Wednesday, May 2, 2007

Hughes hurt..Bad News continuous???

That's why people perfer to read novel instead of watching movie which adapt from novel under most circumstance.


On today game,Phil Hughes proves another direction.In just his second start in the big,he shows everyone why he is No.1 prospect.Hughes almost get no-no at the age 20.This is something most pitchers can't get it in their whole life.Before today game,he pitched so so in his first game.What we get all the talk about Hughes is just "Imagination". When I was watching toady game,I couldn't stop saying"WOW!WOW!WOW".This is not dream,not imagination.I agree with Pete on his blog,Yankees shouldn't make this panic move to bring Hughes up this earlier.They should take him slowly.Only one good thing about this whole thing,we are definitely sure Hughes is read deal now.Because of this hammy,they have to shut him down for 2 months.(Assuming Hughes can recover from this.This hammy isn't serious)They won't blow Hughes over 180 innings this season.Because of Wang and Mussina's hammy,they won't have to pitch this much.All this consideration,they will keep all of them fresh.I can't wait to see Hughes,Wang,Pettitte,Mussina,Clement(Maybe,for half season) pitching at the same time this season. "WOW!WOW!WOW!"

At this point of season,things can't get worse for Yankees.One pitcher after another keep getting hurt and some hitters struggle at the plate.We are in the last place of AL East.Everyone say we can't catch Red Hot Red Sox.Maybe they are right.Who knows?Even my personality is as positive as possible,I scream at the Television when I see Hughes grabbing his leg and trainer run toward to the mound.

In my opinion,things can't get worse than this when we get hit as hard as everyone even can image.I believe only good thing can happen to this team.

One thing for sure.Yes.Everyone say Yankees isn't good and we can't catch Red Sox this season.But,in my opinion,Red Sox is not as good team as everyone say.I still think we have better bullpen than Red Sox's bullpen.The reason I say this is not about Red Sox losing a game to A's and is not about Papelbon blowing two runs lead in the 9 inning.Mo will blow game as well.They are human beings,not machine.I have three reasons for that.

First,Red Sox offense only can manage 4 runs in this game.

Second,Red Sox don't have good relief pitchers except Okajima and Papelbon.If they can't have healthy Papelbon whole season,they're in trouble.They lost today games after Papelbon leaving after 9 inning.

Third,Everyone get on Torre about how much he use his bullpen.Everyone blames Torre pulling Starters too quickly.I have different opinion,Terry Francona don't have faith with his bullpen.He shows it.He keeps pushing his starters to 7 or 8 inning.Most Red Sox starters get to more than 100 pitches,even more than 110 pitches.That's why he has good bullpen ERA so far this season.They haven't been tested hard.I don't think Red Sox starters can keep doing this.They will have injure problem if Terry keep pushing his starters.On the other hand,Torre know how to protect his starters.It's much difficult to keep starter flash whole season than keeping relief pitchers flash.It's also much easier to get replacement of relief pitchers before trade deadline than getting good starters.Once we get all the starters back,they keep pitching at least 6 innings.We will be right back on track.I believe Wang,Pettitte,Mussina can get to 6 innings on the regular basis.

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