Sunday, May 13, 2007

Man,you guys are amazing

Dear Andrea,ben,z,Todd,Carey,and some other readers

You guys are amazing.I haven't been my blog a few days and then find out you guys' word on the comments section.You guys can say I am crazy but I am crying for your guys' word.It warms my heart.This recall my memory of studying in California few years ago.A lot of Americans have great deal of passion which help me a lot,especially when I just got there and couldn't speak English fluently.

I remember how great the bus driver is when I took the bus first time in the United States.I know where I want to go,but I don't know how to say and where I need to get off.He is so patience and explain to me slowly.He help me to get off the bus in the right place.I never forget how great he is.In fact,there are a lot of bus drivers I met in the United States like him.I went to a shopping mall with my classmates one time and we miss the last bus when we left.One guy lead us to another bus station which is very far away from the bus station We wait.

Classmates I have in my class also help my English presenation a lot.They help me correct my grammar problems.I have more stories like this.My conclusion is americans are amazing.You guys give me courage to blog continuously.


Andrea said...

Well, obviously because of the one mean person, not ALL Americans are amazing.

I'm glad I could help keep you blogging. I really appreciate your point of view. I don't know much about Wang before he came to New York. And I know NOTHING about Yankee fans in other countries. I'm grateful for your point of view!

Again, I'm so glad you decided to continue blogging. There are always people that will say or think something mean--sometimes we just have to ignore them.

Jessica Lee said...

You're very funny.I am laughing when I read your comment,especially for that first sentence."Most" Americans have great deal of humor which Asian people don't have that much.

I will do my best to give you guys point of view of yankees fan from another country.