Friday, May 18, 2007

Defense is so amazing.....

I won't go through all the details about what happened to two games.I know Yankees' hitters in the huge slump now,but defense is so great.They play defense beautifully.WoW!!!Cabrera catched two-runs-homer and almost threw out one batter on the homeplate on game 1.He continuously stopped everyone trying to advance to third base on fly ball (I don't think Damon can do that)and actually got one to end Sox 6 inning.Mientkiewicz and A-Rod also made a lot of good play.WoW!!!

Obviously,everyone know I am excited at how great Wang pitch.Actally,I was so amazed at how great Wang pitch when men on base,especially he got into two men on with no one out twice.I can't breathe at that moment.Wang have a big heart.Sometimes I feel he doesn't have one.HA!!

Give you guys more reaction from Wang after games.I believe I probably get more info about Wang than you guys as Taiwanese.You know,The Taiwanese media focus on Wang more.

About how great he pitch....Wang said"I didn't pitch great.I still threw some sinkers high and I threw some spitters too low.I will keep working on my spitters"

About this win....Wang said"Guidry,Mussina and people in the bullpen help me a lot about smooth his delivery in his bullpen section between start"..."I get a lot of great teammates.We will get it going together"

About the possibility to pitch on Sunday on short day rest...Wang said"I will do it whatever they ask me to do"...He start worrying about his hitting..."I need to go to batting practice next few days to practice my hitting."


Andrea said...

They just said on the pregame show for today's game that Wang will NOT be pitching on Sunday. They will probably save him for Tuesday against the Red Sox. Moose has to have Monday because he can't go more than 5 days between starts, evidently.

It will probably be Tyler Clippard starting on Sunday. He had a start in AAA yesterday or today, and they took him out after 1 inning. I was hoping it would be Chase Wright, but who knows. Maybe we'll get the 11th different starter of the season!

Ben said...

You're right that Melky has a much better arm than Damon. When Damon was in Boston and had long hair and a beard, they used to say that he looked like Jesus but threw like Mary . . . . We need Damon for his big hits and his clubhouse presence.

Jessica Lee said...

Dear Andrea,
I think Wang can feel a sense of relif after hearing this news because I remember Wang doesn't like to hit.

Andrea said...


Did Wang have to hit in CPBL? Or did they use the designated hitter?

Jessica Lee said...

We use DH as well in CPBL.Pitchers don't have to hit at all.The last time Wang hit in high school before Major,of course.He doesn't like to hit at all.Give you some background of Wang.If you know that already.ignore me.

Because Wang is tall as Asian people standard,Wang played basketball(not baseball) in elementary at the beginning.After a while,One coach suggested Wang could be a good baseball player,so he changed to play baseball.At the beginning,He played first base at very short period of time.Another coach found out Wang has big hand,so let him transfer to pitcher.On his way to major,Wang never be an ACE(superstar-type pitcher everyone know him)at any level of his baseball life.No one pay attention on him,even though in Taiwan.In Dogers now,There are two pitchers also from Taiwan,Hong-Chih Kuo and Chin-hui Tsao.They are always superstar-type pitcher in Taiwan.Everyone feel they have more talent than Wang.Wang is quiet not only in English but also in Chinese.He doens't talk too much even though he talk to Taiwanese media.His mound present always like this even he pitch in big international contest as a member of Taiwanese team.Yankees let him play for Taiwan many times during his minor time.He pitched in Olympic games for Taiwan in 2004.He pitched two games with 1-0 1.98ERA in Olympic.The most impressive one for Taiwanese is not this even though he pitched so good in Olympic.

In 2003 in an Asian contest in Korea against Japanese team,Wang came out to pitch as relief from 3 inning when Taiwanese team already was behind 5 runs(Because starter pitched so poorly).Wang pitched from 3 to 10 inning and finished that games with 10 strikeouts.My Taiwanese team won that game 6-5 in 10 inning.This is most impressive game from Wang for all Taiwanese.Taiwanese team is second place in that contest because of that victory.

Jessica Lee said...

By the way,Wang never join CPBL.Wang signed with Yankees around 1999 and went to minor when he studied in university.After that,Wang came back Taiwan and tried to finish his study every offseason.I believe he went to US around 20 years old.

Andrea said... he's that big in Taiwan, even though he was never in the CPBL? That's impressive.

That's really interesting. That's all stuff I never knew about Wang.

I must admit, he may just be my favorite Yankee, although I still love Andy Pettitte--he's an old favorite. I'll always love him out of nostalgia.

Do you see now why we all wanted you to keep your blog!?!

Jessica Lee said...

Dear Andrea,
Sorry for luck of reaction few days.I will keep on posting more about Wang.