Monday, May 28, 2007

LAA@NYY May 27th

I don't know Yankees will win this game or not.But,I will say this first.No matter they win this game or not,they already showed me something I really like it.In the top third inning,Moose just flew out and tried to catch a ball back to mound.They will do whatever to win ball game,not to talk to how to win the ball game.

Update:again,at the bottom of 4 inning,Cano ran so hard to get a double.
Update:on top of 6 inning,Cano and Melky,they all make a good defense play.It saves some pitches Moose can throw in another inning.
Update:Man,Yankees fans won't quit
Update:I don't know the overcome of the game.I would like to hand K-Rod a blown save.
Update:Obviously,We lost again,But Jeter is the man.He won't quit.He is the guy I want when this kind of situation come out again.

In my opinion,they are fighting for win.That's all you can ask as a fan.I know,they lost again.I agree Torre's decision about taking Moose out.Moose gave up the first walk of the game.That decision just doesn't work out.You can't second-guess that decision.I will go to Proctor as well.

Offense need to do something.You can't ask all the pitchers in the yankees for pitching perfectly all the time,including starters and relief pitchers.You put too much pressure on pitchers not to make any mistakes.Just like the preview post.Josh beckett has 2.66 ERA.Good,right?Do you know how many runs support he has per games?9.06 Runs support/per game.Dice-K has 8.46 runs support/per game.

Pitchers have runs support or not,it does effect how they pitch.There are too many yankees hitters in the slump at the same time for too long.They are in the slump almost one month.This is the big sample.You can't say they just run into hot pitchers.Yankees can't keep waiting on them to come around.They need to bench some of them and bring someone from minors.

When Yankees pitchers give up the runs,yankees hitters have to find a way to get some runs back as well.It seems this team has difficult time to come from behind.That's how the Red Sox won those games which their pitchers didn't pitch well.You have to pick up pitchers sometimes.


Andrea said...

I brought my friend visiting from Paris to this game. even though they lost, she had a lot of fun, and seeing how the fans reacted when Jeter was up with the tying run at 3rd in the bottom of the 9th was an awesome site. I would have liked for her to get to see Mo come in, but so it goes.

The best part of this game was, as you said, Moose's fielding, and even more, Wil Nieves. He had such a great day! I know why they did it, but I was a little sad when they pinch hit Damon for him.

I know the numbers don't make it seam possible--but I still like the Yankees' chances. They are miracle workers. So we should have faith. And even if they lose horribly in the rest of the season, I have decided that I will be the proudest fan of a losing team there ever was!

Jessica Lee said...

Dear Andrea,
I am with you.I am glad to hear you were there.This is a good game as you said.I don't care they lose or not.At least they fight for that and don't quit.Just like my preview post,Wang said"I like our chances".I am with Wang.

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