheers among current Yankees.

1:35pm I miss first inning because of some technology difficulty. I am not sure where the problem comes from. It comes from either my computer is suck or new is suck.

1:38pm Johnny Damon collects first hit of New Yankees stadium. I am sure there are many firsts many Yankees fans key eyes on.

1:49pm I face more technology difficulty and start to feel very annoying for me. I think the problem comes from new

1:51pm Ransom just strikeout on a high fastball. He really can't look worse at the plate. At this rate, I don't think he will be able to keep his utility infielder job once A-Rod comes back. I don't want Pena to take that job and sit on the bench because I rather see him playing in AAA to get his work in.

2:02pm The way Yankees offence goes, we better hope CC has a great day. In fact, almost every yankees pitcher has to have that thought in their mind.

2:12pm Jeter makes a nice play to get double play the previous inning. He always know where he is and makes right plays. I am not sure how much mini wrist injury Teixeira play a role on his April slump. Fortunately for him, Yankees has been winning, so not many people give him hard time.

2:15pm I am a little bit surprised at seeing Damon only gets to third base. It's too bad Posada didn't drive them in.

2:26pm For some reasons, my feed is a little bit slower than others, so I don't read Peter's blog and mlb website during the game.

2:29pm CC just wastes a great play by Ransom who makes a great play to save a run by giving up RBI double. 1-0 Indians. However, If Ransom didn't make that play, Indians would score 2 runs in that inning.

2:32pm Because of that great play by Ransom, I promise not to get on Ransom as much as I did
2:33pm For some reasons, Cliff Lee looks like a Cy Young Award winner against Yankees.

2:35pm I guess it all depends on pitchers because new Yankees stadium doesn't look like a hitting friendly ballpark today which looks like one during exhibition. By the way, I will be mad if Yankees loses this game by 1-0, but I will not be mad at CC because Yankees should be able to score at least one run.

2:40pm Let us see whether magic Derek Jeter drive them in or not. It will be very fitting at this opening day of New Yankees stadium.

2:42pm It seems to me Yankees gets runners on with two outs every inning. It feels like this game has been played more than 4 innings.

2:53pm A great throw by Posada to get Sizemore which becomes a huge play because following two players single. If CC gets out this inning without giving up any run, I get a feeling Yankees will come back to win this game. If Ransom and Posada didn't make those two great plays, Indians would be up 3-0.

2:59pm I find out Yes feed is slower than others for some reasons.

3:05pm It's amazing two catchers hit the memorable homeruns at two Yankees stadium. Molina hits the last homerun of old Yankees stadium while Posada hits the first homerun of New Yankees stadium.

3:11pm Cano looks so differently good at the plate this season. He works another walk. As I promise, I won't talk about specific player. However, it's good to see Yankees drive Cliff Lee's pitch counts up to 103 through 5 innings. At most, he will only be able to throw another inning.

3:18pm I will image this will be CC's last inning. I think CC wants to pitch at least 6 innings as a competitior. I hope Edwar doesn't screw up this inning. Edwar makes me nervous as a relief pitcher.

3:32pm Sorry for lack of posts this past 10 mintues because I am so nervous. If Yankees can get out of this inning without giving up any run, we will win this game. I actually think Cano makes a great play to save a run when the ball is up to middle. It's amazing he is able to get to that ball.

3:37pm Yankees has played great baseball games lately. Today is another one. Today is kind of game when two great pitchers try to work out a jam after another and some great defense plays.
3:45pm Veras is another relief pitcher who makes me nervous for different reasons. Edwar gives up too many homeruns while Veras doesn't know where the ball goes. If Yankees can get out the 7th inning without giving up any run which will be a miracle, Yankees will have a great chance to win this game because the way Bruney and Mo throw.

3:55pm This game turns into a ugly show by Yankees bullpen. If I have to predict now, Veras won't be in the Yankees bullpen too long. Again, Veras gets into trouble by walking the leadoff batter of the inning. I know a lot of people will talk about the bridge to Mo. However, CC has to shoulder some of blame because he only pitches 5.2 inning.

4:00pm What a terrible job by Yankees bullpen. Marte gives up a run by walking a man when bases are loaded and gives up one gram slam and one solo shot.

4:04pm Right now, If Yankees want to win ball game, the 7th inning will be the key of ball game because Bruney settle in his 8th set up man role while Mo is our closer. No other relief pitcher in the Yankees bullpen pitches well other than Bruney and Mo in my opinion.

4:25pm It's good to see a relief pitcher throwing quality strike. I will predict Robertson will replace Veras' spot if he has few more this kind of inning.

4:29pm I know many Yankees fans are killing Girardi now because Veras and Marte's performance in the 7th inning. However, it's still young season. He can't wear out Bruney and Mo. He need to find another good relief pitcher in the bullpen. If we have lead, he certainly will put Bruney at 8th and Mo at 9th. Right now, we haven't found our go-to guy to pitch 7th at close game.

4:37pm I don't think Teixeira is hurt because Girardi also put Pena to replace Jeter at SS. Girardi is not afraid of taking his star players at blow out games in order to give them some rest.

4:46pm I know shadow may play a role on Robertson's good performance. However, he throws strike at good locations. It's impressive 2 innigs by Robertson, especially second inning he gets out of jam by getting Sizemore, DeRosa and Martinez.

4:54pm It seems to me shadow will play a role on protecting lead for day games which start at 1pm or scoring at early innnings for days games which start arond 3 or 4pm in the new Yankees stadium.

5:10pm Again, As I promise before, I am not going to talk about specific player that is pretty hard to do when you consider his performance at the plate. I know it's only 10 games, but the way he swings at the plate has been so bad.

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

Nady is injured

Hopefully, we can get him back shortly. A possible elbow injury doesn't sound good. Fortunately, we have Swisher to plug in. That's why I don't want Yankees to trade either one of them during off-season when you consider how many question marks we have in the lineup. Yankees takes a hit not only on depth but also on offense because Nady actually is one of few position players actually hitting right now.

Look forward to having 5-4 record tomorrow

All things are considered, If Yankees can end their first 9 games(on the road) at 5-4 record tomorrow, I will be very happy about it. That means Yankees basically win 2 out 3 series on the road.

First of all, CC is terrible for one game while Wang is horrible for two games.
Secondly, A-Rod is not in the lineup while Teixeira is out of lineup for few games.
Thirdly, the bottom of lineup haven't done much.
Fourthly, Jeter, Damon and Matsui also are in the slump.
Fifthly, Yankees bullpen is not so great as well.
Sixthly, Yankees play all these games on the road.

AJ vs Rays

7:19pm I think Swisher will delivery. Man, strikeout is the worst case scenario for Swisher and Yankees. Great job by Posada.

7:40pm Great first inning from A.J. Let see what Pena can do. I believe he at least can play great defense which Ransom can't do.

7:55pm This acting Ray. That ball doesn't hit your foot. David Cone makes a great point. If ball hit your foot, the ball will change direction. By the way, another nice inning from A.J. At this rate, this certainly is good news for Yankees bullpen.

8:10pm Burnett is dealing which is a good news. The bad news is Yankees only has one run. By the way, we all know what happen now in this game.

8:15pm Swisher can't be hotter which is great news for Yankees, especially when you consider A-Rod is out for injury.

8:24pm I am glad A.J is back up to his teammate. However, the last thing we need is he get threw out of game because we really need to win this game.

8:33pm If Yankees win this game and even their record to 4-4, it is pretty amazing. First of all, CC is terrible for one game while Wang is horrible for two games. Secondly, A-Rod is not in the lineup while Teixeira is out of lineup for few games. Thirdly, the bottom of lineup haven't done much. Fourthly, Jeter, Damon and Matsui also are in the slump. Fifthly, Yankees bullpen is not so great as well. Sixthly, Yankees play all these games on the road.

8:52pm 2 runs is not a big lead. Yankees has to worry about game first. Yankees really need A.J. to step up in order to give bullpen a rest.

9:09pm I hope I am able to watch something I haven't seen before.

9:14pm The real test is coming for A.J in this coming inning. Hopefully, A.J is able to hold down Rays.

9:30pm Ok, I guess every Yankees fan like me who feel disappointed at how 7th inning turns out. Fortunately, we still get a chance to win this game. It is Yankees hitters' turn to pick up A.J.

9:45pm Huge hit by Gardner and Jeter. I feel so nervous about Teixeira's hand. Great, great, great job by Teixeira to hit that sacrifice fly. Yes, here comes Mo.

9:59pm This 4th run will be a huge insurance run for Yankees to pick up. Another huge hit by Gardner. See, you don't have to have all-star at every position as long as you have great starting pitching. Of course, it won't hurt to get A-Rod back to lineup. The more days we can get by with this lineup, the more days we can get for A-Rod to rehab his hip.

10:09pm Another huge hit for Captain.

10:19pm Great 9th inning from Bruney with 3 strikeouts. This is great game to watch.

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

Wang vs TB

7:33pm Man, Wang is in trouble immediately. Huge strikeout for Wang. Wang always has troubles in the first inning. Hopefully, he can pass this troubled first inning easily.

7:44pm If Yankees want to win this game, Wang need to stop bleeding.

7:56pm In my opinion, Wang hasn't been in sync because of his foot injury. 4 runs certainly is not big deficit, but Kazmir has been very tough against Yankees.

8:10pm If Yankees can work out this jam when giving up one run, it will be a miracle.

8:40pm I don't think Wang is hurt, but his command and velocity have been terrible. I haven't seen this kind of bad locations from Wang. He may do it one game, but not for two games in a row. Even when he is not right for one game, he hasn't had this kind of bad locations.

8:54pm Nothing is going to Yankees way. Ransom can't handle his starting opportunity worse.

9:07pm There are 4 more innings to go before deciding whether we lose this game or not. Yankees need to show they fight for that. I know it's hard, but don't give up because you never know what will happen in the game. At least, Yankees can set up for last two games of this series.

9:13pm Jason Bartlett just gets another lucky single. Tonight is just not Yankees night. Hopefully, Rays use all their lucks against us tonight.

9:20pm I am pretty sure most Yankees fans want to kill Wang and take Wang out of rotation by now. The list of Yankees players Yankees fans want to execute may include Jeter and Matsui. Remember tonight game is 7 game of 162 games.

9:44pm Again, Iwamura just gets another lucky swinging bunt infield single. I must say this again. Tonight is not Yankees night.

9:51pm Tonight game just shows us how important a starting pitcher means to a baseball team. That is why Joba need to be in the rotation, not in the bullpen.

9:54pm The way Wang pitches is just more than "sinker is not sinking". Just like what I said before. He doesn't have command and velocity on almost every pitch. The result is he can't get anyone out. I still believe Wang's problem comes from he loses his muscle memory because of his foot injury.

10:22pm Pena and Cano just drop an infield pop up and that leads to three more runs. This is kind of game waking up team. At least, I hope.

10:38pm If Swisher somehow ends up pitching well, this is an embarrassment for Wang and a lot of Yankees pitchers for sure.

Monday, April 13, 2009

Joba vs KC

2:16pm Gardner just gets on first base with a single. Now, he is on scoring position. Hopefully, Swisher can drive him in.

2:23pm If Matsui gets hot, it will allow Teixeira to rest more. Wow! Gardner basically scores that run by himself with his amazing speed. If I were Meche, I would be pretty upset about that run.

2:34pm Joba has a nice first inning.

2:44pm It looks like Joba will have a easy second inning with a low pitch count which is a good news when you consider Yankees only score one run so far for him. By the way, I know it's too early to say this. But, If I were Meche and loses this game 1-0, I would be very mad.

2:54pm Please stop raining. I guess one run is not enough.

3:05pm The way Meche pitches Yankees may need to drive his pitch counts up in order to drive him out of ball game.

3:26pm That's why I always say defense is so important for baseball game. The error Swisher makes basically costs Yankees 2 runs.

3:59pm It looks like Matsui start hitting. How it is possible to score Jacobs' play as an error, but Swisher's play as a hit.

4:10pm I will definitely let Joba pitch 7th inning and then let Bruney takes over 8th inning.

4:14pm Obviously, Girardi doesn't agree with me. He has Bruney to pitch 7th inning. Let see whether Yankees bullpen can protect 1 run lead or not. I hope they can because I don't like many "experts" claim bullpen will be a weakness for Yankees.

4:30pm Bruney has done his job in the 7th inning. It's up to Marte now. One more inning, we will see Mo.

4:40pm Come on, One more out. We will see Mo.

4:48pm Well, I guess Joba should be 8th set up man crowd will be out tonight and tomorrow.

Sunday, April 12, 2009

CC vs KC

7:06pm I am watching Red Sox vs Angels. Hopefully, Papelbon blows a game for Red Sox. Man, I hate it when Papelbon saves the game successfully. Back to Yankees.

7:16pm Hopefully, Teixeira is fine. Swisher really has good eyes at the plate. If Posada can get on base somehow, I believe hot Cano will drive them in. So, I think Posada will have a good pitch to hit because hot Cano hits behind him.

7:20pm See, I told you. Posada drives them in. Let see what Cano can do.

7:22pm Hopefully, CC makes the adjustment he needs and has a great day.

7:25pm CC strikes out CoCo. It seems CC has great command of his fastball. I think CC will have a good day. That's why CC and Wang are the last things we need to worry about as long as they are healthy.

7:47pm The way CC pitches KC will have a long day. It looks like Jeter is very determined to show people what he can do. I will say this again. When all said and done, Swisher is going to help us a lot.

7:59pm Nady and Matsui are very cold at the plate right now. However, it's fine as long as we can put hits and walks together.

8:15pm CC is in a mini jam. Well, that is strikeout can do to you. CC has pitched 4 scoreless innings with 5 strikeouts at 49 pitches. At this rate, CC can pitch 8 innings.

8:26pm Swisher is red hot at the plate. Man, these position battles will keep everyone motivating.

8:42pm CC loses command a little bit, so he is in mini jam. I don't care how much Ransom hits, but his defense has been horrible. CC works out the jam. Hopefully, CC will be able to give us two more innings.

9:03pm What a great at bat by Jeter who works a 10 pitches walk. Jeter really makes conscious effort to be a great lead off man.

9:12pm CC has increasing jams with innings going by. I think 7th inning will be his last inning. Girardi may go to Marte at 8th inning. Swisher just makes a nice play at 1B. Bench is really important. If you don't have a good bench, you are in trouble when some regular players get hurt or in a huge slump.

9:30pm CC misses his spots more the last couple of innings. However, how much runs a pitcher gives up is the most important thing.

9:46pm I am a little bit surprised to see CC pitching in the 8th inning. I guess they want CC to get to 110 pitches. A nice strikeout by Veras as well. If I have to bet who pitches 9th inning for Yankees, it will be Marte.

10:14pm Walks always come back to hurt pitchers. Veras doesn't have a clear outing, but he gets the job done. We certainly need to give Bruney and Mo some rest.

Saturday, April 11, 2009

Pettitte vs KC

5:27pm Ha! guys, I join this game. Yankees lead 2-1 now.

5:41pm I really need to complain about new MLB media player. First of all, it breaks and stop playing so many time. Secondly, you can't fast forward or rewind when you listen to audio after the game finishes. Thirdly, why we can't choose to listen to WCBS when we watch YES.

5:48pm Cano and Swisher have been extremely hot. I can't image Swisher doesn't play again tomorrow and may move Cano the batting order.

5:50pm Ransom has played very horrible defensively and offensively. He even makes a base running mistake.

6:00pm If Posada can get on somehow, I believe Cano can drive them in.

6:05pm Well, Ponson doesn't want to pitch to Cano at all. Hopefully, Swisher can come through again.

6:14pm Pettitte is one of those pitchers you believe he can work out of jam. Is it just me to feel a little bit nervous when balls go to Jeter or Ransom's territory.

6:20pm I am just kind of nervous when Yankees don't put on more runs against Ponson.

6:32pm Pettitte has pitched strong 6 innings. Based on his pitch count which is 84 pitches, he should be able to pitch one more inning.

6:44pm That's Farnsworth we know. When the game is not on the line with less pressure, he is going to pitch a great game.

6:51pm Pettitte is at 99 pitches. Butler is first batter up next inning for KC. I think that's it for Pettitte. Girardi will go to Bruney at 8th inning.

6:55pm Cano has been looked unbelievable so far this season, especially the way he takes pitches.

6:59pm Here come 8th inning. 6th,7th and 8th batter of order for KC. Bruney looks good with two strikeouts so far. I am surprised at how many "experts" claim bullpen will be the weakness for Yankees. Mo is going to pick up his first save of the season.

7:19pm New MLB player stops and freezes again. When I finally get the feed back, unbelievable Mo already got 2 outs.

Thursday, April 9, 2009

Wang vs Orioles

7:13pm I have been busy these past few days and miss the opening game started by CC. I get a little bit time for this game, but I am not sure I can finish watching this game or not. Let us see.

7:16pm Let see Matsui can delivery a RBI or not. So, we need to wait....

7:22pm Hopefully, Wang has pressure free first inning because it seems he always has troubles in the first inning.

7:26pm So, I guess he won't have a easy first inning. It seems to me Wang don't have command of his sinkers yet. But, surprising, changeup is working. However, This doesn't surprise me Wang's sinkers haven't worked yet based on the interviews from Wang during spring training.

7:38pm Here comes a sort of better second inning from Wang

7:59pm Well, Matsui fails to delivery a RBI second time in a row.

8:22pm Who needs A-Rod if we get Ransom?

Sunday, April 5, 2009

Ramiro Pena wins utility infielder job

I agree with this move. Pena plays great defense with great speed which is what you need for utility infielder. Angel Berroa may hit better than Pena at major league level, but how many more opportunities any utility infielder will get at this Yankees team when you also have Swisher and Melky who are two switch hitters on the bench. When you want to upgrade defense late for close game, Pena certainly offers more than Berroa whose defense is not good in my opinion.

Not to mention, Pena is from our farm system. It's right direction for Yankees organization to take by giving opportunity to prospects from our farm system with more upside potential. When A-Rod comes back, we can put Pena back to AAA in order to get him regular playing time.

Second game of New Yankees Stadium(AJ & Pettitte)


Regard of Wang's performance based on interviews with Taiwanese media,

Wang said he threw slider and change up better than his sinkers. He said the angle(not diving as much), location(a little too high) and speed of his sinkers were not good. Most of sinkers are from the bad sinkers he threw.

Regard of locker room,

All 5 starting pitchers' lockers are all together. Actually, it's Andy's idea. Andy wants all starters to support each other and fight for team's record together. On top of that, Andy hopes CC and AJ can get along with teammates well as soon as possible.

1:27pm If ground balls run this quickly through infield continuously through out the whole season, this certainly is not a good news for Pettitte and Wang, especially when you consider Jeter loses some range as well.

1:34pm If other Yankees in the lineup hit up to their potential, the defense Cody Ransom and Gardner can provide certainly a big help for pitching staff. By the way, If Cano can focus on his defense all season, it will be unbelievable for us, especially for Jeter.

1:39pm Man, If Cano keeps hitting like this, we will be fine without A-Rod.

1:52pm Jeter caught a pop up to throw to first base for double play. A lot of people are confused at how many outs at that moment, including Michael Kay, Person is responsible for scoreboard and Derek Lee. But, not for Jeter. He know exactly how many outs, what happen on the field and what he should do on the field. That's what I always want Jeter on my team, especially when game is on the line.

2:00pm Jeter and Teixeira just hits homerun each. It seems balls are flying out the ball park. I am not sure those come from the bad location of Harden's pitches or the effect of new Yankees stadium. If it's the latter, it is certainly not a good news for Yankees pitchers.

2:26pm Teixeira hits second homerun of the game. I am sure Harden's bad locations of pitches certainly play a big role of that.

2:31pm Say all you want about Pettitte. But, he only gives up one run. If we can get that from our no.4 starting pitcher, we are going to have a fantastic season.

2:56pm A.J has pitched three impressive scoreless innings. If New Yankees stadium becomes a more HR park, it's good to know Yankees get three strikeout pitchers and two groundball pitchers in their rotation. Not to mention, it certainly can help ground ball pitchers, if Yankees let grass grow. However, it is certainly not a good news for some relief pitchers in the Yankees bullpen because some of them give up too many homeruns.

Saturday, April 4, 2009

First game of New Yankees stadium

7:14pm The look is amazing. Hopefully, I am able to be there one day. Wang always has troubles at first inning. It seems this trend continues. He hasn't gotten his command yet.

7:19pm It's fitting Jeter gets first hit of Yankees. Of course, the flip of Damon and Jeter looks pretty good so far, huh?

7:23pm Well, Teixeira didn't get that runner in with less than 2 out. Hopefully, this is not the trend of this season.

7:32pm The command and control of Wang at second inning improves a little bit.

7:35pm I actually think Wang pitches better at second inning than first inning.

7:53pm 9 pitches with three ground ball outs inning from Wang. It seems Wang gets better when inning gets by. I think Wang's sinker moves too much and move out of strike zone. However, his breaking ball is better than fastball.

7:48pm Posada has another ground ball through infield and Cano hits one out. We need Cano to be good.

8:05pm Matsui just hits another out. Now, Yankees leads 4-3. Matsui is another player we need to be good, especially when you consider A-Rod will be out until May.

8:26pm Is New Yankees stadium a hitting friendly ballpark? Of course, weather probably plays a role on it.

8:47pm Ha! Who need A-Rod when we have Cody Ransom who just hits a three runs homerun?

8:51pm Wang's day is done. 5IP 6H 4ER 2BB 3SO 71 Pitches 43 Strikes. I actually think Wang pitches decent, not bad, not great. Many of those 6 hits are ground balls through infield. However, the balls Wang throw look too obviously for me. I am not sure what kind of pitches he throws. He may try to practice some secondary pitches.

9:03pm Mo is Mo who looks unbelievable.

10:05pm The rest of bullpen is great as well. 12 up and 12 down.

Please, don't rain

I know I haven't posted for a few days. I look forward to watching this first game of New Yankees Stadium. Please don't rain.