Friday, December 28, 2007

The myth of Run Support

I just want to point out one thing:The run support Wang got from yankees' offense in 2006 and 2007 is not as good as you guys thought.The difference of offense between Yankees and Twins is the ability Yankees have to score more than 8 runs a game for their pitchers.I am not saying Wang is as good as Santana,but Wang would still be 15.16 games winner if Wang were in Twins.

Johan Santana

06:34 Starts 19-6(Team Record 27-7) ERA:2.77
07:33 Starts 15-13(Team Record 17-16) ERA:3.33

Chien-Ming Wang
06:33 Starts 19-6(Team Record 23-11) ERA:3.63
07:30 Starts 19-7(Team Record 21-9) ERA:3.70

In 2006,the difference of ERA between Santana and Wang is two games which Wang gave up 7ER(@Boston) and 6ER(vs BAL)

In 2007,the difference of ERA between Santana and Wang is two games which Wang gave up 8ER(@TOR) and 7ER(vs TEX)

Wang has to try to avoid 2 to 3 outing which he gives up more than 6 runs if Wang want to lower his ERA in the future.

Santana Run Support
Runs : 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12
Times: 2 1 3 3 6 2 7 4 4 0 1 1
06: AVG5.11(174/34)
06: AVG4.75(152/32)-Minus 2 Starts Twins score more than 9Runs
06: AVG4.28(120/28)-Minus 6 Starts Twins score more than 8Runs

Wang Run Support
Runs : 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 12 15 16
Times: 0 1 7 3 5 5 3 1 1 3 2 1 1
06: AVG5.57(184/33)
06: AVG4.44(129/29)-Minus 4 Starts Yankees score more than 9Runs
06: AVG3.76(94/25)-Minus 8 Starts Yankees score more than 8Runs

Santana Run Support
Runs : 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 11
Times: 2 2 5 9 3 2 2 4 0 1 1 2
07: AVG4.30(142/33)
07: AVG3.66(110/30)-Minus 3 Starts Twins score more than 9Runs
07: AVG3.48(101/29)-Minus 4 Starts Twins score more than 8Runs

Wang Run Support
Runs : 0 1 2 3 4 5 6 7 8 9 10 12
Times: 0 2 2 0 5 3 3 3 5 3 1 3
07: AVG6.43(193/30)
07: AVG5.65(147/26)-Minus 4 Starts Yankees score more than 9Runs
07: AVG4.44(80/18)-Minus 12 Starts Yankees score more than 8Runs

In 2007,Wang's record is 11W 1No Decision when Yankees score more than 8 runs for him.
Wang's record will be 7W 2L 3No Decisions assuming Yankees score 3 runs for him in those 12 games and bullpen doesn't give up runs after Wang leaves games

AVG:Total Run Support/Starts

Tuesday, December 25, 2007

My ideal 2008 Yankees Roster barring injury

Starting Lineup......

1.Johnny Damon L/LF,DH,CF
2.Derek Jeter R/SS
3.Bobby Abrea L/RF
4.Alex Rodriguez R/3B
5.Hideki Matsui L/DH,LF,CF-his position in Japan
(10.Jason Giambi L/DH,1B)
6.Jorge Posada S/C
7.Robinson Cano L/2B
8.Shelley Duncan R/1B,RF
9.Melky Cabrera S/CF,LF

Option 1:Giambi and Matsui share DH spot

Option 2:Giambi play a little 1B(share with Shelley).When Giambi play 1B, I will move Giambi ahead of Cano.I like what I saw from Shelley Duncan last season.If Yankees let him play 1B full season,I believe he will be that right-hand power hitter yankees are looking for.Hopefully,Duncan off-season injury is not a issue any more.I don't think Giambi can be injury free when he play defense.

Option 3:Let Shelley Duncan play Right field and give Abrea some day off(especial face tough left hand pitcher).I think Shelley play well and has strong arm at right field.

Option 4:If Giambi produce and play well as DH(I believe Giambi will be big lift for Yankees in 2008 if they put him in DH spot all season and stay away from injury),Yankees can rotate Matsui,Damon and Melky on LF and CF and give one of them day off


11.Wilson Betemit S-better at Left hand/3B,SS,1B
12. Nick Green R/2B,3B,SS,1B-not much
(Alberto Gonzalez R/SS)
13.Jose Molina R/backup Catcher

I know Yankees sign a deal with Nick Green and Alberto Gonazlez has a hot winter league.If Nick Green doesn't make the team out of spring training,he can opt out the contract.I will choose either Nick Green or Alberto Gonazlez as backup infielder,but I prefer Nick Green because he can play many infielders positions,especially for 2B


14.Chien-Ming Wang
15.Mike Mussina/16.Ian Kennedy
17.Andy Pettitte
18.Phil Hughes/16.Ian Kennedy
19.Joba Chamberlain

First of all,I hope Yankees don't trade kids for Santana.I like what I saw from Kennedy,Hughes and Melky.I believe the total values from this trio are greater than Santana and let alone the big long term contract.

There are two reasons I won't use 6 man rotation.Firstly,We need to pitch Wang and Pettitte as much as We can.Of course,we always can replace Wang and Pettitte with 6th guy if they are tired and need some break.Secondly,all of them will lose their rhythm,especially there are a lot of off-dates on schedule as well.

I won't leave Joba in the bullpen.I want to know what Joba can do as a starter.If he can't do that and we always can move him back.I also believe Joba will have more healthy issue if we leave him in the bullpen.Let him get his rhythm as a starter is better for long term plan.I believe we can find our 2008 Joba in the bullpen from farm system

I will go into season with this rotation in this order.Firstly,Wang and Pettitte will give us innings,so we have to separate them.Secondly,Joba will be my no.5 starter and we can skip him with off dates in order to reduce his workload.Thirdly,I will let Kennedy stand by when Mussina pitch even though I believe Mussina will bounce back and have good season,especially 2008 will be his walk year.Fourthly,I will let Kennedy serve as long man or replace Hughes with Kennedy at times in order to reduce Hughes workload if Mussina pitch well


20.Mariano Rivera(Closer)
21.LaTroy Hawkins(Setup man)
22.Kyle Farnsworth(7-inning guy)
23.Jose Veras
24.Jonathan Albaladejo
25.Edwar Ramirez

First of all,I believe the only thing Cashman has to deal with the rest of off-season is bullpen.If he can sign some free agents or trade some guys for bullpen help at reasonable costs,it will be great.Otherwise,it will be smarter to find solutions from farm system,especially we have Girardi as our new manager.I believe Girardi can handle bullpen better than Torre.

Other bullpen choices......

Chase Wright/Kei Igawa:If we can't sign or trade a left hand relief,I don't think we have to have one in the bullpen.But,I definitely take a look at them in the spring training.

Jeff Karstens/Darrell Rasner:If we have injury from our rotation and need someone else to replace Kennedy as long man or Girardi need second long man in the bullpen,I will take a look at them in the spring training.

Ross Ohlendorf/Chris Britton/Scott Patterson:They can compete with Jose Veras,Jon Albaladejo and Edwar Ramirez.

Helps on the way......

Pitchers:Alan Horne,Jeffrey Marquez,Steve White,J.B. Cox,Humberto Sanchez
1B:Juan Miranda,maybe Eric Duncan
Outfielders:Austin Jackson,Brett Gardner

Others Prospects who are far away from major but worthy notice......

2B:Damon Sublett
Outfielders:Jose Tabata
Pitchers:Dellin Betances,Andrew Brackman,Mark Melancon,Brandon Laird,Kevin Whelan
Catchers:Jesus Montero,Francisco Cervelli

Guys,how about your opinion?Please feel free to express your opinion.How about other worthy-notice prospects I haven't mentioned?

Saturday, December 22, 2007

Happy Holidays to everyone

Thanks for support from everyone who read my blog this year.I had a lot of issues happened this year and led to lack of posts for this blog.I am appreciated at patience,support,extraordinary opinion from everyone.This is my rookie season as a blogger.Hopefully,I will have a bright future as a blogger and the same wish goes to my New York Yankees as well.

Sunday, December 16, 2007

Admirable Courage

Andy is the man.I knew he will do this.Human beings make mistakes.One of Quotes from Wang which I like the most says"No one is perfect"It's not easy for people to admit their mistakes,especially you have to confess to a lot of people.Of course,I am disappointed at Andy's wrong behavior,but I am still his fan because of his admirable courage.I believe what he said.The same situation happened to Taiwan gamble scandal as well.Only victim of whole event is players,not owners and gangsters.Players got caught and destoryed their whole career and then they came out for apologies for their wrong behavior.Gangsters got nothing because they told police officers the list.Owners came out to say nothing and did nothing to improve players' life.

Saturday, December 15, 2007

Do right things,not fancy things.Stop being politicians

Well,obviously,Mitchell Report becomes the hottest topic this off-season.Are you one of them curious to know who is in this report?Do you feel frustrated at your favorite player on this list?Do you think no one is clear in this steroid area after this report?Me?How do I feel?I want to share two stories to you guys....

I was working at TV station and production company in Taiwan for 5 years.Making films or TV programs to audiences they like is my dream.I will keep going after this dream for my whole life.If I make it successfully,I want to improve film industry and sport environment in Taiwan.My mom doesn't like my job at all.I always have to work for ridiculous long hours without getting paid well.The most important thing for her is working environment at TV station and production company which is very complicated and is easy for people to get lost.You always have to have extremely great relationship with supervisors in order to get promotion.There are many people willing to do whatever they can in order to please supervisors,boss,clients and everyone.Tons of my coworkers have complicated relationship,endless night life,and bad habits,such as smoking,gambling,drinking and drug using.That's why she doesn't like it at all.Me???I still have to work that ridiculous long hours,but I don't have the rest of problems.Why I didn't get involved in all kinds of bad habits?That's easy.I keep my life simple and never join them.It just takes me much longer to get promotion.I show my mom I am still his little girl and nothing change.That's why she let me keep doing that.

If you are loyal readers for my blog,you probably know this story.I think I mention this story on my opening post.I am big baseball fan since I was a child.My favorite Taiwanese pro baseball team got caught by gamble scandal ten years ago.This team is no longer existed.A lot of players on that team got different sentences for that,including my favorite player.I was so frustrated at this event and felt betrayed by them.During the whole investigation,the government and police officers claimed to put their most efforts to clean this up.That was their purpose for this whole investigation.All they did is to catch players as many as they can.They didn't catch gangsters who try to control the outcome of game.Owners and government didn't do their best to improve baseball environment and players' life.Ten years later,we have another mini gamble scandal again in Taiwan and another pro baseball team may be disappear because of financial problem.Whose is fault?Government keep ignoring their responsibility to improve baseball environment and Owners only care their profits and control players as much as they can.They blame fans doesn't care Taiwanese pro baseball.

Thursday, December 13, 2007

About Wang from a Taiwanese fan's standpoint

Pettitte is official back.During his conference call,Pettitte basically gives his support to his teamate Wang and calls him as ACE.He believe Yankees have ACE on Wang and Joba and whole pitching staff good enough to win.He knows Red Sox will be tough because they prove it on winning 2007,but disagree Yankees need Santana or Haren to success in 2008.I am with Pettitte with his.Baseball plays on the field,not on the paper.I have faith on Pettitte,Wang,Joba,Hughes,Mussina.Kennedy.

I don't care Wang is an ACE or not.I don't care how many wins Wang will have.I don't care Wang will win Cy Young or not.As a long time baseball fan from Asian,only thing we care is how hard you try and how much effort you put into from a player.Asian players treat this as pride.The only goal for them always will be do their best and win a champion for team.We don't have heroes here.We love them as a team.

I just can't stand so many people sell Wang short.For me,Wang is not good enough to be called an ACE.He still gets something to prove and improve for sure,but I disagree with that when someone says he is not an ACE because of low strike outs rate.I know most Taiwanese fans don't treat Wang as an ACE as well.We like him because his personality which represent our country.He is an humble and low-keyed person.He also works hard quietly.These are reasons we like him.For example,Wang works so hard this off-season.He reduces a lot of commercial activities in order to accomplish that.At the same time,he contributes a lot of time on charity events and even set a record for how much he help to get for a lot of organizations.A lot of charity activities he went media knew that after he had attended.

Taiwanese fans only hope Wang can keep pitching well without injury and win champion one day.Wang tells us the same goal every off-season.That's he hope not to get injury and able to pitch the whole season.At the same time,he tries to improve something every season.It's just amazing for me to hear so many changing their opinions and sell Wang short.

Monday, December 10, 2007

Let's Go Yankees

I love Yankees keeping kids,I can't predict the future and I believe everyone can't.I don't know how well kids will performance,but you don't how well Santana will performance too.There is not a sure thing in life.I always appreciate at their efforts from my favorite team instead of judging players by results.Guys,you have to enjoy the moment and process.Homegrown Yankees can bring priceless excitment.That's why I love to root homegrown yankees.

Thursday, December 6, 2007

Homegrown Yankees

Hello all Yankees fans,so far so good,right? Santana remains a Twins,not a Red Sox. I am glad I am right so far barring any surprising news.I told you before and you can read that from preview post.Red Sox are bluffing and Twins are playing games with us.I am glad that Cashman and Hank make a right decision so far.I also told you before.I like the combination of Hank and Cashman.It takes a lot of guts to make this decision when your job is on the line,Cashman.I am happy you are our General Manager.I believe Hank and Cashman make this decision when they hear Andy's decision on Sunday which is the date Hank setting the deadline.I am also glad to hear Hank saying "I’m really pleased at the fan reaction to keeping Hughes, and the fans do matter. Their opinion does matter".“They’re the ones that buy tickets and watch the YES Network. I like the way they get attached to homegrown Yankee players, just like the rest of us do in ownership and the front office. I was actually kind of surprised. But the fans seem to be in favor of keeping Hughes, and that’s a good thing.”

I can't predict the future.I don't know the kids will pan out or not.I am sure for one thing.Even though Red Sox get Santana,it is not the end of world.I have been said this many times.You don't play baseball game on paper;you play that on the field.Don't believe what you hear from most talk shows when most hosters are panic and angry at Yankees' decision on keeping kids.Getting Santana from Twins for Red Sox doesn't automatically get them a ring or a playoff ticket.I am the one rooting for keeping kids and playing the 2008 season and behind because I believe what I saw from them from last season.PS.I also won't be the one jump on kids if they struggle in the 2008 season.I will accept the result.

As a baseball fan,no matter your favorite team go all the way or not, you still have to enjoy every moment along with process.This makes baseball game amazing in my opinion.Don't you feel differently when miss game and watch scoreline directly even though Yankees win that game.You still feel something missing.That's totally different feeling when you watch the whole game.Of course,you will feel horrible when they lose that game.

I posted the following sentences on numbers blog already earlier today.If Mussina doesn't win a spot on the rotation in 2008 season.We have a 100% homegrown rotation for 2008 season,including Pettitte,Wang,Hughes,Joba,Kennedy.WoW!!That's amazing.

Welcome back,Andy

I am so happy to be able to say this to Mo,Posada and then now Pettitte.I am glad to hear Andy Pettitte back.What a classy guy Andy is.No matter what kind of reasons change his mind,he did chose to come back when Yankees was in the most difficult situation.If Andy Pettitte were selfish person not treating team as priority,he would choose to come back when Yankees get Santana after giving up Hughes and Melky even Kennedy because he would be sure Yankee have excellent chance to get another ring.But,he didn't.He said he wanted to make sure Yankees knew they have him when they make up their plan for 2008 season.What a good guy!!!Why he chose to come back?Well,he got unstoppable calls from Jeter,Mo,Posada,Joe and mails or letters from fans.I am glad we did help you to make a decision,Andy.Welcome back,Andy.

Monday, December 3, 2007

I like combination of Hank and Cashman

Hank set up a deadline for Santana's trade.I like this idea.Don't play game with us,Twins.If you prefer Red Sox's offer,you can go ahead to take it and negotiate with them.If you don't like our offer,don't waste our time.Time is money.Just in case,you guys don't know that.Most yankees fans don't want to trade Hughes and Melky.We love their potential and personalities.They will be great in the future.In my opinion,our priority this off-season is bullpen,not rotation.I am fine with Wang,Mussina and three kids.I know this will be touch,but I can see bright future in 2009.

I agree with Pete's comment on his blog.As soon as Yankees walk away from this deal,Red Sox will walk away at the same time.I said this before on my blog.I doubt Red Sox is serious about getting Santana.Yankees is only team willing to give Twins prospects and Santana huge contract.The problem for Red Sox is upgrading their hitting,not pitching in my opinion.I will be shocked if Twins keep Santana and let him walk away after 2008 season.(Santana already informed Twins he won't waive his NTC once season starts)

These two quotes from Hank Steinbrenner about setting deadline for Santana's trade.

"I'm not going to be played against the Red Sox. That's not something I'll do. That's not something the Yankees should ever do, and that's I think what they're trying to do now," "So if they want the best offer that has been offered to them, then they need to make up their minds."

"We'll see how it goes, but this is not an act. It's not a bluff. It's just reality," he said. "Because as much as I want Santana, and you can make that clear -- for his sake, to know that I do want him -- but the fact is that I'm not going to play the game. We've made them the best offer. And at this point, it's not going to get any better. So they can decide. At this point, it's up to them. I don't think they want to lose us in this thing, obviously. Nobody wants to lose the Yankees in a negotiation."

I like what Hank said.What he said was from his heart and from the fact everyone know it.You can't say it threaten Twins because Twins know that is true.As a Yankee fan,the more what I hear and what I see from Hank,the more I like him.New York is press-packed place,it is very hard and difficult to keep things under the radar.Therefore,it is great idea to talk to press and fans and communicate with us.As far as the relationship between Cashman and Hank.According to my working experience,one thing fans should realize is it is impossible to keep bosses away from making decisions no matter which field you work for.Bosses I talk about is the men to give money to let business keep going.You may be able to get a boss who doesn't like to deal with press,but they still make final and important decisions.Good bosses and leaders are not to dealing with every details by themselves and pass their power to employees in order to help them make decisions.I think that is exactly the relationship between Cashman and Hank.The difference is Hank enjoying talking,so Cashman let Hank deal with all press and keep quiet.

Saturday, December 1, 2007

Don't panic,Yankees fans...

Red Sox recent offer to Twins(Jon Lester,Coco Crisp,Jed Lowry and Justin Masterson) is not going to get it done.Red Sox have to put Clay Buchholz or/and Jacoby Ellsbury into any package to Twins in order to make me think Red Sox are serious at getting Santana.Otherwise,they are just trying to drive Yankees price up.Up to that point,If I were Cashman,I would not put Hughes into my offer.I still believe a package with Melky,Kennedy,other prospects from minors will get it done because I still think Yankees is the only team serious about getting Santana other than Mets(they don't have enough prospects for this).No matter what happen,I won't give up Joba and Cano and I won't give up both Hughes and Kennedy too.On top of that,I don't think Santana want to go to Boston's staff with Beckett,Curt,Dice-k.There are a lot of egos involving with these guys.

Most Yankees fans must think Red Sox will win it all,if Red Sox gets Santana from Twins to go along with Beckett,Curt and Dice-k by giving up these prospects.Don't panic,Yankees fans.Baseball game is team effort sport.Baseball game is playing on the field,not on the paper.No one know what is going to happen.Is Curt a lock to be health for whole season?Does Dice-K pitch better than 2007 for sure?Which version of Beckett will show up in 2008?2006 version or 2007 version?My favorite Taiwanese pro baseball team is a underdog team all the time.I know that feeling.The reality is you can't predict the future.It won't kill me to start the season with upgrade bullpen without Santana,but assuming Pettitte coming back.Remember,Yankees hold winning record with Red Sox by using the rotation they have now.Of course,We don't have Rocket this season but we have three kids for whole season.

Wednesday, November 28, 2007

How lucky we are as yankee fans....

When rumors surround with Santana trade,I realize how lucky we are as yankee fans.Some owners kill them to spend money;Others kill them to lose games.We have an owner is willing to upgrade our favorite team no matter the costs.That's why most yankees fans seem to play fanstay baseball league all the time.Image this....Next March...We have a rotation include Santana.Wang.Pettitte.Joba....WoW!!!

But,I will say this again on my blog.It's much more enjoyable for me to root for guys I like and win champion with them.As a baseball fan,enjoyment of watching every regular season game is essential for me during long baseball season.Hopefully,I have chances to watch Hughes,Kennedy,Melky,Wang.etc. playing for us 2008 season.It will be sad and feel hurt for me to watch Hughes,Kennedy,Melky or Wang wearing another team uniform.

If you ask me now,I think Santana will get traded this off-season.Twins are not going to make the same mistake which they let Hunter go without getting anything back.Of course,Twins can get draft picks for that.If Twins have second chance for Hunter,they probably choose to trade him before 2007 season or 2007 trade deadline and get some prospects back for him.If I were Twins front office,I would save all money to sign Justin Morneau and Michael Cuddyer no matter how good Santana will be.There is bigger risk to give huge contract to pitchers than position players.Even though Twins have new stadium coming and PR get crashed for Hunter leaving recently,I still feel Twins fans are used to accept taking prospects for the player they can't afford as a small market team.They can get better offer during off-season for Santana.They also have Francisco Liriano come back from Tommy John surgery.

From Yankees point of view,Yankees already spent too much on winning now and it kills yankee front office to see Red Sox's celebration twice for 4 years.Plus,Brian Cashman is on the last year of his contract and Hank Steinbrenner wants to make a statement when he takes over Yankee from his father for the first year.

I think Yankees front office will try to get Santana at appropriate prices because huge contract Santana will ask for.There are not so many teams can afford that price.Angels and Dodgers need hitting not pitching.I doubt Santana want to go to pitch in West or NL as well.Mets don't have enough prospects to win this battle over Yankees.

Santana is better suit to Yankees stadium than Fenway Park.You can get the evidence for that from Santana's career stats at Yankees stadium and Fenway Park.I doubt Santana want to be co-ace with Josh Beckett as well.Santana will be clear ace and savior in Yankees staff and doesn't have to share ace status with somebody.If Red Sox give that huge contract to Santana,how much they are gonna give Beckett two years later.On top of that,Red Sox are not willing to part with Jacoby Ellsbury and Clay Buchholz.The only chance for Red Sox to have Santana is to put these two players into package for Twins.

If I were Yankees front office,I would try to get Joe Nathan as Mo's set up man as well and treat him as a replacement for MO in the near future.On top of that,We have to get Pettitte back as well even if we get Santana.

Tuesday, November 20, 2007

Thank God!Mo is back!!!

I couldn't image Mo wear another uniform.Take one step further.I couldn't image I will watch Yankees games without Mo.I know that day will come eventually,but I don't want to face that day now.It is shame that a lot of Yankees fans even think about letting Mo go and finding another replacement during the whole negotiation process.I read an article that a source close to Mo said"Mo will sign 2 years plus one option year from beginning".I think the reason for pending offer is Mo was in Dominican Republic.Without questions,Mo and Posada are true Yankees.

I always look forward to hearing "enter sandman" when I watch Yankees games every time out.I always laugh at how humor Mo is during interview.I always remember the interview on Michael Kay show.Michael Kay asked Mo:Have you ever passed mirror and then said to yourself "OH!YA!I am the greatest closer in the MLB".Mo said:"No,I never think I am the best closer in the MLB,but you may pass mirror and said I am the best broadcaster" HA!How humor and classic guy Mo is.Mo treats himself as a leader of bullpen and always put team in front of individual.Welcome come back,Mo.

Monday, November 19, 2007

One thing I never understand....

Why treat your favorite baseball team like a fantasy baseball team?This is one thing I never understand.When you have a fantasy baseball team,it doesn't mean you will win championship automatically because players are human beings,not robots.They don't always pan out as you expect.Championship team always has its own flaws and personalities.Does it have more funs to win a championship with players you like and crazily root for?If I were Cashman,I would keep all the key young players and upgrade bullpen as a priority after getting Pettitte and Mo back.

Sunday, November 18, 2007

Stay busy for Yankees' Bloggers for next decade....

OK!Obviously,the hot topic is A-Rod back soon.I am not going through that whole A-Rod's issue again.I stick to my words.I hope Yankees let him leave because all distractions A-Rod bring along with him.He only cares about his stats and himself.However,I understand Yankees need him(power right-hander hitter) and he is a great player on the field.The most important thing for Yankees front office is to have someone for selling tickets for new stadiums coming soon.Therefore,I won't disappoint at Yankees' decision.They have to do whatever they need to do.One thing for sure is all bloggers keeping busy for the next decade.

Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Congrats to well deserved Cleveland's CC Sabathia for AL Cy Young

When you look at all stats from Cleveland's CC Sabathia compare with Josh Beckett's, Sabathia is obvious choice for 2007 Cy Young except Josh Beckett pitch for "famous"Boston Red Sox.Of course,you can argue the difference between pitching in AL East and AL Center,but that is not as big as between AL and NL.Of course,post-season doesn't count as well.I am glad CC Sabathia to win it.But,If you ask Indians fans,coach staff and their front office,they probably rather choose to let him pitch less innings in regular season.CC Sabathia looked exhausted during post-season.This is the lesson yankees can learn from it.In my opinion,This is the same reason why Wang had historic terrible post-season.Of course,the amount of innings Wang pitched less than CC Sabathia's,but you have to remember 2007 is second full season for Wang.He will deal with this better next season.It's just me or what.I am so surprise at Wang didn't get a single vote even for third place.

Tuesday, November 13, 2007

some tidbits about Wang and Kartsens

Just in case,you guys don't know too much info about 37th baseball world cup.Taiwan is the host this year(2007).Games are hold in Taichung(台中) and Taipei(台北) which are two cities in Taiwan.You guys know Wang is so famous in Taiwan.During off-season,Wang almost stays at home all day except of going to gyms.Yesterday,Taiwan baseball team moved to Taipei to play against Italy.Of course,all media follow them to Taipei.Wang went to find Jeff Kartsens who is with team USA in Taichung(台中).Wang show Jeff around Taichung and buy famous local food to Jeff.They are having good time.Jeff maybe will be the starting pitching for team USA when they play against team Taiwan tomorrow night.Wang maybe show up the ballpark to watch that game.

P.S.Wang went to see Beyonce's concert in Taiwan few days ago and draw much more attention than other Taiwanese superstars.

Yes!!Taiwan Beat Italy 1:0 in baseball world cup 2007

WoW!I almost stop breathing during the whole game.Yes,It's is the same team beat Team USA 6:2 two days ago.Why?We have better offense than Team USA?Of course not.We scored that run on the bottom of 9th inning on a walk-off single.Offense is always the weakest part of Taiwan baseball game.There are only two good things about Taiwanese offense.First of all,Our hitters are patient.Second,we don't strike out too much and always put the ball in play.

The way Taiwan team win ball game is to put more balls in play and score some runs when pitchers have to pitch their best to keep scores as low as they can.That's why we produce so many pitchers along the way.The reason for successful international tournament for Taiwan is pitching.At that game vs Italy,Our Taiwanese pitcher pitched 9IP shot-out game with 4H 13K.I always complain about luck of runs supports since I was a child,but I rather deal with that than terrible pitching performance.

Posada is back,What a great news,But???

I am so glad to hear Posada's great news.He is back pending physical exam and then will be announced officially by New York Yankees,But how come Posada's signing news come before Mo's signing news?This gets me nervous.I kind of expect Yanks to sign Mo before signing Posada.Posada proves to us he really wants to stay with Yankees because he made a decision before hearing offers from other teams once Yankees offered him 4-year deal.

Is it something wrong on Mo's deal?Mo even said:"Yanks are my first choice,but there is always Joe and Dodgers."Mo is free agent now,so anything is possible.Mo and his agent even choose to stay out of US at this period of time which Mo is going to be free agent.The good news is Mo and his agent on their way back and Yanks already made an improved offer.Hopefully,I think too much.We can hear Mo's good news soon.

Monday, November 12, 2007

I wish I have a father like Andy Pettitte

It's shame for someone even doubt why Andy want to consider retirement.Drugs for better performance??I don't care.For me,It touches my heart how much Andy devote to his family.I am sort of growing up in a single family.My father couldn't remember which grade I study all the time.Don't even talk about attending any event.It's so nice to hear someone care about his family so much.

Somebody maybe say "Come on,Andy.You are still young.You have tons of time left for your family in the future."I couldn't disagree with that more.In my opinion,As parents,you have to enjoy every moment with your children.When time pasts,something or some events never come back and you never get another chance to make up.When I was hoping my father to attend some events which were hold by school,he never came and I never have good relationship with my father.As much as I want Andy back for 2008 season,I won't disappoint he chooses retirement,especially for someone already made a lot of money. Baseball is not the most important thing in the life.Love is.Of course,Love from Yankees fans also will be driving force to let Andy back.Let's hope we have showing enough love to Andy.

Andy,Mo and Posada..would you guys please make up your mind ASAP???

I conducted many negotiations before,so I could fully understand how long the process take,but It still kills me waiting Andy,Mo and Posada to make up their mind.Would you guys please make up your mind as soon as possible?

Mexico beat Taiwan 9:5 in World Cup 2007

OK!!Finally,someone beat my Taiwan team.Of course,I don't feel good at all.In fact,I am always in the bad mood when Yankees and my Taiwan team lose a game every time.Why they lost that game?Simple...They got bad pitching.This kills me every single time.So,Yankees,Please upgrade bullpen and starting pitching for this off-season.

Saturday, November 10, 2007

Jeter is my man

This is the quote from Peter Abraham's blog about Jeter on Rodriguez leaving: “There aren’t too many people in the game who can do what he does. But we’re trying to win. It takes more than one person to win. We’ve had teams that have won and not had numbers like that put up.”

That's exactly what I think about this whole A-Rod soap opera,but I couldn't put in the word.Jeter said it.Let A-Rod leave.

Taiwan beat Japan(6:1) and Spain(8:4)

Baseball World Cup 2007 Update....

OH!YA!!My Taiwan team beat Japan(6:1) yesterday and Spain(8:4) this afternoon when Team USA was beat by Italy(2:6) by a surprise.Team USA is going to meet Japan this evening now,so you guys.Go to IBAF website and root for your team USA if you are Americans.

After watching these two games when my Taiwan team beat Japan and Spain.I affirm my opinion about mission for yankees off-season.They need to keep all the pitching they have(Joba.Hughes.Kennedy.Wang.maybe some top prospects in the minors) which assumes Andy come back to pitch at least one more season and go out upgrading their bullpen.This is their priority.Why?My Taiwan team won both games,but it is important to know how they win it.I was so nervous when I was watching second game we play Spain because we don't have good starting pitcher on that game.Because of having good starting pitcher on the first game we play Japan,I was so relax when I was watching.Fortunately,We have strong bullpen on the second game and that's why we win the second game.

The only offense they need to do is to get a decent third baseman and maybe get couple of contact hitters who can put the ball in play and don't strike too much.For 2008 season,on the offense part of game,yankees need to change the way they score runs.For the past few seasons,yankees always wait long ball and big inning and a lot of hitters in that lineup just want to hit homers to be heroes.This is not right.When I watched my Taiwan team playing,That is the way to score runs.We have couple of big power hitters in the lineup,but most hitters know how to execute tactics from coach staff(including small ball) and put the ball in play even though sometimes they have to sacrifice themselves.We add a lot of runs on moving runs and putting ball in play successfully.Of course,our hitters can execute well when we need a sacrifice fly or ground ball.Yankees need a team with a lot of players(like Jeter..) don't care about their personal stats and care about everything can take them to win ballgame.

I will say this again.I may be wrong about this but time will tell.I don't think Twins will give up Santana.I think they will find a way to keep him.If Twins can't keep him in the end,Santana will not sign extension with no matter which team trade for him.Santana will go into free agent no matter what.We can get him in 2009 with new stadium coming up.Don't trade away any our good farm products for him.It's not worth it.Image this,in 2009,our rotation will be Santana,Wang,Joba,Hughes,Kennedy among others top prospects.Maybe we can see Pettitte to pitch in the new stadium too.

Friday, November 9, 2007

Let's Go Taiwan!!(Taiwan beat S.Africa 16:1)

I am a baseball fan since junior high school.The reason??Of course,it is rooting crazily for my national team,Taiwan.I think this is quite different for most of American Yankees fan.You guys probably start becoming baseball fan because your dad bring you guys to Yankee stadium and probably rarely root or watch Team USA playing.I always awake up in the middle of night and try to root for Taiwan quietly,but I can't do it quietly because of excitement.'

It's quite nice for me to have upstoppable baseball schedule this year because it's quitely difficult for me during Yankees offseason.I was watching Taiwan playing with South Africa yesterday.Basically,my Taiwan team was killing young South Africa team.We have a southpaw pitcher called LIN, YING-CHIEH pitched 6IP 4H 2BB 10SO 1ER ball game and put on 17H 16R on 7 inning.This game was end at 7 inning because of more than 10 runs deficit.My Taiwanese team put up 5R(two homers) in the first inning and put up another 8R on the board in the 7th inning to pull this game away.

At some moment,I though I was watching New York Yankees vs Tampa Bay.During that period of time,I though about what should Yankees do this offseason.They may need to focus on more offense than defense(+pitching),but I change it back.I still think the priority for yankees this offseason is still defense(+pitching).It's nice to have nice offense,but I realize I enjoy and relax more in this game because of outstanding pitching and defense from my Taiwan team.

Thursday, November 8, 2007

Team USA 3:0 win over Team Mexico

Just in case,you guys want to know this.The baseball world cup 2007 opened in Taiwan yesterday.Team USA just beat their rivalry team Mexico 3:0 in the first game and starts on the good note.This game was started by Jeff Kartsens.His line is 6IP 5H 2SO 4BB OR.I catch couple of innings for this game.Jeff pitches well and went ahead hitters often.

One more thing,Jeff finds out how popular Wang is when he got to Taiwan at the first day because there are tons of news about Wang on TV and he saw big poster at McDonald's store.Obviously,Jeff couldn't get used to Taiwanese food and went to buy something to eat at McDonald's.

Welcome back,Wang!!!

Obviously,I am a Wang's fan as you guys can image for apparent reason.I am not in Taiwan,but I would like to say "Welcome back,Wang!!"

Wang just got home yesterday.I couldn't even put the word how popular he is.Most of yankees fans couldn't image why he is so popular in Taiwan,even in the whole Asian countries.I just give you guys a link( and let you guys feel it by yourself.This is the website which the Nike company in Taiwan just put online.After you enter this website,there are three moving squares.Please choose the left one of three ones and one bigger square will pop out.You guys can press play button.This is the short film Nike make about Wang.The main idea is "keeping Believe Wang".I know most of you guys don't understand chinese, but I believe you guys can feel it and understand the idea of film.You also can see some valuable pictures of Wang when he was a child and how he looks like a ballplayer.

I am not going to say anything good thing about Wang.I know he had terrible playoff in 2007.All Taiwanese admit that.Tons of reporters in the press conference ask him how he feel about playoff and how to improve that.Most yankees fans couldn't image how much pressure Wang has except tons of pressure from Yankees fans,media,coach staff,and teammates.Why?He is pride of Taiwan.All Taiwanese want him to be great.He has to be successful.Taiwan is small island consist of 2,300 ten thousand people with tons of difficulties involving with China.It's so rare to have this kind of successful baseball player in MLB.That's why.

There is one main point during the whole press conference.Wang blames himself so badly for costing Yankees playoff games(which he did) and Torre's job.He watched tapes again and again after playoff and tried to find out the reason.He even watched the rest of playoff games because he want to learn from other pitchers.He also wants to stay with Yankees forever.I know this is Yankees' decision not him.Most yankees fans can't wait to give him one-way ticket out of town after this playoff,but you guys(I am a yankees fan too,but not one of those want him out) may regret one day.(I may be wrong about that,but time will tells)Why?because of talent??no.Because of work ethic,loyalty and humble attitude Wang has,this will make him great barring injury.

In conclusion,I always keep believing every yankees players and They will win next season.Let's go Yankees!Let's Go 27.

Ok!!Unbelievable bad things keep happening to Yankees?????

Obviously,This off-season has been so frustrating to most yankees fans.After watching Red Sox celebrating,Yankees fans have to watch Red Sox signing players and build up for future among other teams.On the other hand,in the Yankees land,things couldn't get any worse than that.After Torre left,A-Rod optioned out and Mo and Posada may test free agents,Andy Pettitte decline his 2008 option as well,so all of these is unbelievable bad things keeping coming.

Are you in this mood,Yankees fans???If you were,you would listen to me because I am not.First of all,I love Joe Torre as a great human being and as a manager as well,but It's time for change.I like Joe Girardi replace Joe Torre.He will be great in 2008 season.

Second,I am glad to hear A-Rod optioning out his contract and Yankees seems to keep his word for letting him go.We don't need a lineup full with all stars who care about their stats more than winning ball games.We need solid,gritty,team-first ball players to move runners up.That's yankees' problem since 2004.We either score tons of runs or very few runs.We keep waiting for that big innings all the time.That's why most of our pitchers seems to get tons of run supporters,but we have problems about winning games.We lose a lot of close games and playoff games because of that.

As far as I think Mo,Posada and Pettitte.This is my opinion.We can find out it turns out to be true or not.Mo,Posada and Pettitte are not A-Rod.They love Yankees and want to be yankees. you can't say that to every players.It just takes some time and efforts to get them back.Mo will be first one to sign a deal I think and Pettitte will be last one.The only reason for Posada tests free agent because he wants to get one more year from yankees.That's all.Pettitte is exhausted at this moment.Once yankees agree to give him one more player option for 2009 and spring traning comes to the corner,he will be back.Mo will take the best deal he can get from yankees before even talking to other teams.

Our Yankee team has been in transition from 2005.I believe 2008 will be the last year of transition.When the new stadium open in 2009,we will have a new dynasty of New York Yankees if we hold on most talented prospects without trading them.There is old saying going,"A crisis is a chance"

Tuesday, November 6, 2007

Enough is enough!A-Rod

I am so sick and tired of soap opera about A-Rod.Just few days,"sources"close to A-Rod said he didn't say he didn't want to play for Yankees and he even wanted to take a pay cut to talk to Yankees.And today,"sources"close to A-Rod said Red Sox is his first choice because Red Sox can win multiple championships.Come on,A-Rod,make up your mind.Don't play games.

For A-Rod,It's all about money and himself.Don't even believe what A-Rod say again.Right now,Boras and A-Rod are playing game about generating money as much as they.He has no loyalty to any team at all.That's why Yankees should be careful about trade.When you trade away young products from farm with heart,soul and loyalty to Yankees and know how to deal with pressure.Right now,A-Rod tries to play game with Yankees by pulling Red Sox into this stuff.Please listen to me,Yankees.Don't let A-Rod and Boras stimulate you.They can't play this money game without Yankees involving.

I will say this again.Let A-Rod leave.Yankees won't win a championship with A-Rod this kind of player who only cares about himself and his stats.Good Luck,Red Sox.Hopefully,you guys get Red Sox and never win a championship again.A-Rod is very good at piling up sexy stats,but he can't delivery when game is on the line.During four years tenure with Yankees,how many we see A-Rod couldn't even delivery a ground ball or sacrifice fly when one man on third with less than two outs.

Saturday, November 3, 2007

Let's Go 27

I like that when Girardi said during press conference.That's the reason he chose to wear No.27.I am tired and sick of watching Red Sox celebration.Let's go Yankees.I still think we need one more starting pitcher,one good first baseman,one good third baseman and great bullpen.The most important thing for Yankees front office this offseason is upgrading our bullpen and getting a decent right-hander third baseman if they couldn't get another starting pitcher and first baseman.I think we will be fine with this rotation(Wang.Pettitte.Mussina.Hughes.Joba.Kenndy). They are our bright future.

Thursday, November 1, 2007

Torre to LA??Bad Day for Taiwanese fan????

Joe Torre signed with LA for three-year deal.This is probably bad today for Taiwanese fans,not because of Chien-Ming Wang.There are three Taiwanese players in LA.First one is Chin-Hui Tsao(Middle Relief Pitcher) ,Second one is Hong-Chin Kao(Starter) and the last one is Chin-Lung Hu(short stop/Second baseman-September Callup).Joe Torre always has problem on falling in love with specific middle relief and goes with them too much.If Tsao returns to healthy form in 2008,he probably will become next Proctor(PS.Poor Proctor!!!!).The other problem Joe Torre has problem is trusting young player.This is will be bad news for Kao and Hu.

Wednesday, October 31, 2007

I like the comment about A-Rod from Girardi

From part of Girardi's comment about A-Rod:"A-Rod felt it was not best for him to this family.You are gonna miss those homers and RBIs.To me,you can't look backward.You have to look forward."Joe Girardi is my first choice from get-go.I like him more now.I have a great feeling about upcoming 2008 season.We are gonna be good.

I am sorry!!!I am back

I was going through one of the toughest time in my life as my New York Yankees team as well,including Red Sox won the world series(The worst one),Joe Torre and A-Rod left(Not bad in my opinion),but I was survived.I am not going to go through reasons about why I miss some much on not blogging.I probably lost a lot of readers already.Hopefully,my New York Yankees team is not in the same situation as mine.

Friday, June 8, 2007


One of this blog reader(Andrea) asked me did I watch Wang's last game?Yes,I watch almost every yankees games.Some of them I watch live games,others I watch after games finished.I did watched Wang's game.The only feeling I have about Wang's game is his ability of learning.It's pretty amazing for me to see how Wang have been doing so far this season.

As a Taiwanese,you guys pretty quitely understand why I crazily root for Wang no matter how he pitch.Be honest with you guys.I am not as unbiased as most yankees fans about everything of Wang.We all know Wang had amazing season last year.Most experts in many different media outlets keep expressing tons of opinions about Wang.They don't believe he can keep his success.We don't even have to go through about "ACE" topic.I am not going to go through this old debate and cliche again with you guys.

There are two aspects of success in the baseball game players have to take care of.One is physical aspect.The other is mental aspect.I am even going to go through the menatl part again.The reason for Wang's success so far is his sinker.It's easy for people to stay in the same way and comfortable zone which bring them success.Change means challenge.It's also not easy for people to keep learning.People tend to become more and more lazy.The most amazing thing for me about Wang this season is he is throwing more and more nasty slider and changeup.

Remember this,no scouts projected Wang's success before he came out.Diamondbacks didn't
want to take Wang and Cano for Randy Johnson trade in 2004.Remember this,no one expected Wang had immediate success in 2005.Remember this,In 2006,not too many people believe Wang could pitch like he did 2005.Remember this,Before 2007,a lot of people believe 2006 season is a fluke and question his "ACE" status.How good he can be?I don't know.We will see.I just hope Wang stays healthy.This is the only concern I have about Wang.

One thing I know for sure.Wang doesn't think he is an ACE.He just tries to get the job done everytime.He want to be great and love playing baseball.

the quote every yankees fans wanna hear....

Everyone is pretty happy about Wang's outing,especially his ability and will to pitch deep into ball game.Actually,there is nothing special for most taiwanese ball players of their attitude.They do whatever can help team win and whatever coaches say.A lot of media asked Wang about complete game after game,Wang said "The most important thing is team winning".Another interesting quote is Wang said to Taiwanese media "We can't let Red Sox run away.We need to close gap and catch them".This is exactly the quote every yankees fans wanna hear.Let's go Yankees!!!

Wang actually told to Taiwanese media recently about his change.Gator help him out a lot.Gator teach him how to change his delivery in order to throw Gator's nasty slider.Wang try to used to his new delivery.Wang really want to be great.That's why he start to throw more slider,changeup and splitter now.In 2001,Wang had a big shoulder surgery.After that,Wang told Taiwanese media he couldn't throw slider as good as before surgery he did.He didn't know the reason.Right now,Obviously,Wang get his new-nasty-slider.

Saturday, June 2, 2007

Big Series' coming!!!

I decided to watch this series after games finished.I just feel I jinx them.They lost a lot of games when I was watching.I just don't have any good luck at all.For example,I watched the last game of Blue Jays series after game finished.They won.So.....Hopefully,all three games turn out great.We can close the gap around 10 games out.We need to go back .500 as soon as we can.We don't have to worry about Red Sox.We just need to win ball games as many as we can.I just feel we can do it.I just don't believe we can't catch Red Sox and we can't play playoff this season.Let's Go Yankees!!!

Wednesday, May 30, 2007

How can they let Pettitte lose like that???

Man,My only feeling after watching Tuesday game.How can they let Pettitte lose like that???I know they are fighting for win.I can sense that during the whole game.As a fan,I say that thousands of times.That's all you can ask for.But,As a fan,you must have some favorite players in your favorite team.You are rooting them more than others players in the team.Who is yours???Pettitte,Posada,Mo,Jeter,Proctor,Wang,Melky are on my list.My heart goes to Pettitte.I say that again.How can they let Pettitte lose like that???Man.

Most lost from your team are more like result of the whole team.You feel upset or angry at the whole team.Some lost will be more than that.You feel so bad for one of player on the team,especially that player is one of your favorite players on your team.Today game is this case.I feel so bad for Pettitte who pitch his heart out.How can they let Pettitte lose like that??

I don't have to go through the details.You guys will know what I am talking about now if you guys watch game from first minute to the last minute without fast-forwarding.What I talk about is not only lack of offense but also defense.The last time I have this feeling is when Ryan Zimmerman hit a walk-off homer off Wang on June 18th 2006.

Tuesday, May 29, 2007

Wang's Program timetable update

I mentioned Wang's prorgram few posts earlier.I got some updates about timetable.There are 10 episodes in this program.Each episode length is 3 minutes.This program is about Wang's baseball life and Taiwan which the place he grow up.In Taiwan,we can see the whole show which start today.In US,they will edit the whole show and play two episodes.Each episode length is 1-2 minutes.

This is the timetable about two episodes of Wang(US ESPN):
June 8th Friday ESPN Baseball Tonight(2200-2300) and (2400-2500) 1-2 minutes
June 15th Friday ESPN Baseball Tonight(2200-2300) and (2400-2500) 1-2 minutes

Keep eyes on this program if you guys are interested in.I will keep update about timetable of this show.

Monday, May 28, 2007

Yankees should be careful about Wang's workload

In my opinion,Yankees should be careful about workload Wang has so far this season.Wang pitch average almost 7 innings/per game.Wang started 5 games in May.He pitched more than 100 pitches 3 times.One more is 98 pitches.Wang told to Taiwanese media after Boston game "He was happy to throw more offspend stuff anyway because he will feel more tired for throwing his sinkers"Yankees can't afford to wear Wang out.

I know Wang ask to stay in the game on his last two starts.Wang told Taiwanese media"He wanted to pitch longer for helping team and bullpen"This is just his natural.He did that all time in Taiwan as well.You have to pull him out of game because he didn't care about his personal stat.The only thing he care is the team winning or not.In Taiwan,players are taught about how to respect the ball game and do whatever to help team win.In my opinion,sometimes it's too crazy and too much.

Last season,Wang pitched the whole season.Do you know when Wang pitch his 4th game with more than 100 pitches count?It was July 3th.Wang told Taiwanese media "He was tired at some games during summer"during offseason.That's why he worked harder for strengthening his body before 2007 season.Wang has history of shoulder injury.Yankees should be careful.

LAA@NYY May 27th

I don't know Yankees will win this game or not.But,I will say this first.No matter they win this game or not,they already showed me something I really like it.In the top third inning,Moose just flew out and tried to catch a ball back to mound.They will do whatever to win ball game,not to talk to how to win the ball game.

Update:again,at the bottom of 4 inning,Cano ran so hard to get a double.
Update:on top of 6 inning,Cano and Melky,they all make a good defense play.It saves some pitches Moose can throw in another inning.
Update:Man,Yankees fans won't quit
Update:I don't know the overcome of the game.I would like to hand K-Rod a blown save.
Update:Obviously,We lost again,But Jeter is the man.He won't quit.He is the guy I want when this kind of situation come out again.

In my opinion,they are fighting for win.That's all you can ask as a fan.I know,they lost again.I agree Torre's decision about taking Moose out.Moose gave up the first walk of the game.That decision just doesn't work out.You can't second-guess that decision.I will go to Proctor as well.

Offense need to do something.You can't ask all the pitchers in the yankees for pitching perfectly all the time,including starters and relief pitchers.You put too much pressure on pitchers not to make any mistakes.Just like the preview post.Josh beckett has 2.66 ERA.Good,right?Do you know how many runs support he has per games?9.06 Runs support/per game.Dice-K has 8.46 runs support/per game.

Pitchers have runs support or not,it does effect how they pitch.There are too many yankees hitters in the slump at the same time for too long.They are in the slump almost one month.This is the big sample.You can't say they just run into hot pitchers.Yankees can't keep waiting on them to come around.They need to bench some of them and bring someone from minors.

When Yankees pitchers give up the runs,yankees hitters have to find a way to get some runs back as well.It seems this team has difficult time to come from behind.That's how the Red Sox won those games which their pitchers didn't pitch well.You have to pick up pitchers sometimes.

Sunday, May 27, 2007

I don't sense frustration in the club.....

I can't make up my mind how I feel after watching Saturday game.Tons of news came out in Taiwan and US all about failure of offense.In Taiwan,reporters like to compare Wang and Dice-K in any kind of situation.Dice-K always gave my Taiwanese team a lot of troubles in international baseball contest in the past and he is in Red Sox team now.I can tell all you guys one thing for sure.I don't like him at all.Dice-K has 8.46 runs support/per game.How about Wang?Wang has 4.69 runs support/per game.3 of 7 games Dice-K won allowed more than 4 runs.3 of 4 games Wang lost allowed less than 4 runs.Do you want more stat?4.69 runs support/per game?Sound good,right?No,Actually,Yankees only score 3.7 runs when Wang was on the mound during the game.Not to mention Pettitte.Pettitte is the same fate as Wang.

Of course,all reporters from Taiwan and US all ask Wang this question:"Are you disappointed at not getting any offense from your teammates?"Wang said"It's my fault.If I don't give up those three runs,we have a chance to win".Wang take responsibility basically.When reporters asked what happened in the first inning,Wang said"I don't have velocity and can't find the strikezone in the first inning"These two quotes are not the quote I want to share with you guys.You guys can find these two quotes from some newspaper over there.When Taiwanese reporters asked Wang about Yankees' situation(may not make the playoff),Wang said"I don't sense frustration in the club.We all come in and fight every game.You never know.4 months left this season.Our hitters are going to score a lot of runs eventually.I like our chances.We lost today.We will come back to fight tomorrow".

In my opinion,Wang try to become a complete pitcher.He is in the transition period now.That's why he get more strikeouts recently.He uses more and more slider,changeup,spitter.He learn how to use sinker well as well.He strike more people out with his sinker too.If Wang stay healthy,He will become even better one this season.
Edit:Wang told Taiwanese media the strikeouts he got from Angel game.That's "four-seamer fastball"

I believe Moose will turn it around.I will say this again.If Wang,Pettitte,Moose and Clemens all stay healthy and pitch like they are capable of.We will turn this around.If we pitch great,we will be fine.I don't know can we recover in time or not,but you never know what will happen next.This is just nature of life.They definitely need to play better than this no matter they will make the playoff or not.At least,they can make fans feel better,right?

Friday, May 25, 2007

Wanna know more about Taiwan and Wang???

This news just came out in Taiwan.Tourism Bureau of Taiwan cooperate with ESPN and make a program about Wang and Taiwan.There are 10 Episodes in this program.Each episode length is 2 minutes.The content is all about Wang and the place(Taiwan) he grow up.Tourism Bureau of Taiwan want more people know about Taiwan through Wang.

This program will premiere on ESPN 『Baseball Tonight』at June 9th in US.I will keep updating this news if the timetable change.If you guys are interested in and have time for that,keep eye on this program.Please let me know how you guys feel after watching this program.

Jeter and Pettitte are the man

Do you guys remember the story I mention the last post?I said Yankees need someone to help them and Clemens maybe the answer.I think I find the anwer.Some guys always do some magic things and make you believe.That's the feeling I had when I was watching the last Red Sox and Yankees game.They are amazing.Pettitte is a big game pitcher.He make you so relax and believe he will pitch great game.Jeter is the guy you want him on the plate and he always delivery.Hopefully,this series is turning point of this season.But,we still have Angel,Blue Jays,Boston,White Sox next.This is the tough stretch.

Thursday, May 24, 2007

am I lazy???

You guys probably wonder what I am doing these few days.Nothing but watching every yankees games.Am I lazy???Is it the reason for luck of posting these few days.No.

In reality,for human beings,it's so hard to keep faith and fighting when things go all wrong in their life.It's so easy to say "Keep fighting" but hard to keep fighting.Baseball players are human beings too.Right now,this is kind of life for yankees players now.They need hero.They need someone to help them.In my opinion,Clemens may be the answer.The reason for that is not because of pitching.They just need a break which Clemens' present in the club may help or Red Sox lose some games in a row soon.

True story from me.I was so frustrated at getting a job when I just graducated from film school in California.I want to stay in the United States,work there and make my film.I kept fighting for half year after I graducated from school.All the answer from my job interviews was "We really want to hire you but you have to get a working visa by yourself first".In reality,I have to find a job first and get my working visa from my boss as foreign workers.I kept fighting that everyday for half year.The last month of that life,I didn't want to check my email or answer the phone.I couldn't do anything with energy because of frustration.Why I didn't want to check my emails?I didn't want to get more emails about the same message which I got again and again.When frustration get to you,they kill you.

Edit:How I feel about Wang's performance?Man,I couldn't breathe on the second inning.I couldn't believe Wang throw a slider on 3-2 to strike out Kevin Youkilis with base full to end the inning when Big Papi on deck.I am so glad that Wang did help my Yankees team to win.Sometimes,It's so hard for me to watch Wang pitching as Taiwanese Yankees fan.You guys maybe couldn't image this.For most Taiwanese,Wang presents our whole country and He makes us proud.Wang pitch with whole country watching now,including more and more people in china,Hong Kong.

Real quote from Wang before the game with one of Taiwanese reporter..........
Wang said"This game is very important and maybe help team feel better"
After game.......
Wang said"I don't have command and walk too many people.I need to throw more strikes"

Saturday, May 19, 2007

That's the way to do business

The preview post I said"Don't think too much".Forget what I say,guys.I am probably out of my mind.As you guys know,I try to read English paper,listen English radio,watch English program as much as i can for maintaining my English.I find out one thing interesting.No way you can "Don't think too much"in New York.All the people(fans,media,etc.) pay a lot of attention on New York Yankees.They have all the information they need to know and they all have their own opinion on everything.Even though a reporter grab a 7-year-old child,the child can give you reaction and suggestion about everything of New York Yankees.

It's very amazing for me.Sport or a baseball team can catch this much attention.You guys probably used to this feeling already.In Taiwan,there is no way any kind of sport catching this much attention.I think that prove one thing.That's the way to do business.If I can figure out the whole theory about this and adapt to Taiwan.It probably can change sport business industry in Taiwan.

Friday, May 18, 2007

Don't think too much!!

I was watching the final game of Yankees-White Sox series and knew Red Sox won again at the same time.The more bad news is Red Sox won two games in a row and Yankees drop another series.Now,we are almost 10 games back to Red Sox.It seems no one can stop Red Sox now.They won all different kind of games.They have 5 pitchers pitching like Cy Young.Their offense came along very well.On the other hand,everything went wrong for Yankees so far.Things can't get worse for yankees now.A series of injuries keep happening to us,including pitchers and starting lineup.We still have this problems.We don't have any offense now basically.Several players are in a huge slump now.The wild card seems come out from AL center.Everyone can't wait to dump Yankees.

But,I will say this again.Don't think too much.Of course,I am concerned.If I say I don't worry,I am lying.If we continuously pitch well(starter and relief pitchers),we will be fine.Don't forget we have Roger Clemens and Phil on the way to help us.Hitters can't be in this slump whole year.Red Sox can't keep this hot.This is just natural of everything.No one can't have everything going in their direction and no one won't be in the bad luck all the time.On this pace,Red Sox will end up around 114 wins season.Well,if they can do that.They deserve it.We try to get wild card.No matter how we get into playoff,we get a chance to win world series.Anything can happen in the playoff,Cardinals is the prime example.If we don't make it this season,I really want to find out which young pitchers from our farm is real deal.We can use this year to rebuild our club.

Defense is so amazing.....

I won't go through all the details about what happened to two games.I know Yankees' hitters in the huge slump now,but defense is so great.They play defense beautifully.WoW!!!Cabrera catched two-runs-homer and almost threw out one batter on the homeplate on game 1.He continuously stopped everyone trying to advance to third base on fly ball (I don't think Damon can do that)and actually got one to end Sox 6 inning.Mientkiewicz and A-Rod also made a lot of good play.WoW!!!

Obviously,everyone know I am excited at how great Wang pitch.Actally,I was so amazed at how great Wang pitch when men on base,especially he got into two men on with no one out twice.I can't breathe at that moment.Wang have a big heart.Sometimes I feel he doesn't have one.HA!!

Give you guys more reaction from Wang after games.I believe I probably get more info about Wang than you guys as Taiwanese.You know,The Taiwanese media focus on Wang more.

About how great he pitch....Wang said"I didn't pitch great.I still threw some sinkers high and I threw some spitters too low.I will keep working on my spitters"

About this win....Wang said"Guidry,Mussina and people in the bullpen help me a lot about smooth his delivery in his bullpen section between start"..."I get a lot of great teammates.We will get it going together"

About the possibility to pitch on Sunday on short day rest...Wang said"I will do it whatever they ask me to do"...He start worrying about his hitting..."I need to go to batting practice next few days to practice my hitting."

I guess someone hear my request..

HA!!Red Sox also got a doubleheader today..Hopefully Desalvo give us a win today and Red Sox lose two games in a row.We will be 6 games back to Red Sox.One more good news...Beckett will miss his next turn...I don't like to see any players hurt no matter which team they are in..But...It's not a big injury,so let me feel a little bit fortune for Yankees...

Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Why this happen again?

I waked up this morning and tried to catch Yankees game with White Sox.I found out.Man,We have doubleheader,"again"???How can this happen to us again??We just don't have any luck at all.Who jinx them??Me??I have hard time to believe why we have so many bad things happend to us.We have enough pitching problem so far.Right now,We have Mussina and Wang pitch at the same day.Can someone help us to turn this kind of bad luck to another team as soon as they can??

Only positive thing is we will be 6.5 game back to Red Sox if we win two games in a row and Red Sox lose again to Tiger.Sometimes,it's hard for me to ignore how Red Sox do.How can thing turn out like this.For most Yankees fans,we pay too much attention on how Red Sox do on May 16.

That's why Jeter is amazing player.The more I see Jeter play and listen what he say,the more I believe Jeter is the man who all yankees fans can follow and believe.I really believe we can come back to catch Red Sox because of Jeter.Some players just can play mental part of game better than others.This is talent.Let's Go Yankees!!

Tuesday, May 15, 2007

A little bit Taiwanese Pro Baseball History

Dear z,ben,Andrea,and someone may be interested in,

I don't know much about MLB history.I know they have 1919 Black Sox Scandal which z mention,but i am not sure about the similarity.I can tell you guys about Taiwan pro baseball history.

My favorite team name is "China Times Eagles Baseball Team" which doesn't exist anymore
Our pro baseball call "Chinese Professional Baseball League,CPBL"
The first year began in 1990,Now,it's 17th
We have only one league and 6 teams in current CPBL.

My favorite team got involved in the big Scandal in 1997,including other two teams as well.There are about 50 players in this Scandal and 23 among those 50 players were sentenced to from 7 months to one year and 10 months prison term.All 23 players got probation.

First of all,I think I need to give you guys some number to understand Taiwan:

1 New York State=3.87 Taiwan
There are about 2.6 ten million people in this small island
In 1997 which was 7th CPBL and the scandal happened,1 ten million people went to see CPBL games.

The numbers I mention above can give you guys idea why this scandal happened.Chinese people like gamble,especially gangsters.Gangsters gamble heavily on everything.Of course,they couldn't miss CPBL which had a lot of audiences at that moment.Because gangsters put down so much money on the outcome of the game,they want to control the outcome.Gangsters use their power and money to control players and try to get the results they like.Because players can't get a lot of salary unlike MLB,some players couldn't say No to gangsters.In 1997,Taiwanese policemen found out this and started investigating this scandal.This event effect our pro Taiwanese baseball league a lot and couldn't recover since then.After 1997,I don't pay attention on baseball until I become Yankees fan few years ago.

I check some number on Taiwanese website and try to describe what happened in that event on top of my head.Hopefully,I answer you guys question.Feel free to ask more what you want to know if you guys are interested in this small island country.

Monday, May 14, 2007

Have you ever wanted to return ticket as consumer???

I am so angry at one thing today.My sister and me went to cell phone shop to buy a new cell phone as Mother's Day Gift to my mother few days ago.We find out the quality of cell phone is bad.We went back to shop and tried to change another model of cell phone.The salesman simply said "We can't help you.We only can do that the next day you bought.That cell phone is not broken,so you can't change."I think you guys probably have the similar situation like us before.Salesmans always say whatever he can persuade you to buy and then don't care how you feel afterward.

This makes me think about ball game.Have you ever gone to a game and then you really want refund after ball game finished?Why?Yankees Lost??The ball game is ugly??The Yankees haven't played hard??Are you regret to have season ticket this season,if you're season ticket holder?Why?Yankees are 8 games back to Red Sox??The season is over??Yankees will be home to watch playoff??Do you have this feeling so far this season?

Me??The answer is yes and no.Weird answer??HA!!

I think you guys know I was rooting one of Pro Taiwanese team crazily before I become Yankees fans.The team I support is not a good team and lost a lot,but I never want refund after every game I watch until I find out they cheat and don't play hard to win ball game.This is the only time I really want refund.

For me,the owner of New York Yankees is very responsible for their consumers(fans).They always do a lot to put the winning team together.Roger Clemens signing is the prime example.I believe they will keep doing whatever they can for winning.I don't know they will catch Red Sox or not.They may miss playoff.I will keep rooting for New York Yankees crazily the rest of season.As long as Yankees' pitchers keep pitching good game,we will start winning games.I don't believe Yankees offense will keep quiet like this.I don't believe Red Sox will have one miracle after another.Another good sign for yankees fans is Josh Beckett may miss next turn because of something in his middle finger.I don't say he will miss that for sure.This only prove one thing for me.Red Sox won't have everything going in their way no matter offense,defense and pitching.

Let's go Yankees!!

Edit:another good sign for Yankees is Red Sox Bullpen is not as good as people give credit so far.

Sunday, May 13, 2007

Happy Mother's Day!!!

Today is Mother's Day in Taiwan.I want to let everyone know how much I love her even though she didn't know I have this blog.In fact,no one in my family know this blog.I grow up in a single family.My mother is my father.We always celerbate Mother's Day and Father's Day with her.Before I went to America,I didn't express how much I love her.That's the thing I learn from Americans.You guys always use all the opportinuties to show how much you love to someone.That's a good thing Asian people need to learn in my opinion.She give me a chance to purchase my dream which study film in the United States and always let me do whatever I like.This is very unique as Asian parents.

Is just me or what?

I am watching yankee game which broadcast in Taiwan now.I have a feeling about DeSalvo when I watch him pitching.I am so nervous and can't breathe.It feels something about happening.He just make me nervous.

Edit:Another guy come out and make me nervous too.Ha!I think you guys know who he is.
Edit2:Can Yankee bring up someone won't let me nervous?
Edit3:Please,Mo.Don't make me nervous.
Finally Edit:Can anyone please stop Red Sox?

Give Yankees a break

I haven't been blogged for a while because I need a break for thinking that comment,but I still can't stop watching Yankees games.I was so exhausted when I watched the first game of this series because I just help my sister finishing her homework.The feeling is helpless.Our Yankees team just can't get any break no matter offense and defense.

Man,you guys are amazing

Dear Andrea,ben,z,Todd,Carey,and some other readers

You guys are amazing.I haven't been my blog a few days and then find out you guys' word on the comments section.You guys can say I am crazy but I am crying for your guys' word.It warms my heart.This recall my memory of studying in California few years ago.A lot of Americans have great deal of passion which help me a lot,especially when I just got there and couldn't speak English fluently.

I remember how great the bus driver is when I took the bus first time in the United States.I know where I want to go,but I don't know how to say and where I need to get off.He is so patience and explain to me slowly.He help me to get off the bus in the right place.I never forget how great he is.In fact,there are a lot of bus drivers I met in the United States like him.I went to a shopping mall with my classmates one time and we miss the last bus when we left.One guy lead us to another bus station which is very far away from the bus station We wait.

Classmates I have in my class also help my English presenation a lot.They help me correct my grammar problems.I have more stories like this.My conclusion is americans are amazing.You guys give me courage to blog continuously.

Friday, May 11, 2007

It really hurts,sorry,guys,I may close this blog

Originally,I come to my blog for posting another new article until I see one reader's comment on "They are not on the best???"and "This is hailarious"I don't blame that reader and I respect everyone opinon.

You can't image how much energy I have to put on this blog,especially for someone whose English is not her first language.I have to keep checking dictionary for vocabulary and watch all the games on 1am,4am,or 7am.After watching games,I try to write something from my heart and I got somone who say to me "All the articles I wrote I copy "

For Taiwanese,we always review ourselves first when some thing go wrong.We don't try to find excuses for ourselves or blame others for that.Maybe that reader is right.I need a break to think about this.Maybe I did do that unconsciously.I read through all my articles and try to find the answer.I don't know even though I don't think I did.Like Wang's reaction after game.Taiwanese reporters ask him "Did that rundown effect your feeling?That's why you didn't pitch well"Wang said"No,I am the one to blame.I don't have command today.I don't blame any my teammates."
Wang said"We need and will work together to get this team going.I will do my best next time out"

It really hurts my feeling,Sorry,Guys,I may close this blog soon.

Come on,guys,Watch Game

Wang sit on 1-3 record 5.40ERA
There are reactions from Yankees fans after today games..........

Wang is not ACE;If Wang is our ACE we're really in trouble
See,Wang come down to earth;Last season is fluke for him
Wang is No.5 Pitcher;No.3 at best
He gave up 7ER to the last place team(Texas);Send him back to minor
He almost got his perfect game because his opponent is Mariners
That near perfect game is only good outing so far for him.This is bad sign.We're in trouble
No,Wang will be fine;He just have a bad day

If your reaction is one of those,I will one question to you
"Have you watched the game?"

The first game Wang pitched against TB(6.1 Innings)
He did pitch great unlike his line indicate.He left the game 3-2 and Myers gave up grand slam(two runs charged to Wang and he took the lost)

Second Game against Boston(6 Innings)
He did pitch Ok,So So.He gave up 4 ER and Yankees can't do anything with Red Sox No.5 pitcher.Wang didn't pitch great on that day,but it's ok and not terrible

Third Game against Mariners(8 Innings)
He is great.No doubt about that.I won't mention that perfect game and opponent.In my opinion,8 innings 1ER is great outing no matter who is his opponent team.

Today Game against Texas(6.1 Innings)
Clearly,Wang is not as sharp as his last outing,but he manage to keep team in the game until 5 Inning.First of all,Abreu totally miss reading that triple Laird hit.I think Abreu should catch that ball.Even he didn't catch that ball,Abreu should keep it Double at least.But,Abreu didn't do that.

Second,After a ground out,Laird is at third base with one out.Next Batter hit a weak ground ball to A-Rod and they got Laird trapping between third and home plate.The way they trap Laird,he should have no chance to come home for scoring.But,Arod and Posada are terrible at that rundown.And Laird come home to score that second run.This is turning point of game.Instead of having tie game(1-1) with 2 outs and runner is on first,Wang give up second run with 1 outs and runner is on Second.What happened to the rest of that 5 inning,I think I don't have to describe.If they make that rundown,Wang probably leave 5 inning without giving up any run and We probably talk about whole different ball game.

Clearly,We find out Wang is not Robot man.Wang's emotion effected by that rundown clearly.When your pitcher is not on top of his game,the defense behind him have to get every out they should get for him.You can't allow to give opponent extra outs.

In 7 inning,I believe the first two singles are ground balls that find the hole and Wang get frustated at that and then couple of hard hit ball after that.Vizcaino come in and give up another run which charge to Wang.

If you didn't watch the game,the only thing you do is checking the line.Your reactions about this game will be one of those I mention above.That's not truth.In my opinion,this game will not be blow out game,if they don't miss that rundown.In baseball games,they always have one turning point of game which will change the whole game.Since that turning point,Texas become different ball club and get the different feeling.

The reason we lost this game is that rundown,not offense,not bullpen,not Wang.

I am not trying to find excuses for Wang and blame someone for this lost.A lot of people keep bashing our starting pitchers about how bad they have been.In today game,you may say Wang should stop bleeding no matter what happened to that rundown.But,they are human beings,not robots.

So far this season,all kind of things all went wrong for our Yankees team.I won't tell you "They will be fine,they will turn this around soon".In my opinion,no team will be hit this hard the whole season and no team will be in lucky situation the whole season.If our Yankees team get hit hard the whole season,the only thing we can do is supporting them and screaming "Let's go Yankees".They are fighting.The last thing we wanna do is blaming someone.That's not gonna help.Our Yankees players will remember what kind of mistakes they made already and won't do this again or try to imrove that because I believe they are good team.Good team will come out of this slump.We don't need hero and ACE on the team.Everyone just need to do their best.

Thursday, May 10, 2007

They are not on their best????

Yankees are right back on track since Wang,Pettitte,and Mussina start in the same turn.I think every yankees fans feel better now even though we are still 6 games back to Red Sox who keep winning.The interesting quote or reaction for me is our big three reaction after game.

Wang 8 innings 2 Hits 1 ER
"I didn't feel I had no-hit stuff"

Pettitte 7 innings 7 Hits 1 ER
"He feel Lacking location on his fastball "

Mussina 6 innings 3 Hits 2 ER
"He said He didn't finish his delivery and pitch was up a little bit"

If they are not on their best,I really want to know how good they will be.

This is the hilarious

Do you guys see the reaction from dugout when Nieves get his first hit since 2002?That's a beauty.That's why I love baseball game which is team work.Every player support each other.

Let's Go Yankees!!All the Yankees fans in the world support our team.We also have a owner will do everything to get our team a chance to win.

Taiwan~Yankees fan club

As you guys know,Chien-Ming Wang is from Taiwan.Most Taiwanese become Yankees fans since Wang came to big and start pitching for New York Yankees.

There are not too many people watching major leagues games before Wang start pitching in big.We don't have media channels broadcasting MLB games.Only thing we can see is highlight on the news once a while.

Right now,we have the whole page about MLB,a lot of news on TV and broadcast a MLB game every day right now,especially Yankees News and game.We have high rating of yankees game now even though Wang doesn't pitch on that day.More and more Taiwanese know Yankees and become other yankees players' fans.Of course,We have amazing rating of yankees game when Wang pitch even though game begin 4 am.I become Yankees fan when I was studying in California few years ago.I just come back Taiwan,so I still prefer watch Yankees games on MLB.TV.

Hi Everybody,please help me correct English mistakes,such as grammar and vocabulary becasuse English is not my mother lauguage.That's also part of reason I blog for practing English.


WoW!Can you image this when we have this rotation around Mid-June?If they all stay healthy the rest of season,we will catch Red Sox.I don't believe Red Sox starting pitcher will pitch light out the rest of season.

I don't believe Josh will go 30-0.If they do,well,they deserve it.We will get our wild card.I believe Curt Schilling's and Julian Tavarez 's word "We don't need Clement" will come back and haunt them.

Let's go Yankees!!

Almost Perfect...Wang didn't notice???

That's the quote from Wang after game

"It was just higher than I wanted," Wang said. "I didn't feel I had no-hit stuff. I didn't even know I was throwing one, although I didn't understand why no one would talk to me [in the dugout]."

That's really funny reaction.Do you believe that Wang didn't know he was throwing a perfect game?I believe.Why?Because he throw changeup in that situation.If you were Wang and you notice you throw a perfect game,will you throw the changeup in that situation?I don't think so.I probably throw sinker or slider in the situation.

Wang is that kind of pitcher only concentrate on one pitch at one time and focus on the next hitter.I believe he even doesn't know who he face.Before 2007 season begin,he was asked one question from Taiwanese reporter in Taiwan about how he feel when he pitch in Yankee stadium becuase Yankees fans are so into the game.He responded"I didn't hear anything.Once I stand on the mound,I didn't hear anything and only thing I can see is catcher mitt"

Amazing concentration....

Wednesday, May 9, 2007

What's wrong with Kei and Dice-k?

Sorry guys for lack of posting these few days.

To be honest,I haven't heard Kei before Yankees sign him,but Dice-K is very famous in whole Asian countries.Other asian teams always can't do anything with Dice-k.The difference between Kei and Dice-K is stuff.Dice-K have much better fastball.That's why Dice-K have better outing (Not much better in my opinion)so far than Kei.Under my observation,there is only one problem for Dice-k and Kei.

In my opinion,Most asian pitchers can't transfer to mlb successfully for the sample reason.They don't have enough stuff,especially fast ball.There are too many power hitters in the big and they will kill them.

First of all,I want to talk about some Asian baseball background. I have been watched asian baseball games for a while before I start watching major league baseball game.In Asian,Three countries have strong baseball teams.First place is Japan.Second Place is Korea or Taiwan.

There is big difference between Asian baseball and MLB.In Asian,we don't have too many power pitchers and power hitters.A lot of pitchers in asian always like to have all kind of different pitches.For example,Dice-K have 6 or 7 pitches.They like to use all kind of different pitches no matter what kind of pitch counts they are in.They don't like to walk people but they don't mind as well.They always like to paint the corner,especially for Japanese pitchers,they always have great command on their pitches.

You probably will yell at me"What?""great command?"Dice-K and Kei walk too many people.That's their problem.They don't have confident on their stuff,so they try to aim the corner and then miss it.Asian pitchers sometimes will get away with some mistakes when they pitch in asian.if they make a mistake in big,they get killed.(Plus free pass)

In my opinion,if kei can regain his command,he will be a good No.5 pitcher in the big.He will have horrible outing at times if he doesn't have command.As for Dice-k,he won't be the ACE who Red Sox and most people expect.But,he will be a great No.3 starting pitcher.He won't be a bust someone hope as well,but Red Sox have to be careful about the workload he piled up in Japan.
That's huge workload we are talking about.In Asian,there is one thing in common.Coaches will do whatever to win.As a starting pitcher,all coaches expect at least 7 innings out of starting pitcher no matter how many pitch counts.Sometimes when game is on the line,coaches will let starting pitcher pitch complete game because they don't trust relief pitcher.Also they will let good starting pitcher pitch on the short day rest.

There are some reasons I think Dice-K won't be ACE.First,his fastball is a little bit straight and not fast enough to go by big league hitters if he doesn't have command at that day.Second,you can sit on specific breaking pitches he throw even though Dice-k have many different kind of breaking pitches.Dice-K is kind of pitcher rely on his breaking pitches more than fastball.He throw many kind of them to confuse hitters.Occasionally,he will throw his fastball.When he is behind pitch count,he will throw breaking ball more than fastball.Some of breaking pitches he throw on that day won't be good and then you can get him.When scout figure out his pattern and what kind of pitch he will throw when he need strike.For patience teams,Dice-K will have a lot of trouble.But for impatience teams,he will be fine because hitters will try to guess what kind of pitches he throw.That's why I think he will be great No.3 pitcher in the big.

Friday, May 4, 2007

Feel Good Because of two wins in a row????

OK!Todd,You got it.You're right.Yankees did won two games in a row.

I almost got all right in my prediction except Red Sox Won again in spite of Dice-K another poor performance and Lugo's terrible defense.I will say this again.Red Sox is not as good as Most people think.

I have to admit one thing.Even though I was so exhausted when I watched these two games,I feel nervous when Mo got into trouble in the second game.That is the feeling I don't have for a long time when Mo is on the mound.As you guys may notice this,there is 12 hours time difference between Taiwan and New York in US.When first game was on around 3:30pm,it was 3:30am in Taiwan.There is why I am so tired.

I believe most Yankees fans feel so good right now because Yankees sweep Texas.For me, of course, I feel good but for different reasons.

There are couple of camera shots Yesnetwork catch during broadcast is the reason let me feel good.

One shot focus on Pettitte and Wang who are talking to each other on the dugout when Mussina pitches great on the mound.This shot let me feel great.I know We lost Hughes on the first game of this series,but we have to treat Hughes as No.5 starter no matter how great he pitched in the first game.I have feeling we are in good shape as long as our big three stay healthy the rest of season.

Compare to Schilling ,Beckett and Matsuzaka,Pettitte,Wang,Mussina are not sexy names to most people.A lot of people feel Red Sox have three Aces and Yankees don't have one.I have different opinion on this.The big three of Red Sox are not stable.They have ACE potential.They will be very good someday and will be very bad someday.As Yankees Big three,they have ability to keep Yankees in the game under most situation even though they don't have their stuff on that day.They are stable.As Yankees potential offense,we will be in very good shape.

Another great shot is a lot of kids in the ballpark.They are playing around with each other and enjoy watching games.That brings me a lot of good memory.We don't see a lot of parents doing this in Taiwan.You guys brings your children to ballpark a lot in US.Having good family time is very important.Hopefully,I will see this in Taiwan as well.

Go to get new The Time 100 of 2007...

Time choose 100 persons who have most influenced in the world every year since 2004.

Chien-Ming Wang have been selected to this year version.Wang is just the third Taiwanese been selected.Of course,I am proud of this because Wang is Taiwanese and is New York Yankee Player.Anyone know who else in the Yankees get into this list before??

There are five categories in this list.Wang is under "Heroes&Pioneers" category.This magazine will come out May 14.Go get one.

One Red Sox Fan feel lonely...and I feel good....

Yesterday...I saw a news in Taiwan is very interesting...Wanna share with you guys because this news let me feel good...

As you guys can image,All the people in Taiwan become Yankees fans and Red Sox haters since Chien-Ming Wang get promoted to big in 2005.

AIT(American Institute in Taiwan)Director stephen M. young is the person feel very lonely.He hold a press conference in Taiwan yesterday regarding Taiwan and US how to keep good relationship and US how to help Taiwan keep security.

He wears a Boston Red Sox tie to attend this press conference.He said to reporters "He is big Boston Red Sox fan"at the end of press conference and feel happy to share his good news to reporters because Red Sox win again.(Damm)

He told reporters He have one small complaint about Wang.He wish Wang hadn't gone to play for the New York Yankees.This makes me feel good because it means New York Yankees get a great starting pitchers from their farm system(Hopefully,Hughes will be next) even Dieheart Red Sox fans have to admit.

One more thing,Hopefully,Yankees win two games in a row today and Red Sox lose and then He will have a tough day in Taiwan tomorrow because most his coworkers can say they feel great in front of him.This is probably something it's very hard to do in US because There are too many people in the media over there who are Red Sox fans.HA!!!!

Is it possible to keep positive?

Man,It's too hard to stay positive right now if you are Yankees fan,isn't it?

Yesterday game rained out,and Damm,we got doubleheader.Bad Luck...

Boston won yesterday.Someone keep his perfect record of 2007(6-0).Damm...

Every talk shows bury Yankees,Brian Cashman,Joe Torre yesterday.How bad jobs they did and
How bad luck Yankees hit so far this season.

We are 6 games back to Red Sox and even behind Tampa Bay(They won yesterday)There are only two teams less than 10 wins now in the major.Who are they?Kansas City and Washington.Man...

We lost our future,Phil Hughes for two months.Bad Luck...

We lost Pavano AGAIN...

It seems Clement will sign either Houston(flexible schedule,hometown,watch his son playing and NL is much easier to pitch) or Boston(Where he begin his career,it seems an unstoppable team at first place of AL East).No way he will come to last place(New York Yankees).Even Clement come,he may not as good as he was in the NL last couple of years.


We may lost Pavano for Tommy John surgery.Man.When I saw this "breaking"news earlier on Pete blog,it doesn't surprise me at all.This is just like Wang say he will pitch Saturday and won't miss his turn when Pete post this news on his blog.It doesn't surprise me at all.This is Wang's attitude.He wants to help his team badly.This thing let us know one thing.Next time,every general manager want to sign a guy and he need to know this guy's personality except his number.

Why this guy can't stay health?It's very hard for me to believe he just hit a series of bad luck.He has a lot of "funny"injury,such as butt,car accident,and not in good shape.I am kind of curious about who(which club)will take a chance on him after this contract with Yankees.I think he will never pitch again in the big if he go on to Tommy John surgery.I don't think someone will sign him again.

I will say let him go.This will certainly help club chemistry.This is not the big blow because I actually didn't expect him to contribute.No one count on him actually.

I don't blame Cashman to sign this guy (a lot of clubs want to sign him at that moment) and didn't get rid of this guy.I think Cashman just didn't get rid of this guy guickly enough before he got himself injury again.I think Cashman try to do this before trading deadline,so he can get more from him.That's why he can't say something bad to hurt his value.But,man.This guy even can't keep pitching at least for one month.

Cashman didn't count on him,I think.He count on Pavano as No.5 starter.As far as I know,we can fill anyone from minor as No.5 starter.The bad news for Yankees is they lose No.1(Wang),No3(Mussina),No5(Pavano,of course),No.6 (Jeff)at the same time.That's why we are in trouble.You just can't replace the innings Wang and Mussina will provide.Look at what Wang did at his first two starts.Clearly,Wang is not at his best,but he pitches at least 6 innings each time(4 runs each time).Compare to offense Yankees put on board early April.Wang will easily win 3-4 wins for us and save the bullpen at the same time.

Do you feel I am so negative?No,I am not.At least,we don't have to count on Pavano,right?At least,We won't see Pavano in the club,right?HA!

Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hughes hurt..Bad News continuous???

That's why people perfer to read novel instead of watching movie which adapt from novel under most circumstance.


On today game,Phil Hughes proves another direction.In just his second start in the big,he shows everyone why he is No.1 prospect.Hughes almost get no-no at the age 20.This is something most pitchers can't get it in their whole life.Before today game,he pitched so so in his first game.What we get all the talk about Hughes is just "Imagination". When I was watching toady game,I couldn't stop saying"WOW!WOW!WOW".This is not dream,not imagination.I agree with Pete on his blog,Yankees shouldn't make this panic move to bring Hughes up this earlier.They should take him slowly.Only one good thing about this whole thing,we are definitely sure Hughes is read deal now.Because of this hammy,they have to shut him down for 2 months.(Assuming Hughes can recover from this.This hammy isn't serious)They won't blow Hughes over 180 innings this season.Because of Wang and Mussina's hammy,they won't have to pitch this much.All this consideration,they will keep all of them fresh.I can't wait to see Hughes,Wang,Pettitte,Mussina,Clement(Maybe,for half season) pitching at the same time this season. "WOW!WOW!WOW!"

At this point of season,things can't get worse for Yankees.One pitcher after another keep getting hurt and some hitters struggle at the plate.We are in the last place of AL East.Everyone say we can't catch Red Hot Red Sox.Maybe they are right.Who knows?Even my personality is as positive as possible,I scream at the Television when I see Hughes grabbing his leg and trainer run toward to the mound.

In my opinion,things can't get worse than this when we get hit as hard as everyone even can image.I believe only good thing can happen to this team.

One thing for sure.Yes.Everyone say Yankees isn't good and we can't catch Red Sox this season.But,in my opinion,Red Sox is not as good team as everyone say.I still think we have better bullpen than Red Sox's bullpen.The reason I say this is not about Red Sox losing a game to A's and is not about Papelbon blowing two runs lead in the 9 inning.Mo will blow game as well.They are human beings,not machine.I have three reasons for that.

First,Red Sox offense only can manage 4 runs in this game.

Second,Red Sox don't have good relief pitchers except Okajima and Papelbon.If they can't have healthy Papelbon whole season,they're in trouble.They lost today games after Papelbon leaving after 9 inning.

Third,Everyone get on Torre about how much he use his bullpen.Everyone blames Torre pulling Starters too quickly.I have different opinion,Terry Francona don't have faith with his bullpen.He shows it.He keeps pushing his starters to 7 or 8 inning.Most Red Sox starters get to more than 100 pitches,even more than 110 pitches.That's why he has good bullpen ERA so far this season.They haven't been tested hard.I don't think Red Sox starters can keep doing this.They will have injure problem if Terry keep pushing his starters.On the other hand,Torre know how to protect his starters.It's much difficult to keep starter flash whole season than keeping relief pitchers flash.It's also much easier to get replacement of relief pitchers before trade deadline than getting good starters.Once we get all the starters back,they keep pitching at least 6 innings.We will be right back on track.I believe Wang,Pettitte,Mussina can get to 6 innings on the regular basis.