Monday, May 14, 2007

Have you ever wanted to return ticket as consumer???

I am so angry at one thing today.My sister and me went to cell phone shop to buy a new cell phone as Mother's Day Gift to my mother few days ago.We find out the quality of cell phone is bad.We went back to shop and tried to change another model of cell phone.The salesman simply said "We can't help you.We only can do that the next day you bought.That cell phone is not broken,so you can't change."I think you guys probably have the similar situation like us before.Salesmans always say whatever he can persuade you to buy and then don't care how you feel afterward.

This makes me think about ball game.Have you ever gone to a game and then you really want refund after ball game finished?Why?Yankees Lost??The ball game is ugly??The Yankees haven't played hard??Are you regret to have season ticket this season,if you're season ticket holder?Why?Yankees are 8 games back to Red Sox??The season is over??Yankees will be home to watch playoff??Do you have this feeling so far this season?

Me??The answer is yes and no.Weird answer??HA!!

I think you guys know I was rooting one of Pro Taiwanese team crazily before I become Yankees fans.The team I support is not a good team and lost a lot,but I never want refund after every game I watch until I find out they cheat and don't play hard to win ball game.This is the only time I really want refund.

For me,the owner of New York Yankees is very responsible for their consumers(fans).They always do a lot to put the winning team together.Roger Clemens signing is the prime example.I believe they will keep doing whatever they can for winning.I don't know they will catch Red Sox or not.They may miss playoff.I will keep rooting for New York Yankees crazily the rest of season.As long as Yankees' pitchers keep pitching good game,we will start winning games.I don't believe Yankees offense will keep quiet like this.I don't believe Red Sox will have one miracle after another.Another good sign for yankees fans is Josh Beckett may miss next turn because of something in his middle finger.I don't say he will miss that for sure.This only prove one thing for me.Red Sox won't have everything going in their way no matter offense,defense and pitching.

Let's go Yankees!!

Edit:another good sign for Yankees is Red Sox Bullpen is not as good as people give credit so far.


Zachary Lesser said...

What do you mean when you say your favorite Taiwanese team was cheating and not trying hard to win the game? That would be a huge scandal here, like the 1919 Black Sox scandal. Can you fill us in on what happened?

Andrea said...


I actually have had that thought. I went to the game against the Red Sox where they lost something like 4-11. That was not a very good game. There were a lot of plays that should have been better. But then I thought about it, and there were some great plays. Two times an outfielder jumped up and robbed someone of a home run. So even when it's a bad game and you think someone should have done better, there's always a moment or two that you're glad to see.

And even when they lose, it's still great to be able to say you were there, to see the Yankees play the Red Sox.

And I'm interested, too, in what you mean by saying your Taiwanese team cheated...

Ben said...

Z and Andrea, Jessica said a little more about the gambling scandal here: But I'm also interested in hearing more details. Welcome back, Jessica.

Jessica Lee said...

Dear Andrea
I actually have zero luck for everything in my life.I always see my team losing when I am in the ballpark.I always feel I jinx them.So,I always feel regret I am there.

Todd Drew said...

I feel good about this team and I think they will put together a run over the next two weeks. Wang v. Contreras will be a great matchup on Wednesday.

Jessica Lee said...

Dear Todd,
I just hope Wang can pitch good enough to win for yankees.We need this badly.No matter Wang can get credit for win or not.I don't care.Hopefully,Yankees can keep rolling.That's also the most important thing Wang care and talk to Taiwanese media about.

As a fan,I always keep supporting and believing Yankees no matter they lost or win.