Thursday, May 10, 2007

They are not on their best????

Yankees are right back on track since Wang,Pettitte,and Mussina start in the same turn.I think every yankees fans feel better now even though we are still 6 games back to Red Sox who keep winning.The interesting quote or reaction for me is our big three reaction after game.

Wang 8 innings 2 Hits 1 ER
"I didn't feel I had no-hit stuff"

Pettitte 7 innings 7 Hits 1 ER
"He feel Lacking location on his fastball "

Mussina 6 innings 3 Hits 2 ER
"He said He didn't finish his delivery and pitch was up a little bit"

If they are not on their best,I really want to know how good they will be.


Andrea said...

I wonder if they really think that they didn't have their best stuff, or if they were just being modest.

By the way, for not speaking English as your first language, you're not too bad!

Jessica Lee said...

I am not sure,but I think they're humble persons.

Our big three won't put sexy stat like Red Sox big three,but they're very stable.They will keep Yankees in the game even though they don't have their stuff.

Thank you for compliment.By the way,you let me learn one new vocabulary which I don't know.


Todd Drew said...

I'm happy to have Wang going today.

Jessica Lee said...

I am with you,Todd.
But,it's hard to pitch like the last time he pitched.

You can't believe how many Taiwanese won't go to bed today

blytheisme said...

Dear Jessica
I came here because Was Watching blog sent me and I have to tell you I am disappointed.

I think you "borrowed" this article from the "Comments" section of a Yankees fan blog a few days ago. Some of your other articles were done in this fashion, too.

PLEASE INDICATE WHERE THe ARTICLE IS FROM next time when you don't feel like writing on your own and decide to "cut and paste" from someone else's work!

It is ok if your English is not perfect, but we are not here to read your "borrowed" work;instead, we are here to see your enthusiasm for the Yankees!

Show some respect for others and please do not do this again.

Jessica Lee said...

I am sorry about you feel disappointed at my blog,but you have to expect my hardwork about this blog.I believe we all Yankees fans and you don't have to give someone hard time to hurt their feeling,especailly when our Yankees team is on the difficult situation now.

I won't delete your comment and expect your opinion.Please point out for me where I borrow the article and where the article is.When you say someone "cut and paste"on their own hard work,it really hurt my feeling,especially you say I did that on all articles I wrote.

I like to use some quote from players which some reporters write.That can prove my point.If this is the problem,I am sorry.

This let me consider to close this blog.Thank you for your opinion.I am very appreciated.