Wednesday, May 2, 2007

About me and this blog

You don't have to read this post if you don't want.You can read next one directly.Just in case,if you guys want to know about me.

I am planning to blog for a long time.I didn't do it until now for whatever reason.

Finally,I decide to do it when my New York Yankees team is in the last place of American League and a lot of people believe Yankees won't recover to catch Red Hot Red Sox.

First of All,I am a Taiwanese and study film in California,USA for couple of years.I can speak Mandarin,Taiwanese,Cantonese and English.So,as you guys understand,English is not my first Language.Hopefully,everyone can stand my poor English and help me correct my mistakes.

I am a big sport fan since I was a kid,especailly for baseball.The reason of baseball game is so attractive for me is teamwork."All for one;One for All".Baseball team can't get a championship without everyone's effort.

I did a lot of crazy things about baseball.Before becoming a yankees fan few years ago when I study film in the United States,I was rooting crazily for one of my Taiwanese pro baseball team.This Taiwanese pro baseball team is not a good team.They have good hitting but terrible pitching staff.Even though they lost a lot of games,I was still rooting crazily for them.Finally,they got into playoff one year.I am so happy for that,but Policemen in Taiwan found out most players on this team cheating.Players took money from people involved in gamble.After that,I stop watching baseball game for a long time until I become a yankees fan.

All I care about my team(New York Yankees) is passion and fighting.

I don't know what will happen from now to the end of 2007 season.Yankees may or may not make the playoff this season.So what? I hope they get healthier and no body get hurt again.They are fighting now and I am enjoy watching those ball games.

I decide to share my though with a lot of yankees fans.That is why I open this blog.

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